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By: Waqas Saeed

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One of the most well-liked and durable species of houseplants is Dracaena trifasciata, more commonly referred to as the tall snake plant. It was botanically known as Sansevieria trifasciata up until 2017, but there were too many similarities with Dracaena species to ignore. The plant can grow anywhere from six inches to eight feet tall and has stiff, sword-like leaves. Although many snake plants have green-banded leaves and typically have a yellow border, their colors can vary. Tall snake plant are simple to grow and frequently nearly impervious to damage. They will thrive in rooms with almost no light or very bright lighting. 

In general, snake plants grow slowly in indoor light, but if they get a few hours of direct sunlight a day, they will grow faster. Spring is the best time to plant and repot. Because it is difficult to kill, tall snake plant is an excellent choice for novice gardeners. It grows well on the floor and in tabletop displays, as well as well in containers. The snake plant does best in warm weather and worst in cold. Although this plant is drought-resistant, excessive watering can cause root rot2. Water the plant only if the soil feels dry. During the winter, these plants may not require watering for up to two months. Water once every two weeks during warmer months. 

Tall snake plant needs some direct sunlight, but they prefer light that is steady and indirect. They are able to adjust to situations in which there is no light and can also endure situations in which there is light. Potting mix for snake plants should be loose and well-drained. This plant will in all actuality do well in sandier soils. Use potting media with little peat in it. Peat is effective in many situations, but it can become compacted and occasionally fails to rehydrate or drain. A good choice for cactus potting soil is an all-purpose one. Between watering, let the soil dry out. Reduce watering to once a month or whenever the soil feels dry to the touch during the winter. Be careful not to overwater; tall snake plant can be hurt by too much water.

2 Set Large Fake Snake Plant 25 Inch Tall Snake Plant Artificial Snake Plants In Pots

2 Set Large Fake Snake Plant 25 Inch Sansevieria Plant Artificial Snake Plants in Pots with Woven Basket Faux Mother In Law Tongue Plant - 17 Leaves Fake Laurentii for Indoor Outdoor Home Office Decor

Our 3D-printed thick fabric and specialized leaf shaping process create an elegant arc on each leaf of our artificial snake plant. Fake snake plant material is sun-resistant, deformable, and waterproof. No Need to Maintain; No watering. Every day, the tall plant appears full and new; Use a soft, dry cloth to clean. The 3D-printed thick fabric’s upright leaves, which have a texture that is almost leather-like and scaly, were designed to look like real snake plants. This makes it look real enough, even up close. The ideal decorative element for any office or home is a tall fake plant; additionally, a large faux plant can be an excellent gift idea. 

With 17 full leaves, this fake snake plant looks just like the real thing. Each tall snake plant comes with an additional woven basket that can be used to match a variety of decor styles. Alternately, you can incorporate the fake sansevieria into a different pot of your choice to complete the look. Two sets of 25.2-inch-tall faux sansevieria in a black pot (4.5-inch diameter x 4.5-inch height), 17 lifelike leaves, and two woven baskets (6-inch diameter x 5.5-inch height) make this potted faux snake plant ideal for bringing more lifelike colors and organic style to your home, office, or store. Tall snake plant gives your space a natural feel and appears to be living things. We like to be surrounded by beautiful examples of nature, but we also want the convenience of everlasting, low-maintenance plants and flowers. 

Artificial flowers and plants add value to both our homes and fashions. DILATATA was born as a result of these circumstances. Our design concept is based on real flowers and plants; we use cutting-edge technology to produce realistic tall snake plant with realistic textures in order to satisfy the requirements of the general public. In order to continuously enhance the functionality and beauty of artificial flowers and plants, we will experiment with additional novel technologies and materials. In addition, our design will meet the requirements of the public while keeping up with interior design and fashion trends. 

Fake snake plant beautiful Sansevieria plant is one of those plants that simply exudes class. The included decorative black planter gives it a sturdy base and the lush green leaves, which point skyward, give it nearly three feet of height. It can be used to decorate both homes and offices, and it doesn’t need any water to keep looking new for years. With the knowledge of our collections, shop with assurance. Appears so real that they are almost natural! Trailblazers in our industry; tall snake plant first artificial flower company to employ head designers with extensive live plant industry experience is Nearly Natural. We source products with solid and extensive industry knowledge. 

