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Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring


High Platform Bed Frame


Platform Bed Frame with Storage


Metal Bed Frame with Headboard Shelf


Bed Frame without Box Spring


Heavy Duty Platform with Storage


Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support


Bed Frame No Box Spring Black


Bed Frame with Lined Shaped Headboard

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring, Upholstered, with Headboard, Pearl

LUCID Upholstered Platform Bed Frame with Headboard– No Box Spring Needed – Queen Size – Pearl

This queen bed frame no box spring is a blend of polyester, stylish design which add class to any bed. The brown headboard has diamond-tufted detailing and adds elegance and flair to any Queen bed frame with padded foam and polyester for a cushioned texture. This queen bed frame no box spring is compatible with traditional and zero-clearance adjustable bed frames thanks to the hardwood removable slats. Built to last, the queen bedframe is a sturdy and long-lasting complement to your queen bed because of its high-quality construction and weight restriction of 600 pounds.

With the provided screws, bolts, pre-drilled holes, and a metal support bar for bigger size frames, assembly takes only six steps. No phillips head screwdriver is provided, which is required for assembly. For a quick and easy spot clean for your bed, keep your bed frame spotless with mild detergent and a moist towel. The queen bed frame no box spring with mattresses are made for the entire family since when you decorate your own area, it becomes a reflection of your own personality. The bed frame with diamond tufted headboard is the ideal accent piece for a bedroom.

This is especially true if you want a queen bed frame that is stylish and elegant. Any bedroom will have texture thanks to the polyester upholstery on the tan fabric. The diamond-tufted headboard and cushioned side rails combine to create a smooth, uniform appearance. Wooden slats support your mattress effectively and do away with the necessity for a box spring. With a bed frame that allows for simple under-bed storage, you can organize your space. This queen bed frame no box spring will be delivered to your home in one convenient package.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

John Chiovarou purchased and reviewed “A Clean look and quick assembly” OK so I bought one of these beds to try because I was setting up an Airbnb in a house that I just bought and I liked it so much that I bought three more. Though you do have to be careful with the instructions because putting it together they kind of have the drawing upside… See more

High Platform Bed Frame, Queen, Button Tufted, Upholstered, Beige

HIFIT Queen Bed Frame, Button Tufted Upholstered Platform with Adjustable Headboard, Mattress Foundation with Sturdy Frame, No Box Spring Needed, Easy Assembly, Beige

Solid wood slats and center support legs naturally fit into an already sturdy frame, providing dense and strong support for 800 pounds of weight. With sturdy wooden frame you and your family may unwind together. The raised legs provide your bedroom access to even more storage space. Under the bed, you can keep shoes, little storage bins, and more. Additionally, the height of 7″ makes it very easy for your vacuum robot to enter and exit, so you won’t have to worry about under-bed cleaning. To ensure that you and your loved ones can enjoy every quiet night together, extra quiet straps are added to the frame. The mattress can’t move thanks to the recessed high platform bed frame design.

The brand wants to provide you with the ideal sleeping environment. The headboard is set with three adjustable heights that can be adjusted from 42.9″ to 44.8″ to accommodate your mattress at different heights, multiple mattress options. The bed height can be customized, no box spring required. Long-lasting wood slats will support your mattress for many years, and by deciding whether or not to utilize a box spring, you can change the height of your bed. Numerous types of mattresses, including latex, spring, and memory foam, can be used with this upholstered high platform bed frame. All the pieces, instructions, and required tools are included in the box that the bed frame is delivered in. Use the instructions to quickly put it together. Contact the company if you have any questions.

The high platform bed frame offers a cozy experience because of its soft, skin-friendly textiles. The sheets are upholstered, and the headboard has tufted buttons and ample cushioning, allowing you to read in comfort. Durable slats will firmly support your mattress, eliminating the need for box springs. Your high platform bed frame has a secure grip because to the recessed platform’s shape, which also prevents slippage. Adjustable and soft headboard, for mattresses from 8 to 12, the headboard’s height can be changed from 42.9 to 44.8 inches, allowing you to relax while reading a book or just taking in the night.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Alejandro Estrada purchased and commented “Great bed! Easy to assemble.” Crazy how this came in a small narrow box and now we sleep on it. The package came very fast (2 days) and we were able to assemble it in less than 30 mins. Instructions were very clear and the quality is great! Thinking about buying another in a different color for the… See more

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring, 18 Inch, High Platform, with Storage, Black Metal

HAAGEEP 18 Inch Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed High Platform Bedframes with Storage Size Black Metal

Strong frame with sturdy steel slat structure, no squeak noise free, good sleep available with storage. 18 inch high platform bed frames with 16 inch of ample under bed storage. The queen bed frame no box spring enclose the mattress to prevent slipping, black matt finish provide modern look. Match standard size twin full queen king size mattress, no box spring need. 5 year warranty, no tools needed, quick and easy to assemble.

