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This 5 tier plastic shelving Universal Shelving maximizes storage space in the garage, utility room, or home office. It is made of durable plastic and can be fastened to the wall for maximum stability. Because no tools are required for assembly, putting up this shelving system is a breeze. The five-tier extra heavy-duty robust shelving unit effectively maximizes your storage solutions in the garage, home office, or anywhere else in the house. This space-saving accessory has an attractive black plastic finish and can be fastened to the wall for maximum stability. 

This shelving system is simple to assemble because no tools are required. It won’t rust or dent. The  Heavy-Duty Ventilated 5 tier plastic shelving in black will meet all of your Storage and Organizational requirements. This is a lightweight but sturdy plastic storage shelf that provides plenty of space where and when you need it. Not only is it simple to put together in minutes, but it only requires one person. To protect the environment, this shelf is made of over recycled materials with minimal packaging. When evenly distributed across the shelf, each shelf can support up to 200 lbs. 

Unlike metal or steel, the ventilated 5 tier plastic shelving help resist mold and mildew while not rusting.  Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.  Ideal for use in the garage, closet, shed, pantry, basement, and other areas. Metro offers a variety of plastic shelving to meet your specific storage requirements. The company concentrates on high-quality polymer 5 tier plastic shelving construction to meet the demands of your business.

The one-piece shelf frames with wrap-around corners provide an extremely sturdy shelving system suitable for stationary, mobile, and track shelving applications. Metro’s plastic storage shelving includes removable shelf mats for easy cleaning and Microbar antimicrobial product protection. Each shelving unit comes with its own warranty. NSF-certified polymer shelving units are available. Metro provides a variety of configurations to ensure that you get the product that best meets your operational requirements.

The 5 tier plastic shelving system is the most durable and versatile, and it can be optimized for both stationary and mobile applications. Individual shelves are made of advanced polymers and reinforced with type stainless steel corners. Company standard shelves can support up to 1000 pounds evenly distributed, and company tonnage shelf options can support up to 1200 pounds. A fully assembled stationary shelving unit can support up to 2000 lbs. in an even distribution. Company plastic shelving and polymer posts are corrosion-resistant and come with a lifetime rust and corrosion warranty. Sectioned open grid shelf mats can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. One-piece solid mats provide the best spill retention and cross-contamination barrier.

5 Tier Plastic Storage Shelves, Multi-Use Free Standing Shelf Unit, Easy to Assemble, Heavy duty rack for home

LDAILY 5 Tier Plastic Storage Shelves, Multi-Use Free Standing Shelf Unit, Easy to Assemble, Heavy Duty Rack for Home Office Garage, Black (1, 28“L X 15”W X 67“H)

Company 5 tier plastic shelving will increase your storage capacity while taking up less room. The storage shelves and shelving unit are ideal for use in the garage, office, warehouse, storage, and kitchen, among other places. Your room will be clean and tidy after using this useful rack. If you are unable to reach high, the number of layers can be reduced to meet your requirements. This heavy duty rack can not only be used in your warehouse to store tools, but it can also be used as a kitchen shelf for some cookware.

The entire frame of this storage 5 tier plastic shelving is sturdy, and each tier has a weight capacity of 66 lbs. Every component can be tightly connected, ensuring the rack’s stability. There are two connecting rings and two wall brackets for each rack. The brackets can be tightly hooked on the tube, and nails can be easily hammered into the wall. And if you have two racks, it can connect them. You don’t have to be concerned about falling forward of the rack.

The Storage Rack is simple to construct. You can assemble the rack without using any tools in a matter of minutes. All of the parts and accessories are safely packed in the parcel.In stock in the United States/Professional seller/Prompt and helpful after-sales service/Easy and quick replacement is guaranteed. The company commit to designing a rack that can be installed without the use of a tool and serves as a functional storage 5 tier plastic shelving to increase your storage space.

The rack’s boards and tubes are made of thick, solid plastic that is sturdy and difficult to deform. It is stable on the floor and has a large weight capacity. Indoors, the rack can be used to store tools, cookers, boxes and office supplies in the kitchen, study room, garage and office. The rack’s waterproof surface allows it to be used outside for plants and other garden supplies. You can select the number of layers required based on the height of the location. The rack is also equipped with tilting prevention devices, so 5 tier plastic shelving will not tilt. 

