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Low Air Loss Mattress


Vive 8 Inch Alternating Pressure


Drive Medical Low Air


Quilted Nylon Cover


Electric Quiet Air Pump

Low Air Loss Mattress could be a wise choice if you need to spend any length of time in bed whether in hospital or at home. It can help you maintain a comfortable position while also relieving strain on key body parts. Two most common forms of medical air mattresses that are advised for those who are at risk of bed sores are low air loss and alternating pressure mattresses.

Low Air Loss Mattress made to spread patient’s body weight across a large surface area and lessen risk of skin deterioration. User floats on a soft cushion of air thanks to air that continuously flows through small air holes created by lasers in top of mattress surface surface. True air loss mattresses have more airflow to keep skin’s temperature and moisture levels at their ideal levels. Airflow is provided by Low Air Loss Mattress to ease pressure and keep skin dry.

Both characteristics guard against pressure sores. By offering two sets of air cells that alternately expand and contract in order to continuously redistribute pressure alternating pressure mattresses aid in treatment of pressure sores. In essence alternating pressure mattresses are used to treat pressure ulcers whereas low air loss mattresses are primarily used to avoid pressure sores. Patient is never left in one position for a lengthy period of time since.

 Mattress is made up of several inflatable air tubes that alternately inflate and deflate simulating movement of a patient changing in bed or being turned by a career. Pressure sores may be avoided, managed and treated with use of this motion which releases pressure under body especially in areas with less padding such as hips, shoulders, elbows and heels. When properly maintained a high-quality air mattress may last ten to fifteen years.

 But as they get older majority of air mattresses start to leak. A new air mattress should be purchased every eight years or so according to air bed makers.  It is crucial to use sheets that do not reduce ability of Best Low Air Loss Mattress to allow air to enter through top of mattress and drain moisture away. Flat sheets made of knit or jersey is advised to avoid bunching on mattresses which might obstruct airflow.

Medical Medvance Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System With Alarm And Fully Digital With Remote Control

Medical MedAir Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System with Alarm, 8" with Quilted Cover Fully Digital with Remote Control, Firm Option, Blue Color.

Low Air Loss Mattress is quilted top cover, nylon TPU Cell imported product. A less than 20 dB ultra-quiet air pump powers this hospital-grade air mattress. Maximum output is provided by dual pump cores which also include simple digital adjustment. Digital pump’s diagnostic alarms enable modification to meet demands of specific patients. Safe and quick mattress and pump combination works quickly and is easy to use.

Utilizes a simple digital LED screen to display pressure and weight. This product has an emergency CPR feature that allows you to quickly deflate mattress by pulling red tag. 8 inch deep air cells used in cell-on-cell design prevent bottoming out and offer up to 24 hours of protection from power outages. In order to assure patient comfort in static mode there is also a cushion function that keeps air in three cells at top of the bed at a constant pressure.

Premium patient comfort is ensured by detachable quilted poly PU cover. It is impervious to water and simple to maintain. With adjustable straps and cover is fastened to bed frame and coated to prevent slipping. Ideal size is “80″ (L) x 36″ (W) x 8″ and majority of hospital beds will suit this mattress. Mattress has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and is 8″ high.

Constant pressure zone to support head and bed sore prevention and pressure relief with timed alternate air cells for stability of bottom layer and unending support, constant pressure if there is no power Air-flow is produced to cool patient and to prevent and treat bed sores. Quick release CPR flaps for use in emergencies where bed has to be deflated right away. Best Low Air Loss Mattress is available in blue color and you can Buy Online.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Gimme Mo purchased and reviewed that “Perfect for mom” This mattress is a God send. ZERO issues with pressure sores. I keep the setting on a 6 min rotation and it’s working perfectly for my bed ridden mother.

