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Essential Mattress


Zinus 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress


Memory Foam Bed in a Box

The essential bedding is a progressive item that is meaningfully having an impact on the manner in which we contemplate rest. This mattress is designed to provide a healthy, comfortable sleeping surface for people of all ages and sizes and is made from natural, non-toxic materials. It’s a wise investment for anyone who cares about their health and well-being. The essential mattress’s use of natural materials is its key feature. The essential mattress is constructed from natural latex, organic cotton, and plant-based memory foam, in contrast to many conventional mattresses, which are constructed from synthetic materials that may release harmful chemicals. This implies that it’s liberated from unsafe synthetic substances like fire retardants, formaldehyde, and phthalates, which can have negative well-being impacts over the long run. You can rest easy knowing that the essential mattress provides you with a safe and healthy sleeping surface.

The innovative design of the essential mattress is yet another distinctive feature. The mattress is designed to give your body the best support and comfort, reducing pressure points and improving spinal alignment. It’s intended to form your body, giving a modified rest experience that is custom fitted to your novel shape and size. The essential mattress can be made to fit your needs and preferences, whether you like a firmer or softer sleeping surface. The use of plant-based memory foam in the essential mattress sets it apart from other mattresses on the market. Natural latex and essential oils are combined in this novel material to provide the same level of support and comfort as conventional memory foam without harmful chemicals. The essential mattress’s plant-based memory foam is also more breathable and responsive than conventional memory foam, assisting in temperature control and preventing overheating during the night.

The longevity of the essential mattress is yet another advantage. Produced using excellent materials and designed for ideal help and solace, this sleeping cushion is dependable. It’s intended to oppose hanging and keep up with its shape after some time, giving a reliable degree of solace and backing into the indefinite future. This best essential mattress has a lot of features and benefits, but it’s also very easy to care for. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and other allergens, making it an excellent option for individuals with allergies or sensitivities. It is simple to keep your sleeping surface clean and fresh thanks to the mattress cover’s ability to be removed and washed in the washing machine. Overall, the essential mattress is a truly one-of-a-kind product that surpasses traditional mattresses in terms of comfort, support, and durability. Buy essential mattressonline today at a reasonable price.

Layla 9 Inch Essential King Mattress –Certipurus Certified Memory Foam With 10 Years Limited Warranty

Layla The Essential Mattress 9 in | CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam | Get Improved Airflow with a Luxurious Feel | Fits All Sleeper Types | 10 Year Limited Warranty (King)

Layla planned this 9-inch sleeping pad to ease strain to spots like hips and shoulders. Side, back, and stomach sleepers may find this essential mattress to be comfortable. The super-soft cover made of hexagon fabric completes the overall comfort experience.Improved Airflow: this mattress’s open-cell top layer of foam lets you and the mattress breathe easily, which keeps you cool and asleep. Relax with the essential mattress, which offers the same exceptional value as the Layla brand at the same amazing quality! Convenience; this best essential mattress is expertly packaged which makes it possible to pack this mattress into a single box and making it simple to send it to your house. It is simple to fit into any bedroom. Firstly; unbox, then roll up and thenleave the rest to the mattress. It’s that simple!

This mattress is available in king size in white color. It is also available in different sizes as twin, twin XL, full, queen, and California king. Its dimensions are 80″L x 76″W x 9″H. Its weight is 61.3 pounds. It is made of memory foam. To keep the plush and soft feel of the Layla mattress cover, it is recommend dry washing. If you wish to wash the cover in the washing machine, it is recommend using cold water and a moderate cycle.

Appropriate for your foundation: make use of what you already have, and you won’t have to spend money on a new foundation to make your essential by Layla mattress fit. Whether you have a strong stage, flexible base, box spring, or slatted outline your new sleeping cushion will fit right in with your way of life and furniture. Please allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand. Buy essential mattress and feel confident about your purchase because this mattress comes with a reasonable 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturegiving you peace of mind and protecting you from problems like flaws or premature wear and tear.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Hamari purchased this and review that “Sweet dreams” I liked that this mattress is soft and fits perfectly on my bed frame love it

Zinus12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress In 75"L X 54"W X 12" H- Full Size Affordable Essential Mattress Bed-In-A-Box

ZINUS 12 Inch Cooling Essential Foam Mattress / Affordable Mattress / Bed-in-a-Box / CertiPUR-US Certified, Full

Youn Jae Lee, founder of Zinus, started his business in South Korea in 1979 by making tents in the great outdoors. At last, he moved Zinus into the home and has given beddings and furniture to in excess of 25 million blissful clients in more than 15 nations all over the planet. All Zinus beddings contain fiberglass, which encases the froths under the cover as a fire retardant. As required by federal law in the United States, Zinus mattresses contain at least 62% fiberglass as a fire retardant. The Zinus’s soft profile provides ample pressure relief in the hips and shoulders for strict side sleepers. The Zinus should be right up your alley if you like a traditional memory foam feel and love to sink into your mattress. Additionally, the Zinus excels at motion isolation.  The production of Zinus foams has received approval from Certipur-US®. Thus, they don’t contain hurtful mixtures like formaldehyde. This Zinus 12 inch memory foam mattressis safe to sleep on the first night, even though it may take up to 72 hours for it to fluff up to its full height. Decompression can actually be helped by jumping, walking, and sleeping on a mattress!

