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Candles have lately been supplanted by gas and, more recently, electric lights, as measured by the length of civilization. Candles were most likely first employed in religious events for practical reasons. Automatic candle extinguisher usage has almost certainly acquired a spiritual function. Because of this history, churches are hesitant to replace candles with more contemporary lighting sources for specific observances. Prior to the current innovation, votive lights using candles had several drawbacks. The most significant downside is the level of maintenance required by votive automatic candle extinguisher. An attendant must visit on a regular basis to clean the containers of wax drippings, carbon deposits, and metal bases, and to replace the burned candles in the lamps.

Hundreds of votive lamps may be found in many churches. Evidently, such housekeeping labor is time-consuming and costly, especially when compared to the price of candles. One solution to these issues is to extend the effective burning life of the candles, lowering the amount of maintenance necessary significantly. The current practice in churches is to let the votive flame burn out long after the person has left the sanctuary. Due of the religious importance of the event, no future worshipper will light a candle that has already been lit by another. Few churches, due to the expense, employ a custodian to automatic candle extinguisher after the worshipper has departed.

Letting the candles to burn out frequently results in votive fracture. Previous art answers to these difficulties include US patents 1,289,874, 2,158,744, and 2,792,699. None of the inventions depicted in the patents address the previously identified issues. To extinguish the candle, it requires the direct intervention of a human. Each uses a stream of air to extinguish the candle, but none does not offer any method for regulating the flow of any liquid wax present during burning, nor does it teach automatic candle extinguisher Perhaps since no method for reliably automatic candle extinguisher was developed, focus shifted to automatically extinguishing virtual candles.

US Pat. Nos. 2, 499, ll8 and 3,204,433 cover these methods. The solutions presented by these patents necessitate the use of electrical energy to power a motor and some sort of timekeeping system to manage the duration of burning. While these methods are viable, they are not without restrictions. They require costly external systems; they cannot be used with candles; they are not self-controlled; and they do not generate the same spiritual ambiance as candles. The current invention addresses the issues raised by the prior art. The current invention describes a self-timing, self-actuating, and self-rearmed system for automatic candle extinguisher on a predetermined cycle.

The current invention describes a method for regulating the bumming cycle of a candle or other device with a fuel body that contains two sources of energy. This candle snuffer is both functional and ornamental, with a touch of traditional elegance. It may be used to extinguish a candle’s flame without splattering wax. Any work is made easier with the right tool. Our automatic candle extinguisher tools are designed to maximize the performance and use of your candles. A fuel body container has two sources of stored energy that are regulated by fuel consumption in the fuel body to run a mechanism that stops fuel consumption. One source of stored energy is a robust member, while the other is a compressed air storage tank. The control mechanism consists of a rack and pawl system pushed by the resilient part.

OLEEK 2Pcs Automatic Candle, Extinguisher and Cold Automatic Swedish Candle Snuffer

OLEEK (2Pcs Automatic Candle Extinguisher Gold Automatic Swedish Candle Extinguisher, Taper Automatic Candle Snuffer, Candle Care kit Candle Tools, Swedish Candle Snuffer Set, Trimmer

Enjoy your personal time while the oleek automatic candle extinguisher does the work. Ideal for candle maintenance. Candlestick snuffer set from Sweden. Candle adornments with this automated Swedish candle extinguisher, putting out candles have never been easier. There will be no more blown or scalded fingers. Automatic Swedish candle snuffer with taper. 2 piece candle accessories set this candle care kit candle equipment will enhance the appearance of your candles. Metal with a matte gold or silver finish. Fits taper candles up to 7/8-inch in diameter. Candle snuffers and wick trimmers are essential tools for every candle enthusiast.

This candle set may or may not include a Yankee candle snuffer. Tired with rigid, spiritless presents that fail to convey your feelings? Gift them this one-of-a-kind candle snuffer set. Candle care package. For long-lasting taper candles, use this candle saver. Not a candle wick kit, but a candle snuffer Get a FULL refund if you don’t like these candle snuffers. There are no labels, no refunds, and no questions asked. The current invention shows how to automatic candle extinguisher one or more fuel bodies independently of each other by using a supply of compressed fluid, often air, that is controlled by the mass or weight of a consumable fuel.

