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An example of a mattress foundation is a box spring, which is frequently made of metal or wood and has springs or coils inside to support the mattress. A Casper box spring can assist a mattress bear weight more uniformly and absorb shock, thereby extending the life of the mattress. For the best support and comfort, Casper’s box spring is made to work particularly with their mattresses. The box spring matches the clean lines of Casper’s mattresses with its durable, solid construction and simple design. Any box spring made by the online mattress retailer Casper is referred to as a “Casper box spring.” Box springs with zero deflection are far more robust than those with coils. They also function admirably with contemporary mattresses made of latex and memory foam. For many years to come, The Casper Foundation can offer the ideal assistance. In addition, Casper box spring is made to be simple to put together and requires few tools.

In general, the Casper spring is a premium option for individuals who use a Casper mattress, but it might not be appropriate for use with other kinds of mattresses. Make sure the Casper spring you’re thinking about buying is compatible with your mattress and suits your individual requirements and preferences. A well-known bed-in-a-box business called Casper provides a variety of sleep items, including the Casper box spring.

The Box Spring is a sturdy base created for use with the company’s selection of mattresses. It is constructed from strong, long-lasting materials and offers a secure foundation for your mattress, assisting in extending its lifespan and enhancing the overall comfort and support of your sleeping arrangement. The Casper box spring is also made to be simple to assemble, allowing you to have a restful night’s sleep as quickly as possible. Instead of coils, these bed bottoms have bolstering hardwood slats.

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Casper Sleep Box Spring Foundation for Full Mattress

Dimensions of the Casper box spring are 52.5″ W x 74″ L x 7.5″ H; those of the metal bed frame is 53.1″ W x 72.4″ L x 7.3″ H; weight is 64.9 lbs.; that of the hold weight is 750 lbs.; and the distance between slats is 4″. The Casper foundation can be used with various mattresses in place of a conventional Casper full mattress and is designed to give exceptional support below your Casper mattress. Solid wood was used in the engineering, and it has passed strict durability tests and been shown to endure years of sleep. The proper distance between slats is four inches for maximum support.

Casper box spring is compatible with any mattress. Need a platform, a slatted bed frame, or a basic metal bed frame (if you want extra height). It is not advisable to place the foundation directly on the floor. Side rails are 2X, corner pins are 4X, center support beams are 1X, end rails are 2X, and foundation support slats are 2X. Before using the cloth again, spot-clean it with a gentle detergent and let it air dry. Without the need for any tools, our foundation assembles quickly and offers superb support underneath any Casper full mattress.

If you need to navigate around tight corners or are relocating, it can also be swiftly dismantled. Older box springs sometimes have slats that are too wide apart, leaving space for mattresses. Our foundation’s slats are precisely spaced four inches apart to provide the best stability. Casper box spring was designed with solid wood and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its endurance throughout many years of use.


We bought a king sized hybrid mattress (innerspring plus foam) and when doing the research, I found the manufacture of the mattresses expressing the requirement for support in terms of the space between the slats rather than though width of the slats. The Casper platform provides plenty of support for our mattress with the slats being maybe 1 1/2 inch apart, where the mattress manufacture wanted a maximum of 3 inches apart for the slats. This Casper platform is super solid and we sleep easily with confidence in that support.

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Boss purchased Casper full mattress and review that amazing what a box spring can do with an old matress could not afford an entire new bed with mattress. Sold myself on this box spring. And a new frame to hold it with my old mattress…