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Semi Truck Mattress

Semi Truck Mattresses are made to fit in a semi-truck’s cab or in a pickup truck’s bed. Compared to normal mattresses, they typically feature shorter profiles and non-standard measurements. Even while vehicles are already very practical, investing in a high-quality. Semi Truck mattress increases their usefulness. Long-distance drivers also require truck mattresses. The correct mattress may transform your truck into a bed on wheels, whether your goal is to sleep while travelling, remain comfy while working, or convert your vehicle into an incredibly practical “tent” for camping, the right mattress can turn your truck into bed on wheels.When you travel for a living, you are aware of the value of a Semi-Truck Mattress that is both comfortable and easy to clean. Because of this, we carefully considered the requirements of owner-operators and seasoned drivers when designing each and every one of our beds. 

Whether you have the most recent 579, an antique W900, or a reliable Cascadia, there is bound to be Semi-Mattress on the market that is the ideal fit for your sleeper. To encourage deep, pleasant sleep in any environment, all of these mattresses use cutting-edge raw materials. They are hypoallergenic, easily adapt to any body shape, and offer different levels of support and firmness.To give long-haul truck drivers a comfortable sleeping surface, Semi Truck Mattresses are created. They are built of foam or innerspring and come in a range of sizes to fit various truck cabs. Additionally, some mattresses are made to be adjustable in order to support various sleeping postures. To fit in the constrained space of a truck cab, Semi Truck Mattresses are often thinner than ordinary mattresses. Additionally, they are made to be sturdy and simple to clean. A removable, machine-washable cover is available on Semi Truck Mattresses. Overall, a decent semi-truck mattress can improve sleep quality and lower the chance of fatigue-related mishaps for truck drivers.

Fomma Semi Truck Mattress in 6" x 24" x 78" with Heavy Duty and Comfortable Trucker Mattress - Durable with Washable Organic Cotton Cover with High Density Memory Form for all Ages

Foamma 6" x 24" x 78" Semi Truck Memory Foam Trucker Mattress, Washable Organic Cotton Cover, Heavy Duty and Durable, Comfortable, Made in USA

You should get the greatest sleep you can so you can travel refresh. Therefore, you require a mattress that exerts as much effort as you do. Even when they are at home, truck drivers prefer to sleep in the cab due to the comfort of the mattress. A Semi Truck Mattress with unparalleled support that will never give way. The top layer of memory foam is intended to provide all the advantages of regular memory foam as well as heat dissipation and improved airflow.

1 inch of Memory Foam is layered on top of 5 inches of firm, high density foam in Foamma memory foam truck mattresses. You will be supported and at ease all night long thanks to this design. Your mattress’ high density foam has a density of 1.8 and will last for seven to ten years. The foam is inexpensive, long-lasting, pleasant, and robust. 30% organic cotton and 70%polyester make up the cover. The cover has a zip and is simply removed so that it may be machine washed. It is made with premium materials that don’t harm the ozone. Its cushion and upholstery foam are packaged neatly for simple transportation. Open right away transport. Open right away to make sure the foam keeps its original shape; it should expand completely in 72 hours.Mattresses made of high-density, incredibly comfy foam are custom-cut to fit any size perfectly.

Significant temperature changes between your body and your bed might result from hot nights and cold mornings. Your sleep cycle will be disrupted, and you won’t get the hours of rest you need. Our Semi Truck Mattresses are constructed with strategically placed permeable foam layers to provide a comfortable temperature throughout the night. By never sacrificing heat, you can lessen your nighttime tossing and turning. Although each trucker is unique, they all need a restful night’s sleep. Fomma work with you to create the ideal fit and feel for your size and body type. We’ve got you covered with everything from soft too hard to waterproof. We’ll deliver your mattress to you vacuum sealed once you select the ideal fit so you can drop it in and watch it unfold.Driving a truck is incredibly hard on your back, body, and psyche.

More than almost any other occupation, driving can lead to back pain and restlessness due to the constant vibration of the road, prolonged sitting, and transporting freight. You can’t afford to sleep on subpar truck mattresses when it’s time to recharge your body and get some rest. The best Semi Truck Mattresses are offered by Foamma Memory Foam for trucks that are designed to provide your body a break. This incredibly fluffy foam provides an amazing blend of toughness and pressure reduction that supports you along curves and distributes your weight equally. When you sleep on the road, you need to feel supported. Your stability is provided by a thick layer of high-density foam, which also absorbs shock and improves your quality of sleep. This Semi Truck Mattress has size 6″ x 24″ x 78″with dimensions 78″L x 24″W x 6″. It has comfort layer made of cotton. Its special feature is it is Durable with Plush firmness for Adults. They are quite comfortable and design with the driver safety in mind. Foamma Semi Truck Mattresses are supportive, cozy, breathable, and simple to handle and move around in.


Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Couponer purchased and reviewed “Extremely Comfortable!” This mattress fits snugly but beautifully in the top bunk of our Kenworth. I did measure beforehand and then sent my dimensions when ordering. The memory foam is a much better option than the standard mattress that comes with the truck. It was well worth the price!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We utilised them in an RV, but I believe they would fit well in a cab over semi-truck. They are incredibly comfy and versatile.

Certainly, we provide mattresses without covers. To reach us, dial 310-307-9540.

The majority of 18-wheelers can fit a mattress that is 6″ x 24″ x 78″. It is the most typical kind. Sizes and shapes, however, will differ.

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