Vive 8 Inch Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress Medical Bed

Vive 8" Alternating Pressure Mattress - Low Air Loss Hospital Replacement Mattress - Medical Bed Topper for Pressure Ulcers and Bed Sores - Variable, Inflatable Pressure Pump System

Pressure mattress is made up of 16 air chambers that use a variable pressure pump to relieve pressure points on patients or loved ones who have limited mobility or are bed fast. It is designed to be used in prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers, spots and bedsores. For optimal comfort change rate of alternating inflation and deflation as well as total air pressure.

To make an air cushion three air cells at top of bed stay stationary.  Best Low Air Loss Mattress has a static setting for everyday use. Variable pressure pump is extremely quiet to promote comfortable sleep. Two non-marking hooks on pressure pump make it simple to fasten it to foot of bed. A waterproof vinyl cover that is simple to put over air cells protects pressure mattress.

Durable cover supports up to 400 pounds and is breathable allowing heat to disperse for patient comfort. High-quality mattress with several air chambers and a variable pressure pump to relieve pressure spots on patients or family members who are bedridden or have restricted mobility Experience that may be customized with different pressure settings of inflation and deflation is available.

Low Air Loss Mattress has a whisper-quiet pump for restful sleep. Pump is simply fastened to foot of bed with help of two non-marking hooks. Adjust amount of air pressure and frequency of alternating inflation and deflation to your preferred level for comfort. To assure tranquilly and slumber variable pressure pump is incredibly quiet.

Low Air Loss Mattress aids in enhancing blood flow and lowering chance of tissue injury. Mattress is simple to assemble and operate which makes it a great choice for medical professionals. Low Air Loss Mattress is constructed with premium components and built to endure demands of medical use. You can Buy Online it a flexible choice for people with various medical requirements.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kanalis Ockree purchased and reviewed that “Comfortable bed while preventing bedsores” Helps prevent bedsores without regular manual position adjustment. Easy to install. Operates quietly.

Drive Medical Low Air Loss Mattress With Alternating Pressure In Dark Purple

Drive Medical 14027 Med-Aire Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System with Alternating Pressure, Dark Purple

Medical Air Mattress Imported from USA in order to maximize pressure redistribution, shear/friction reduction, and microclimate management an active mattress replacement system delivers both alternating pressure and minimal air loss. To maximize immersion and envelopment air bed system has 20 individually changeable 8-inch air bladders. It also has a cushion feature for head stability and comfort.

Properties of Low Air Loss Mattress with varying pressure to assist shield skin from friction and wetness a detachable 4-way stretch PU cover that is fluid-resistant, low shear and vapors permeable is used. It automatically warns when air pressure drops with an audio and visual alarm. Dimensions are 80 inches long, 36 inches wide and 8 inches high. Airflow rate of pump is 8 LPM, control unit cycle duration is 10 minutes and weight capacity is 350 lbs.

In order to prevent, cure, and manage pressure ulcers Drive Medical’s Best Low Air Loss Mattress replacement system uses alternating pressure. Mattress features 20 air bladders, nine of which have laser holes to accomplish minimum air loss function and to improve patient comfort by enabling a quick recovery by keeping injured region cold and dry.

For endurance and durability air cells are made of 40% nylon and 60% PVC and are 8 inch high. Quilted, urethane-coated nylon fabric used to make zippered mattress cover is low sheer, machine washable and water resistant protecting comfort of patient. They encourage you to speak with your doctor.

Other main healthcare practitioner before using any product for health purposes in order to get right guidance and supervision. You can Buy Online and if boxed up then never used item. FDA has not reviewed any claims made about dietary supplements and they are not meant to be used in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any illness or other health issue.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Chuck from Corona purchased and reviewed that “Drive air mattress”. This is really good for a in homebound loved one. It keeps the skin from breaking down. It works by air filled tubes alternating pressure. It’s quiet, it’s not to large and fits a hospital bed perfectly.