To manage the burning cycle, the present invention teaches the employment of a rack and pawl mechanism biased in one direction and counteracted by the weight of the consumable fuel body in the other direction. The current invention seeks to provide a unique, fully self-controlled method for controlling the burning cycle of a candle or other fuel body mechanism. The current invention seeks to provide a unique technique for regulating the burning cycle of a candle that employs two sources of stored energy to activate and regulate the Swedish candle snuffer mechanism.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

C. Lee purchased this automatic candle extinguisher and reviewed that “Automatic Candle Extinguisher” Having seen this device – the Automatic Candle Extinguisher – promoted in numerous places at varying price points, I looked into them. In perhaps 10% to 20% of the sites, it was promoted as a patented device from 1841. Interesting and appealing, dating it to 1841, if true. Read more…

RUIYUE 8 Pcs Automatic Candle Snuffer, Automatic Candle Extinguisher

RUIYUE 8 Pcs Candle Snuffer, Automatic fire extinguishing Candle Snuffer Extinguisher, Wick Flame Snuffer for Putting Out Candle Flame Safely, Black Candle Snuffers Accessory for Candle Lovers (C)

Automatic candle snuffer is designed to fit candles with a diameter of 2CM/0.8 inch. It is composed of stainless steel metal and automatic candle extinguisher, giving you peace of mind when using it. Just place it on the candle. The candle extinguisher will automatically extinguish the candle when it reaches your selected location. To extinguish the candle in a safer and more accurate manner, use an automated candle extinguisher. Candle Snuffer is constructed of polished stainless steel with an appealing finish, has a long lifespan, is sturdy, and is not easily corroded. Necessity Accessory – A valuable and attractive item that is a must-have in your home.

There will be no more flying embers or wax as you blow out the candle. They Candle Snuffer Extinguisher. Automatic candle snuffer extinguisher for any candle lover, ideal for housewarming, Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding anniversary, or birthday. Gifts wedding, full moon, journey memorial, graduation, housewarming, celebration, and visit are all appropriate events. Metal is the material used. Candle suppressors are available in two colors: silver and gold. Junior year, husband and wife, coworkers, friends, elders, children, classmates, and teachers are all appropriate gift-giving relationships.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring Festival, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, New Year’s Day, Chinese Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, National Day, Children’s Day, Women’s Day are all valid holidays. Electroplating is a process. Style: Visit a wax agent. Dimensions: 2.2*2.5*2.5cmCandle extinguishers are some of the most frequent and contemporary candle extinguishers. Automatic candle snuffer extinguishers come in a variety of forms and sizes, both traditional and contemporary. They are frequently used in homes and restaurants, and they come in a variety of styles. Contemporary incense burners, also known as incense burners, come in a variety of forms and shapes. With candles being used to perfumed candles, they come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes of modern candle extinguishers.

They come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, ranging from used automatic candle extinguisher to scented candles. Candle Snuffer fits candles with a 2CM/0.8 inch diameter. It is constructed of stainless steel metal and immediately extinguishes the candles, so you may put it on the candle with trust. The candle extinguisher will automatically extinguish the candle when it reaches your selected location. To extinguish the candle in a safer and more accurate manner, use an automatic candle extinguisher. High-Quality Materials: Candle Snuffer is composed of polished stainless steel with an appealing polished finish, has a long lifespan, is sturdy, and is not easily corroded. Value and a lovely item that is a must-have in your home. There will be no more flying embers or wax as you blow out the candle. They appear sleek and appealing.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

J.J. purchased this automatic candle extinguisher and reviewed that “It really works” Although I’ve only used it on medium size candles a few times it does work and snuffed out the candle. Yes it does push down the wick but you can pull it back up and repite the candle. I get many uses from one candle and can adjust time it burns with this device

Automatic Candle Extinguisher, Swedish Candle Snuffer, Accessories for Most Candles

[𝗦𝘄𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗵 𝗜𝗻𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀] Automatic Candle Extinguisher, Automatic Candle Snuffer, Swedish Candle Snuffer, Candle Accessories, Classic Design, Suitable for Most Candles (3 PCS, Brass)

The galvanized metal candle snuffer is suited for tapers, pillars, and even birthday automatic candle extinguisher with a diameter of 0.7 to 1 inch. The candle extinguisher will fit properly regardless of the type of candle you use. If you forget to blow out the candles, the candle extinguisher timer will do it for you. These lovely candle extinguishers effortlessly slide over the candle and serve as a security mechanism. This useful metal automatic candle extinguisher was created in Sweden and has subsequently been enhanced and modified. This revamped rendition adds a contemporary spin to an old favorite.

