Balloon Columns To Buy - Reviews

By: Dua Zahra

Balloon Columns Construction Instructions: The first stage is to construct a balloon water weight. That means we’ll be filling a 12-inch-diameter balloon with water. Place a balloon pillar of suitable size over the faucet’s spout, and then slowly turn on the water. Tie a knot in the balloon’s neck and take it away from the source of water. Remember how large the water mass is. If we make it too little, the diy balloon columns will be unstable, but if we make it too big, it may not fit under the balloon columns

Balloon-fill: All 32 balloons will be inflated immediately. Professionals can inflate balloons to the same size with a specialized pump or balloon sizer. It shows you how to blow up balloons to a diameter of 8 inches without using any instruments. How to do this? If you don’t have a pump, utilise the 8-inch gap between two chairs to approximate the effect. Inflate the balloon columns, then deflate it slowly and slide it between the chairs. When the balloon columns fits between two chairs, it’s the right size. ze.

Balloon Column Kit by Burton+Burton

Burton+Burton Balloon Column Kit Black

  • Steel poles and bases are included in this 6 foot black Balloon columns set.
  • These black vinyl base weights are included in the set.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Tommy Baber: Purchased this and reviewed that “Perfect for indoor and outdoors” Any style Balloon Columns is perfect for this stand

Column set up, 2 Pack, 6.8 Feet Tall, balloon columns

2 Set Balloon Column Stand Kits 6.8ft High,With Water Bag And 25Pcs Balloon Clips,For Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Weddings Party, Graduation Decoration,Christmas Decorations

Includes Water Bag and 25 Pieces of Balloon Clips; Ideal for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Weddings, Graduation Parties, and Holiday Decorations

  • Each product includes a base, water bag, telescoping rod, bottom bracket, balloon bowl, 25 clips, and how-to instructions.
  • Standard balloon set up bases only contains 2 lbs. of water, which isn’t enough for outdoor activities. Our balloon columns kit comes with two high-quality water bags that can hold 11 lbs. each, increasing the base weight and guaranteeing the column stands steadily.
  • The iron telescopic rod is durable and unbreakable; it can be extended to any height (up to 6.8 feet), making it suitable for DIY weddings, birthdays, holidays, or anniversary projects.
  • Our columns may be set up in 10 minutes with the supplied instructions.
  • New balloon equipment.
  • We hope your purchase of 18-inch or larger balloons is the start of a pleasant relationship. Our balloon column kits come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Amazon Customer: Purchased this and reviewed that “May be ordering more!” Each year I organize a Christmas in July Party for a group of special needs adults. Since we are taking our group to Disney this year, we decided to go all out and have a Disney themed party. Read more

YALLOVE Balloon Column Stand set, Balloon Tower Pillar Design for Birthday, Wedding.

YALLOVE Balloon Column Stand Set of 4, 7 Feet Height Adjustable Balloon Tower Pillar with Reusable Metal Telescopic Design for Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Graduation Party Decoration

7 Feet Tall, Adjustable Metal Telescopic Balloon Tower Pillar, Reusable for Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Graduation Party Decoration (4-Pack).

ADAPTABLE: Our telescoping balloon tower may be adjusted for different events. The telescopic balloon tower can be 20 to 87 inches tall.

BALANCED: The telescopic balloon tower can be 20 to 87 inches tall. Our balloon columns is more stable than others because it’s fashioned from a single piece of stainless steel.

CONVENIENT: Our balloon column stand doesn’t require difficult fittings or splicing stages.

TIMELY: To put up our aluminium stand, extend the telescoping arm and attach it to the water base. You can focus less on logistics and more on party planning.

IN ADVANCE WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO : Plan for an electric balloon pump. 200-300 5-8-inch balloons are needed to create a balloon columns.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Cynthia Vela: Purchased this and reviewed that “Nice” easy to use

Set of 2 AerWo Metal Balloon Arch Kit , Balloon Knotter, Manual Pump, Balloon Tower Stand Kit for Wedding.