Medacure Low Air Loss Mattress With Pump And Quilted Nylon Cover With Extra Wide 80" X 42" X 10"

Alternating Pressure Bariatric Mattress for Hospital Beds with Pump - Low Air Loss, Quilted Nylon Cover - Extra Wide 80" x 42" x 10" - Pressure Ulcer and Bed Sore Treatment - Comfort Zone by Medacure

This hospital-grade air mattress which is made of nylon and imported includes a multi-function whisper-quiet digital pump, adjustable comfort levels, auto firm inflation and customize able cycle periods of 10, 15, or 25 minutes. Low Air Loss Mattress can be set to alternate pressure or static pressure. It is completely adaptable to your own requirements and comfort.

It is quick and easy to use since it has a rapid-inflate CPR, a quick hookup and an air filter that can be changed quickly. Simple control pump attaches to hospital bed rails as well as many standard bed frames. Best Low Air Loss Mattress expands in a matter of minutes. Low air loss is achieved thanks to mattress’ eight ventilated cells. Design is cell-on-cell to prevent bottoming out. Mattress is constructed of 20 interchangeable air cells that may be quickly and easily replaced on your own.

Premium patient comfort is ensured by detachable quilted poly PU cover. Select anti-bed sore medical mattress that best meets your needs. Available with extremely wide bariatric of 42″ or 48″ width with 1,000 lbs weight capacity and normal 36″ width with 400 lbs weight capacity. It is also available with built-in protection rails for patients who are at risk of falling making it best patient transfer solution.

Air is able to escape from mattress through tiny ventilation holes, helping to speed up healing and assist in drying of wounds. Lowest row will stay inflated and patient will remain on a secure, pleasant surface in event of a malfunction or power interruption thanks to a second layer of cells. A new cell may be quickly snapped in if one is damaged.

Comprehensive number of features and advantages comfort zone is best option for you. It was created for treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers and other disorders. Patient is in utmost comfort thanks to cover which is also water-resistant and simple to clean. This item Hospital-grade, detachable and quilted cover you can also Buy Online.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rachel Bryant purchased and reviewed that “Great durability”. Perfect for what my son needs to prevent pressure sores.

Alternating Pressure Hospital Bed Low Air Loss Mattress Includes Electric Quiet Air Pump

Alternating Pressure Pad For Hospital Bed Or Home Bed, Includes Electric Quiet Air Pump -Low Air Loss Mattress - Inflatable Comfortable Pads - Prevents & Treat Pressure Wounds, Sore, Ulcer

Hospital Low Air Loss Mattress holds up to 350 LBS alternating pressure air mattress is made of water proof martial. Air mattress for bed sores is designed with 130 air cells. Easy to install and air fills up in minutes. It has a few levels of air pressure; customize it at your own convenience. They are alternating pressure mattress for bedsores.

Low Air Loss Mattress is water proof and heat sealed that fits on most beds and also for hospital beds. Alternating air mattress is registered medical device. It is a perfect medical bed for patients with restricted movement or who are bedridden. Air cells in mattress are inflated and deflated using an electric pump that is included. Because of its quiet design pump is perfect for use in a hospital or nursing home.

Pump can be adjusted to give patient desired amount of firmness. Pump is made to be silent which aids in giving the patient a more tranquil resting environment. This is crucial in places like hospitals where noise levels can be quite high. Pump is a flexible tool for healthcare providers in a number of contexts since it can be used with a range of Low Air Loss Mattress.

It is a crucial resource for medical practitioners in prevention and management of this widespread and frequently disabling disorder. The weight of item is 7.39 pounds and available in blue color which you can Buy Online. Patients who need extra room or who are bariatric can use.

 Medical King Best Low Air Loss Mattress.This is bigger than hospital bed mattress. They come in various sizes to match different bed frames and many versions include a waterproof cover that is simple to remove and clean to assist keep patient’s resting area clean and hygienic.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Anthony Gonzales purchased and reviewed that “works great” the compressor is silent, easy to set up.

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