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Product foldable twin bed frame measurements (LxWxH) are 75 x 39 x 14 inches, and its weight is 26.3 pounds. The Ideal Base Twin Size Foldable Bed frame provides the utmost comfort and support. The sturdy metal slats and solid, strong steel construction of this ergonomically-designed bed frame offer the ideal combination of stability and comfort. Even when used frequently, the bed will remain in place thanks to the stronger screw fastening. Additionally, it is simple to handle and store when not in use thanks to its foldable shape. Today, upgrade your sleeping arrangements with the Ideal Base foldable twin bed frame.

You can use minimalist style to make the most of your bedroom’s space. 500 pounds is the recommended maximum weight. Dimensions of item: 82″L x 62″W x 51″H.  Recommended maximum weight: 700 pounds includes a sturdy steel Twin size platform bed frame with a black finish. The frame’s folding mechanism makes foldable twin bed frame simple to stow and transfer in confined areas, such as upstairs and through doorways. Intended for sleepers weighing up to 250 pounds gives access to under-the-bed storage with a vertical clearance of approximately 13 inches. Quick and simple setup; no equipment needed

The 14”-inch Steel Mattress Frame has a ground clearance of 13 inches and offers enough of under-bed storage room for all of your extra knickknacks. Foldable twin bed frame also has a convenient folding mechanism for simple storing. Upgrade to the Heavy-Duty Steel Twin size bed frames for increased strength and durability, which do away with the requirement for a box spring and let you utilize the full support of your memory foam or spring mattress. In addition, the legs of the frame have protective plastic coverings to keep your floors appearing spotless. There is no longer any need for a separate box spring thanks to this metal mattress foundation. Foldable twin bed frame is sturdy enough for you to set your mattress right on it without any fear.

It is made with a strong construction that will keep your mattress securely in place. There wouldn’t be any swelling at all. You get 13″ of under-bed storage with this sturdy platform bed frame, which is 14 inches off the ground. The foldable twin bed frame made of heavy-duty metal is entirely silent. Leg caps are included with the bed frame so your floor won’t be scratched. This is the best mattress support bed frame available at this price range because you can quickly fold it up and store it if you don’t need it for a while and need the space for something else. King size, queen size, and twin xl aluminum platform bed frames are among the available options

Foldable Twin Bed Frame 14 Inch Foldable Dura Metal Platform Bed Frame Comfort Base Bed Frame And Height for Under-Bed Storage

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Foldable Dura Metal Platform Bed Frame, Comfort Base Bed Frame, Height for Under-Bed Storage, Black, Twin

Maximize your bedroom space with under-bed storage that is 13 inches from the ground foldable twin bed frame Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 14 inches.250 pounds is the recommended maximum weight. Keep you from getting wounded by preventing your toes from stumbling into the bed with the recessed legs. Built to last and built of high-quality steel to give you and your mattress a firm foundation Simple to assemble – folds and unfolds in a matter of minutes

No box spring is required. Foldable twin bed frame constructed of premium; high-quality steel is the Oleo Sleep Comfort Base. Any current or new bed can have the best support possible thanks to our unique bed frame, which can take the place of all outdated and traditional box spring bases. A central supporting bar makes the structure stronger and more long-lasting. foldable twin bed frame innovative and simple-to-assemble system offers you dependable, practical bedding support. For this comfort base, you don’t need to buy any extra tools. foldable twin bed frame is simple to move or store at any time because you only need to fold and unfold.

Additionally, there is a 13-inch compartment under your frame where you may keep larger items or non-seasonal clothing. Support For Every Sleeper: With an eco-friendly Sleep Innovations memory foam bed, you can find motion isolation, edge support, and breathable comfort whether you choose to sleep on your stomach, back, or side. Please give your Mattress 24 to 72 hours to assume its original shape. In a hotter environment, memory foam will expand more quickly.

Your mattress may take a little longer to expand from foldable twin bed frame compressed state to full size in a cool environment during delivery. Depending on the environment, the mattress’s time of expansion will change. For overheated sleepers, this 10-inch cooling gel memory foam mattress is ideal; With a silky knit cover, responsive foam, and a sturdy foundation layer, the medium firm mattress provides pressure-relieving support in any sleeping position. To keep you cool while you sleep throughout the night, foldable twin bed frame has full memory foam mattress has cooling gel foam and an airflow channel for improved ventilation.

