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By: Faiqa Farooq

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14 inch Pocket Coil Heavenly Bed

Westin Heavenly bed mattress is one of the greatest mattress hotel industries has ever produced and is immeasurably comfortable. It was developed with assistance of research conducted at Westin group hotels provides very soft comfort and an opulent resting environment. They are especially created for a sumptuous and soft sleeping experience; helps mould and support a wide range of body types and frames. Mattresses used in hotels are nothing like these special beds. Westin hotel chain performed a global study and in depth investigation of guest comfort and experience connected to sleep in order to achieve this. It is a fantastic product that is now widely used was created after extensive testing and prototype research. Best mattress which is renowned in hospitality business was created by analyzing pressure mapping, numerous prototypes in research and development and many beta products.

A newly created pocket coil structure is used in Heavenly bed mattress to provide ideal combination of support and contouring comfort. There is enough room to regulate body temperature and maintain mattress hygienic over time because of where spring system is located inside mattress. The individually threaded pocket coil system is very strong and provides extra support so that visitors can feel support exactly where it’s needed. Body need greater comfort after a long day of travel and this mattress also provides tailored support thanks to its masterfully designed pocket coil system. In addition this masterfully designed pocket coil system aids in isolating motion. Therefore Westin Heavenly bed mattress offers for zero disturbances sleeping for those with children family members or those who toss and turn frequently.

Luxurious king size Heavenly bed mattress is expertly made. Quilted pillow top is skill fully constructed from high quality materials to provide durability and sustained comfort. Amazing elegance that precise stitching generates will be a boost to any bedroom. Mattress is designed to support best possible temperature control while you sleep. It makes use of breathable materials and innovative cooling technologies to dissipate heat and keep you cool all night. Say goodbye to hot agitated nights and welcome to lovely restful sleep. Pillow top layer provides an additional layer of softness and relaxation to give it a velvety and cozy feel. This mattress is safer and more environmentally friendly because of this accreditation which guarantees that it is devoid of dangerous chemicals. Prestigious Westin brand which is renowned for its dedication to delivering excellent comfort and hospitality is behind the Westin Heavenly Mattress

14 inch Pocket Coil Heavenly Bed Mattress with Quilted Pillow Sewed on top - Exclusive King Size Westin Heavenly Mattress

Westin Exclusive Heavenly Bed - 14" Pocket Coil Mattress with Quilted Pillow Sewed on top - Mattress Only - King

Westin Heavenly mattress is exclusively created for Westin hotels that are widely regarded as most comfortable hotel bed in whole world. A luxurious layer of luxury, quilted pillow top’s breathability helps you drift off to deep slumber every night. A 13.25 inch mattress with separately wrapped pocket coils offers a medium to firm support level for all body comfort. It provides premium support. For couples and restless sleepers Heavenly bed mattress is a dream come true thanks to its motion isolation which lowers motion transmission. Hotel quality bedding is available at upscalWestin hotels and resorts all over world including renowned Heavenly bed mattress which allows you to enjoy a vacation style sleep at home. Dimensions of product are 76″ x 80″ x 13.25″. You can buy online item in weight of 111.3 pounds. There are four sizes available in this product that are full, queen, king and California king. This mattress delivers outstanding support and comfort at a large 14 inches thick. Pocket coil system is made to follow natural contours of your body offering focused support and reducing motion transmission. This guarantees an unbroken night’s sleep even if your companion tosses and turns over course of the night.

Top stitched quilted pillow distinguishes this mattress from others. This ground breaking design mixes a pillow’s plushness with a mattress’s stability to provide a luxurious and one of a kind sleeping experience. Quilted padding crown allows you to feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud while yet enjoying mattress’s overall firmness and support. King size Heavenly bed mattress is exquisitely crafted and oozes luxury. Pillow top is expertly made from premium materials to ensure longevity and enduring comfort. Any bedroom will benefit from exquisite beauty exact stitching creates.

This Westin Heavenly mattress is made to encourage ideal temperature regulation while you sleep. To drain heat and keep you cool all night it uses breathable fabrics and cutting edge cooling technologies. Say valediction to sweaty, restless evenings and hello to beautiful and relaxing slumber. This king size mattress is constructed from premium, environmentally friendly materials. It has been verified by CertiPUR-US as being free of potentially dangerous chemicals and compounds. Knowing that you’re caring for both environment and your personal health will allow you to sleep well. To top it all off the mattress is supported by prestigious You may duplicate exquisite sleeping experience you would find at one of Westin’s top notch hotels with help of their exquisite mattress collection which takes their hallmark comfort and attention to detail into your own bedroom.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Abbie purchased and reviewed that “The whole experience was excellent!” I adore this mattress. We have had it about a month now and feel great sleeping on it. I will miss it when staying other places. Heavenly was made to accommodate most people’s comfort needs because it was made for the hotel industry, and it lives up to it! Free shipping was awesome with white glove delivery. The delivery service did a great job of staying in contact and giving delivery notice and small window of times. The whole experience was excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although there is no latex foam in Westin Heavenly bed the existing foam has a high density, providing longevity and a comfortable resting experience. The box top and the supporting foam core are mostly responsible for the comfort.

The firmness of the Westin Heavenly mattress is medium. The majority of sleepers may thus find it to be a good option. The majority of back, stomach, and side sleepers like medium firmness.

The blanket is baffle box stitched to avoid lumping or movement of the down and features a white 230 thread count all-cotton down proof cover with 550 fill power of European white goose down.

Exclusive to Westin hotels the Heavenly bed is made. It has a pillow top mattress as its main component giving it an overall height of 30 cm. Utilizing the unique motion separation technology and springs that are individually pocketed. 33 cm is the foundation unit.

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