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18×18 Throw Pillow

A throw pillow, also known as a toss pillow, is a compact, decorative soft furniture item manufactured from a variety of materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, microfiber, suede, chenille, and velvet.  A blue couch with a round shape and a few decorative pillows was unoccupied. You can prevent dozing off on the couch and waking up with a kink in your neck by having a throw pillow available. Throw pillow sets also increase the comfort of sitting on the couch for extended periods of time whether watching TV or just relaxing.

Throw pillow sets  have both a decorative and practical use. Decorative pillows are frequently used to coordinate color accents within a space, frequently referencing the hues of area rugs, draperies, and walls. By appearing as though they were thrown upon a piece of furniture, they can also be used to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, decorative pillows can be quite healthy. They provide support and can assist you in finding the ideal sitting or lying position to maintain the alignment of your spine. To avoid back pain and other health problems that worsen with time, it’s critical to maintain the health of your spine. They aid in lowering strain on the spine, releasing muscle tension, aligning the neck and head, and ultimately encouraging restful sleep. They are soft and movable, so you may use them as a cuddling cushion, back support, or to keep them under the knee.

Comfort is one of the key characteristics of a decent pillow. Decorative pillows can be fantastic for giving you some back support while you’re sitting up in bed or even just relaxing on the couch. We recommend the Wayfair Basics Square throw pillow sets because it fulfills all of these criteria so nicely. The striking color options available for this reasonably priced and stylish set of two pillows allow you to match it to any seating location in your house. The All Roads Yucca Pillow fully satisfies the requirements for Boho design, which emphasizes textures and distinctive designs. The Arch Balance Green Throw Pillow is a stylish, contemporary design that will draw attention to your sofa.

Set of 6 Modern 18 Inch Pillow Covers - DEZENE Decorative Throw Pillow Sets

DEZENE Decorative Throw Pillow Covers: Set of 6 Modern Boho Square Cotton and Faux Leather Pillow Cases for Home Decor Living Room Farmhouse Sofa Couch, 18 x 18 Inch, White/Black/Brown

Each package contains 6 throw pillow covers, 2 of which are made of sturdy imitation leather and the other 4 of which are made of 100% cotton. They are completely secure for your family, children, and pets. These modern decorative pillows are adaptable and neutral, making them perfect for any setting, including the patio, the farm, the office, the automobile, and more. We apply stringent inspection requirements to ensure that all 18 inch pillow covers are sturdy and durable and that they are reinforced with exquisite stitches to provide them with long-lasting performance.

These 6 cases are as appealing to the touch as they are to the sight and fit regular throw pillows. DEZENE is dedicated to offering high-quality home décor at affordable prices, constantly enabling you to get the greatest items for the money. The throw pillow covers or cushion covers, as they are also known, are frequently sold separately from the insert.

These coverings have two types of zipper openings: an envelope that hides the zipper behind it and a secret opening that is located at the bottom, the backside of the cushion. A detachable pillowcase made of cotton that is used as a cover. A pillowcase is defined as a removable pillow cover that is often made of cotton. An illustration of a pillowcase is a stylish cover for your bed pillow. If your 18 inch pillow covers, you would cut two squares of fabric that are 18 inches by 18 inches; however, your zipper would need to be 16 inches long.

The length of the side you are sewing the zipper onto must be two inches less than the length of the zipper. In addition to offering protection from dust and viruses, pillowcases and mattress coverings also give mattresses and pillows a cleaner appearance. Protectors are crucial since washing mattresses and pillows is quite challenging. Therefore, it is simpler to wash these things occasionally or when they become dirty.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

CaitHenny purchased and review “Beautiful, high quality sham” Absolutely love these pillow shams! They fit in perfectly with my decor. I was impressed with the quality as well. For the price, I was expecting a thin, non-durable fabric, but these are excellent! I filled them with various-sized pillows and it gives a different look/feel.

Volcanics Faux Wool Boho Throw Pillow Covers - Soft Plush Square Throw Pillow Sets

Volcanics Pack of 2 Faux Wool Throw Pillow Covers 20x20 Inches Decorative Farmhouse Velvet Couch Pillow Case Soft Plush Square Boho Cushion Pillowcase, Beige

Your daily life is enhanced by the high-end, luxurious home decor products offered by Volcanic. In addition to safeguarding your pricey pillow inserts, faux wool cushion coverings can be mixed and matched with your other cushions and furniture to update your home. You will have a warm living space and get many of praise from your family and friends if you decorate your home with these coverings. Boho throw pillow covers also increase the comfort of sitting on the couch for extended periods of time whether watching TV or just relaxing. However, how you use them to improve your interior design is what makes them fantastic additions to the place you’re creating.

