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Battery operated candlesticks are sometimes dim and difficult to see from the street. Some have insufficient battery life or may not have an acceptable light color. All of these issues will be addressed by our new ultra-bright LED battery operated candlesticks driven window candles! Produced in China. Only for indoor usage. A lot of aspects about this candle are A+: stability, sophisticated appearance, and long lasting, dull side facing the room. I was taken aback by how brilliant the candle was on the street side.

But I think it’ll be OK if I put candles in all the windows. The lights are thin enough to fit on my windowsills, and they are bright enough to be seen from the street, but they drain the batteries rapidly and a few of the lights don’t turn on and off when they should. These lights are elegant, lovely, and simple to operate. They are especially excellent because of the unique characteristics – auto-turn on and softer inside light/brighter outdoor light. These lovely window battery operated candlesticks come highly recommended by me.

These are excellent lights that are visible from the road and have a simple timer option. The disadvantage is the quantity of batteries required if you have a large number of these lights. Also, the customer service is outstanding. My most recent set shone warmly, when all of my others are chilly and dazzling white. I contacted, and without hesitation, they delivered four replacement lights to match the others. These lights are fantastic. I’d purchase it again. These candles look fantastic, are of good quality, and are quite simple to use!

Insert the batteries and you’re ready to go. I like the timer and the fact that there are no electrical lines dangling from any of our windows. Excellent buy! The first battery operated candlesticks that really operate! Gorgeous on the interior and outside. Product benefit to avoid the occurrence of the flame on fire phenomena, one must be smokeless and flameless. Second, lighting for a lengthy period of time, comparable to 10-20 times the normal candle lighting duration. Three, lovely and generous, suitable for a variety of candlesticks. Candle Light Belt Flickers is a simulated candle design.

5, the use of 2 * AA/2 number 5 batteries, long-lasting and simple to replace energy [purpose]: Holiday Party, PARTY, atmosphere creation, bar, home Tapered candles are a classic design for holidays, dinner parties, and windowsills. But who wants to deal with leaking wax, smoke, and potential danger? You may now enjoy the exquisite look of tapered candles in your favorite spots without all of the trouble. Company carry a variety of battery operated candlesticks driven tapered candles with timers, so you don’t have to worry about breakage or remembering to switch them on.

Our taper candles may be set to light at the same time every day and run for six hours before shutting down. Our candles do not emit heat; instead, the flameless LED bulb produces a lifelike flicker and light. If you appreciate the look of dripping wax on your tapered candles, company have battery-operated wax taper candles with drippings that look just like conventional candles but don’t make a mess. Our candles feature a flexible base that allows them to fit into a variety of candleholders and candelabras.

These taper battery operated candlesticks, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, are ideal for the holidays. They look fantastic in your Christmas decorations and are safe to use around dogs, children, and plants. Company also sells several handheld vigil candles that churches, organizations, and schools may utilize. These candles are completely confined and create no heat, making them ideal for candlelight services. They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors because they are unaffected by wind and rain.

Battery Operated Window Candles With Timer And Remote Battery Operated Candlesticks, 8 Inch Warm White 3D Flame

Flameless Taper Candles Flickering with Remote & Timer, Battery Operated Window Candles with Gold Candlesticks & Suction Cups, 8 Inch Warm White 3D Flame Candle for Home, Holiday, Party Decor(Ivory)

These led taper candles’ freshly updated 3D wick provides a pleasant white light that can flicker and dance like a real battery operated window candles with timer . Create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere for you. Ideal for Christmas, wedding, candle-dinner, and party decorations. The sophisticated 10-key remote control allows you to simply turn on or off these window candles, change the brightness (increase or decrease), flicker mode (rapid or slow), and set the timer function (4/6 hour timer, automatic cycling every 24 hours).

Each flameless candle is powered by 3*AAA batteries (batteries not included) and can give more than 150 hours of continuous lighting, eliminating the need to change the battery on a regular basis. There is no need to be concerned about smoke, fire hazards, or leaking wax with battery driven battery operated window candles with timer; they are quite safe.4 fresh new gold candle holders can make the candles more firmly set on the desktop, and the candle holder is removable, allowing you to transfer the candle into a different candle holder or use suction cups to mount the candles on your windows, or on any glass surface!

4PCS 8 inch ivory led taper candles (batteries not included), 4 gold candle holder, 4 suction cups, 1 remote control, 1 user’s manual. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the candles, please Contact Company at any time and company will assist you as quickly as possible. Company continue to create and enhance our flameless battery operated candlesticks products as a firm that integrates design, manufacturing, and sales in order to suit the demands of customers. Company added 6 LED lamp beads to the LED window candles, which makes them flicker as brightly as actual candle flames blowing in the wind.

