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By: Waqas Saeed

18 inch bed frame product is well made, easy to set up (which I managed on my own), has a sturdy construction, and is great overall. I highly recommend it. We are entirely different sizes, me and my boyfriend. Just put an end to the creaking and weak, wobbly wood slat bed frames. Our 18 inch bed frame rise Round Edge Steel Slat Metal Platform Bed Frame has been improved, and it now offers excellent support for your mattress. The brand-new round-edge legs guarantee that neither you nor a member of your family will run into the edges. Your comfort and safety are important to us. You can fully utilize the under-bed storage with the 18 inch bed frame. No box spring is required. 

The metal support slats should be directly atop your standard-size mattress. It is the ideal height for all people. Your bedroom can be upgraded with a sturdy bed frame that is simple to assemble. Ordering and waiting for the frame to arrive are the only requirements. Everything is ready and waiting for you in a package. A bed frame that is 18 inch bed frame offers greater under-bed storage than conventional beds. Heavy luxury mattresses may be supported by strong steel slats without risk of the slats failing. Excellent for encouraging people who are plus size. Maximum weight: 2,000 lbs. round edges provide additional protection for you and your family by preventing you from knocking against corners.

 Unique steel slat structure, noise-free design, and strengthened leg structure provide the utmost strength and durability. The frame is delivered in a box to your front door for simple assembly. Please be aware that the 18 inch bed frame has a Centre leg that restricts the placement of a trundle or mattress beneath the bed. However, there is plenty of room for storage under the bed frame. Just forget the creaking and the flimsy wood slat bed frames. The solution to all bed frames is this Full size 18-inch High-Rise Heavy-Duty Metal Platform Bed Frame. Your family member won’t bump into the edges thanks to the new round-edged legs. Your safety and comfort are important to us. You may completely dispense with box springs and utilize under-bed storage thanks to the 18-inch-high profile. Initially in the mattress industry, we were renowned for providing the highest caliber mattresses at reasonable costs.

18 inch bed frame with Headboard, 18 Inch Heavy-Duty Metal Platform Bed Frames and Round Corner Leg.

Woozuro Full-Size Bed-Frame with Headboard, 18 Inch Heavy-Duty Metal Platform Bed Frames with Round Corner Leg, No Box-Spring Needed, Non Slip Mattress Foundation, Noise Free, Easy Assembly, Black

The easy construction of 18 inch bed frame sturdy bed frame, which is the ideal height for everyone, can upgrade your bedroom. When all you need to assemble a platform bed is the mallet that came with your shipment, life is good. The Just Mallet platform bed has clean lines and is built of superior heavy duty steel, providing your room a sleek and contemporary appearance. The frame has plenty of area underneath it for additional storage to keep your room tidy. Make a straightforward yet striking statement by quickly assembling and setting your mattress on top without the use of a box spring. 

To assemble your new bed frame, all you need is the complimentary rubber mallet we offer you. 18 inch bed frame can be used again and is yours to keep. Traditional hardwood slats have Non-Slip Tapes for solid mattress support and are designed for simple installation. The low profile of a platform bed makes it suitable for use in almost any room. It is essentially a frame with a base that can hold a mattress without a box spring in its most basic form. It doesn’t overpower in little spaces, yet 18 inch bed frame adds a subtle hint of airiness to bigger spaces. Brady Burke, the main designer at the interior design firm Heavenly, advises that you should “examine the dimensions, since some platform beds sit quite low to the ground and may not be the correct fit for those sleeping in it.” Finding the ideal platform bed frame for your bedroom can be a real hassle because there are so many alternatives available.

 All of the goods are queen beds to make comparing prices simpler, however the majority of models come in all sizes. The Lenya frame is the clear winner here as well, having been named “18 inch bed frame” in our general survey. We can thank Liza Curtiss, a partner at the design firm Le Whit, for the suggestion. 18 inch bed frame “clean lines and warm color compliment practically any style,” she says. The bed appears “so ageless,” according to strategist writer Emma Weitzman, who also owns it. She thinks that it is simple to “reset it with new bedding whenever the desire strikes.” Beyond just looking good, it’s a well-made piece of furniture, according to Weitzman. “I was really concerned about the quality of the wood with other models, but it feels incredibly robust, and the sides are low enough to make creating a bed easy. “This style is a great option if you’re looking for a California king bed frame with a more straightforward design. Its sturdy stainless-steel frame is designed to prevent noise when you roll over. The additional non-slip function performs a fantastic job of keeping your mattress in place, as well, you’ll discover.