This cooling essential mattress combines maximum affordability with cool comfort. Made to calm you to rest, this strong froth bedding highlights an additional line of safeguard for hot sleepers. Comfortable layers of Zinus 12 inch memory foam mattressbase foam wrapped in a plush cover that breathes well to help you sleep at a comfortable temperature and also will help you to regulate your body temperature while you snooze. Its dependable high-density memory foam layers are designed with durability and a feel that’s not too soft and not too firm–perfect for all types of sleeping positions. If you’re a fan of sound, comfortable sleep and a good value, then this mattress will live up to your every expectation.Its reliable high-thickness froth layers are planned with toughness and a vibe that is not excessively delicate and not excessively firm-ideal for a wide range of dozing positions.

This green tea cool gel mattress, Zinus comfort mattress provides pressure-relieving support, conforming embrace your shape and cradle pressure points to help you sleep and reduce tension. It also keeps your bed fresh and inhibits moisture-induced odors. Additionally, this Zinus 12 inch memory foam mattressis delivered to your door compressed and rolled into a single compact box, as are all of our mattresses. In addition, the best essential mattress still comes with 10-year worry-free warranty by Zinus. Buyessential mattresswhich give you even more peace of mind when you lie down on it. This mattress will exceed all of your expectations if, like us, you value sound, comfortable sleep at a reasonable price.

This Zinus 12 inch memory foam mattressis available in full size in white color for adults especially. This product has dimensions as 75″L X 54″W X 12″ H. It is also available in 10 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, and 13.5 inches. It is available in different sizes as twin, queen and king also. It will take between 24 and 72 hours for your best essential mattress to regain its original shape. In a warmer room, any memory foam will expand more quickly. In chilly temperature, at conveyance, your bedding might take a piece longer to get back to standard from its compacted state. The mattress’s expansion time will vary depending on the environment. Any adaptive padding will grow quicker in a hotter room. Your mattress may take a little longer to return to its full size from its compressed state when delivered in cold temperatures.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Steve Lane purchased this and review that “Ahhhh!!”I prefer soft mattresses.I ordered this medium firm memory mattress because my sleep has become minimal due to so much pain and discomfort.See more….

Zinus10 Inch Green Tea Essential Memory Foam Bed-In-A-Box - Affordable Twin Essential Mattress In White Color

Zinus 10 Inch Green Tea Essential Memory Foam Mattress/Bed-in-a-Box/Affordable Mattress/CertiPUR-US Certified, Twin, White

The essential mattress is made of natural, safe, and healthy materials for your body. This mattress is designed to give your body the best support and comfort, reducing pressure points and improving spinal alignment. The plant-based adaptive padding utilized in the essential bedding is more breathable and responsive than customary adaptable padding, assisting with directing temperature and forestall overheating during the evening.  This green tea essential memory foam mattress is a classic piece of peace.You’ll want it in any spare bedroom, guest room, or kids’ room. This essential mattress is consisted of durable high density memory foam with medium firmness. Green tea and active charcoal infused into enveloping memory foam ensure freshness and block moisture-induced odors. So it feels like new every night.Green tea memory highest quality foam is Certipur-US certified for durability, performance, and content.

Green tea mattress support provides pressure-relieving support, conforming memory foam and Zinus Comfort Foam(R) embrace your shape and cradle pressure points to help you sleep and reduce tension.This best essential mattress is long-lasting and built to last, offering the same level of support and comfort for many years to come. Because it is resistant to dust mites and other allergens and hypoallergenic, the mattress is an excellent option for people who have allergies or sensitivities.

A knitted jacquard cover is also available on this twin mattress. The cover is breathable and washable. A twin mattress can hold up to 250 pounds, while any other size can hold up to 500 pounds. It is also available in full size, queen size and in king size. This mattress in white color gives feelings of light, comfort and peace. Its dimensions are 75″L x 39″W x 10″ H. It is available in 8 inch and 10 inch also.

This memory foam bed in a box is professionally compacted and rolled into a small box that is delivered to your home. Simply unbox, unroll, and wait 72 hours for your mattress to expand to its original shape. Any adaptive padding will grow quicker in a hotter room. This best essential mattress may take a little longer to return to its full size from its compressed state when delivered in cold temperatures. The mattress’s expansion time will vary depending on the environment. You can buy essential mattressonline today at affordable price.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ces purchased this and review that “Awesome Bed One of the best purchases I have ever made. This bed is soo comfortable! I bought the lowest price one so I can just imagine what the more expensive ones must feel like. Very lightweight! Very comfortable! Great price!             

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can order this mattress with different levels of firmness. Make sure that you order the firmness that you prefer.

This Flame Resistant “sock” does include fiberglass. However, the fiberglass is fully encapsulated in a spun fiber and not exposed.

The Layla Essential Mattress is constructed of two layers; one Open Cell + layer for breathability at 2″ thick and one Support Base Foam layer at 7″ in thickness.

Yes, the tag lists 55% glass fiber. It’s on the tag.

About 55 inches long and maybe 12 to 15 inches high

Yes there are all traditional sizes available in this model

About 18 inches square by 4 foot high & weighs about 60 lbs it takes about 24 hours for it to come to its full capacity on a bed frame

It is smaller. Maybe 18 inches x 18 inches x 48 inches. Shipping weight is 44 pounds

Queen size is larger. Sizes go from smallest to largest Twin, Full, Queen, King.

Good solid 125-159 lbs.

A Murphy bed with latches to keep it in place, it should work

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