Boho throw pillow covers are widely used on beds, daybeds, and floors in addition to being (loosely) positioned on couches or armchairs. Throw pillows have both a decorative and practical use.  The edge’s hidden zipper operates smoothly and is both attractive and useful. High-quality chenille fabric is used to create this tufted pillowcase. Nice and tight seams, including those around the zipper, and nice and dense tufting. Your home or any other area will benefit from the elegant color added by these Boho throw pillow sets coverings. Fit for a couch, bed, living room, bedroom, automobile, office, café, etc. There is no set standard for what a bohemian throw pillow should look like. But they are ornamental pillows that improve the beauty of a room, typically the living room or master bedroom. These throw pillows are frequently distinguished by vivid hues, unusual textures, and other striking prints.

The ideal colors for bohemian room design can be found in a wide variety. I really adore plain off-white pillows with contrasting textures, like tassels or pom-poms. The current trend in toss pillows is velvet.   Nevertheless, you are free to use whichever color you like in your Boho throw pillow covers! While minimalists favor straightforward pillowcases in a single hue, some people like brighter, more colorful fabrics. Common colors include olive green, blue and white, and plain white. The chevron pattern is also popular with many individuals.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Disappointed purchase and review “Super cute and great value!” Great quality for the price…looks a lot more expensive! We’ve had them for about a month and they are still clean, so can’t say what they will look like after washing, but did I mention that they are still clean? (Was a little worried that they such a light color might not stay clean too long).

Demetex Sage Green Pillow Covers 18 x 18 - Throw Pillow Sets for Couch

Demetex Green Throw Pillow Covers 18 x 18, Sage Green Throw Pillows Linen Couch Set of 2, Decorative Green Pillow Covers for Couch Bedroom Living Room, 18x18 inch, Sage Green

Pillowcases made with Demetex linen are constructed of sturdy, natural fabric. A solid, thick blend of linen that is soft to the touch and safe for children and animals. Designed for 18×18 or 20×20 inch pillow inserts, 18×18 is equivalent to 45cm by 45cm. Please allow 1-2 cm for hand-cutting and stitching variations. There are 2 Sage green pillow covers in the package. These polyester linen cushion covers have an invisible zipper that matches the color of the accent pillowcase, and their simple design blends nicely with various types of furniture. 

Demetex linen Sage green pillow covers in a deep solid hue can be used to elegantly and tastefully decorate your gorgeous home. The living room, couch, sofa, bedroom, office, chairs, car, window seat, patio, ground, bench, backyard, balcony, etc. are all suitable locations. Sage green is a lovely soft tone that is almost neutral in nature. Other colors inspired by nature that go nicely with it include taupe, milk, light grey, mustard yellow, and brown.

Sage green may be made to feel more dramatic and adventurous by combining it with contrasting hues like purple. Demetex sage green pillow covers are extremely durable and constructed from only the highest-grade polyester. The patterned corduroy pillow cover is incredibly plush and cozy to use. The simplicity of the design makes it suitable for use in any room of the house, including the living room, bedroom, bed, and couch. These throw pillow set have an excellent, smooth-operating invisible zipper. 

Your pillow inserts can be effectively shielded from stains and aging with Demetex  throw pillow covers. With a variety of hues to select from, these pillow covers are also beautiful and give color to your space. Machine washable, cold separately, gentle cycle only, no bleach, tumble dry, and no iron. Each washing will result in a brand-new appearance. Demetex is a brand-new, prominent name in the home textiles industry. These products come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics so you may choose something that fits your personal taste.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Judyth S Torgeson purchased and review Nicer than expected” The fabric is a little rough but the color is really lovely. Overall nicer than expected

Fancy Homi Set of 2 Cream Pillow Covers - Throw Pillow Sets with Pom Poms

Fancy Homi Pack of 2 Boho Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom-poms, Soft Corduroy Accent Solid Square Cushion Case Set for Couch Sofa Bedroom Car Living Room (18x18 Inch/45x45 cm, Cream)

This decorative cream pillow cover, which was designed and made with intricate workmanship, is the ideal decoration for your living room or bedroom. It offers an opulent appearance and fashion. Two bohemian Cream pillow covers in the size of 18 x 18 inches (45 x 45 cm) are available. These pillow covers are special and lovely since they have pom poms on either side. Pillow coverings look stunning in cream white since it is soft and pristine. It makes a thoughtful present for your family and friends. 