No it won’t drop into the frame it sits on top of it. It does come with things that go on the frame so the mattress won’t slide off. We have not had any problems with it.

I’m sorry. I ordered the Twin-XL in error and returned it for a full size. I would return it for a replacement if it was my order.

Hello, It can’t be used for an adjustable baseWoozuro bed frames are not adjustable, but they come in all sizes and very sturdy.

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Dab5400 purchased this 18 inch bed frame and reviewed that ” A rare review” After researching this product, I was skeptical given the number of negative reviews associated with misaligned parts. Speaking only to the complete package that I received, there were no issues with assembly. I can only imagine those frustrated with assembly/misalignment issues were related to mixing up the direction of the left/right and center rails

18 inch bed frame with Smart Base Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation, No Box Spring Needed and Under bed Storage.

ZINUS SmartBase Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation / 18 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel Frame / Underbed Storage, Queen

18 inch bed frame is always advisable to use a box spring that is in good condition if you intend to use the Oleo Sleep bed frame with a box spring. If not, long-term problems could arise with both the frame and the mattress. In order to prevent the mattress from slipping or sliding, the design also features raised sidebars known as non-Slip design. The assembly method is not based on any complex science. You should find the Oleo Sleep bed frame assembly instructions handbook helpful.

The head part is the only component that requires special attention. 18 inch bed frame has the slots needed to assemble a headboard. Even though they are not numbered, the remaining units are simple to assemble. A restful night’s sleep will give you the finest start to your day. Our solid full, queen, and king size platform beds come in various shapes and sizes, and they are comfortable and high-quality so you can wake up happy. Many are designed to allow you to move boxes underneath or have clever features like built-in storage. 

Find the remaining pieces of your dream bed on our website, such as a mattress and pillows, by browsing around. The Bed by Thumb took the top rank on our list because 18 inch bed frame is built sustainably from recycled wood, has just the right amount of customization possibilities to suit most tastes without being overly complex, and doesn’t need any skills to put together. The Bed by Thumb is our choice for the best bed frame overall. 18 inch bed frame adaptable platform bed includes a headboard, cushion-coated slats, and the frame. Each frame is individually created from recycled wood and comes in one of three colors: walnut, natural, or espresso.


You are not supposed to have a solid surface like plywood under a memory foam mattress. The foam needs to breathe and putting it on a solid surface like a floor or plywood can cause it to grow mold. That is why most platform bed frames either have the wire grid like these or slats with spaces because memory foam needs.

I have the heavy-duty king-size frame…. I’m over 300 lbs…. it doesn’t squeak AT ALL. that being said, I sleep in it alone…. It doesn’t see much “action” …. My mattress is super heavy…. it takes two strong men to move it…. It’s extremely heavy, so that might weigh it down…. but I’ve had mine since 2018 and move… 

According to the paperwork that came with it, the Queen-sized 18″ Zinus Frame will hold **4,000 lbs**! I currently weigh 350lbs, and can tell you it as solid as a rock. I bought a 12″ Hybrid I-Coil/Gel-Foam mattress directly from Zinus, and the frame via Amazon and it is very firm and solid. The best sleep I’ve ever had.

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Erik E  purchased this 18 inch bed frame and reviewed that  “Awesome storage for apartment living!” *disclaimer* I live in an apartment, if you do too, you’ve found the right review! Lemme start by saying, my S.O. and I had our mattress on the floor for the first 3 weeks of moving in to our new place….

OmiNight tall twin bed frame with 18 inch bed frame, 3500 lbs Heavy Duty Sturdy Steel Slat Support Platform and No Box Spring Needed.

