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By: Nazia Abid

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Tray Tables Set

Tray tables have historically been used to serve meals while watching TV. Nevertheless, there is a tone of additional excellent applications for portable bed TV trays that you could find useful. Look at some of the advantages of TV trays in the home today. For both adults and kids, Table Mate offers a variety of foldable table trays. To find the ideal table for you, keep reading and then visit our online store right away! Whenever you need it, an easy-to-move table tray will do. A bed tray table is not very useful if it is strong enough to hold what you need but is then quite challenging to move. Table trays that are very simple to slide and shift to any location are something we are glad to provide at Table Mate. 

When not in use, just fold your table into a little package so that it may fit under practically any piece of furniture.  The advantage is that you can store it when it’s not in use to save space. Whether you have a little area or need to move the table from one location to another, our portable and small table trays are ideal. The portable table trays that Table Mate offers are not just exceptionally strong—they can support up to 50 pounds of weight! As a result, you won’t need to worry if the tray can sustain the weight of your fancy dinner plates or glasses when using them. You can set your crafts or drawing supplies on the table in addition to serving meals without worrying that it will topple over when you are utilizing it. Most tray tables do not offer this level of toughness. 

The bed TV trays can accommodate your demands whether you want to spend the morning in bed and have a leisurely breakfast or you need to work from home. Because they can slide up to the edge of the bed, these movable table trays make excellent bedside tables. It may be adjusted to the precise height and angle you require. Take the table with you if you intend to watch your children or grandchildren play in the park so that you will have a hygienic surface on which to set your snacks and beverages. These foldable table trays can be used in any space or circumstance. For book lovers, tray tables are ideal. 

Finding the ideal position for relaxing and holding the book can occasionally be one of the most difficult aspects of reading. The transportable tray tables provide the ideal answer. Now that your book is on the table, you can unwind in your preferred chair. These tables have various configuration options. For the ideal height and angle for your reading delight, bed TV trays may be rearranged in different ways. You won’t have to worry about leaning over and developing a sore neck because each table is made to slide right up to you. For both adults and kids, there are offers in a variety of foldable table trays. Shop through online store right away to select the ideal colour and size for your house!

Bed TV Trays 2 Packs Adjustable With 6 Height & 3 Tilt Angle - Folding Tv Trays With Cup Holder

LORYERGO TV Tray Table - [2 Packs] Adjustable TV Dinner Tray Tables with 6 Height & 3 Tilt Angle, Folding TV Trays with Cup Holder for Bed & Sofa, Multifunctional TV Table Tray for Eating & Reading

This foldable bed TV tray has three different uses, as a convenient workstation for working or reading, as a TV meal tray or as a study table for kids. The tray is 15.5″ deep by 20.4″ broad. has a 3″ cup holder that accommodates typical cup sizes. A cross bar has been placed between the legs at the bottom to increase the stability of the TV tray, strengthening the frame. The TV tray’s height may be altered in six different ways, ranging from 20.4 to 28 inches tall. The most comfortable position can be selected from 3 tilt angles, including horizontal, slanted 30° up, or tilted 20° down. Hardware and an instruction booklet are provided for simple installation. 

Bolt tightening is facilitated with the Allen key tool. For assembly, no further tools are needed. Fold the TV tray flat and stow it beneath a bed or sofa after removing the bottom stabilizing rod. When the unit is folded flat for storage, it measures 2.1″. Smooth and simple to clean, the tabletop. As a multipurpose TV tray, it can be flexibly changed at different heights and angles to fit a range of use situations. With this bed TV tray table, you could consume snacks and drinks while watching TV beside the sofa, read a book, or work at the foot of the bed.

