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In addition to serving as storage and organizing container, these rustic wooden crates can also be used as a decorative piece anywhere in your home. It is small enough to fit anywhere. It will also look great as a bedroom or kitchen decoration, adding a charming and rustic feel to any space. This farmhouse decor box works perfectly as an air freshener storage tray. Capacity for storage; this box is large enough to hold your belongings perfectly proportioned to fit most standard toilet tanks. To avoid clutter, use this rustic organizer box. Your work may have knot holes, weathering, wood grain, and texture because every piece of wood is one of a kind. 

Dimensions: Decorate, Organize, and rustic wooden crates Use these timeless and unique wood storage boxes to dress up your home in the new farmhouse industrial interior design trend. They measure 12 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 5.5 inches high. With our stylish wood crates, you can organize your essentials for the house and give your modern home a rustic look at the same time. Are you looking for wooden crates to use as accents in a wedding or interior design that has a rustic theme? The burnt umber color of our three-set storage crates complements contemporary farmhouse decor. Use them as displays for rustic wooden crates, card tables, or even wedding signs. 

Use our wooden boxes to store both large and small items. Made of all-regular fir, each wooden stockpiling box is tough and can hold somewhere around 10 lbs. of things. Each set of three wooden crates has its own distinct character thanks to slight variations in tone and grain of the wood. This set of wooden crates is both attractive and fully functional. You can use them as raffle baskets, display boxes with decorations, or rustic wooden crates in a convention center. They are nearly as useful as you could possibly imagine! No assembling is needed! Our storage crate set includes pre-assembled wood crate boxes that can be used right away. Inches, approximate dimensions: Small 11″ x 5 1/2″ x 4″ Large 14″ x 8 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ Medium 12 3/4″ x 7″ x 4 1/2″

Rustic Wooden Crates Set Of 2 17x12x6 Stained Dark Walnut

Rustic Wood Crates Set of 2 17x12x6 Stained Dark Walnut

It sounds like you’re talking about a set of two wooden crates with a height of 6 inches, a width of 12 inches, and a length of 17 inches. The Rustic wooden crates have a rustic appearance because they have been stained with a dark walnut finish. These crates could be used for storage, decoration, or event props. Rustic wooden crates are typically made of natural wood and have a distressed or aged appearance. Set of 2 Handcrafted wooden Crates Stained Dark Walnut You will see the vintage look and they will have that rustic feel 2 17 x 12 x 6 Made with pine wood, the character and colors will come out.

Hand Crafted Set of 2 Wood Crates Stained Dark Walnut for that vintage look Made in the USA They are popular in homes, gardens, and retail spaces and are frequently used for storage, organization, or decorative purposes. Size, color, and style of rustic wooden crates can vary, but they are typically made to look and feel vintage or antique. They can be displayed with plants, photos, or other decorative objects or used to store toys, blankets, books, and other items. Rustic wooden crates in a beautiful set of two natural brown nesting trays help you store anything; 

Wonderful vintage open palette-style storage container for the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and other places; versatile, lightweight design that stores small items on open shelving, countertops, or bathroom vanities; easily transportable crates with two handles on each end; Perfectly sized for crafts or use as decorative serving trays for dinner parties, kitchen accessories, fruit baskets, floral arrangements, gardening, crafts, and weddings convenient organization for items like spices and condiments.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Conceptual purchased rustic wooden crates and reviewed that “Love these sturdy crates!” I have ordered from Mo woodwork on 3 separate occasions and have been consistently happy with their crates. I initially purchased them as decorations for my wedding, and have continued to use them afterwards throughout my home. Read more…

Decorative Wooden Crates Box Set Of 3, Distressed Nesting Rustic Wooden Crates Container

Ho+me Rustic Wooden Crates Box Set of 3, Distressed Nesting Wood Crates Storage Container with Handles, Farmhouse Decorative Wood Basket for Home Decor Bedroom Living Room Outdoor Tabletop Christmas

Set Decorative wooden crates -new rectangular wood boxes for farmhouse decor with a distressed wooden look. These crates in the vintage style have a splash of primitive elegance thanks to their unique design. These crates that nest into each other make storage simple and can be stacked. They are simple to transport due to the cutout handles. Designing to save space will help you create Decorative wooden crates in your home. Each piece is unique, and the finishing may vary slightly from piece to piece. 

These wood baskets can be used anywhere you want to add rustic decor to your home. Wine, pottery, vintage books, potted plants, and other decorative items can all be displayed in crates. The entryway, living room, kitchen, nursery, bedroom, bathroom, or home office can all benefit from these wooden crate boxes. Decorative wooden crates we offer three different sizes of wooden crates. Our products have a lightly distressed finish that gives them a vintage feel. This part of the process is proudly done by hand, so each one looks a little different. Unless they are clearly damaged or defective when they arrive, the items you received are actually all brand-new because of their nature. 

