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The cow print area rug from the Modern Lines Collection gives your home a sleek, understated style. Your living room, bedroom, hallway, or kitchen will be more clearly defined by linear patterns that are straightforward and simple to coordinate with. Current Lines’ position of safety circle join configuration is improved with a non-slip support to keep your mat set up, pursuing it a superb decision for occupied families. The super stylish plan is machine-made in a circled development that offers delicate and captivating surface. Modern Lines has a non-skid back and is made of fibers that are durable and easy to clean.

The modern design of this machine-made cow print area rug is made entirely of polypropylene. It makes a stunning and substantial centerpiece for any room. Transitional carpets with a high style. The Madison Collection of transitional high-style carpets brings modern styling and vibrant colors to the design of traditional cow print area rug. The latest in fashion-conscious floor coverings specifically designed for today’s lavish contemporary and transitional home decor can be found in each cow print area rug in this stunning collection.

Power loomed with durable polypropylene synthetic blend yarns for long-lasting brilliance that is easy to maintain. The cow print area rug is the ideal upgrade to your home’s center piece for designer chic. The Cyrus Collection’s adaptable designs provide stunning decorating options for a variety of decor.

These cow print area rug go well with a variety of home designs, including transitional, modern, and eclectic styles. Color schemes range from rich to muted, and designs include everything from unique modern abstracts to classic Persian designs. Power-loomed, low shed fibers make this cut-pile and surged edge rugs irresistibly soft. A Cyrus cow print area rug can be used to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom, foyer, or even your child’s playroom. With this abstract Cyrus cow print area rug, you can show off your modern sophistication. In navy and ivory, it creates the ideal contemporary appearance. Power-woven in a cut pile with a low profile and a super-soft touch. Anchor me!

Cow print Area Rug Animal Hide Carpet for Nursery Decorating Kids Room

XeGe Luxury Shaggy Fuzzy Body Pillow Cover, Fluffy Bed Pillow Case with Zipper Closure, Soft Decorative Plush Long Pillow Sham, Faux Fur Hug Pillow for Home Bedroom 21"x54" Light Gray Ombre

The puppy paw and bone pattern on Cow print area rug can infuse the room with vitality and cuteness. After a busy day, your family can take a peaceful break in this soft and fluffy carpet, which is made of high-quality material and has a great touch. Your child can freely play at home with this carpet, which is soft and fluffy. Company recommends vacuuming or wiping it. For a fluffy rug and a long lifespan, please hand wash and air dry when cleaning.

Fluffing Cow print area rug after it has been air-dried is preferable. Not washable in a machine. We recommend vacuuming or wiping it. For a Cow print area rug and a long lifespan, please hand wash and air dry when cleaning. Fluffing the rug after it has been air-dried is preferable. Not washable in a machine. After receiving the product, if you encounter any issues, please first contact customer service for assistance. When you get out of bed, your rug Cow print area rug should be the first thing you touch.

Therefore, when selecting a new rug for your bedroom, you should look for one that is soft and comfortable to walk on. Due to its durability and ease of cleaning, a fluffy rug is the best choice for a child’s bedroom. Choose a Cow print area rug with a backing made of plastic spots to keep it from moving around while your kids play. This soft and cozy rug is perfect for your living room or bedroom.

You’ll feel more at ease each morning if you place it on the floor next to your bed or living room sofa. Carpets are held in place by the bottom, preventing them from gathering and sliding when children or pets are playing or when they are used every day. Ensures that the individual tripping over the Cow print area rug these shaggy rugs can stay with you for a very long time thanks to their high-quality fabric and exceptional craftsmanship.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Hank Who Fell purchased Cow print area rug and reviewed that “Nice and fun” Remember when you were a kid and you would be visiting your friend’s house and in the bathroom, they had these weird pinkish furry rug mats surrounding the toilet? Well, that is what this rug is like only far nicer and of course it isn’t orange or pink. And you probably wouldn’t use it like people did in the 60’s. It is a nice and unusual addition to the room. Very soft as well making it great for exercise/yoga.

Large Bedroom Rug- Cow Print Area Rug Faux Fur Animal Hide Carpets for Living room, Kids Bedroom

Amearea Faux Cowhide Rug 4.6x5.2 Feet, Premium Durable Cow Print Rugs for Living Room, Animal Large Cow Hide Rug for Bedroom, Kids Room, Dining Western Decor Carpets, Dark Brown

It not only appears real, but it also adds a natural element to your home; large bedroom rug is neutral enough to match most decors and can warm up any space. The luxury faux cow rug is more comfortable and softly designed of durable synthetic polyester surface; the backing of the large bedroom rug is made of faux suede, a material that is durable and ideal for long-term use. This keeps the rug from sliding or moving while also maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Look no further than this large bedroom rug from for a statement piece that is both rustic and wild at the same time and is affordable.

