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If you want to give your house decor some texture and warmth, Shag rug 5×7 are a common option. The typical dimension of a shag carpeting is 5×7, and it can be used in living spaces, bedrooms, and dining rooms. The lengthy, matted fibers that make up the rug’s surface are referred to as its “shag.” Depending on the rug’s design, these strands, which are typically made of materials like wool, polyester, or nylon, can vary in thickness and length. A Shag rug 5×7 capacity to make any room feel warm and welcoming is one of its advantages.

Because of the dense fibers’ cushioning and soft underfoot feel, it is a common option for places where people like to recline, like living spaces or dormitories. A Shag rug 5×7 flexibility in terms of design is another benefit. Shag carpets are available in a wide variety of tints and designs, from more subdued tones like red or blue to bolder hues like beige or grey. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes and forms, including round and rectangle choices. Shag rug 5×7 do need some extra care when it comes to cleaning and upkeep.

To keep the fibers clean and stop grime and grit from accumulating, regular vacuuming is required. For any spills or stains, spot cleaning is also advised; for heavier soiling or more obstinate spots, expert cleaning may be required.  All things considered, a Shag rug 5×7 is a fantastic choice for people seeking to add a warm, fashionable accent to their home décor. It will undoubtedly produce a cozy and welcoming ambiance in any space thanks to its smooth, shaggy fibers and variety of colors and designs.

YOBATH Fluffy Shag Rugs 5x7 For Indoor Floor Nursery Home Decor, 5x7 Grey Rug

YOBATH Fluffy Shag Area Rugs 5x7 for Living Room Bedroom, Soft Fuzzy Shaggy Carpet Rugs for Girls Boys Kids Indoor Floor Nursery Home Decor, Dark Grey

Shag rug 5×7 comes with a velvet-like surface and a thick layer of sponge in the center, which together offer high levels of cosines because they are so delicate to the touch. It’s perfect for your children, it will relax tense limbs. Shag rug 5×7 uses straightforward color blending and clear line design to warmly adorn soft fuzzy carpets in your living room. Shag rug 5×7 is offered in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your various requirements and fashion preferences. Numerous anti-slip patches on the back of the fluffy bedroom blanket help to keep it from slipping on the floor and make it difficult to wear.

Shag rug 5×7 is ideal for kid’s rooms, beds, and other house décor when cleaned by hand with mild detergent and cold water. Kids and dogs are welcome to play on it. Alternatively, use a hand-held hoover to get rid of the grime and grit. Please wrap up the blanket with the fluffy, plush side facing out and carefully machine wash before storing Shag rug 5×7 in a laundry bag for cleaning. If you have any questions about the quality of our products, don’t fear to contact our customer support. Company will promptly provide you with an acceptable resolution (replacement or refund).

In 2019, Y OBATH was established. Company are committed to using premium components and excellent craftsmanship. The perfect house décor is provided by a mix of 100% natural polyester fibers that is incredibly soft to the touch and fine in texture. Company always working to improve the quality of our carpets while keeping them reasonably priced for everyone who wants to redecorate their house and contribute to your good health and comfort.

Dark Grey Color Abstract Pattern Rectangular Shape Unique Quality Washable, fluffy, fade-resistant, and non-slip Material Polyester Shag rug 5×7 Dimensions 60″L x 84″W Rug Form Type Area Rug Style Modern Brand YOBATH Pile Height High Pile Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor Modern Construction Style Handmade Product Care Instructions Size 5×7 Feet Only Hand Wash Weave Type Polyester Back Material Weight of the Item: 4 Pounds Weight of Shag rug 5×7 4 pounds Manufacturer YOBATH ASIN B0991SDJH1

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Michael Green purchased Shag rug 5×7 and reviewed Very soft and looks great I bought this rug to use in my basement room. It sits directly on a concrete floor and it not only looks great but is incredibly soft and very well cushioned. Read more…

Premium Fluffy Shag Rug 5x7 With Strong Backing Soft, Fuzzy Shag Rugs For Bedroom

Guucha Premium Fluffy Area Rug, 5x7 Feet Soft and Fuzzy Shag Rugs for Boys Girls, Cozy Carpet for Bedroom Living Room Nursery with Strong Backing, Grey

Shag rug 5×7 have a memory foam center layer and an upper layer made of fine velvet. Stepping onto the flooring at home immediately fills your soles with softness and ease. The grey rug’s bottom was covered in thousands of non-skid spots that raised the friction between the floor and the carpet and gave it a specific non-skid function. A soft and comfortable play space will be provided by a 5×7 grey area rug, allowing you to spend time having fun with your children. Additionally, if you have a canine or cat as a pet, they will fall in love with the Shag rug 5×7 the moment they lie on them.