Actual colors may be slightly different from the product image due to monitor brands. You’ll receive: Material: Farmhouse Wooden Crate Set of 3 Size of a Wooden Crate: S: 10.2″ x 7.3″ x 4.3″ M: 12.6″ x 8.7″ x 5″ L: 14 by 10 by 6 inches 1. No assembly is necessary. 2. The accessories depicted in the image are merely for illustration purposes and are not included in the package. 3. Apply a distressed finish that is handcrafted, giving each item a unique appearance. 4. Please allow for slight variations in color between your monitor and the product itself.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Regular Shmegular Reviewer purchased rustic wooden crates and reviewed that “Perfect for pop-up shop displays!!” These crates were so perfect for my pop-up shop display. I wanted to refresh my tables look these crates were perfect. Everyone complimented my table set up! These are a great addition to any display. I was actually thinking of ordering more to stack in the corner of my bathroom. (My business it is batheserenellc if you want more details on the products displayed)

Wooden Craft Crates Home Décor Wood Crates For Display, Rustic Wooden Crates, Decorative Wooden Crate

Premium Home Wooden Crates: Home Décor wood crates for display, wooden boxes for crafts, decorative wooden crate, Wood box storage crate, wooden basket centerpieces for Home, Rustic bathroom décor

We let our product do the talking. These Wooden craft crates in the rustic style are exceptional alluring Home Stylistic theme for your shop, store or home. With your brand-new rustic wood crates, you can awe any visitor! Beautiful wooden crates for display, boxes made of wood for crafts, centerpieces and bathroom decor, wine crates for decoration These storage crates will fulfill your requirements in any situation! There is no other wood box that compares to ours. It is the ideal set of wooden boxes because of its unique barn wood design and chalkboard. 

Label your exhibits in the Wooden craft crates with ease. No assembly is necessary. Simply remove the wooden crate and begin your display or storage beautiful addition to your home’s decor that will undoubtedly attract attention from nearby friends and family as well as store customers. We guarantee the products we sell. You can return our wooden basket for a full refund if you are not satisfied. Now is the time to get organized and look great doing it! Our small, family-owned business benefits greatly from your purchase, so thank you! We let our product do the talking. Period. These wooden crates in the Rustic wooden crates are exceptional. Beautiful Home Décor for your store, home, or business. 

With your brand-new rustic wood crates, you can awe any visitor! There is no other wood box that compares to ours. It is the ideal set of wooden boxes because of its unique barn wood design and chalkboard. Label your exhibits in the crates with ease. Beautiful wooden crates for display, boxes made of wood for crafts, centerpieces and bathroom decor, wine crates for decoration These storage crates will fulfill your requirements in any situation! No assembly is necessary. Simply remove the Rustic wooden crates and begin your display or storage a stunning addition to your home’s decor that will attract attention from nearby friends and family as well as store customers.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mama purchased rustic wooden crates and reviewed that “Perfect for nautical theme!” These crates are perfect for fireplace decor with a nautical theme. The largest one holds a comfy throw and nautical pillow I made. The small one holds toys for my grandpops – frog, shark and an octopus is on the way. The medium size was perfect to keep magazines handy next to my recliner. Beautiful quality, perfect stain to go with dark espresso stained mantle, great service!

Rustic Vintage Wood Crates Set Of Rustic Wooden Crates 3 2 17 X12 X 6 1 15 X 10 X 51/2

Rustic Vintage Wood Crates Set of 3 2 17 X12 X 6 1 15 X 10 X 51/2

Mo wood works Set of three rustic wood crates 3.2 17 x 12 x 6 1 15 x 10 x 5 1/2 Stained using our environmentally friendly method All Rustic wooden crates, some more than others. Our basic tenet is to provide outstanding customer service and excellent craftsmanship Made in the USA. It appears that you are providing information about a set of wooden crates. It sounds like there are three crates in the set based on your description, and their dimensions are as follows: Two crates with dimensions of 17 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches each and one crates with dimensions of 15 inches by 10 inches by 5.5 inches each are referred to as “rustic vintage wood,” implying that they have an aged or weathered appearance. 

These kinds of crates are frequently used for decorative or storage purposes, such as displaying plants or other items in a retail or home setting. Decorative storage boxes for kid’s room, nursery, family room, laundry station, closet, office, classroom, and more — Can be stored in cube organizers Rustic wooden crates, closets, shelves, or floor — Adds character to rustic farmhouse, modern, country, traditional, or nature-inspired home décor Rustic wooden crates in seconds and collapses flat for easy storage when not in use — Portable and easy to transport with two rope carry handles — Lightweight for carrying around home, car

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dogs rule purchased rustic wooden crates and reviewed that “Good, sturdy, pine boxes” Very nice boxes, very sturdy, and made of good quality pine wood. A giant plus at my house is the fact that they are made of pine and not an aromatic wood like the boxes at Hobby Lobby, or the other set I tried & had to return to Amazon, (I don’t like the smell & my husband is very allergic to cedar & several other woods;), & they don’t reek of stain or sealer either

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Depending on where you live. I would in the summer but we live in northern Michigan. I bought them for our Daughter’s wedding. Now in my house.

There are 3 different sizes but the large could hold approximately 8 32oz bottles the med approx. 6 and the small approx. 4. The bottom is sturdy.

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