This adorable cow print rug is perfect for a boy or girl’s room and can also be used as a decoration; use as a photography prop or Large bedroom rug in your entryway, bedroom, living room, under the bed, upstairs, coffee table, in front of the fireplace, chair, sofa, and table. Dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning this faux cow rug, which can be easily maintained with a vacuum during daily use; if important, tenderly wipe clean with a soggy material to clean the soil completely.

The smooth pile and stylish appearance of this luxurious large bedroom rug make it the ideal addition to your office, bedroom, or living room. The backing of a large bedroom rug is soft and comfortable, it is more breathable and waterproof than that of rubber or plastic, and it can protect delicate wooden floors. Fake cowhide is renowned for its supple and supple feel. The wildness of nature can be brought into a room by using this floor covering with Cow print area rug, which also adds soft comfort. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean is simple and will keep your home clean for a long time if you clean it once a week. You can also dry it in the air with a soft cloth and water.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mama Kase purchased Cow print area rug and reviewed that “Much better than expected.” This is incredibly good looking. Does not look fake at all. Great size! We got the huge size and it is as described. It’s very soft, does not crease, and lays all the way flat. This rug is incredible and exceeded my expectations. It is easy to vacuum and has stayed looking brand new for almost 3 months, and it is in a high traffic area. Extremely good quality!! Everyone thinks it’s real. Absolutely love this rug and brought the whole room together!! Perfection!!

Cowhide Rug Living Room, Upgraded Fluffy Animal Printed Area Rug for Living Room Bedroom, Office Western Decor Cow Print Area Rug

Kimicole Cute Cow Print Rug Faux Cowhide Rug, Upgraded Fluffy Animal Printed Area Rug for Living Room Bedroom Office Western Decor, Luxury Animal Print Carpet Non-Slip, Brown and White, 4.6ft x 5.2ft

The Cowhide rug living room has a soft, non-fading polyester fiber of high quality and a fluffy sponge interlayer, giving it a cloud-like soft feel. You and your family can create a cozy space with the Cowhide rug living room. The cow print rug has beautiful colors and prints that make it easy to give any room a luxurious feel. The Cowhide rug living room is a wonderful holiday present for friends and children and would look great in a room or party with a western culture theme. Company cowhide floor coverings include new overhauled innovation, with sensitive decorations, clear prints and rich tones.

The tight weave process makes it difficult for the cow print carpet to fall off. The carpet will have good stability thanks to the bottom anti-slip dot backing design. The Cowhide rug living room is excellent western decor because it combines modern and vintage classic elements and is suitable for numerous scenes. The Cowhide rug living room can be used in a variety of rooms, including the living room, bedroom, office, dining room, bathroom, and others.

It will give your space a luxurious and artistic western feel. Simply vacuuming or wiping with a damp towel can be used to clean a faux fur rug. If you decide to wash the carpet, use a mild cleaner, machine washes it in a separate laundry bag, and air dries it outside away from the sun. The carpet you receive may have a few small creases due to the vacuum packaging in which our faux cowhide rugs are shipped.

After receiving the rug, it is best to lay it flat for a few days to allow the creases to disappear. The high-quality soft polyester fiber fabric used to make the Cowhide rug living room creates a warm and inviting home environment. The bottom of the Cow print area rug has a non-slip backing that prevents it from moving around on the floor and provides good stability. Rugs with a faux cow print are less likely to get stained and are simple to clean. Vacuuming or wiping is all that is required for basic cleaning. It can also be machine washed with a gentle detergent in a separate laundry bag.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mica Alexis purchased Cow print area rug and reviewed that “I couldn’t be happier with my purchase” I think sometimes people are too harsh about their comments. People’s expectations are too high for something less than $40
this rug came an hour ago. I hesitated to open it because the previous reviews mentioned about a rough smell that may require me to keep it outside before using it….

Cow Print Area Rug 4.1x4.5 Feet Faux Cow Hide Rug Animal Printed Area Rug Carpet for Home

townssilk Cow Print Rug 4.1x4.5 Feet Faux Cow Hide Rug Animal Printed Area Rug Carpet for Home

Cow print area rug, which looks like cowhide, gives your living room or office a rustic look. This fur rug has a symmetrical shape that gives your floor dimension and resembles a cowhide. It has a naturally mottled brown and white color and has a shape that looks like a Cow print area rug. It is power-loomed from fake cowhide and has a low pile height of 0.25 inches that won’t trip up your vacuum or your feet.