Strong and long-lasting rack with a large weight capacity.  Installation is quick and simple, requiring no tools. Four wall brackets keep the rack from falling forward. Equipped with connecting rings for connecting two or more racks. Tools, plants, office supplies, cookers, and other items can be displayed. The rack is raised by four bottom feet to keep dirt and water out. Cleaning is simple with a wet cloth or brush. . The 5 tier plastic shelving unit is lightweight and simple to put together. Get 5 plastic shelves from Alibaba.com to store and easily access your various products. 5 plastic shelves have grown in popularity among families, manufacturers, transportation companies, and department stores. 

This is due to the role that the 5 plastic shelves have played in protecting various products from damage and other external interferences. 5 plastic shelves are ideal for storing both small items like test tubes and utensils and large items like fertilizers. Alibaba.com offers 5 tier plastic shelving in a variety of sizes to meet your specific requirements. The small 5 plastic shelf serves well for family uses such as holding utensils and drying clothes, while larger ones serve enterprises such as warehousing companies. The products are made of various materials to ensure maximum functionality. Aluminum is preferred due to its lightweight, which allows it to be flexible and portable. Some are made of plywood, which is a tough and long-lasting material. 5 tier plastic shelving protects products, particularly fragile items, by storing them centrally and allowing access from both ends. 

In terms of space, 5 plastic shelves save a significant amount of space while accommodating a greater capacity of goods in a small area. 5 plastic shelves allow businesses such as supermarkets to provide their customers with convenient and timely services by displaying and allowing access to products from both ends. Look through a wide selection of 5 tier plastic shelving on Alibaba.com to avoid the stress of losing or damaging your products. To increase productivity, deciliter your kitchen, office, or storage unit. Purchase now from the website and organize your workspace for maximum efficiency.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

WF purchased this 5-tier plastic shelving and reviewed that Just what I needed. Needed shelving and this was perfect. Easy to assemble. I recommend helping if you need extra shelving. I put this in one of my deep closets.

5 tier plastic shelving Ram Quality Products Optima 16 inch - 5 tier plastic shelving unit Organizer, Black

Ram Quality Products Optimo 16 inch 5 Tier Plastic Storage Shelving Unit Organizer, Black

With the Ram Quality Products Optima 16 inch 5 tier plastic shelving, Black, you can organize your life. This long-lasting plastic shelving unit can be placed in any room to add storage and make the most of your living space. By reducing or adding tiers, the tube and panel systems can be adjusted to different heights. The simple, yet stylish black design is sure to complement any room in need of additional storage space. 

These storage shelves have been TUV tested, so you can rest assured that they were designed with safety in mind. With a weight capacity of 130 pounds per shelf, you can load your new unit as much as you want. Ram Quality Products will help you clear out the clutter in your home and bring more joy into your life. Black Optima 16″ 5 Tier Plastic Shelves. 5 tier plastic shelving unit with 16-inch wide adjustable space per shelf assist you in making the most of your living space.

The minimalist, stylish design is functional and appropriate for any room in your home. On flat surfaces, it is sturdy. Simple, no-hassle assembly allows you to immediately organize up to 130 pounds per shelf. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and enjoy a cleaner lifestyle and headspace. Size (L x D x H): 33.46 x 16 x 73 in. This black 5-shelf resin unit is ideal for the garage, basement, laundry room, or office. 5 tier plastic shelving is durable, low-maintenance, and will not rust, dent, stain, or peel. It does not require any tools to assemble. 

Market-leading modular shelving is designed with style and quality in mind, allowing for more flexible storage anywhere. Heavy Weight: 55kg/shelf capacity: 275kg total. 5 tiers of shelves can be built in a single high unit (1820mm high) or two low sections (970mm high x 1800mm wide). Internal Shelf Dimensions 795 mm in length, 390 mm in width, and 370 mm in height. Flat packed for quick and easy assembly with no tools required. For added stability, the item comes with two sets of raised feet and four wall fixings. Company Airtight Large Scuba Box (Product Code: 008441) fits perfectly on each shelf in damp areas. 

The Barton modular 5 tier plastic shelving unitIs appropriate for most environments, resulting in a low-cost shelving system for light-duty items. The unit is made of black polypropylene and consists of 5 shelves that are connected by lateral joints. The shelving system is quick and easy to assemble and measures 1840mm x 900mm x 400mm. It can be fixed to the wall using the supplied fixing brackets (wall fixings not included).The five-tier plastic shelving unit is made of black polypropylene and can hold up to 50KG per shelf. This shelving unit has 380mm spacing between shelves for plenty of storage space. 

The 5 tier plastic shelving are reinforced and linked by lateral joints. The smooth surfaces of company shelving are ideal for protecting delicate wrapped or packaged items. Metro Max if’s accessories allow it to address the most diverse range of applications among Metro’s polymer shelving lines. All Metro Max I products are RFID-compatible. Metro Max is the storage solution that will last a lifetime. The Metro Max 4 line is entirely made of polymer. 