Superiority first The Marley mattress is produced in both Mexico and the USA. Our CertiPUR-US certified memory foam pillows, mattress toppers, and mattresses are all hypoallergenic and provide you with premium materials for luxurious sleep. Dedicated To Excellent Sleep: With cutting-edge foams and materials, we still provide sleep restoration today, having created the memory foam bed in a box; A 10-year warranty is included with this full bed mattress.


Yes, a box spring can be used. I have one on my son’s bed along with a mattress and it is not any higher than it’d be on a normal frame. It also is sturdy enough to hold both a box spring and a mattress.

Personally, I would do 18″ because I like a higher bed and the space underneath is awesome. But if you use a bed skirt it may be difficult because longest, I could find was 14″

It seems you’d just be stubbing your toes on the risers then. You could try bubble wrap or that foam pad stuff they sell at fabric stores, then may wrap it with fabric that matches your bedroom…or even black fabric to hide it. I got this frame for my son (twin XL), and he said he hasn’t had problems with stubbing his toes.

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Ms.E purchased this foldable twin bed frame and reviewed that “Goldilocks has found the perfect bed” I wanted something simple, affordable and easy to assemble for my child’s bedroom. This bed frame did the trick, no small pieces or instructions that look like they are the blueprints to an aerospace craft. I simply pulled the frame out the box and in five minutes it was ready to be used. My kind of project.

Basic Foldable Twin Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup 18 Inches And High Twin Bed Frame

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 18 Inches High, Twin, Black

In foldable twin bed frame no need for a box spring because platform beds provide a silent, noiseless, stable foundation for a mattress. Maximum recommended weight is 265 pounds. includes a sturdy black-finished steel high twin bed frame. The frame’s folding mechanism makes it simple to stow and carry through narrow locations, such as stairwells and entrances. Has a vertical clearance of approximately 17 inches and offers under-the-bed storage space. Without the need for tools, quick setup; 75 x 39 x 18 inches (L x W x H) and 27.3 pounds are the measurements of the item.

Foldable twin bed frame provides a sturdy base for the master bedroom or guest room and is the ideal partner for any regular, memory foam, or even inflatable mattress. The calm, peaceful, and solid foundation for a mattress is provided by this twin platform bed frame. The Mainstays 18″ High Profile Foldable White Steel Platform Bed Frame will help you get the most out of your mattress. The high twin bed frame is made of sturdy powder-coated heavy-duty steel and assembles without the use of tools in a matter of minutes. This durable mattress platform splits in half for simple transport and storage and enables you to set your mattress straight onto the frame without a box spring.

The Mainstays 18″ High Profile Foldable Steel Bed Frame has an extra-high profile, which allows for plenty of storage underneath your bed. It also has capped feet to prevent damage to flooring, carpeting, and rugs. The Mainstays 18″ High Profile Foldable White Steel Bed Frame’s robust and sturdy design is sure to please you and your family. The Fold Bed, which can be folded in half for easy storage, eliminates the need for a box spring. High twin bed frame is fashionable and practical. Its low profile and tucked-under legs give the impression that the bed is floating.

The Fold Bed is an excellent option for temporary college students, guest rooms, or even your primary bed. Our new version can sustain up to 400 pounds and has rounded corners to match the form of your mattress. The bed is built in the USA, very durable, and non-toxic. With its unique use of a sturdy mesh platform that enables you to place your mattress directly onto the frame without a box spring, the Mainstays High Profile Foldable Black Steel Bed Frame’s innovative and durable design will help you get the most out of your mattress.

It is made of powder-coated heavy-duty steel. Foldable twin bed frame folds in half effortlessly for travel and storage, is quick and simple to put together without the use of tools, and has a button locking system on the legs that maintains the bed completely solid. By doing away with the requirement for a box spring, this foldable bed foundation makes it simpler to assemble, offers greater storage, and improves mobility. To get the most out of your mattress, you need a sturdy foundation, and the steel latticework offers consistent support to make a stable foundation for both standard and foam mattresses.


