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Brentwood Home Mattress

Latex foam and pocketed coils are used to create Brentwood mattress and they are both hybrid materials. Avocado Green Brands in Los Angeles California makes bed. It is made of sustainable elements including repurposed denim recycled plastic and hemp and is certified as Climate Neutral. Firmness of mattress which is rated as medium by manufacturer is 12 inches. For folks who sleep overheated Brentwood created Hybrid Latex Mattress to offer more permeability due to latex’s natural tendency to stay cooler than memory foam. This mattress comes with a yearlong sleep trial. It is comprised of pocketed coils, natural latex and organic wool. Hot sleepers will benefit from bed’s greater breathability. Coils and latex foam used in mattress may aid with pressure reduction.

This mattress is made from a variety of environmentally friendly materials Brentwood Home has eliminated all greenhouse gas emissions related to building them. Starting with top comfort layer Brentwood mattress has four separate layers. This layer is made up of four inches of organic latex foam that has passed Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification and is certified by Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Perforations have been made in latex to improve breathability. Latex is a superior material for those who sleep hot since it is believed to absorb less heat. Layer is also constructed of REPREVE a polyester material derived from recycled plastic bottles that is widely utilized by garment companies like Patagonia. Comfort layer has built in fire resistance. Between latex Comfort layer has built in fire resistance. Between latex foam and support layer of Brentwood mattress is a transition layer composed of organic hemp fiberis a transition layer composed of organic hemp fiber. In support layer, pocketed coils are used. These coils may marginally lessen motion transmission and improve edge support since they are pocketed.

Although Brentwood does not disclose location of material’s origin or how much of it is used in mattress foundation layer of bed is produced from recycled denim bits that were left over during clothes manufacturing process. Denim is also intended to make mattress more breathable. When you initially acquire mattress could have a fragrance. Off gassing is a regular phenomenon with new mattresses. In general mattresses constructed of natural materials are probably less prone to off gas than those made of synthetic foamsBest Brentwood mattress made with CertiPUR-US foams that are free of phthalates, heavy metals and flame retardants. This product is excellent for partners with various sleeping habits or side, back or stomach sleepers.

Brentwood Mattress Made in California with 13 Inch Twin Size - Brentwood Home Mattress with Cypress Luxe, Cooling and Charcoal Infused Memory Foam which is Non Toxic

Brentwood Home Cypress Luxe Cooling Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Mattress, Non-Toxic, Made in California, 13-Inch, Twin Size

Charcoal has several advantageous qualities such as moisture and temperature management that makes it ideal for mattresses also charcoal is entirely natural. Brand new 2020 cypress memory foam mattress has charcoal in it making it incredibly breathable while yet providing velvety contouring comfort. All you have to do is stay dry, cool and comfortable throughout whole night while charcoal infused foam works hard to transport heat and moisture away from your body. 11-inch thick classic mattress is perfect for most sleepers and offers enough of support. To experience improved pressure relief upgrade to 13-inch Luxe model. Two additional inches of memory foam with charcoal infusion make it perfect mattress for couples, heavier people, side sleepers and other people who want a thicker mattress with greater support. Brentwood Home mattress is available in many sizes such as king, queen, full, twin and twin XL and 2 styles of 11 inch and13 inch. You can buy online in gold charcoal color.

Brentwood mattress is free of fiber-glass. It has Gold Green-guard low VOC and nontoxic certifications made with CertiPUR-US foams that are free of phthalates, heavy metals and flame retardants. For simple transport and setup mattress is wrapped up in a box and compressed. Product which has been redesigned for 2020 is less expensive than its rivals while maintaining superior comfort and quality. Cover is constructed in Los Angeles facility and is made of a silky opulent fabric that breathes well. Charcoal is integrated to support your body’s natural contours. It comes in both traditional and luxurious heights and with springs or only foam. Product dimensions are 75 x 39 x 13 inches and item weight is 131.7 pounds.

Brentwood Home mattress has a big 13-inch thickness and offers plenty of support and padding. It may be used in a variety of contexts such as kid’s rooms, guest bedrooms or for people who desire a cozy sleeping environment because of its twin size proportions. Mattress measurements provide a comfortable sleeping surface without sacrificing quality or usefulness. It prioritizes your wellness in its health conscious design. It is made using non toxic materials to provide a secure resting space. Injurious elements including phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals and ozone depletes are absent from mattress. Utilizing eco friendly materials promotes a healthier indoor environment and lessens planet’s effect.

Innovative cooling elements built into Brentwood mattress provide restful and rejuvenating sleep. Its permeable design allows for easy air flow avoiding heat retention. Mattress also has cooling gel infused memory foam which helps regulate temperature and you can say good bye to restless nights brought on by overheating and say hello to revitalized mornings. Natural odor-absorbing abilities of charcoal provide for a clean and fresh sleeping environment.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rebecca purchased and reviewed that “Healthy Choice”. I bought two of these mattresses (on separate occasions) for my sons. My primary objective was to buy something that would not off-gas and was made of healthy materials. This mattress did not smell at all then we opened it, and the kids love them. I would say if someone is looking for a firm mattress this will disappoint. It’s very soft. But it’s good quality and if a soft mattress is your thing, you’ll be pleased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This one is GREENGUARD certified and uses CertiPUR-US foam, however it is not vegan. However, its design makes uses of New Zealand Wool and gel memory foam, which combined offer cooling comfort and help you maintain your preferred sleeping temperature all night long.

On hardness scale, where 10 are firmest, this 11″ Cypress model scores a 6 out of 10. This mattress is one of harder ones and is excellent for back and stomach sleepers.


The charcoal-infused Cypress Memory Foam mattress not only offers amazing contouring comfort, but also controls temperature and wicks moisture. To ensure that you only focus on being dry, cool, and comfortable, our highly effective charcoal-infused foam works hard. Foam is polyurethane-based CertiPUR-US Certified and has been tested to ensure that it complies with organization’s strict criteria for emissions, content, performance and durability.

All of mattresses can be used with a variety of bases, including adjustable bases and beds, platform beds, box springs and foundations, and slatted bases. For maximum support, slats should be at least 2.5 inches wide and no more than 5″ apart from one another. For mattresses to operate at their best and breathe the most easily, a slatted foundation is advised.

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