This plastic shelving is ideal for harsh environments and comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty. Metro Max 4 individual shelves can support up to 800 pounds per shelf and 2000 pounds per stationary shelving unit when evenly distributed. Metro Max Q has a unique quick-adjust feature for areas where storage requirements change frequently. An epoxy-coated steel frame and removable polymer shelf mats are used to construct each shelf.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Karen purchased this 5 tier plastic shelving and reviewed that “ Pleased and happy with the shelves!” The shelves arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

5 tier plastic shelving HDX 36” x 72” 5-Tiered Ventilated Plastic Storage Shelving Unit w/ Raised Feet and Tool-Free Assembly

HDX 36” x 72” 5-Tiered Ventilated Plastic Storage Shelving Unit w/ Raised Feet and Tool-Free Assembly

Each shelf can support 150 pounds, giving this unit a total capacity of 750 pounds. There are no tools required. For a simple assembly experience, the pieces simply lock into each other like a puzzle. This long-lasting material is also simple to clean, making this unit suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage. This unit’s legs keep 5 tier plastic shelving suspended off the ground, reducing the risk of potential water damage if stored in damp environments such as basements or garages. 

It also makes for easy cleanup, improving air circulation around your items, and reducing retained dust. If you want to get to work faster, keep your tools and paints organized. This 5 tier plastic shelving unit is available from HDX. Its simple assembly and sturdy construction will serve you well in any room of the house, from the basement to the garage. Each of its five shelves can support up to 150 pounds, for a total weight capacity of 750. That’s nearly a half-ton of storage available to you. It’s also simple to put together. There are no tools required; simply slide the pieces together and you’ll be ready to put stuff on there in minutes.

The 5 tier plastic shelving is also ventilated. This is advantageous for long-term storage. It maintains a low surface area for dust accumulation. And increases air circulation, providing additional protection to whatever is placed on it. This also makes cleanup easier, especially if you’re storing items outside. Keep HDX in mind for your storage solution needs; whether you’re storing paints for your next renovation project or power tools for your DIY projects. The mats’ vented grid ensures maximum airflow to combat extreme conditions. 

At each touch point, Microbar antimicrobial additives are used. Metro Max Q comes with a 20-year rust and corrosion warranty. The Metro Max Q, when combined with polymer posts, is intended for long-term use. Because of their corrosion- and temperature-resistant construction, Metro’s plastic shelving solutions are ideal for use in coolers and freezers. Our 5 tier plastic shelving units come with corrosion and rust warranties as well. To handle the steam generated during the dish-washing process, dish area shelving should be corrosion-resistant and heat resistant. Because of its heavy-duty polymer design, Metro plastic shelving is ideal for this application. 

Metro provides pre-configured drying racks that are built on company plastic shelving. Plastic shelving is a sanitary solution that will not rip or tear sterile packaging. This reduces the number of kits that must be re-sterilized. Metro plastic shelving is ideal for sterile environments due to its Microbar additive and easy-clean design. Metro 5 tier plastic shelving is a more cost-effective way to outfit storage areas in labs and other scientific settings while maintaining a clean environment. Metro’s plastic shelving line is resistant to chemical spills and cleaning material break-up due to its material composition. Organize easily! Sterility’s 5 Shelf Shelving Unit is ideal for basements, attics, and garages due to its durability, modularity, and simplicity. 

The future trend Flat Gray is a sleek and refined color that complements a wide range of living areas, providing additional storage options for pantries, utility / laundry areas, dorms, and mudrooms. Rugged tubular construction is built to withstand heavy use, and ventilated shelves help keep items dry, mildew-free, and odor-free. Heavy duty plastic will not dent, chip, peel or rust, making it ideal for use in a demanding environment. 

The recommended weight limit for each shelf is 150 pounds. 5 tier plastic shelving assembles quickly and easily without the use of tools, making your organizational project easier. Combine this item with other Sterility Hardware items to create a unique storage solution. This item’s overall assembled dimensions are 75 1/4″ H x 36″ W x 18″ D. Organizing advice! If you need more storage space, consider using wall space from floor to ceiling. Shelving is a simple way to begin.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

fred wojtuniak purchased this 5-tier plastic shelving and reviewed the “ easy to put together and secure the load” storage shelves to carry various items in my shed, easy to put together and secure the load, the heavy things on the bottom shelf, the lighter items on top to balance the weight load as the saying goes. Did not want the heavy metal type of shelving my items don’t weigh a lot, why spend a lot of money when you don’t have to?

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