This mat incorporates a plastic support, yet company suggests matching it with a carpet cushion to keep it safely set up. What is lacking in genuine cowhide? Firstly, a smooth, supple texture. That was fixed! Introducing Cow print area rug, which is made to give any room a rustic, bohemian feel without sacrificing comfort? Set out with the intention of producing a cow print of the highest possible quality that you can confidently place in any room of your home.

Company has been inspired by our supporters’ innovative new ways to display their cowhides. Made of polyester fibers that are the softest and have deep, rich, and natural-looking colors. It’s big enough to look good in any room! Add some Western flair to your home!

These one-of-a-kind Cow print area rug are popular as complements to a wide range of decor styles, such as rustic, antique, western, or Mediterranean; as always, if you are unhappy with the condition of your product, we will r You require a rug in front of the fireplace. Cow print area rug is of excellent quality and workmanship; the right living room rug will warm up the space, making it feel like an inviting spot for reading and Saturday afternoon naps.

It is the perfect chic way to decorate a room that wows your guests by creating its own masterpiece. You can put it in your room to help block out noise and keep your bedroom particularly quiet. Taking your fur rug outside will remove a surprising amount of dirt; Cow print area rug can be washed in the washing machine by placing it in the gentle cycle and drying it in the air. It’s great that you can come in and spend time with your family and give them Christmas and New Year’s gifts; if you give them this faux cowhide rug as a gift, they will be overjoyed.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Gary Dent purchased Cow print area rug and reviewed that “Love it for decorating my small wall.” I just received this faux fur (yes it’s furry) and wasn’t disappointed. I almost bought a cheaper version but decided to pay the extra $5, and I’m glad I did! It’s got a suede-like backing that looks and feels much like real leather, though it’s obviously MUCH more delicate. I wouldn’t suggest using it as a rug, but I think it’s going to make an impressive wall hanging…

Animal Hide Rugs for Living Room Bedroom, Cute Cow print Area Rug, Soft Cow Skin Rugs, Brown And White

FALARK Fluffy Cow Print Rug Faux Cowhide Rugs for Living Room Bedroom, Cute Animal Print Carpet Western Home Decor Mat, Upgraded Luxury Area Rug Soft Cow Skin Rugs, Brown and White, 4.6ft x 5.2ft

Upgraded Animal hide rugs that have fine ruffles and a design that is non-slip, making it more comfortable and long-lasting. Animal hide rugs covered insides make your costly furnishings and couches stick out. Fabulous and clear printed cowhide rug can undoubtedly mix into any room, nursery and office. It will become the focal point of your home and have the greatest visual impact when paired with any decorative furniture.

The patterns of cows are attractive to kids and beautiful. Animal hide rugs would be wonderful for your children. Due to the incredible colors and animal motifs that give the decor an opulent feel, seniors and adults alike will adore it. For any themed room or residential area, natural colors and clear printed carpets create a more luxurious appearance.

It also looks great as a western-modern-style photo prop and as a decoration for any part of a themed party. Fake fur floor covering can be really focused on in as delicate a manner as could be expected. Animal hide rugs can be hand-, machine-, or machine-machine-washed in a laundry bag for daily cleaning. Drying the air outside out of direct sunlight can extend its useful life.

When the exquisite Animal hide rugs are shipped in a vacuum, it may have a few small wrinkles. After receiving the carpet, it is suggested that you lay it flat for a few days to hide the creases. FALARK stand apart cowhide cover uncovers your wild and entertaining character, and coordinates with stylish furniture to raise your home plan to a more significant level. A comfortable play and relaxation area can be created by installing a faux cowhide carpet in any small area of your home.

Involved the Animal hide rugs mat as in the bedside/front of chimney/under foot stool/couch/parlor/room/lounge area/den/nursery/office/party/festivity to add fun and euphoric climate. Perfect for giving as a gift to people who love Cow print area rug and this wild and disorderly style. Because of the distinction of the assembling system and vacuum bundling and transportation, when you get the improving cowhide cover containing drifting cushion and smell, kindly shake it and dry it in the air for 3-5 days, the drifting cushion and smell will vanish.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Blue sky purchased Cow print area rug and reviewed that “Cow print rug.” Bigger than I expected, exactly as pictured, very soft and nice looking, also not made from the cow skin, which is a plus for me, ( as a protect animals) it can fit almost any decor, I’m planning on ordering the cow print bed spread, to match the rug. Inexpensive, nice looking, and in my opinion, good quality. If you are looking for a fun rug, for a change, go for it!

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