Company included 6 LED beads in the 3D wick to replicate the flame effect of a genuine candle burning. Provide you a pleasant candlelight environment without the risk of a fire. Using the 10-button remote control, you can quickly turn on or off these window candles, adjust the brightness (increase or decrease), flicker mode (rapid or slow), and set the timer function (4/6 hour timer, automatic cycle every 24 hours).Our Ivory LED taper battery operated candlesticks are composed of high-quality plastic that does not readily split and does not melt in hot temperatures.

The set contains two packs of white taper flickering candles (0.78 x10.24 inches), a 10-key remote control, and an instruction booklet. These flameless taper candles last over 350 hours and are powered by two AAA batteries (not included) (High quality battery). All battery operated window candles with timer look like real candles, don’t melt, don’t drip, are unscented, don’t smoke, and don’t catch fire. Your children and pets will be safe. These tall LED candles are controlled by a 10-key remote (ON/OFF/Timer/Flickering/Brightness). You may set a timer for 2/4/6/8 hours, and the LED candlesticks will cycle every 24 hours after that.

There is no need to toggle the on/off button every time you use them. All LED window battery operated candlesticks include a 3D wick and a pleasant glow. Ivory remote candle lights may be switched to flickering mode and appear more like actual candles from a distance, making them popular for supper weddings. Christmas and house ornaments. Before leaving the manufacturer, Tobey flameless candlesticks were put through thorough functional testing. If you have any queries or issues, please do not hesitate to contact company; company will answer quickly and provide you with a satisfying solution.

Locate Battery Operated Candlesticks products, manufacturers, and suppliers from China’s Arts & Crafts industry. Purchasing Information – Company have a large database of unusual, hot selling, and high quality arts and crafts battery operated window candles with timer that will suit practically all of your sourcing needs. As most people’s daily lives are dull and pale, company yearn for something different, unique, or special to lift our spirits or demonstrate our tastes.

Which is why company need to meet an accomplished collection of selected arts, handmade crafts, decorations & ornaments in general, which is full of favor, full of passion, and full of spirit. Company offers everything you need, from creative product ideas to crafting providers. Here is an online directory of battery operated candlesticks factories that company believe may inspire your purchase decision. You will receive free samples, rapid shipping, custom or OEM service, as well as Christmas decorations, led candle lights, and battery powered at fantastic costs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Pbach purchased this battery operated candlesticks and reviewed that “Much better quality than what I expected for the price” I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of these candles, especially given their low price. I purchased the set of four with the bases and they look really nice in my windows. I have them set to the flickering function (which does resemble a real flame from a short distance away) and set the remote control so they come on reliably at 6:00 each night. Just a heads up — when I initially used the remote, I had to get within a few feet of each candle to turn them on and change the candle settings. All in all, they’re a great value for the price and I’m buying more of them.

LED Flameless Battery Operated Window Candles With Remote Timer And Battery Operated Candlesticks Decor Set Of 10

LED Flameless Taper Candles with Remote Timer Battery Operated Flickering Window Candle Lights with Removable Gold Candle Holders Best Gift for Xmas Wedding Home Dinner Decor Set of 10

Use Company color Flickering LED battery operated window candles to add a warm glow to your events. Such Candles Will Put You at Danger Due to Their High Grade Plastic Composition -Free and long-lasting festive sparkle without the mess, smoke, or fire. Bring a festive glow to any room or event with these LED battery operated window candles, which come with an elegant gold stand that not only serves as a perfect base for your candle display but also adds style and sophistication to your decor.

Utilize the candles in conjunction with the holder for a quick decoration, or remove the holder to create your own DIY styles. Using a 10 key remote, you can easily set a 2H/ 4H/ 6H/ 8H timer or adjust the brightness. You may also use the remote to select the Candle Mode for a more realistic effect. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint and Save Energy! When compared to its waxy and electrical counterparts, Company color battery operated candlesticks Powered LED Candles are a more effective and environmentally friendly option.

2 AA batteries per candles, easily replaceable. Can Be Used Almost Wherever You Wish. Personalized Gift Box Wrapping Makes It Simple Enough to Light Your Whole Present List. Aside from being ideal for home and party decor, those gleaming candlesticks are also ideal for wedding, birthday, anniversary, and housewarming gifts. These battery-powered tapers are rustic and will look excellent in your country house. Most include a timer, which means that if you put the batteries in at 6:00 p.m., the candle will shine for 6 hours, and then turn off for 18 hours before returning to 6:00 the next evening.