Nature Overall Size of the Product: 7 In. W x 7 In. D x 35 In. H; Size of the Planter: H: 6. 25 In. W: 6. 75 In. D: 6. 75 In. The measurements are taken from the most extended flower or leaf on the arrangement to the bottom of the planter. From each dimension that is further outstretched, width dimensions are also calculated. No Need to Maintain; No watering. Every day looks full and fresh; Use a soft, dry cloth to clean. Tall snake plant unique 35-inch plant 7 inches tall. Wide, which is the ideal decorative accent for any office or home; can also be an excellent gift idea? With 28 fully developed leaves, this plant resembles the real thing. The included black planter provides a stylish finishing touch to the appearance.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Customer purchased tall snake plant and reviewed thatVery realisticThese are very realistic, and come ready to go. The rope basket pot is crap, I used it for something else and put the plant in a planter pot, and the price isn’t a “deal”, but it’s very realistic which is most important to me, so I’ll likely buy this again, because it’s a really, really good faux plant…would totally fool most people, especially if mixed with some real plants. Colors and pattern are well done.

Zeylanica Snake Plant Sansevieria Trifasciata Tall Snake Plant 24in Tall Easy Care Thrives In Low To Bright Light

PERFECT PLANTS Sansevieria Zeylanica Snake Plant | 12in Tall | Easy Care | Thrives in Low to Bright Light, Air Purifying 4in. Grower's Pot

Can Survive Indoors or Outdoors in Low to Moderate Light Our Zeylanica snake plant Does Not Require Constant Care and Will Thrive on About Watering Every few weeks once. This snake plant can be grown in well-draining succulent soil. It has long, light green leaves with dark bands rising to a point. It will add a splash of green to your living room or office. Zeylanica snake plant is known to improve mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. We are a North Florida-based online mail-order plant nursery owned and operated by a family. Our goal is to provide our customers with exactly what our name implies: The ideal Tall snake plant since 1980, we have lived on the farm, and in 2015, we launched the online store. 

Since then, we have been able to provide thousands of satisfied gardeners across the United States with high-quality plants and other gardening supplies from enormous privacy trees and large oaks to pretty flowering shrubs and one-of-a-kind subtropical houseplants. For all of your gardening projects, Perfect Plants Nursery offers a wide variety of well-known and tall snake plant varieties. Amazing Plants is pleased to offer a steadily developing assortment of 24 restrictive cultivating accomplices to assist your plants with living cheerful and solid. We supply slow-release and liquid fertilizers, as well as a variety of specialized soil blends and soil amendments. Since the beginning of our family-owned business in 1980, we have accumulated a generation’s worth of farming knowledge, 

which we put into every plant and product we send to our plant family across the country. Zeylanica snake plant is transported directly from our farm to your residence after being carefully packed. To ensure a healthy indoor plant, each plant shipped has been grown to the highest possible standards. From the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant, the Snake Plant is about 1-2 feet tall when it is shipped. Ships in a modern decor pot with a diameter of six inches. Give the gift of a bold and beautiful Snake Plant to spread the tropical vibes. When a loved one opens the one-of-a-kind present of a live indoor plant, just think of the joy and gratitude they will feel. 

With each plant delivery, you can rest assured that it will arrive fresh from our farm and ready to impress with the gift message of your choice. With care instructions, your new live indoor plant arrives safely packed. Place your tall snake plant in bright indirect sunlight to keep it happy, healthy, and growing best once a week, water with about one cup of water. Adapt as necessary to your surroundings. We feel more relaxed and calm when we see nature and greenery in our rooms, desks, and offices. According to research conducted by NASA, having real plants in your home boosts your mood, encourages creativity, and eases stress. Additionally, live indoor plants are natural air purifiers that aid in removing harmful pollutants from the air inside. 

