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Add a gorgeous bespoke rug to instantly change any space. A rug may unify your entire area, whether it’s to lighten it, improve your décor or add a cozy touch. Cowhide carpets are classic components for any home’s interior design. You have undoubtedly encountered them in a variety of settings and interior designs. That is as a result of their durability and versatility. Since they are manufactured from real cowhide, they resemble a sizable suede or leather rug. Although small cowhide rugs are stunning, they may be perplexing. There are many uncertainties surrounding them, making you wonder if it’s the best choice for you. However, once these issues have been resolved, you’ll be astounded by how simple and fantastic they are.

Here are many things about cowhide rugs that you should be aware of, from their construction to their styling. Cowhides are usually made from cows used in the dairy or meat industries. The hides are used to make a useful work of art after the animals have perished. Their hides would have been wasted without this procedure. The genuine cowhides are hand-selected to make sure they are flawless and have a desirable pattern. The selected calfskins are shipped to be processed, where they are cured. To get rid of any smell and make sure the skins are clean, they wash and salt them. They are then transported for tanning, where they are occasionally dyed and made more resilient.

There are various tanning techniques, some of which use chromium and others do not. A chromium-free procedure is utilized for tanning because using chromium is bad for the environment. To maintain the hide’s inherent beauty, no colors are applied at all. The cowhide is ready for use once processing is finished. Along with using real one, some faux animal skin rugs are made. You probably picture a dark brown cowhide rug with sizable black and white patches scattered all over it as the iconic animal pattern cowhide rug. While being highly neutral and compatible with a variety of furniture, the traditional tricolor cowhide rug style, fortunately, If it isn’t the hue you’re looking for, you have alternative choices. The hues range from quite light—like a white cowhide rug—to extremely dark—even cowhide black.

These various hues result from the animal’s inherent color as well as how it is handled. There is a lot of variation in the coloring and you will be sure to discover the precise hue you are looking for because the tanning procedure can greatly affect the rug’s color. Contrast a rug made of brown and one made of pale cowhide. Several rug patterns are available in addition to color. Your rug will be unique because every animal has a different design. Some have a mix of these characteristics in the form of a chevron or brindle pattern, including very large spots, little spots, very vast patches of light coloration, and a variety of sizes of spots. You can select a colour and design that complements your room based on your particular preferences and decorating style.

 Although it is referred to as a small cowhide rug, it is not necessary to place it on the floor of your living room or dining room. Cowhide rugs are quite functional and may be used for a variety of things. Other common applications are as a wall hanging or draped across the back of a piece of furniture like a sofa or chair. Cowhides are really attractive and can be utilized as a simple form of nature art. With additional patterns, textures, and colors, they give your room an additional depth of interest. Who would have thought that cowhide could be used in interior design in such a variety of ways? The small cowhide rugs are frequently found in rooms with a western theme, but they are increasingly incorporated into more contemporary designs as a nod to nature.

They can be styled in a vast variety of ways thanks to their neutral color palette. They can be styled in a vast variety of ways thanks to their neutral colour palette. One of the most popular places is in a sitting area, entryway, or bedroom. When you are at your most relaxed, you will be able to appreciate these locales’ distinctive textures. Cowhide area rugs are frequently utilized in layers on top of other rugs in addition to being used alone to enhance the comfort, depth, and interest of a room’s decor. There are numerous other ways to use cowhide besides as a rug, such as a wall hanging or draping piece. These are just a few examples.

Small cowhide rugs, Premium faux animal skin, Hide rugs tricolor decor carpet non-slip

Faux Cowhide Rug Cow Print Area Rug Premium Faux Animal Skin Hide Rugs Tricolor Decor Carpet Non-Slip Small Cowhide Rugs Mat for Bedroom Living Room Office Kitchen 43.3X33.4Inches

Premium material is used in this small cowhide rug. The cow print rug is made of polyester and acrylic and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Whether you use it as a carpet or a seat cushion, it will feel incredibly soft and comfortable to you. The carpet won’t move around on the floor because of the non-slip backing and synthetic suede bottom. This multipurpose cowhide print rug is approximately 43.3″ l x 33.4″ w, has a soft texture, is lightweight and durable, and is ideal for home decor. It gives your room an opulent retro feel. It is classically stylish.