I bought a full size and I’d say that the bottoms of the legs are about 1in x 1in. they could be a bit longer but they will fit on a 3in floor protector.

Max weight according to the booklet is 500kbs in total. I have a 12 mattress and weigh 130. The mattress I’m sure weighs like 50 lbs.

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KLB Co. purchased and reviewed that “4 years old and going strong. So easy to assemble, break-down for moves, re-assemble” Honestly, if you plan on using a bed-skirt there is literally no reason not to buy this bed frame. The metal is very strong and sturdy (I was worried about that at first before buying because of the small metal rods that are used). It has lasted for 4 years and 2 moves so far with no issues.

Basics Foldable Twin Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Foldable Twin Bed

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Twin, Black

The foldable twin bed frame mechanism makes it simple to stow and transfer in confined areas, such as upstairs and through doorways. Intended for sleepers weighing up to 250 pounds gives access to under-the-bed storage with a vertical clearance of approximately 13 inches. Quick and simple setup; no equipment needed. You can use minimalist style to make the most of your bedroom’s space. 500 pounds is the recommended maximum weight. Dimensions of item: 82″L x 62″ W x 51″H.  Recommended maximum weight: 700 pounds includes a sturdy steel Twin size platform bed frame with a black finish.

Foldable twin bed frame measurements (L x W x H) are 75 x 39 x 14 inches, and its weight is 26.3 pounds. Because of the rustproof surface and heavy-duty steel construction foldable twin bed rolling cot not only ensures a robust bearing capacity of 600 lbs but also stays with you for a very long time. Additionally, the anti-slip mats increase stability while protecting the floor from scratches. Soft memory foam and high-density sponge make up the 4 inch mattress, which gives you cozy full body support for a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, the mattress is kept in place by the mattress retainer bars and non-slip bottom. If you use foldable twin bed rollaway guest bed in your living room, guest room, or office, you can fold it up to a small size to save a lot of space.

Additionally, the strong buckle stops the folding bed mattress from abruptly unfolding while in transit. This foldable bed features four wheels that can spin 360 degrees, making foldable twin bed easy to transport in any direction. Additionally, brakes are built into every anti-slip wheel to hold this collapsible guest bed in position. You can easily remove and clean the mattress cover thanks to the zippered design. Additionally, the under-bed storage area makes foldable twin bed frame simple to keep necessities in order and maintains the room’s cleanliness. With clear instructions, installation is straightforward.


If you mean the length of the twin it depends on which one you buy, which I didn’t realize until after purchase. The 18-in high fits a standard twin mattress properly but the 14-in high is too long! After sending both back (found the 18-in too high for my 9 in mattress) I now see in the actual photos it shows the real measurements. The 14-in is actually a twin XL but Amazon has it mislabeled. The box mine was in also was mislabeled as a normal twin.

FYI re: the recommendation to use the Zinus headboard bracket: I just attached the Zinus Smart Base Headboard and Footboard Brackets. They MOSTLY fit, however, because the legs on the Amazon Basics frame are not all the way at the end of the frame like Zinus’, only 2 out of the 4 screws are able to attach the headboard brackets to the bed frame. My headboard touches the floor, so I THINK it’ll still be sturdy enough to stay connected, but be aware that if you go this route as you’ll only be able to use half of the intended connections for attaching bracket to frame. It’s also a little tough to get the screws in, but you can do it with some wiggling. The Sleep Master model that others referred to does not seem to be for sale anymore.

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Kruella Cakez purchased and reviewed that “This is the one!” Okay so I’ve ordered a few of these in the past from Walmart, for about the same price.. They usually last a year or two before the bars start to bend and mini bars snap off.. With that being said I looked at tons of bed frames similar to this, a lot of reviews on them stated they came broken or rusted, or returning it was a nightmare.