The material is fairly gentle and kind to the skin. The cases are solid and well-sewn. The extremely long invisible zipper on this cushion cover enhances the design while making insertion and removal simple. Recommended for hand washing; gentle cycle for machine washing. Do not iron; tumble dry on low. Stays unchanged and like new after each wash. The expert producer of home décor is called Fancy Homi. We think that achieving the level of quality of life we all aspire to starts at home and serves as the cornerstone for everything else.

Adapt effectively to your living space throughout the year. Additionally, Cream pillow covers make a wonderful housewarming, Thanksgiving, or Christmas present for friends, family, or your loved ones. One of the most popular ones is polyester. To evaluate the strength, hardness, and softness of the pompoms you intend to purchase, it is a good idea to be aware of their material. The ideal pompom ball should be extremely fluffy.

One pillow cover in your preferred size made of plain, vintage cream linen and embellished with your choice of small ivory pom-poms or a Boho cream fringe. You can prevent dozing off on the couch and waking up with a kink in your neck by having a throw pillow sets available. Throw pillow sets also improve the comfort of watching TV or simply relaxing on the couch for a long time.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Heather M purchased and reviewed “Really cute!” I was pleasantly surprised by the value of this pillow cover for the price. The pom-pom fringe is super cute and the cover is soft and comfy. The only trick, in the beginning, was finding and opening the zipper. You have to move the pom fringe out of the way as you open the zipper so they don’t get stuck. Overall I am very pleased and definitely recommend!

18x18 Throw Pillow Cover Cases with Tassels - Adabana Decorative Throw Pillow Sets

Adabana Decorative Boho Throw Pillow Covers 18x18,Colorful Throw Pillow Covers Cotton Sun Tufted Pillows Cover Cases with Tassels for Couch Yellow White


18×18 throw pillow with its distinctive tufting and tassel craftsmanship, warm and cozy hues, and hand-woven cotton blend fabric, this Boho décor pillow cover will stand out in the crowd. Invisible zipper casings provide an attractive appearance. The back is 100% cotton; the front is constructed of 45% cotton, 45% polyester, and 10% viscose. The light yellow and white tones of these bohemian throw pillows for the couch cover with tufting and thick tassel embellishments are ideal for decorating. 

Perfect for adding a simple yet stylish touch to your room’s decor. Adabana is a design-driven company that specializes in creating, manufacturing, and marketing colorful throw pillow sets for use outdoors and indoors. A clean and stylish appearance is offered all around thanks to the hidden zipper fastening. The ornamental tassels are firmly constructed and hand-knotted to prevent easy loss. You get a comfortable feeling with soft touch thanks to the rich texture and 3D tufting design.

Cut two 18×18 throw pillow with its distinctive tufting and tassel craftsmanship, warm and cozy hues, and hand-woven cotton blend fabric, this Boho décor pillow cover will stand out in the crowd. Invisible zipper casings provide an attractive appearance. squares of fabric to make an 18″ wide pillow. They are not enlarged to provide for a seam allowance. I discover that giving the pillows a pleasant, full appearance by making the pillow covers somewhat smaller than the pillow forms. Right sides together, place one piece over the other and secure with pins. The most popular sofa throw pillow sizes are 18′′ x 18′′ and 20′′ x 20′′.

Larger sofas and sectionals, particularly those with deep seats and high backs, might benefit more from having cushions that measure 22 by 22 inches or even 24 by 24 inches. You should use a 20×20 insert if your pillow cover is 18×18 inches. This will guarantee that your pillow is fully staffed and has a plush, plump appearance. The pillow cover will seem sagging if the insert is too tiny.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Robert G. Nadolski purchase and review Now this is true mustard!” This is the fourth throw pillow and I guess number four is the lucky number. It is the only one that is a true mustard color and is well-made. I thought it was a bit expensive but pulled the trigger on the purchase and it was well worth the money. No more hunters for true mustard. Jackpot!