This cowhide area rug uses cutting-edge dyeing and exquisite craftsmanship to give this small cowhide rug vibrant colors and a soft touch. Cute animal design area rugs bring your room to life and go well with many different decorating styles. The ideal piece of home decor is a faux fur animal rug with a cowhide appearance. Unlike other carpets, it looks very artistic and stylish and has a variety of uses, including wall hangings, upholstery, living room, bedroom, entrance, photography props, in front of fireplaces, and other themed rooms. To clean, simply place the cowhide rug in the washing machine and select the gentle cycle.

After cleaning, place the rug in a ventilated area to dry; do not use a dryer or place it in direct sunlight. The ideal size to fit everywhere, including a living room, kitchen, office, etc., is 43.3″L x 33.4″W. (Note: Due to measurement errors of up to 1/2 inch, please accept the company’s sincere apologies.) As you tread on this carpet fabric, which is made of polyester and acrylic and is incredibly soft and comfy, your feet will receive a delicate touch, calming you and your family. The non-slip suede backing on the back will prevent your rug from slipping.

Make sure the small area rug’s underside is dry and clean before laying it down. Gentle and realistic hues can give your eyes a taste of subdued hues while also giving your space a touch of warmth and humor. This small cowhide rug is washable in a machine. You can wipe the area rug down or vacuum it for general cleaning. If a deeper clean is required, you can machine wash each item separately on a soft cycle with a mild detergent, then let it air dry. The faux fur cow print rug is made with the best materials and most up-to-date technology. With its lovely appearance, it makes a great gift and is also perfect for a housewarming or birthday surprise.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Nancy L purchased and reviewed “Surprised that I like it so much” Got it to hide a red wine stain on a white carpet. It is cute, feels and looks good, and adds some pizzazz. I expected less….

Small cowhide rug, Faux cow skin fur animal print rugs for home small, Grey, Beige

Faux Cowhide Area Rug, 41.3x31.5in Faux Cow Skin Fur Animal Print Rugs for Home Office Living Room,Bedroom (Small-Grey+Beige,105 x 80cm)

The small cowhide rugs are made of highest quality. These imitation rugs expertly replicate natural weight and colour depth since they are created with superior high quality acrylic plush. Approximately 105x80cm/ 41.3×31.5in/ 3.4×2.6ft in size, with the major colors being grey and beige. 100 percent animal-free fibers are used. It was made with a low pile height to give you the luxuriously soft touch you want. These resilient faux small cowhide rugs are the ideal choice for your house because they don’t shed and don’t fade. The ideal design will provide your family with a comfortable experience. These faux animal fur rugs add chic style and a rich textural element to any room.

They are the ideal accent for the bed or sofa. Its versatility allows you to use it as play rugs and nap spots for your little ones. Product Information includes, size: 41.3 x 31.5 inches (3.4 × 2.6 feet) or 105 x 80 cm. Composition includes suede-backed faux fur on the front. Instructions for care, simple cleaning with a washing machine, cold water, line drying, and no need to heat. One cow-printed faux rug is included in the package. Decor in a country, western, or European style. Although this faux fur animal rug is not made of real cowhide, it has a very cute appearance. It’s very small; you could use it for so much more than just a rug. It is extremely glitzy! and without animal testing! It is the best rug for a child’s room, playroom, bedroom with a western theme, room with a jungle theme, nursery with a cowboy theme, under coffee table, and in front of a fireplace.

Please pat the cut after receiving the goods as there are visible creases from where it was folded in the packaging and some floating hair. This small cowhide rug should not be washed with other items of clothing; it can be cleaned with a vacuum. The sizes listed below were measured flat-on; hand measurements will vary by about 1 inch. Because different devices display colors differently, the color of the photo may differ slightly from the actual product.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ya ya purchased and reviewed “Happy customer” Looks better in person I am pleased with purchase. Goes well with furniture.