Zeylanica snake plant actually provides real benefits. A striking way to decorate your home is with a snake plant. After being unwrapped, this real plant arrives carefully potted in a modern decor planter, ready for immediate enjoyment and admiration. The Snake Plant is an amazing addition to any room, tropical, bedroom, office desk, or home decor. For a tropical atmosphere, bring a beautiful tall snake plant home. With their sword-like leaves, Sansevieria is easy-to-care-for houseplants that are ready to brighten up any space. This well-liked indoor live plant adds a focal point to any living room, office, or bedroom decor and requires little upkeep. It dramatically enhances the aesthetic of the room’s decor.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mark Z purchased tall snake plant and reviewed that “ Comes from Florida” Very nice plant ~ but some instructions for how to remove it from the planters pot to a more permanent pot would had been appreciated as I’m a first timer. I believe there were generic instructions only concerning if you were going to plant something outdoors. Read more…

Leaf Artificial Tall Snake Plant, 70cm, Zeylanica Sansevieria

Leaf Artificial Tropical Snake Plant, 70cm, Zeylanica Sansevieria

Mixed Materials 70cm Artificial Sansevieria Zeylanica Tall snake plant 70cm-tall plant is made of artificial materials. All of the leaves are wired, so you can display it as shown in our pictures or fold the leaves slightly out if you like. Completely potted in a black plastic pot, these plants look especially nice when paired with our planters, as shown in some of our photos. The pot’s top is made of glued-on fixed gravel. 70cm Artificial Sansevieria Zeylanica Tall snake plant is available in a variety of colors. All of the leaves are wired, so you can display them as shown in our pictures or fold them out slightly if you prefer. They come fully potted in a black plastic pot. 

They look especially nice with our decorative planters, as shown in some of our pictures. The pot’s top is made of glued-on fixed gravel. Other colors are available for this plant. One of the most well-liked houseplants is the snake plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongues. The plant has stiff, flecked, dark to light green, sword-like leaves. While some varieties have yellow edges, others have green-banded foliage. Tall snake plant grows slowly and can grow if it is exposed to direct sunlight for three to five hours each day. This variety is frequently confused with Sansevieria Canaliculated or Sansevieria Fern wood due to its resemblance to Sansevieria Cylindrical. The long, sturdy leaf blades, which look like snakes rising from the ground, are what give it its name. 

The plant is recommended for nearly everyone because it can withstand weeks of neglect without losing its strong architectural shape. We understand that it can be challenging to establish the ideal watering schedule, and unlike the armchair you purchased last year, investing in a large living plant necessitates a little bit more care. Your plant from Léon & George comes with this sleek and simple tool that tells you when to water it. Tall snake plant moisture meter, which was developed and tested with farmers and research institutions, uses a straightforward color scale and does not require batteries Blue indicates that there is sufficient water, while white indicates that it takes time to water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Snake plants can thrive in areas of the house with intense light or nearly complete darkness. In general, artificial light slows them down. However, if they get a few hours of direct sunlight, their exposure to light will be more effective at promoting growth.

It has been demonstrated that snake plants are as useful as they are visually appealing. They require little to no upkeep as they grow indoors and outdoors. In addition, snake plants can aid in the filtering of indoor air, which is a quality that can safeguard your health.

Root rot, fungal issues, insect infestations, and extreme temperature changes are the most common causes of snake plant death. For immediate remediation, it is critical to pinpoint the exact cause.

This plant is a succulent and can tolerate drought like conditions so a moist, humid environment is probably not the best option. Additionally, too must moisture can cause root rot.

Yes it looked terrible. Soil all over the place completely disheveled. But it has survived. I love my plant although not as tall as expected. I’m thinking only because of the kind of plant that it survived.

You’ll have to give a lot of light and water to fuel your Snake Plant’s development, and you ought to repot your Sansevieria consistently to give the roots space to extend. Additionally, a balanced fertilizer dose every month is beneficial. Be careful not to overdo any of these methods because doing so will cause more harm than good.

Depending on the conditions, snake plants can grow very quickly. In ideal conditions, snake plants typically expand by 3 to 6 feet annually. Your snake plant will grow even faster if you give it a lot of sunlight and regularly water it.

From low to high light levels, these tough plants thrive. In most cases, they grow faster in brighter light, but plants that are outside in direct sunlight burn their leaves. A 10 foot distance from a west or south window is ideal indoors.

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