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By: Fatima Babar

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Sapphire Pillow Top

The quality of your mattress is quite important for a restful night’s sleep. With its innovative design and superior materials, a sapphire mattress provides an excellent sleeping experience. The mattress is a well-liked and ground-breaking sleeping option that provides a special blend of comfort and support. This mattress was created using premium materials with the intention of giving consumers a pleasant and reviving sleep.

Wolf mattress is the oldest mattress manufacturing company in USA. This brand uses a high-quality material and never compromised on its material and customer service. If you are looking the durable and comfortable mattress that will used for a long time but having a many years warranty, then this brand mattress is the perfect choice.

Sapphire Mattress with Sapphire Pillow Top - Transitional and Full Extra Plush Support Mattress

Sapphire Pillow Top, Extra Plush Support, Transitional Mattress, Full

The sapphire mattress with pillow top design is a high-qua mattress with a luxurious designer look.  This mattress provides you the extra comfort and peaceful sleep overnight. This mattress has amazing features that stand separate from other mattresses in the online marketplace. The mattress comes with a premium sketch knit cover that is soft and luxurious, helps to keep the mattress cool and comfortable all the night. This cover is multi-quilted with CertiPUR foam in the euro top for extra comfort. Euro top design means the extra layer on the top of the mattress for setting the cushions. It also has a wolf’s sta-rite inner quilted fiber for support; this material is designed to enhance the support of the mattress. This mattress is made with CertiPUR foam; this type of foam is soft and chemical-free. Also, meet the standards of safety and friendly environment.

The full-size wolf mattress with extra plush firmness is specially designed for adult comfort. The mattress’s core consists of a hi-profile 288 coil innerspring. This suggests that the mattress provides support through the coil system, which is a common feature in many traditional mattresses. The length of the mattress is 29.53 inches; its width is 21.26 inches, and 3.94 inches in thickness. The mattress has a combination of innerspring and foam, which provides a good balance of support and cushioning. The weight of the mattress is 64 pounds. The sapphire mattress is the best choice for people who want a comfortable and luxurious bedroom mattress. This mattress is perfect for side sleepers who need extra support and comfort.

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