Company enormous grey shag area carpets are plush and cozy to the touch. Whether you place them in your bedroom, living room, playground, home office, nursery, kids’ room, or dorm, they are not only beautiful from the outside but will also make your space appear even more opulent. The Shag rug 5×7 won’t shed much and is stain proof; Use a hoover for a simple tidy Use a wet towel and some detergent for a more thorough clean, then let it air dry in a quiet location. Gauche specializes in all types of Shag rug 5×7 and blankets and is dedicated to giving clients a more pleasant and soft experience.

Company do our best to meet the needs of each individual customer. Area blanket Gauche Soft Modern Fluffy. The blanket, which is made of premium velvet, leaves your body feeling incredibly smooth. The flooring has a middle layer made of memory foam, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to harm. You or your kids can play on the carpet without being concerned about having dust on your clothes thanks to the fluffy no-shedding carpeting. For Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday adornment, this elegant-looking carpeting is ideal.

Nobody will reject this plush and fluffy Shag rug 5×7 as a Christmas present, Thanksgiving gift, or Halloween gift for anyone. Soft sensation when you contact Company shaggy carpeting, Shag rug 5×7 feels as smooth as a cushion, and the fluffy velvet surrounding you will help you unwind. Everyone in your family will feel comfortable on our blanket thanks to its fluffy and smooth texture. For adults, it helps you unwind; for children, it makes a nice play area; and for older people, the blanket provides enough comfort and warmth.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Cs purchased Shag rug 5×7 and reviewed Washable Right after laying this down my Chihuahua christened it loll. I have a small washer where it fit perfect and washed it. The rug came out perfect. Did not stain or come apart. The rug is very light and slick but looks amazing. The fact that I can throw it in the washer and clean it sold me and I see saving me money. Will be buying more.

TABAYON Ft Tie-Dyed Light Shag Rug 5x7 Rug, High Pile Soft Throw Rug For Nursery Room

TABAYON Shag Area Rug, 5x7 Ft Tie-Dyed Light Grey Upgrade Anti-Skid Durable Rectangular Cozy Rug, High Pile Soft Throw Rug for Nursery Room Living Room

The Brand TABAYON is a well-known manufacturer of household textiles, serving more than 20 million consumers globally. Company goods make every member of your family more at ease in every space. Company constantly coming up with new goods to improve your standard of life. Everything your family requires to live more easily is available. Rectangular Tie Dyed Light Grey TABAYON Luxury Shag Area Rug Plush Fuzzy Shag rug 5×7 Company thick floor mats have the following qualities. The intermediate is memory foam, and the upper layer is a fluffy substance. The Shag rug 5×7 is incredibly plush and comfortable.

The Shag rug 5×7 underside should be non-slip. Play on the plush Shag rug 5×7 with your kids and animals in safety. The ornamental accent floor rugs come in a variety of colors and sizes. The material is truly soft and lovely, giving your house an opulent feel. Use long-lasting absorbent tannin technology. Soft Material Extreme. The velvet shag area carpeting is incredibly plush, long-lasting, toasty to the touch, lovely, and cozy for your family and children. The floor Shag rug 5×7 in this region cannot easily slide off, and the borders cannot easily come apart, thanks to the tight weaving process.

Shag rug 5×7 incredibly plush velour with a sponge interlayer Bottom with non-slip rubber patches Shape: Rectangular TABAYON Shag Area Rug Indoor Ultra Soft Plush Shag rug 5×7 for Living Room Nursery Faux Fur Rugs for Kids Room Component: polypropylene, Size of Shag rug 5×7 2 x 3 to 8 × 10 feet, Color: Tie-Dyed Rainbow/White/Black/Grey/Tie-Dyed Grey, Pattern: Tie-dyed in a solid color. Shag rug 5×7 a sponge interlayer, a super soft velour surface, and a bottom with non-slip plastic patches. Shag rug 5×7 Vacuum packaging is used to better prevent dust, so when you open the box, the rug will look thin.