OmiNight Twin XL Bed Frame 18 Inch Tall Metal Famres 3500 lbs Heavy Duty Sturdy Steel Slat Support Platform No Box Spring Needed, Noise Free ,Easy Assembly-Black

Steel alloy is used to make the bed frame. 18 inch bed frame won’t tremble or squeak when you lie down on it. The bed frame has a maximum load bearing capacity of 3500 lbs. You can set your foam mattress directly on the iron bars (steel slats) with the bed frame, eliminating the need for a separate box spring. With a reinforced construction that won’t wobble and a cushioned gasket that muffles sounds, you can always add a headboard.

Selecting one of our platform bed frames will guarantee you peaceful sleep. 18 inch bed frame is when the subject of maximum body weight comes up. Therefore, having middle legs increases the overall strength and longevity of the structure. With three middle legs, the Oleo Sleep platform bed frame T-3000 can support as much weight as possible without bending or breaking. Because of the sturdy frame and steel metal design, T-3000 King size versions can support weights of up to 2000 lbs.2000 lbs. is pretty much on the higher side and more than enough for two individuals, assuming they are sleeping on a queen-size or king-size version. lee Sleep’s T-3000 series bed frames are built to function with or without box springs. This is a double benefit because the majority of other bed frames can only be used independently.

The Bed by Thumb is devoid of veneers or engineered wood, in contrast to some of the other more cost-effective choices on our list. The slats are made to offer your mattress the best support possible, to dampen noise, and to allow air to circulate. Double-strength slats and cork-lined legs that preserve your floor while adding extra cushioning are examples of the high-quality craftsmanship. You won’t have to worry about banging your leg in the middle of the night thanks to the rounded corners of this bed frame.

The Pillow board and The Headboard are the two different headboard options available with tall twin bed frame, which makes it special for accommodating various comfort and design requirements. The Pillow board has a clean aesthetic and provides a cushioned area to relax because tall twin bed frame is composed of CertiPUR-US certified foam and has a polyester pebbled linen-weave cover (available in dark charcoal, fog grey, or light linen). This metal platform option from Greatest Price Mattress should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking for the best bed frame with a timeless design that is also reasonably priced. tall twin bed frame contains sturdy steel slats that are intended to provide robust support while maintaining the level of your bed and preventing your mattress from sagging. For added strength, this sturdy bed frame also includes extra legs and a Centre bar.


I bought this metal bed frame for my new home. It is very easy to assemble, it only took 20 minutes for my brother and I to assemble, it is easy to assemble according to the video and manual. When I decided to change it to another bedroom for use, I completed the disassembly alone.

Heavy duty support: 9 support legs and 20 crossbars are made of sturdy and durable steel and can support up to 3,500 pounds, it is very suitable for the brawny or those with a heavy mattress. Your bed will not shake anymore. Right in the description.

Yes, of course, there are reserved holes at both ends of the bed for assembling headboard and footboard. If you don’t believe it, you can confirm via video.

My headboard plate adapter came with my headboard but they can also be purchased on Amazon or your local Lowes, Home Depot type store.

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Customer purchased this 18 inch bed frame and reviewed that 
 “practical, sturdy, affordable” This is the second bed frame of this type I have purchased, and I love them. Sturdy!!! Easy to assemble, and to disassemble and move. Space savers since they have no headboard or footboard. Good storage opportunities under the bed…

18 inch bed frame Tall Platform and Bed frame No Box Spring Needed with Storage.

HAAGEEP Full Size Bed Frame 18 Inch Tall Platform Bedframe No Box Spring Needed High with Storage Metal

There is no need for a box spring with this 18 inch bed frame -high, solid, secure, and durable metal platform bed frame with steel slats. Easy assembly and a non-slip mattress design make for restful sleep. Specifications L x W x H, set-up dimensions of the product Twin: 76.5 “Fit mattress inner dimension: 74.5″ x 38.5″ x 40.5″ x 18″ Full size: 76.5″ x 55.5” x 18 “74.5” x 53.5″ (generally), fit mattress inner dimension There are three distinct height options for 18 inch bed frame: 14, 16, or 18 inches. Additionally, it comes in a variety of sizes, from twin to California king. Although some size and height combinations are also available in white, this metal bed frame is black. Additionally, 18 inch bed frame has slots so that, if you so wish, you can attach a headboard.