With your friends and family around, have fun with ease. This TV tray’s height may be changed to six different heights to accommodate a variety of circumstances and age groups. The angles of this TV table may be changed to 30 degrees up, a horizontal angle, and 20 degrees down. By removing the bottom stabilizing rod, it may fold up and be stored beneath your sofa and bed or used as a convenient lean against the wall to conserve room.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Debbie I56: Purchased this product and reviewed “Tray for eating, coloring or reading” We bought this set to use as a tv dining tray. But, we also use it for coloring and reading. In our opinion the trays do not have three usable positions. The third position is only available if you use the tray facing the opposite direction. The cup holder is a nice… See more

Bed TV Trays Folding Tray For Eating Adjustable 6 Height Couch Table Tray With Cup Holder Black

TV Dinner Table Folding Tray Tables Bed Trays for Eating Adjustable 6 Height Couch Table Tray with Cup Holder Black

 You can easily modify the table’s six heights and three angles (upward, horizontal, and downward) to find the right height and angle for you. Built-in cup holders allow you to effortlessly store a drink on this sofa desk without worrying about it spilling. Simple to store, because this small table is foldable, you can quickly fold it after using it and store it next to a couch or bed. Adjustable table, since the legs of the side table can easily move under or under the sofa, bed, and chair, you can pull it closer to you. With the right thickness, U-shaped table legs may be put in with ease.

The large surface and strong legs make them perfect for working with a laptop while eating, reading, or placing snacks, cups, plates, laptops, or iPads. When you’re done, fold it up into a little package and put it in a cupboard, next to a couch, or under the bed to save space. Features: Height-adjustable in 4 and 6, By just pressing the button on the table leg, the bed TV tray table may be quickly adjusted to any one of six different heights. For the most comfortable position, choose from 3 tilt degrees including horizontal, upward, or downward. A portable tray table has integrated Cup Holder. The easy cup holder design and table top are composed of materials that are safe for consumption.

A narrow rectangular tray called a “Sofa Tray” was created specifically for use on upholstered surfaces. These bed TV trays can be placed next to the sitter on a sofa cushion, next to a newspaper on an ottoman, or even on a wide sofa armrest, with the angled edges of its long sides facing upwards. It offers a stable, non-slip surface as it is made of steel and coated on both sides with split leather. The Sofa Tray provides a neat and beautiful storage option by acting as a safe platform for cups and glasses, snack bowls, books, and other items.

The Sofa Tray was designed as an attachment for Grand Sofa, but it can be used with any type of couch because of its slanted sides, which fit precisely face down over the back ledge of the sofa. Wherever additional table space is required, the Tray Table provides a quick and stylish side table. It is also thoughtfully designed to fold away easily and conveniently when not in use. Its lightweight design and small profile make it simple to fold flat and stow almost anywhere. Its small, compact folding tables are made of sturdy rubber wood and have a timeless natural finish that can go with any colour scheme and decor. This bed TV tray not only has plenty of space for storage but also functions nicely as a quick pop-up table.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

 Customer: Purchased this product and reviewed “Nice sofa table” Easy to assemble. I like the different height adjustments. And I love how it can easily slide under your sofa or bed!

Bed TV Trays Comfortable Folding Table With 6 Height & 3 Tilt Angle Adjustments (Black)

Adjustable TV Tray Table - TV Dinner Tray on Bed & Sofa, Comfortable Folding Table with 6 Height & 3 Tilt Angle Adjustments (Black)

This bed TV tray is useful and perfect for regular household use. Use it as a TV dinner tray, couch table, foldable table, snack tray and more by setting it at the edge of your sofa or bed. Excellent answer for a variety of residential applications. The TV tray’s height may be changed from 20.8″ to 28″ and its angle can be changed as well. Enables the tray to be kept horizontal or angled up and down using 3 tilt positions. Based on your position, you may easily determine the most comfortable angle. To help make this TV tray sturdier, the design adds a second base rod. The tray is 15.5″ deep by 20.5″ broad. The tray table can be folded when the rod has been removed. TV trays are simple to assemble and may be folded to a smaller size for storage next to a couch or in a closet. While the device is not in use, conserve space. Simple to put up as necessary. Remove the tilt bar connection from the table tray and reassemble it if you are unable to level it horizontally after installation. 