Please allow this adorable blanket some time to heal and regain its bulk, as it may take 1-2 days. Last but not least, there are a variety of concerns that people face every day. If you chance to see any of them here, we wish you happiness each and every day. Shag rug 5×7 Grey in color B with a pattern Solid Shape Rectangular Unique Characteristic Fluffy, Lightweight, Washable, Fade Resistant, and Durable Type of Room Living Room Height of Pile High Pile Shag rug 5×7 item dimensions84″L x 60″W Shag style area rug type of carpeting Size 5×7 Feet Construction Handmade Product Care Instructions Brand TABAYON Back Hand Wash Only Rubber Weight 4.47 Pounds.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Nana purchased Shag rug 5×7 and reviewed Adorable I bought the tie-dyed rug for my Easter decorations and it is adorable. I’m not sure if they’re made for everyday use. But if you’re going to use them for a month or two out of the year, I think it would be great. It brings all my decorations together it’s beautiful.

LUXE WEAVERS Lantanas Brown 5x7 Shag Rug, Modern Striped, Stain Resistant

LUXE WEAVERS Lantanas Brown 5x7 Shag Geometric Area Rug, Modern Striped, Stain Resistant, Plush Indoor Rugs

Size of Shag rug 5×7 in actuality 5 feet 7 feet by 2 inches wide two centimeters long Shag rug 5×7 g sticks out among abstract pattern carpets due to its distinctive stripes and size. It blends various tones of lovely hues to create opulent, regal aesthetic effects on floors and in beds. Shag rug 5×7 contemporary, fluffy area carpeting measures 5 by 7 and has a dense pile and a high low effect that complements all types of furnishings and house decor.

Additionally, it serves as a sizable rug for the living room to prevent your costly wooden floors from being damaged by your heavy furnishings. Shag rug 5×7 have the least amount of cleansing is required for our 5×7 area carpeting clearance. This big carpeting for the living room can be restored to brand-new, spotless condition in a matter of minutes by either carefully vacuuming up grime or spot-treating stains. Our area carpets do a great job of concealing stains, so you don’t need to clean constantly.

The foot activity in your entryway, walkway, or kitchen won’t damage our premium carpets. Your décor objectives will be enhanced by the style and elegance of this contemporary 5×7 area carpeting. Shag rug 5×7 enhances all kinds of floors and goes well with a variety of furniture items and wall artwork. Being a soft contemporary carpeting, it instantly updates your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Family-run Lux Weavers is located in New Jersey. Company guiding principle is to have fun and create spaces you adore to be in.

Company have prioritized quality and giving you goods that are built to last so that you can have a more relaxed day from the start. Because of Shag rug 5×7, Lux Weavers area carpets are manufactured from extremely soft, stain-resistant fibers. Discover your ideal size. Brown Color, Striped Pattern, Rectangular Form, Special Features Polypropylene is a stain-resistant material. Bedroom, conference area, living room, home office, and playroom are examples of rooms.

High-pile carpet is used indoors and outdoors.86″L x 62.4″W Shag rug 5×7 Form Area Rug Style Modern Manufacturer LUXE WEAVERS Dimensions of Shag rug 5×7 5′ x 7′ Theme: Geometric, Abstract, Modern Construction Machine Made Care Only Spot Clean Back Material Type Jute Weave Type Machine Made Number of Pieces Weight of 1 Item: 15 Pounds Shag rug 5×7 Weight 15 pounds Item Thickness 2 Inches Lux Weavers’ ASIN number is B08Z2S5DS7. Brown 5×7 item product number 7119.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

KATHY BARTH purchased Shag rug 5×7 and reviewed Soooo nice!! This rug is beautiful and looks terrific in my living room. Extremely happy. Highly recommend.

PAGISOFE Grey Fluffy Shag Rugs 5x7, For Bedroom Soft Fuzzy Shaggy Rugs For Living Room

PAGISOFE Grey Fluffy Shag Area Rugs for Bedroom 5x7, Soft Fuzzy Shaggy Rugs for Living Room Carpet Nursery Floor Girls Dorm Room Rug

The velvet used to make these fake area rugs has a silky smooth feel and is perfect for creating a comfortable space and protecting your feet from the chilly floor. Shag rug 5×7 straightforward shaggy carpeting gives your area more color and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Shag rug 5×7 5 feet by 7 feet (60 x 84 inches) size makes it suitable for use in living areas, kid nurseries, children’s playrooms, and bedrooms for both boys and girls. It also goes well with other furniture in your house.