The greatest bed frame we recommend combining traditional and modern style. This Sativa platform bed frame comes in three different fabric options: Taupe Vintage Velvet, Graphite Vintage Velvet, and Natural Linen. 18 inch bed frame has a completely upholstered headboard and footboard with soft tufting. To match the fabric you choose, this bed frame’s tapered hardwood legs have various design elements, such chrome or brass caps. This bed frame is sturdy and environmentally friendly because it is made of hardwood that has been kiln-dried and sourced responsibly. The sturdy plywood slats on this bed frame, which is 7 inches off the ground, offer support for the majority of mattress varieties. 

Foam padding is present between the Centre bar and slats in all sizes with the exception of the twin, which reduces noise. This 18 inch bed frame doesn’t require a box spring, like many of the alternatives on our list. Despite being low to the ground, there are still 16 inches under the bed for storage. Another reason we adore this cost-effective choice is that the best bed frames are quick and simple to assemble. The rubber-capped metal slats simply slide onto the friction-fit support cups thanks to the Fit2Lock function.


No, it’s not adjustable. Once assembled, the top of the base is 18″ from the floor. The outer rail height – @ the bottom – is 16″ from the floor. You basically have 16″ for storage underneath, (but 15.5″ beneath the center support rail). A lot of room, a great frame, super portable, & easy setup

Unless you saved the nuts and bolts from your other headboard you can easily go to Home Depot to purchase 4 sets of a bolt, washer and nut. This bed frame does come with 4 nuts and the bolts but my headboard is very thick. Chances are you will need to go to Home Depot. It’s no big deal. It’s easy. The bed frame is top … 

No the middle leg is a major part of the frame and would be hard to remove and then you would weaken the frame. Get rid of the huge drawer and split your stuff into two roll type under bed storage units.

After some internet research I found an import company listed for Colorado with this name, but the names are associated with China so I just assumed manufactured in China.

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Liam Kavanagh purchased this 18 inch bed frame and reviewed that “ Super useful…just watch your knees” Exactly as advertised. My girlfriend and I have a lot of stuff, and not a lot of space (renting a single room after having an apartment). We managed to fit nearly a dozen totes under the bed using this.

18 inch bed frame with Large Storage Space, Easy Assembly Heavy Duty Metal Platform No Box Spring Needed, Noise Free

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 Platform 18 inch bed frame is sturdy and durable, with a steel slat construction that is noise-free and nine reinforced legs that support the entire platform frame for sound sleep. Easily put together Metal bed frame: 18 inch bed frame full-size bed frame is simple to assemble in 20 minutes and comes with all necessary tools, hardware, and instructions. Save your space with a high bed frame. Tall full metal bed frame with plenty of under-bed storage to store more trash, easier to clean, and improves the appearance of your room.

With a sturdy metal frame that eliminates the need for a box spring, your memory foam, latex, or spring mattress will last longer.. 18 inch bed frame is undoubtedly a choice to fit your taste, whether you choose modern metal frames or rustic wood ones. Additionally, platform beds give an open aspect and feel that helps enhance the sensation of space in a compact room because they are typically lower to the ground than traditional 18 inch bed frame with legs or feet. Traditional platform bed frames have a straightforward yet attractive appearance that works with any type of decor. They are composed of wood or metal and have low-profile headboards and footboards. These beds provide excellent mattress support without the use of box springs.

 The most common sizes for classic platform 18 inch bed frame are twin, full, queen, and king. The finest of both worlds are combined in modern platform beds: comfort and design. These modern styles frequently blend geometric shapes with organic materials like metal or wood to create a sleek appearance that can elevate any area. To keep your bedroom tidy and organized, many contemporary platform beds also include storage elements like drawers or concealed compartments Oleo Sleep has developed into the industry leader for low-cost mattresses over time. Later, the business expanded into the production of bed frames. Body movements provide the most strain on the middle area. Few bed frames come with just two middle legs, although some do. If you’ve ever observed, we typically choose to sit in the centre of a bed rather than one of the corners. Strong and Long-Lasting Platform Bed. Simple Metal 18 inch bed frame Assembly. Bed Frame 18 Inch High Maintain Your Spaces. Metal Frame Not Needed a Box Spring For DIY headboard and footboard, set aside holes.