The couch bed TV trays should now be able to lay flat. This tray gives practical options for working from your favorite chair, watching TV while eating dinner and keeping personal goods close at hand. The trays easily fold open to a stable position and can support up to 35 pounds. They are made of durable material in a variety of finishes. Use the trays as a stable platform for laptops, supplies, or other items. Enjoy your morning coffee, movie night popcorn, or an after-school snack. When not in use, the bed TV trays neatly stack on the standing rack, instantly open to a standing position, then fold flat. Table Tray that Folds Convenient Concepts’ Designs Foldable Tray Table will revolutionize family activity time. 

You can move this foldable tray table about your house with ease. This TV tray table has enough storage for your temporary necessities, from movie Mondays in the living room to a project in your home study. It not only features a modern design to freshen up your home decor, but it is also made to last. The tray is made of MDF and has a non-lead-based paint finish, so it will stand the test of time. Its strong solid wood legs will offer the stability required for all types of equipment and things needed at a close range. Use this side straight out of the box. This bed TV tray table comes fully assembled and prepared to be a part of your outfit, so you can use it right out of the box. With its many possible finish options, brighten your home. Direct food contact is not intended for this tray.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Cloudzy: Purchased this product and reviewed “Sturdy, steady, and convenient.” I use this as a side table tray when I sit on my couch. It’s fantastic. I thought it would be difficult to assemble, or that it would wobble, or become unstable with things on it. It turned out to be extremely easy to assemble. I assembled mine in less than a… See more

Bed TV Trays Adjustable For Eating, Folding Laptop Table With 6 Height And 3 Tilt Angles, Set Of 2

Sandinrayli Adjustable TV Tray,TV Trays Table for Eating on Bed & Sofa,Folding Laptop Table with 6 Height and 3 Tilt Angles,Set of 2

Multi-purpose bed TV trays are quite useful and perfect for usage in the house. Use it as a bed table, a portable workstation, a snack tray, etc. by setting it at the edge of your couch or bed. Perfect in every circumstance. Its TV tray’s height can be fully adjusted between 20.67″ and 27.95″ and its horizontal angles can be changed by 1 downward angle and 1 upward angle. To work or watch a movie without hurting your neck or back, simply adjust the height and angle to your preferred setting. The tray can support up to 55 lb. and is made of sturdy steel metal tubes and a plastic top. Extra balancing bar made of metal that is stronger and more stable. 

A tabletop with a raised edge and a sliding cup holder with an adjustable angle protect items from falling. The table is more stable thanks to the addition of a fixed foot on each leg. This TV tray can be put together in no more than five minutes. After use, you may fold it up into a little package and keep it in a closet or next to a couch to save room around your house. You may work on the table, eat snacks there, etc. because the support is more robust thanks to the high-quality materials used. Every position you employ can be satisfied by three adjustable tilt degrees, which also increase your comfort.

The L-shaped building’s design will be practical in many facets of life and is also portable. The height of this bed TV tray may be changed to 6 different heights to accommodate people of all ages and circumstances. The bed TV trays will make entertaining simple and hassle-free. An ideal side dish for a relaxed meal in front of the TV. Four portable snack tables that fold up for easy storage in the closet and are perfect for daily usage. An inventive addition to this set is an upright stand that doubles as a rack to covertly store the folding tables underneath the double-drop leaf top while not in use, giving you extra tabletop room when you need it. Use the individual folding snack trays for meals and the expanding table top to keep glasses and serving utensils. 

The stand has simple transport from one room to another, two of which lock to keep the device securely in place. The tables’ sturdy construction and rounded, smooth edges make them durable enough to withstand frequent usage. The stand’s hardware is conveniently packed and supplied in a single box that also contains the stand. The bed TV trays are sent completely assembled and ready to use. The bed TV trays are convenience and lots of table space. A twin drop-leaf table that can extend and is portable on rolling rollers can neatly store four folding snack tables and move it anywhere. Open the table for serving utensils, beverages, and glasses while yet giving friends or family a personal snack table.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Adriana L. Purchased this product and reviewed “The trays are very sturdy & the cup holder is the best! No more spills⭐️” The trays are the best! There big enough to put your items on. They fit a large plate & room for more. The best thing is the adjustable height & cup holder! Love ❤️ then

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