Cleaning Guidelines for Shag rug 5×7 The most practical method with the fewest efforts is to hand wash or wipe clean the soiled areas with cold water and mild detergent before letting it air dry. Packing the carpeting the sponge is a little thinner than Shag rug 5×7 was originally, but it will revive one or two days later and have more volume, so don’t panic. Shag rug 5×7 has consistently been a favorite shop for consumers on the site. Rug enthusiasts adore it. Every area blanket produced by PAGISOFE is crafted to the highest standards using premium materials and expert craftsmanship.

Shag rug 5×7 committed to giving clients superior after-sales care and quality. Based on consumer comments and requirements, product quality will be improved. Shag rug 5×7 Applications1 Girls Kids’ Bedrooms and Nurseries Girls Kids’ Bedrooms and Nurseries Girls Kids’ Bedrooms and Nurseries Shag rug 5×7 Applications2 Soft rugs in the kids’ playrooms and apartments, the kids’ playrooms and apartments, the kids’ playrooms and apartments, etc. Pretty Rugs is a brand of area rugs.

Color Grey Pattern Solid Shape Rectangular Unique Characteristic Shaggy Product Dimensions 84″L x 60″W Shaggy Material Polyester Room Type Living Room Pile Height Medium Pile Indoor/Outdoor Usage Rug Form Area Rug Category Modern Manufacturer PAGISOFE Dimensions 5′ x 7′ Theme Area Care Instructions for Construction Type Machine Made Products Weave Type Tufted Back Material Type Vinyl Hand Wash Only Quantity of Pieces Weight of 1 Shag rug 5×7: 4.71 Pounds 14-inch Shag rug 5×7 thickness 4.71-pound item weight Department unisex-baby Manufacturer PAGISOFE ASIN Shag rug 5×7 B083SCLZFR.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Vidalia purchased Shag rug 5×7 and reviewed looks great I recently purchased a fluffy rag and I must say, I am absolutely delighted with its performance! This rag is the softest, fluffiest thing I have ever touched, and it makes cleaning a joy rather than a chore. Read more…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No it’s not the rug isn’t soft you can still feel the ground which means it isn’t padded enough and for the price you would think it would be it also trapped dirt and hair quickly and is very hard to clean

There are anti-slip dots on the bottom of the rugs, which can play a certain anti-slip effect. If you need to fix the carpet, you need to buy the rug pad to fix it.

The dimensions of the Premium Fluffy Shag rug are 5 feet by 7 feet (5×7).

The Fuzzy Shag Rugs can be used in a variety of spaces, including bedrooms and living rooms. They are versatile and can add warmth and texture to any room.

Yes, the Premium Fluffy Shag rug is made of soft materials and is designed to feel plush and cozy underfoot.

Company have vacuumed in with no issue. Would depend upon the setting and strength of your vacuum.

It came with no special instruction concerning the vacuum so Company just use my regular old’ vacuum. (Oreck) Company can’t say I think the rug was very well represented. It’s like a huge old bathroom rug (fluffy-wise) like the mottled grey.

With the stick vacuum. It gets sucked up. A large one that’s under the furniture and you’ll have to take Shag rug 5×7 outside and shake Shag rug 5×7 out little house on the prairie.

The Lux Weavers Lantanas Brown 5×7 Shag Rug has a pile height of approximately 1.18 inches, making it a plush and comfortable option for use in indoor spaces.

Yes, the Lux Weavers Lantanas Brown 5×7 Shag Rug is suitable for use in high-traffic areas, thanks to its durable construction and stain-resistant properties.

The Lux Weavers Lantanas Brown 5×7 Shag Rug has a pile height of approximately 1.18 inches, making it a plush and comfortable option for use in indoor spaces.

It is not recommended that you cut the rug, you can buy a rug that meets your needs to prevent the rug from falling off after cutting.

Vacuum it with a low-powered handheld hoover. We suggest you vacuum or wipe it. When cleaning is required, please hand wash and air-dry to make rug fluffy. After the rug is air-dried, it’s better if you fluff it. Not machine washable.

Since this rug comes with a vacuum Packaging bag, it’s normal to see the fibers on the rug is not fluffy enough and there will be some creases. Please lay it flat for 3 days and wait patiently for its recovery. Please do not worry about this situation.

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