Not only one person – room for another robust friend and even some robust fun! My friend is 280 and I’m 240 and we’re just newly acquainted so…very sturdy frame!!!

Sidney, yes, in fact this one is heavy duty as compared to my last one which came apart quite easily. It comes with the tools to put it together and some extra bolts. Put everything extra into a small bag and tape it underneath the frame anywhere. This way when you go to move everything is right there. I love it.

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MR purchased this 18 inch bed frame and reviewed that “Very sturdy” Needed 2 people to put together Cal King frame. All parts included to put together, including allen wrench. Took about a hour. I got this for the 18″ height so I could store stuff under bed…..

18 inch bed frame No Box Spring Needed Metal Platform Bed frame with Storage for Kids High Tall Black

HAAGEEP 18 Inch Full Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Metal Platform Bedframe with Storage for Kids High Tall Black

Holes Reserved for DIY headboard Strong 18 inch bed frame with solid steel slat construction, quiet sleep, no squeaks: Mattresses must match normal twin, full, queen, and king sizes; no box spring is required.  Platform beds 18 inches height with generous under-bed storage 16 inches deep To prevent the mattress from slipping, a 18 inch bed frame with a black matte surface is enclosed. No tools are needed, assembly takes only a few minutes, and a 5-year warranty is included. When looking for the greatest bed frame, stability is an important element to consider. 18 inch bed frame bed frame is more stable and keeps your mattress from shifting thanks to features like reinforced bolts and brackets at every point of attachment, several support feet, and a vertical Centre support. 

There is no need for a box spring or mattress foundation with this kind of bed frame. 18 inch bed frame is sturdy foundation supports your mattress, giving it a tone of flexibility, durability, and comfort. With so many options available on the web market, finding a high-quality platform bed frame is not exactly simple. But don’t worry—we have already done the research. When looking for a new platform bed frame, there are just two viable options. The first scenario is when you already own a mattress. Simply purchase a bed frame that is the same size as your mattress in this situation. Anything smaller or bigger won’t fit or will appear out of place. Platform18 inch bed frame are compact since they don’t have legs or feet and instead rest directly on the floor.

 They are therefore a great option for bedrooms that are compact or have restricted space. Additionally, some include built-in storage areas so you may utilize even more room in your bedroom. They are thus ideal for those who require additional storage but lack space for pieces of furniture like dressers and nightstands. You are guaranteed to find a platform bed that perfectly complements your décor because they are available in a range of forms and materials. Additionally, these 18 inch bed frame typically last longer than conventional bed frames and mattresses due to their use of durable materials like metal or wood. You’ll be able to sleep easier at night and be confident that your investment will last for a long time as a result. Platform beds have a contemporary aesthetic that will immediately modernize a bedroom’s appearance and atmosphere


Sorry threw the box out already…but it is not a huge box and the bed top comes in 4 sections making the box probably 3 ft by 3 ft by less than 12″ high. Not very heavy and easy to carry to bedroom for assembly. Very pleased with the ease of assembly.

It is rated to hold up to 3,500 pounds. I believe it can hold as much as your floor can hold. It is very stable, no moving or rocking. Great foundation without a box spring. I believe my mattress feels firmer now without the box spring. I am very happy with my purchase.

If I understand correctly, there is no inset. The mattress sits flat on top on the rails. It can slide just a little.However, if you get this you should consider a bunkie board. After about two weeks it became very painful to sleep on. I’m a side sleeper and thought I’d torn my rotator cuff! I had it for a few mi

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Username purchased this 18 inch bed frame And reviewed that “Perfect for storing toys underneath” “We bought this frame for our 6 year old along with a new mattress. The number of toys that boy has is outrageous and I knew with a bigger bed, it would cause space issues for toy storage. So, I opted for this higher frame. All of his storage bins fit underneath and it doesn’t have the awkward bars in the corners, that limit your space. It’s perfect and exactly what we wanted. I may replace all of our frames with this one for added storage.