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By: Hafsa Nawaz

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Even in small spaces, hanging plant holders indoor pots are an excellent way to display indoor plants and bring the outside inside. It utilizes the vertical planting trend and is ideal for tiny, constrained spaces since it uses the wall and ceiling to reduce the need for floor space. It’s no surprise that we’re busy constructing indoor jungles given the growth in plant parents and the well-known health advantages of adding houseplants to our home areas. Interior hanging plant holders indoor pots, also known as hanging pots, hanging planters, and plant pot hangers, can be hung from a hook or from a pole, rack, or other similar structure. 

It differs slightly from wall planters, which are frequently installed and fastened on a wall and provide no movement but give the impression that they are floating. Real and fake plants, especially trailing plants, can be grown in hanging plant pots. Use an inner plant pot to catch the water if you are using live plants. If the planter’s bottom is solid, the plant must first be placed in plastic pot with drainage holes before being set on top of plate or saucer within the larger pot. Hanging plant holders indoor pots can instantly add greenery to your home and give a room a sense of height, all while freeing up necessary surface area. You won’t have any trouble selecting a hanging pot to go with your plant and room theme as there are so many different styles, designs, and colors available.

Macrame hanging planters stand, hanging plant holders indoor for home decor

Macrame Plant Hangers Indoor -6 Pack Macrame Hanging Planters Handmade Macromay Plant Hangers with Flower pots, Trays and Hooks for Indoor Plants Hanger,Hanging Planter Holder for Boho & Home Decor

Every customer’s needs are important to us, and using our indoor macrame plant hangers saves space. The cotton ring at the head of the string for our plant hanger, which is outfitted with 6 Plastic Pots, 6 S Hooks, 6 celing Hooks, and 6 Wall Plugs, allows hanging planters to conserve space. You may save a lot of space by simply hanging your plant or flower pots from the ceiling or wall. Hanging plant holders indoor succulent planters are made of soft, pollution-free, 100% natural cotton. Luxury wooden beads used in handcrafted macrame are ideal for showcasing the fine workmanship and aesthetic appeal. Decorate Your Home.

Classic multi-coloured plastic flower pots, contemporary and retro-inspired plant wall hanging, your home, balcony garden, charming farmhouse, patio, corridor, and minimalist design workplace can all easily be given a particular touch. Hanging planters make a thoughtful gift for family members and friends who enjoy taking care of plants. Save space by decorating your home. For any occasion, including Easter, Christmas, birthdays, and weddings, a macrame hanger is the ideal gift. Straightforward and useful, with a stainless key ring on top that makes it easy to hang, the intimate designs of indoor hanging plant stand.

This indoor hanging plant stand is composed of premium materials, including 100% pure cotton cord and waterproof wooden beads. Environmentally clean and pollution-free, sturdy and long-lasting enough to support a variety of plants. The material used to make plastic pots is 4 mm thick, strong polypropylene. Included in the package are six macrame plant hangers, six plastic pots, six plastic saucers, six ceiling hooks, six S hooks, and six wall plugs. The length of the macrame plant hangers varies from 42 to 45 to 46 to 58. Many pot sizes and shapes fit in the hanging plant holder.

Simply extend the four-leg strings, center the plastic planters in the connection, and hang the piece wherever you like! Low ceiling, window, kitchen, hallway, and terrace. A wonderful method to display your precious plants and a distinctive bohemian wall hanging decoration. Decorate Your Home Classic multi-colored plastic flower pots, contemporary and retro-inspired plant wall hanging, your home, balcony garden, charming farmhouse, patio, corridor, and minimalist design workplace can all easily be given a particular touch. Hanging plant holders indoor planters make a thoughtful gift for the family members and friends who enjoy taking care of plants. Save space by decorating your home.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Denielle Ross purchased indoor hanging plant stand and reviewed that Love them. Great craftsmanship

Auledio 4pcs hanging plant holders indoor, Metal plant hanger with plastic pots

Auledio 4pcs Hanging Planters, Indoor Metal Plant Hanger with Plastic Pots

Color is the Black and Special Feature are the Durable and Shape is Round. We can use it Indoor/Outdoor. Use hanging plant holders indoor and Material is the Melamine, Plastic, and Metal. Auledio metal plant hangers are of 4 Pack. A traditional round hanging planter. Your home will look better with its simple, contemporary style that fits most planters. Strong, adjustable basic holder made of stainless steel that can pack your planter efficiently. A hanging planter’s adjustable design allows it to fit in any place. Sturdy rope that can be adjusted Long service life is provided by suspending planters by robust nylon rope. 

