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These glass candle stick holders blue candles will raise the level of your dinner table. These ribbed candles, which are made of high-quality, unscented wax and come in three distinct ombra designs, are certain to be the talk of your table. Size of candle: 25 cm in height and 2 cm in width 7.5 hours of storage Two candlesticks, one navy and one teal, and one teal and one baby blue, make these two-tone dinner candles versatile and one of a kind. 

They will make even the most ordinary table setting look extraordinary. Use these candles for special occasions throughout the year or for a romantic dinner by candlelight. For a new and festive look, combine them with your other Christmas table decorations to create an eye-catching winter blue display table setting suitable for use throughout the year and in conjunction with our blue marble tableware. New expansion to our glass candle stick holders, these spin pastel candles are a cutting edge turn on exemplary straight birthday candles. 

They are fun and Instagram-able, making them a fancy and one-of-a-kind option for your clients. They come in four pastel colors and are a fun addition to any birthday cake perfect for any party with pastel and pink decorations or a fairy or unicorn theme for kids. The candles can be saved for another birthday if they are quickly blown out. A candle that is only partially melted should not be wasted. However, it is time to dispose of them in the general waste if the wick has burned down and is nearly at the cake. 

Our collection of colored glass candlestick holders and wax dinner candles will brighten up your home. Our colored candles will provide a welcoming glow that will be adored by all, regardless of whether you use candles on a regular basis or only use them when hosting guests. They are available in pink, orange, blue, green, and red, among other colors, and they will brighten up any room in your house. Candles will continue to be a popular interior design trend. 

You can turn your “work from home desk” back into a kitchen table and create a relaxing atmosphere after a long day by adding height and style to your glass candle stick holders, bookshelf, and dining table. Our glass candle holders and candlesticks can be used to set a beautiful table or create a themed table’s cape for an evening meal when hosting guests. 

Take the party outside during the summer and finish it off with a garden party, afternoon tea, or family Sunday dinner. Choose our quirky Nutcracker-shaped candles or red or dark green candles to elevate your Christmas table setting this holiday season. For a stunning centerpiece for your table on Christmas Day, simply pair these Christmas candles with a Christmas candle holder. Find Italian dinner candles and candlestick holders here to brighten up your home.

Glass Candle Stick Holders Clear Crystal Taper Candles Holder– Table Centerpieces For Burring Candles, Led Taper Candle

3Pack Glass Candle Stick Holders - Clear Crystal Taper Candles Holder– Table Centerpieces for Buring Candles, Led Taper Candle,Party and Wedding Decoration(4,6,8inches Tall)

This exquisite set of glass candle holders includes a Glass candle stick holders that sits atop a stunning pedestal to create a smooth, curved surface shape. There are three different sizes to meet all of your daily needs. Choose from a set of four, six, or eight inches to complement any setting, including a wedding or celebration hall, a candlelit romantic dinner at home or in a restaurant, or any combination thereof accommodates all common candle sizes. The crystal glass candle stick adds a touch of sophistication to any decor. 

These Glass candle stick holders will make plain candles look elegant. Fits taper candles of any size, making it a nice centerpiece or decoration for a home coffee table, Valentine’s Day, weddings, parties, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or other special occasions. It’s a classy and novel present for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Give Candlesticks give the home an elegant, timeless look. There are three sizes of classic candlesticks, from 4 to 8 inches. Enjoy your very own pair of timeless, elegant taper holder candlesticks for everyday use a wonderful present for any occasion. 