Instead, you can insert and remove the batteries as needed to utilize the candles. Our Flameless Taper Candles are of good quality and come in a big quantity. Not only can you get all of the benefits of conventional candles, but they are also considerably safer. There are no fire threats or burning concerns, making it ideal for families with pets or small children. Conventional burning candles are particularly dangerous due to the presence of flames, smoke, and hot wax. Our LED taper candles are constructed from high-quality plastic.

The flameless battery operated window candles driven handheld candles not only have a flickering light but are also SAFE to use near children, pets, furniture, and drapes. – Just flip the battery lid anticlockwise, and then put two “AA” batteries into the candle as directed by the battery operated candlesticks polarity indicator. Simple ON/OFF operation! The warm yellow flickering flameless taper candles are great for decorating tables and other areas such as restaurants, living rooms, garden weddings, themed parties, and festival celebrations.

Allows you to provide a festive or romantic light to any location. It’s a good idea to use fishing wire to suspend candles’: 0.79 inch (2cm) × H: 6.5 inch (16.5cm). 12 flameless taper candlesticks are included in the package. Each LED taper candle has been extensively tested and delivers a warm and brilliant yellow light for visibility and ambience. Our new premium window candle choice is this feature-rich battery-operated window candle. Company guarantee that this battery operated window candles will be visible from the street since it uses the same dual-intensity LED bulb that so many of our customers appreciate in our VT-1524 ultra-bright series.

You may now select your light setting, either twinkling or steady-on, with the provided remote control. You may also set your daily timer to 6 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours ON. Each candlestick has a compact aluminum base that is ideal for small windowsills. With these excellent incandescent candle lights, you may enjoy the classic beauty of candle light throughout the holidays. This set of three is battery operated and will provide delightful warmth to your house. They’re excellent for displaying on a mantel, table, windowsill, and other surfaces because to their elegant gold finish bases and traditional design.

With these satisfying Primitive Grubby LED Battery-Operated Candlesticks, you can give your centerpieces and table decorations a delicate, warm battery operated candlesticks glimmer. These are clever colonial elements that evoke memories of eighteenth-century America, when individuals travelled dark passageways and countryside’s with a blazing candle light. These candles will fit into any standard taper candle holder. Made from wax and plastic. One AA battery is required; battery not provided.

These dark brown candles are dipped in wax and meant to give an aged, grungy appearance, giving them the perfect effect of old-fashioned candles without the inconvenience or hazard of open candle flames. These candles also have a substantially longer burn time; over 120 hours! Its warm colors are likely to make any area seem snug and inviting. Merely twist the bottom of these battery operated candlesticks, put two AA batteries, and you have genuine flickering lights in any part of your home. Observe how these flames are well complemented by the dark tones of their candles.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Diane E. Tatum purchased this battery operated candlesticks  and reviewed that “I love these candles!” We began putting candles in our windows at Christmas after attending the Grand Illumination at Colonial Williamsburg 37 years ago, to celebrate the birthday of the King of Kings. We purchased one box of these candles this year to use in our add-on room. They arrived before we had brought the plug-in ones from the attic. I love these! Once set, they come on by themselves and turn themselves off!! We bought a second set and love them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, these candles are cordless, and each candle can be placed in a different place, turned on and off individually, and set all functions.

Dear customer, Press the TIMER button on the remote control to turn on the candles any time. The pre-programmed timing sequence of 6 hours on, 18 hours off for every 24-hour period. Press “OFF” to cancel timer mode. If the batteries die, the timer mode will also be canceled.

NO, it’s LED candles, just use battery to work. It will not create smoke, fire hazards and dripping wax. It’s friendly for children and pets.

The candles can be in different rooms, you will need to set timer on each room individual.

I bought 12 of these candles in 2021 and now 7 of them don’t work, even with replacing batteries. The remote batteries aren’t the issue because the button on the bottom should suffice. Please advise.

Found the sequence to cycle on every day at same time for specified duration. While simple, just be slow and deliberate in key pushing. Did not work for first couple days. Get very close (within 3 feet) and punch ON at the clock time you want them to come on every day. Then punch the # Hours you want it to stay o… see more

Not literally. But you can change colors and flickers with the remote that comes with the candles. I ordered two boxes and put them in my windows right after Christmas. I don’t turn them off. They are still going strong after all these weeks. Great candles.

If ni-mh batteries are larger diameter, that could be the problem I had. I was using rechargeable batteries, and they were difficult to get in, and harder to get out. They fit, just like my jeans “fit” after the holidays. Not all of mine worked, so that, in addition to batteries not sliding in and out easily was why… see more

While simple, just be slow and deliberate in key pushing. Did not work for first couple days. Get very close (within 3 feet) and punch ON at the clock time you want them to come on every day. Then punch the # Hours you want it to stay on. The wick should flash of and back on. If not try again – that’s the tricky part.

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