You may modify any length to suit your demands thanks to the adjustable length feature. Rope Length May Be Changed of hanging plant holders indoor. It is very simple and quick to modify the rope to your needs. Bar Length May Be Changed. The bar is made up of the numerous bars, and you can change the length by adding or removing bars. Easy to Take Pots. Because the pots are independent from the hanging planter, you can easily remove them to trim and also maintain your flowers. These metal plant hangers are very attractive and friendly.

Exquisite Modern Look — 4 Pack ornamental round hanging planters with a professional design, a modern, classic, and simple appearance that is lovely and functional and suited for a range of plants. Well-decorated windows, office, and room. Each rope can be modified to meet your demands thanks to the adjustable design of the ropes. The rope may be adjusted quickly and easily. Nylon ropes have a long service life, are rust-free, and are exceptionally strong to hold big planters. Fast and Simple Assembly – New design, fewer parts, simpler assembly. A very reliable basic holder that can be adjusted for length to fit a variety of uses.

Provide references to expert instruction as well. The metal plant hangers holder can be used inside or outside, in the kitchen or bathroom, or in the dining area. Additionally rust-proof, can hang from a shepherd’s hook. There are two ways to put it together: wall mounted and ceiling mounted, depending on your needs. Well-built hanging planter holders indoor: Basic stainless steel holder that is strong and long-lasting. Melamine flowerpots are attractive, lightweight, and resistant to low temperatures, difficult to break, and have frosted surfaces that are difficult to scratch. The metal hanging holder can support a lot of weight.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

KRISTI KENDALL purchased metal plant hangers and reviewed that Easy to install. This was so easy to put together and hang up. I totally love that I can decide the length I hang each plant. Love it!!

Macrame hanging plant holders indoor with 34 inch/ 26 inch /20 inch

6 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers with Pots and Trays Indoor Hanging Planters No Tassel Hanging Plant Holder with Hooks Flower Pot Holder with Saucers for Boho Home Decor, 34 Inch/ 26 Inch /20 Inch

Plenty to decorate: The bundle includes six packs of macrame plant hangers with pots already attached and hooks for simple hanging. The variety of sizes and adequate quantity allow you to satisfy all of your decorative and practical demands. The attached trays can stop dirt from falling from the pots to the floor, saving extra difficulty. The hanging plant holders indoor with pot are made of hand-woven cotton ropes that are strong and sturdy enough to hold most shapes and sizes of pots without breaking easily. You may hang them in variety of locations, including windows, living rooms, balconies, hallways, walls, ceilings, gardens, and patios, thanks to the provided hooks. Cotton rope is plant hanger’s component. 

Pots are made of plastic. Plant hanger’s beige color. Plant hangers come in three sizes: 34 inches, 26 inches, and 20 inches. There are three sizes for pots: 7 inches, 5.5 inches, and 4.5 inches. Plant hangers: six x Macrame 6 plastic flower pots. Please note that size variations may occur owing to hand measurement. The product’s real color may differ slightly from the color pictured due to various displays and lighting conditions. Keep little children away from pointed areas and use with caution. A set of six macrame hanging plant holders indoor measuring 34 inches, 26 inches, and 20 inches, as well as six plastic flowerpots measuring 7 inches, 5.5 inches, and 4.5 inches, two of each size, are included with the hanging plant holder;  Furthermore included in the package are hanging hooks that you may combine and use with hanging flowerpots and planters. 

Wear Resistant and Hard to Break: Hand woven from cotton ropes, hanging plant hangers are strong and durable enough to support weight of pots and plants and won’t break easily; The flower pots and accompanying trays are constructed of plastic and can withstand most types of weather, use them with confidence for plant hanging Simple and Useful Design: Tassel-free macrame hanging plant holders indoor in Boho style can add beauty and simplicity to your home while providing guests a sensation of freshness and nature; The trays can prevent soil in pots from falling to floor, which can reduce amount of time you need to spend cleaning. The drainage holes at bottom of pots allow excess water to flow out, extending the life of the plants. The macrame plant hangers with pot are stylish accents to liven up your home

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

sherri martin purchased hanging plant holders indoor and reviewed that  Perfection. Such a great product for the cost. You receive 3 different size planters with their bottom plates, the macrame hanger, and hooks! I put my smaller ones on a curtain rod and will be putting the bigger ones in the ceiling directly.

E-know hanging plant holders indoor with 6 inch, Wall/window plant holders

E-KNOW Hanging Planter Hanging Plant Holder, 6 Inch 4 Indoor Plastic Plant Pots, Wall/Window Plant Hanger Indoor Herb Garden

Black, green, and plastic are the materials used in the hanging plant holders indoor. Special Function is the Round Drainage Hole Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor. 4 plant pots and a hanging planter. You may hang each pot at a different height or make them all the same in these hanging planters, which include four distinct 6-inch plant pots that are connected by ropes to a metal rod. Depending on your preference, you may place the metal rod and ceiling hook on the wall or the ceiling and hang one or more objects from it. 