Give is known for its cutting-edge tabletop and home decor products that are available at reasonable prices. Glass candle stick holders or to obtain a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty for a product purchased from you can either get in touch with the manufacturer directly or go to their website. Depending on factors like how the product is used, where it was purchased, and who you purchased it from, manufacturer warranties may not always apply. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer and carefully read the warranty.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Amy purchased glass candle stick holders and reviewed that “Worth the Price” Yes, this is glass (and not crystal for those who complain that it looks cheap – I assure you, it does NOT look cheap at all) but it is beautifully sturdy with ZERO sharp edges. You can run your fingers every inch of it and there is NO sharp edge AT ALL. Very smooth glass all over and gives you a feel of it being well-made…

Taper Candle Holder’s Bulk 12 Pcs Glass Candle Stick Holders, Crystal Taper Candle Holders For Wedding, Table Centerpiece

Lanttu Candlestick Holders Bulk, 12 Pcs Glass Candle Holders Set Clear, Crystal Taper Candle Holders for Wedding, Table Centerpiece, Home Decoration(Exclude Candles)

Glass candle holder with a short length of 2.36 inches, a 0.94-inch opening, a width of 2 inches at the top, and a 1.9-inch depth taper candle holder’s bulk in a set. Fit for tighten candles under 0.94” in diameter (Candles are excluded). Put aluminum foil around the base of your candle to see if that helps, or tries dripping hot candle oil before sticking it in if that doesn’t work. The video contains a helpful hint). If you use the hurricane cover, the glass must be larger than 2 inches in diameter to cover the entire candlestick. The Taper candle holder’s bulk has a sturdy support from the round base. 

These bulk candlestick holders can be used for weddings, parties, church services, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. Glass candle holders make lovely centerpieces for Halloween table decorations and add elegance to your setting. The contemporary hexagonal design lends a romantic and inviting atmosphere to your room’s decor. Each taper candle holder is individually packaged with bubble bags to prevent damage, making it a great choice for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, housewarming, and other themed activities. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about Lantau candle holders. We will respond promptly. Life is full of beauty; we just don’t have the eyes to see it. Be yourself and be the special witness to beauty with Glass candle stick holders that will illuminate your space and demonstrate your contentment. Lantau focuses on making stylish and better decorations for homes and weddings. It aims to satisfy your home, wedding, or festival celebration needs in any modern or vintage style. 

Clear glass candlestick holders are small and save space. Unique hexagonal design adds elegance and modernity to your room decor. Create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Shiny candlesticks give your table’s cape a more finished look excellent wedding table decor centerpiece. Observable times: centerpieces for dinners, weddings, parties, and other events with a theme (such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and Halloween, for example)

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sandy M. purchased glass candle stick holders and reviewed that “Just what I wanted….think outside the box.” looking for a new centerpiece idea for a very long table for the holidays. Have many glass hurricane globes left from my daughter’s wedding. Will run a dozen globes down the center of the table, placed on a mirror underlay, add candles and maybe tiny battery powered lighting, greens, flowers… you name it…. the sky is the limit. These candle holders are perfect!

EXCEL Glass Candle Sticks Glass Pillar Glass Candle Stick Holders Centerpieces Candlestick Holder, Clear

CYS EXCEL Glass Candle Holder Sets (D-3.5" H-3.5" | 4.5" | 5.5")(Set of 3) Glass Pillar & Taper Candle Holders Wedding Centerpieces Candlestick Holder, Clear

3.25 inches tall 3.5-4.5-5.5 inches | Glass candle sticks” | Diameter of Taper Candle Opening: 0.8″ | Candles are not included Handmade, crystal-clear glass designed with a sturdy base and thick glass for the best table centerpieces. The simplest and most elegant centerpieces are glass candle holder sets. They make the best decorations for almost every occasion. It is both liberal and befitting regardless of whether you use it for home decor or wedding events. 

Because of its elegance, it will easily draw attention. NT. However, that is the vase’s most appealing feature. It pairs well with everything and can be used with anything. It is the ideal item for achieving a clean, contemporary appearance. Glass candle sticks work well for any occasion. Regardless of whether you want a stunning centerpiece or brilliant home decor made of glass. Choosing a set of candle holders is risk-free. They are one of the most well-known modern glass decorations. They are available in various sizes. One that meets your requirements will be found. 

A wide range of distinctive, elegant designs. The Glass candle stick holders and beauty of these hand-blown candle holders will complement any decor. These vases are used as table centerpieces for candle decorations and are extremely popular at weddings. Your requirements will be met by our extensive selection of styles and sizes. Candle shade chimney tubes are compatible with these holders. The majority of candle decorations are prohibited at event venues due to open flame regulations unless they are covered with candle shades. 