Small cowhide rug, Premium large printed western faux wall decor, Cute animal floor carpet

BENRON Premium Large Cowhide Rug 55x62 Inch, Cow Printed Rugs for Living Room Bedroom Western Wall Decor, Faux Cow Skins Cute Animal Hides Floor Carpet

Handcrafted small cowhide rugs feature a retro western aesthetic and convincing synthetic leather to mimic genuine cowhide rugs. Significantly, this cowhide rug is made from crystal velvet rather of actual cows, making it cruelty-free. Unlike other carpets, these cowhides have incredibly short fur, making them the ideal option for room décor and simple to keep clean present fancy décor. The Western design animal rug complements a variety of interior design motifs, including bohemian, traditional, industrial, and rustic lodge. You would enjoy walking on these imitation cowhide rugs in a living area, office, or bedroom.

The crystal velvet fabric used to create the cow skin rug gives you a really warm and cozy feeling when you touch it, whether you’re using it as a carpet or a seat cushion. The backing of the carpet is made of synthetic suede that is non-slip. Minimal maintenance is enough. Vacuuming, wiping, or simply taking out for a good shake are recommended for daily care. The cow print rugs might get wrinkled in transit, but they will eventually fall out. Decorate your room with small cowhide rugs. This cow rug has an authentic appearance, feels like a real cowhide rug, and will make a statement in any room in which it is used.

It is made of soft, short faux fur, velvet, and polyester. The main point of the home will be this full-on cow print faux cowhide rug with brown (or black) and white faux fur. This cowhide-shaped rug, which has an animal-print-inspired pattern, is typically placed in front of couches and a fire pit in the living room or on the open floor in a child’s playroom. This is an affordable and animal-friendly cow rug. Faux materials are created without the usage of animals using synthetic components to mimic the appearance and texture of the real thing. These small cowhide rugs are cheaper than the genuine article. Raising cows and other livestock is very expensive; you may spend a lot of money on just one rug.

Purchasing a genuine rug may be next to impossible if you enjoy the way the rug looks but lack the necessary funds. A synthetic skin rug, however, is more useful and affordable.  The small cowhide rugs‘ patterns are drawn from genuine cows, each rug has a unique texture. A cow rug has non-slip supporting and remain smooth suede-backed and finished. In high traffic locations these are incredibly durable in place. You can vacuum or spot-clean the cow rug. If you want to keep your rug as clean and in as excellent of a condition as you can, it is advised that you spot clean and vacuum it frequently. Shampoo for cow rugs is optional. If you use carpet shampoo, make sure to dry it quickly and evenly. There are 3 sizes for cow rugs: 43x27in, 55x62in, and 62x75in. Different lights will produce different colors.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Nicole purchased and reviewed “Great quality!!” Loved this cowhide rug! Such great quality for the price. It’s heavy and sturdy and not made out of cheap material! Ive recieved many compliments!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

yes , friend, it can be Machine washable ,i help you make sure with my factory now , and they also can be wash by Hand and Dry Clean all is ok ,it is easy clean, Local cleaning skills (Manual Scrub with a Wet Cotton Dips in Water and a Small Amount of Wash Swap, Outdoor Air Dry, Avoid Sun Exposure.)thanks

yes , friend, it can be Machine washable ,i help you make sure with my factory now , and they also can be wash by Hand and Dry Clean all is ok ,it is easy clean, Local cleaning skills (Manual Scrub with a Wet Cotton Dips in Water and a Small Amount of Wash Swap, Outdoor Air Dry, Avoid Sun Exposure.)thanks

Probably not, it is a really nice rug, but I believe it is a little too thin for that application. If it’s a stationary chair it would last a little longer than a chair on wheels.

Hi friend,              

This carpet is made of polyester fabric, It’s suit for a children’s rug , playroom carpet and nursery rug.

BENRON cowhide print rugs are imported from China, where the textile industry is very developed. The origin area of these cowprint rugs is called “The Town of Rug” which has a mature industrial chain. They mak… see more

It’s not recommended to wash it by machine. The cow print rug is with low maintenance; wipe up with a damp or vacuum them, or take them out for a shake. BENRON cow skin rug won’t shed cause’ it has low piles.

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