AerWo Metal Balloon Column Kit Set of 2, Adjustable 81inch Arch Balloon Column Stand Balloon Arch Kit with Bases, Balloon Knotter, Manual Pump, Balloon Tower Stand Kit for Wedding Birthday Party Baby Shower Graduation

Adjustable 81-Inch Arch Balloon Columns Stand Balloon Arch Kit with Bases, Balloon Knotter, Manual Pump Balloon Tower Stand Kit for Wedding Birthday Party Baby Shower

Inflatable stand kit for an arch: Two metal telescopic pipes, two plastic (PVC) bases, two water (or helium) bags, forty (or helium) balloon clips, one (or helium) balloon glue, two (or helium) balloon knotters, and one (or helium) manual balloon pump are included in the arch balloon stand kit. (No balloons)

2022 redesign: Our ballon arch kit holder stand has a telescoping metal rod that spans from 18 to 81 inches for versatility.

Dependable and reuseable: This stainless-iron balloon columns is sturdy, non-deforming, nick- and scratch-resistant, and reusable. Water bases and bags enhance support. It’s indoor and outdoor-friendly due to its quality and longevity.

DIY decorations that are perfect: The balloon columns is a terrific do-it-yourself decoration for birthday parties, family reunions, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, banquets, weddings, baby showers, graduation ceremonies, New Year’s, etc. Create trendy balloon arrangements with your imagination.

Simple to put together: Our balloon arch stand includes everything you need in one box. Using the provided directions, you can build a balloon tower in minutes. Balloons are a cheap and easy party decoration.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Kimmiebr80: Purchased this and reviewed that “Exactly what I was looking for…” These were a great value for the money and made creating my balloon column turn out great!

Two-Pack Floor-Standing Balloon Column; Balloon Clips; Balloon Pump; Column Topper Cap; Party Decoration

2 Set Balloon Column Stand Kit for Floor, SOFTTIME Adjustable 81"Balloon Tower Stand Kit with Heavy Water Base,Metal Poles,Balloon Knotters, Pump, Balloon Clips,Column Topper Cap,for Party Decoration

Columns of Balloons for Parties, Expertly Assembled: SOFTTIME’s balloon clips kits date to 1999. PVC base, two water (or sand)-fillable bags, two stainless steel balloon poles, 45 balloon clips, 1 balloon cup, 2 balloon knotters, 2 dot glues, and 1 manual pump. (Party-themed balloons not included).

2022 Ballon Tower Update: We consider event size when analysing market needs. This adjustable tube is perfect for gatherings of all sizes and themes. The water bases are simply filled, and the upper rod cup inspires creativity when decorating with balloons.

Multi-Purpose Balloon Stands: This kit is perfect for New Year’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hanukkah, birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, Friendsgiving, family gatherings, dinner parties, and banquets. SOFTTIME is humorous.

Reusable and quick to assemble: You can reuse this balloon columns clips for future occasions because to its durable stainless-iron construction, straightforward design, high rigidity, and sturdy feet.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

angela: Purchased this and reviewed that “Very cheap and flimsy!”  Water leaked out of bag and the bottom disc and pole are flimsy and super cheap. Can’t use outside as stated.

Balloon Columns Stand base Kit for Floor with Base,

2 Set Balloon Column Stand Kit for Floor with Base, VETOGETHER Adjustable from 1 Feet to 7 FT Balloon Tower Kit with Telescopic Design, Balloon Pillar Kit with 1Metal Poles for Party Decoration

2 Piece, VETOGETHER Adjustable from 1 to 7 Feet, Balloon Tower Kit with Telescopic Design, Balloon Pillar Kit with 1Metal Poles, Party Decoration.

Commercial Party Goods: VETOGETHER specialises in balloon columns kits. Kits include a balloon connector, flower clips, rope, and a balloon pump. We review packaging and product depending on market requirement and update kits based on client feedback. Perfect for parties, weddings, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and openings.

Upgrade Concept for 2022: This stainless steel tube fits different-sized guests. Additional fillable water bases ensure stand weights hold, and the higher rod cup encourages ingenuity when building a balloon columns.

Durable and Reusable: The latest balloon columns is made of stainless steel and has two refillable water bases for stability. This balloon columns stand is a fantastic long-term investment due to its high quality and extendable height (from 18 to 79 inches).

Quick and Simple Assembly: All of the pieces and instructions needed to construct the balloon columns were included in the kit. The column stand’s pipes are interconnected, so its height can be adjusted by simply stretching it to a new position.

Superb Assistance: Contact if you have setup queries or concerns., and we’ll handle your request as swiftly as possible because we appreciate your buying experience.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

SSoliz: Purchased this and reviewed that “It’s ok” Poles come out of the base very easily, be aware, one water bag leaked, but overall got the job done, will be using for my own personal parties