These candle holders have the ability to hold these chimney tubes above or on top of them. They Glass candle stick holders, allow you to display your candle decorations however you want, and they fit the required candle shades, so you can comply with regulations. These glass candle holders all work with taper candles and pillar candles. Depending on the candle holder you choose, the diameter of the pillar candles can reach up to 5 inches. A Glass candle stick holders with a diameter of about 0.8″ can fit in a slot on all of them. With these candle holders, you can use any candle you like, and they will look stunning.

Glass Candle Stick Holders, Silver Mirror Glass Candlestick Holders, Decorative Candle Candelabras For Fireplace

Wocred 2 Piece Candle Holders, Silver Mirror Glass Candlestick Holders, Decorative Candle Candelabras for Fireplace, Church, Wedding Reception, Table Decoration and More.(12”)

This candle holder is amazing and stunning. The Glass candle stick holder’s cup at the top, which can accommodate candles of various sizes, was surrounded by mirrors and sparkled around the candlestick. The bottom is made to avoid getting scratched. It feels great in your hand, is heavy and solid, and gives any room a really rich look. They measure 3.6 inches in length, 3.6 inches in width, and 12 inches in height, making them ideal for use on dining tables, living rooms, and parties (candles are not included). The reflective surface is shiny and bright. 

It looks great and is very strong. There are Glass candle stick holders for the candle sticks. We have them on a flower-adorned tray on the coffee table, which can also be used as a reception area. This candle holder looks great no matter where it is placed. It makes an excellent anniversary or wedding present. The package contains two sets of candlesticks—not candles—and is safe. You are welcome to purchase. We place a high value on product quality and the shopping experience of our customers. If your purchase does not live up to your expectations, let us know, and we will make it right. 

Silver our background Wocred is a home improvement business that specializes in mirrors, photo frames, fruit plates, and other home decor. We will release new products one at a time and express our gratitude to both new and returning customers for their love and support. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please get in touch with us promptly. Glass candle stick holders This is an amazing and beautiful candleholder set. 

There are two of them in one package. The crystal cup at the top can hold candles of varying sizes (excluding candles). The bottom is 3.6 inches long, 3.6 inches wide, and 12 inches tall to prevent scratching. Quality control and dedication thank you for your business; our products are of the highest possible standard. You have the option to return the item in accordance with Amazon’s policies if you are not satisfied with it. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please get in touch with us promptly.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Marilyn purchased glass candle stick holders and reviewed that “Very Pretty but…..” I received these today and they are very pretty and very well packaged, however one of them arrived broken (the top separated from the base) I contacted the seller, and they were very quick to respond. I wanted to replace the broken one but unfortunately, they could not replace just one, and I don’t want to go through the hassle of returning both of them I need them for a party tomorrow, but they did say they would refund the difference for the broken one. I will try to fix it as best I can, they are very pretty and fast shipping too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Wide Like below:
3 candlesticks inside diameter can put the taper candles 1.9inches.
S size external size: Wide Upper1.8inches/bottom2.5 inches x 4inches height
M size external size: Wide Upper1.8 inches/bottom2.8inches x 6inches height
L size external size: Wide Upper2.2inches/bottom3.6 inches x 8inches height

Thanks for your question. Candlestick holder’s size: depth -1.3″, height-2.36”, round hole diameter-0.94”.Candles within 0.94” in diameter are suitable. If your candle could not fit snugly on the candle holder, you can put aluminum foil around the base to try. Thank you.

Thanks for your question; these candle holders for taper candles are sturdy and durable. Round base gives the candle holder stick a firm support. They won’t fall over easily.

If you go back and look at these – click on each picture as each one is a different style and it will tell you the diameter for each of them. Each picture is different style and size! I bought the series II and I am very pleased with them. Nice quality.

Thank you very much for your question. This is a golden candlestick; The crystal cup at the top of the candle holders is suitable for holding pillar candles. You can fit a candle up to 3 inches. Thank you.

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