Wall plant holders may be utilized both indoors and outdoors, including high and low ceilings in living rooms, kitchens, balconies, decks, places to hang art, offices, patios, and home offices. PACKAGING CONTENTS of hanging plant holders indoor: four planter pots, four pot baskets, and four thick ropes. It is the set of four coarse-thread screws two base supports, one metal rod, and one installation guide. SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS AND 30-DAY MONEY-BACK. Use the “seller contact” button in your Amazon account to get in touch with us if you’re unhappy with the hanging plant holder for any reason. We’ll try our best to help you solve the problem.

Planter For Hanging Window: This herb container is also art! This hanging plant holders indoor is ideal for hanging your plant on the wall or window. It also makes a stunning addition to your home’s decor while taking up less space. A Differential Hanging: Four ropes are included with the hanging planters; cut them to the appropriate length for your needs, hang plants and flowers, then slide the rope around the metal rod to hang each pot uniformly or at varying heights. Depending on your preference, you can hang one or more of the metal rods and ceiling hooks from the wall or the ceiling.

Durable Planters Pot- This wall plant holders includes 4 plastic plant pots that are made of high-quality material and can resist daily use as well as weight of live plants and soggy soil. These planter pots are sturdy and have a gorgeous modern design. To prevent water dripping, the pot has NO drainage hole. Indoor Year-Round Garden – Through all four seasons, indoor gardening can satisfy your green thumb. The ideal herb garden planter is this black hanging planter. Use freshly cultivated culinary herbs like basil, oregano, and cilantro to up the ante on meals.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

BoomBoom2013 purchased wall plant holders and reviewed that Perfectly fits my 4in nursery pots! Exactly what I needed and very cute! These were exactly what I was looking for!!! Cute plastic white nursery 4in pots for my plants. Some may think the quality of the material is “cheap” but honestly for the price/value, it’s a great deal if you’re just looking for something does the job for aesthetics (my priority since I want all my plants in white pots and don’t want to spend a lot of $$ on white ceramic pots etc). Read more…

Hanging planter holders indoor, Ceiling plant hanger with hooks for living room kitchen

Hanging Planter Hanging Plant Holder - 6 Inch Indoor Hanging Pots Boho Metal Modern Wall and Ceiling Plant Hanger with Hooks for Living Room Kitchen Window Home Decor No Plants

Hanging plant holders indoor: Each of our custom-made indoor hanging planters has a 6-inch detachable black metal pot. What Differentiates Ours: – Metal Pot is sized so that you can perfectly place your existing plastic pot completely inside without seeing it, making it easy to take out if you need to, or just plant directly in the pot. – Metal Hanging Planter Actually Comes With A Removable Pot To Make It Easier To Periodically Change The Soil (That’s Important For A Healthy Plant) And Also Easy To Water. Ceiling plant hanger included: 

All hanging components are included with our hanging planters for indoor plants. Includes plasterboard anchors. For certain wall types, it might be necessary to purchase the appropriate hardware. Our plant holders are the right size, unlike those made by other companies, so you may use your plastic pot without having to replant it inside the metal pot. The plastic pot won’t be visible because to its size. You can transplant your plant inside the metal planter as well, but as these pots lack a drain hole, we advise sticking with plastic planter if your plant is sensitive to overwatering. Interior plant hangers from ceiling, large indoor plant pots.

Materials are the Metal and plastic. Special Characteristic Durability Form Triangle, Oval. Window mount, internal mount, hanging, and wall mount. Measurements of the product: 6.3″ wide by 5.04″ high With its stylish, lovely, clean, and agile lines, the entire ceiling plant hanger gives the user a simple and generous impression. Concise modeling not only avoids showing dull, but it also functions as a form of decorative art piece. Practicality and aesthetics coexist, and creative use of space creates a relaxing, green environment. [Material]: Strong and long-lasting plasma electrostatic high-temperature powder baking paint.

Superior hooks with a large bearing capacity. It may be used both indoors and outdoors without rusting. [Usage]: The metal hanging planter can be used as decoration on the balcony, in the garden, in the workplace, in the dining room, and in other places. Also, you can grow the plants you want without using up sill space. For indoor and outdoor plants, the best hanging planters. [Easy To Hang]: The hanging plant holders indoor can be hung on the ceiling or hung on the wall in just a few minutes. You can also use hanging planters to decorate your office, window, room, or garden, or to plant flowers.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sneha purchased ceiling plant hanger and reveiwed that  It’s beautiful. One has round handle and the other one has tringle handle..golden rim and golden handle on white planter looks very beautiful. I have hanged them on a wall with the hook that they have provided. I would recommend it. I have got compliments from my friends.

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