14 Inches Fordable Twin Bed Frame No Box Spring with Steel Slat Support-Heavy Duty Foldable Twin Bed Frame Mattress Foundationw

KOMFOTT 14 Inches Metal Platform Bed Frame Twin Size, Heavy Duty Foldable Mattress Foundation with Steel Slat Support, No Assembly Required, No Box Spring Needed, Folding Platform Bed Frame

Unlike typical bed frames, foldable twin bed frame metal can be folded into a small, 37″ x 2.5″ x 38″ size (L x W x H). As a result, moving will be quite convenient. Additionally, it can be utilized as a base for a guest bed, making it simple to store after use. Please be aware that twin bed frame no box spring size only comes in one piece. Twin bed frame no box spring foldable mattress foundation has a sturdy loading capacity of up to 250 lbs and is made of a heavy-duty steel frame for secure and reliable support.

Additionally, due to its solid connection, the mattress frame doesn’t creak when you roll over to sleep. The latex, memory foam, or spring mattress (not included) can be placed directly on the bed frame for maximum convenience because this mattress base is supported by study steel slats that take the place of the box spring. With 13 inches of vertical clearance, this metal platform bed frame allows you to maximize your interior space by adding extra storage underneath the bed. Additionally, you can effortlessly sweep the floor using the under-bed space.

You won’t need any additional equipment to assemble twin bed frame no box spring, so it will be simple for you. You will be able to assemble it as well thanks to the detailed instructions. The Centre of attention in the bedroom is the bed frame. Even at twin size, it frequently dominates the space and immediately catches the eye. The foldable twin bed frame can be used to set the mood for a restful night’s sleep by fostering a calm environment.

The box spring and mattress are placed on the twin bed frame. It comprises of a sizable metal or wood rectangular frame. Some beds additionally feature a sizable headboard that may be built of wood or metal and covered in fabric or leather. A footboard, which is a little bit less in size than a headboard, is sometimes included with twin beds. The materials employed frequently influence the twin bed frame no box spring style. Bed frames made of wood provide a rustic or cottage feel. Metal bed frames, on the other hand, exude a modern or minimalist vibe.

Bed frames with upholstery are elegant and opulent, giving off an air of comfort and grandeur. Choose a bed frame that matches your style while taking into account the materials in your bedroom. How much room you have in your bedroom is one of the most crucial things to take into account when purchasing a twin bed frame. The headboard and footboard might add a few inches to the size of the bed while still fitting your mattress and box spring within the bed frame. To ensure that you have enough area to move about comfortably, try to leave at least two to three feet of space around your twin bed frame. How high your foldable twin bed frame is off the ground depends on the type of support it has.

Platform beds often don’t need a box spring and have a low profile. Because you must take into account the height of the box spring, a bed frame that needs one will be higher off the ground. Your mattress, sheets, and blankets will cover a large portion of the twin bed frame. The legs, though, are frequently noticeable. Check to determine if they are attractive and fashionable. Additionally, you want to confirm that they don’t have any components that could scrape your floor or grab your carpet or rug. Make sure the casters or wheels on the twin bed frame have a locking feature if they do.

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M Hdz purchased and reviewed that “Great purchase” We bought this bed because we have family over for the holidays. It was easy to assemble and VERY sturdy. We bought the queen size frame. It fit in my daughter’s room without a problem.

14 Inch Meta Twin Bed Frame And Box Spring, Tool Assembly/Quiet Noise Free/Box Spring Replacement Black And Foldable Twin Bed Frame

VECELO 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame, Tool Assembly/Quiet Noise Free/Box Spring Replacement Black (Twin), Foldable Platform

The foldable twin bed frame is solidly constructed and durable and is built of high-quality steel to give you and your mattress a solid foundation of support. In order to keep the room looking neat and tidy, the bed should be at least 14 inches high with 13 inches of clearance underneath the frame. The frame’s folding mechanism makes twin bed frame no box spring simple to store and transfer in small spaces. Any mattress material can be used because of the surface’s smoothness and ease of cleaning. has anti-slip treads that can lessen friction to prevent scratching of the floor.