The candle put out tool is an excellent addition to ornamental candles. Whether it’s a date, dinner party, or birthday celebration. This gadget can assist you in blowing out the candle at the proper time. The auto candle extinguisher is simple to operate and has a delicate look. It would make an ideal present for any candle enthusiast. The purpose of this invention is to create a unique automatic candle extinguisher mechanism that uses a compressed fluid, such as compressed air, as a source of stored energy. The current invention seeks to provide a unique technique for terminating the burning cycle of a plurality of candles, each of which is individually regulated.

The purpose of this innovation is to develop a revolutionary candle extinguishing mechanism that is simple to use, inexpensive to make, and reliable. The purpose of this innovation is to develop a revolutionary automatic candle extinguisher mechanism that will considerably minimize the frequency and expense of maintaining votive lamps. The current invention seeks to provide a unique system for enabling a votive candle to burn for a predetermined amount of time before halting the burning. 1 depicts a plan view of the current invention’s embodiment, partially split apart and in section to demonstrate the different operational parts. A plan view of a second embodiment of the present invention, partially torn away and in section, is shown in depicts a third embodiment of the present invention in section and in plain view.

In applying this basic terminology to FIG. 1, Spring 3 is the first stored energy device. Tanks 7 and 8 are the second and third energy devices, respectively. The power control mechanism consists of the rack, 4, the teeth, 40, and the pawl member 15, which is biased by valve 5. Examination reveals that pawl 15 is biased into seating in teeth 4a by valve 5. Hence, depending on the length of the candle 1 and the number of teeth 4a, the Candle 1 can be automatic candle extinguisher a number of times. The valve 5, 105, 205 is a commercially available device that biases the relevant pawl member 15, 115, 215 into place. Pulsar 16 is a valve mechanism that includes a spring member 19 (a source of stored energy).

4 Pcs Automatic Candle Extinguishers, Automatic Candle with Accessories Tools

4 Pcs Automatic Candle Extinguisher, Candle Stopper Automatic Candle Snuffer Ring, Automatic Fire Extinguisher for Putting Out Candle Flame Safely, Candle Accessories Tools Candle Care Kit ( Gold)

The automatic candle extinguisher is constructed of plated iron, which will not rust, fade, or distort over time; the surface of the candle snuffer is polished and feels nice; and using the candle stopper to extinguish the candle will prevent your hand from getting burnt, making it a perfect candle accessory. The automated candle snuffer ring may be adjusted manually, and the automatic candle extinguisher is appropriate for candles up to 1 inch in diameter. By using this automated candle snuffer, you may eliminate the need to blow out candles and decrease smoke output. The automatic candle extinguisher snuffer is simple to operate.

Put the automated fire extinguisher in the area where you desire to extinguish the candle. When the candle reaches the point you choose, the candle put out tool will automatically extinguish it. To avoid burning your fingers, use the candle care kit. It’s simple and convenient. The candle accessory set is appropriate for daily usage, and the elegant and noble gold hue may complement your candles, making the entire candle set appear more beautiful and noble. The automated fire extinguisher is appropriate for many occasions, including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Wedding Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Halloween.

This automatic candle extinguisher tool set is an excellent present for candle enthusiasts. You will receive four golden automatic candle extinguishers, plenty for daily usage. To simply extinguish candles, use the automated fire extinguisher. If you have any queries regarding our candle care set, please email us as soon as possible and company will respond as soon as possible. When viewing the present invention properly, automatic candle extinguisher should be seen that springs 3 and 19 are essentially energy storage devices. Tanks 7 and 8 are also mechanisms for storing energy.

When creating these broader descriptions the rack 4 with teeth 4a is a device that converts (transforms) motion in one direction (vertical in the illustration) to motion in another (horizontal in the drawing). Similarly, the valve parts 5, 105, and 205 govern the transfer of mechanical energy from one form (valve motion) to another (motion of a compressed gas). Consequently, valve members 5, 105, and 205 can be regarded as transformers, converters, or transducers.

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