Simply unfold the leg support bolts and hand-tighten them for a quick and simple assembly that only requires one person, less than five minutes, and no other tools. Company offers limited one-year free parts replacement. 30-Day Return Policy, feel free to contact us if there is a problem with the bed; we’ll address it in 24 hours. Our collapsible foldable twin bed frame is simple to expand and stow. Twin bed frame no box spring can be folded for storage when not in use. Save some room in your storage. a fantastic household space saver.  

Company wants you to reside in a place where you may unwind mentally and spend quality time with your family in addition to being safe and comfortable. Our group put all of our effort towards pursuing beauty and usefulness. Our entire lives are devoted to creating beauty and value for you. The mattress platform which is made of sturdy steel and has a stylish black finish offers long-lasting performance and blends in easily and subtly with the decor of the room. The folding bed frame has the same height as a standard iron foldable twin bed frame, but since a box spring is not necessary, the height below it is only slightly lower, at around 12.6 inches.

The platform bed frame is a welcoming addition to any guest bedroom or master suite, and depending on the size, twin bed frame no box spring works well in a child’s bedroom, a dorm room, or a first apartment. With the support of the VECELO Platform Bed Frame, Black, you may sleep more soundly. Without a box spring, the robust bed frame supports a mattress well thanks to its raised rectangular shape, horizontal panels, and cross rows of wires. The sturdy bed frame is quick and simple to assemble (no tools are needed), and it supports people weighing up to 500 pounds.


My first shipment got lost, that was two weeks after I ordered it. I was then shipped a replacement and that showed up after a week.

Not sure, but the queen could not handle my boyfriend and I. We’re both about 200 lbs each. The bars underneath bend and move up and put of place. WORST frame I ever bought.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Canderson purchased and reviewed that “So far so good” My daughter and I just put this together. It’s very simple and easy to manage. Two sets of hands definitely came in hand. Not super heavy but very sturdy. I added felt pads to feet and bolts (that will hit the wall), for ease of moving and to avoid wall scratches. I’m using it with a 12″ memory foam mattress and so far, it feels great.

Twin Bed Platform Base with 14 Inch Foldable Metal Mattress Foundation, Heavy Duty Bed Frame with Steel Slat And Foldable Twin Bed Frame

Giantex Platform Bed Frame, 14 Inch Foldable Metal Mattress Foundation, Heavy Duty Bed Frame with Steel Slat, SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly w/Underbed Storage Space, No Box Spring Needed, Twin

When folded, the bed frame is 38″ x 2.5″ x 37″. This foldable twin bed frame can be kept in a corner or leaning against a wall when not in use to maximize space. Additionally, the strong wing nut can successfully stop the bed from unexpectedly unfolding. The twin bed platform base is made of a powder-coated steel frame, which has good durability and bending resistance. Additionally, the stability is increased by the reinforced steel wire and closely coupled hardware, which can support up to 250 lbs/400 lbs. One person is needed for quick and simple assembly, and no further tools are needed. All pieces and elements are securely packaged.

When following instructions, assembling the folding bed frame is simple. twin bed platform base is simpler to store boxes, baggage, and other unused items because of the bed’s 13″ height. The ample under-bed storage not only meets your storage needs, but also makes it much easier to clean the room. There is no need for a box spring because the bed frame is compatible with 8″ to 10″ thick mattresses (mattress is not included). Additionally, the strong steel slats support the mattress firmly so that it doesn’t move or sink, giving you a comfortable sleeping environment.

Since the beginning of our brand, we have focused on studying and creating luxurious foldable twin bed frame. Company concentrates on customer requirements and create a bed frame that is both functional and comfortable. Different families’ demands are met by the creation of multi-style beds. Our metal bed frame is a great option if you’re looking for a durable yet useful folding bed for your bedroom because twin bed platform base combines adaptable use with chic appearance.

The folding bed guarantees a strong and long-lasting structure for frequent usage because it is made of heavy-duty steel slats with a powder-coated finish. The bed frame can also be folded away in a few simple steps, making it easy for you to store it in a corner or below other pieces of furniture. The under-bed compartment was created with the aim of flexible storage and is big enough to handle boxes, luggage, and other objects.  These foldable twin bed frame can be used as a spare bed in the bedroom, living room, study, office, etc. due to its practical application.