There is no need for a box spring with this 18-inch-high, solid, secure, and durable metal platform queen bed frame no box spring with steel slats. Easy assembly and a non-slip mattress design make for restful sleep. Specifications include dimensions, Twin: 76 “Fit mattress inner dimension: 74.5″ x 38.5″ (overall), 40″ x 18″, Full size: 76″ x 55” x 18 “74.5” x 53.5″ (generally), fit mattress inner dimension, Queen: 81″ x 61″ x 18″ (Overall), fit mattress inner dimension: 79.5’’ x 59.5’’, King: 18″ x 81″ x 77″ “Dimensions of the fit mattress (generally): 79.5″ x 75.5”, available in black color with loading 1,600 lbs. maximum weight.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

ECG purchased and reviewed “Great Queen Bed Frame” My daughter bought this bed frame in a queen size. We unboxed the bed frame and all the parts were included & labeled correctly. One person could probably manage to put the bed frame together but it is better to have 2 people so one person can hold the frame in place while… See more

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring with Headboard Shelf, Metal Bed Frame, Steel Slats Support, Black

HOOMIC Queen Size Platform Bed Frame with Headboard Shelf, Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame, Steel Slats Support, No Box Spring Needed, Noise-Free, Easy Assembly, Black

An integrated headboard shelf can keep your necessities close at hand and provide an additional space for decorating your cherished house. This queen bed frame no box spring is incredibly simple to assemble and can support at least 800 lbs. thanks to its uniquely built frame structure and high-quality materials. With foam padding along the center bar and slats firmly fastened together with plastic buckles, this frame is “noise-free,” allowing you to sleep soundly. The 12 inches of below area can be used to keep things like bags and storage containers. You may prolong the life of your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress without a box spring by using sturdy steel slats as support. Mattress height 8–12 suggested.

This queen bed frame no box spring is quick to install, all necessary components are labelled and packaged neatly in a single container. Simply adhere to the directions for straightforward installation. Due to its distinctively designed frame structure and superior materials, this queen bed frame no box spring is remarkably easy to put together and can handle at least 800 lbs. This frame is “noise-free,” allowing you to sleep peacefully. It has foam padding along the center bar and slats that are firmly secured together with plastic buckles. You can keep items like bags and storage containers in the 12 inches of space below. Dimensions of the product are 84.5 x 63.7 x 45.3 inches. Weight of item is 69 pounds.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

MJ purchased and reviewed “This bed is sturdy and does not move around when you get on it.” This bed is great! It stays firmly in place without moving when you sit on it. Love it!

Bed Frame without Box Spring, 14 Inch Platform Bed Base, Metal Mattress-Foundation, Anti-Slip

Artimorany Queen-Bed-Frame with-Headboard and Footboard,14-Inch Platform-Bed Base, Heavy Duty Metal Mattress-Foundation-No Box Spring Needed, Noise Free, Anti-Slip, Easy Assembly (Max Load 3000lbs)

The queen bed frame’s heavy-duty steel design and refined structure allow it to withstand a load of up to 3000 lbs. without sinking or deforming. There is no need for a box spring since the 40-inch headboard and 23-inch footboard prevent the mattress from moving and give better head protection. The strengthened platform bed frame without box spring provides stability and toughness, is non-slip, non-twist, and squeak-free. Every leg has a cushioning gasket to prevent scuffs on the floor.

Storage area under the base of the bed that is 12 inches high makes it easy to access bags and containers; No box spring is required, and the queen-size bedframe is 80″Lx60″Wx14″H. It can accommodate various mattress types. For rapid assembly, straightforward installation, instructions make it simple to assemble the bed frame without box spring; Two people can assemble it in under an hour thanks to a sturdy box that contains all the required hardware, parts, and tools.

Bed head and footboard, 40 “a tall headboard. 23 “sizing Footboard. A comfy seat is provided by covering your head. 1 under bed storage for anti-slip mattresses with a12 inch distance. Space-saving storage that satisfies your demands provides convenient access to bins and luggage. This bed frame without box spring is easy to put together, no box tools and hardware for spring included in the package.

This frame has ability to handle different mattress types. 1 reinforced building ensures solid auxiliary support makes this bed frame without box spring noiseless and stable. 1 foot protective pad with a gasket that provides protection minimizes floor scuffs. 1 robust and long-lasting construction provides strong and durable support. Twelve sturdy steel slats in the center avoid letting the mattress slump.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

B Eldridge purchased and commented “Easy Assembly!” Took me about 40 minutes to assemble right out of the box. Kid was in the bed only 90 minutes after I started putting it together.

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring, 14 Inch, Metal Heavy Duty Platform with Storage, Black

LINSY LIVING Queen Bed Frame 14 Inch 3 Minutes Fast Assembly, Metal Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame Queen Size with Storage, Noise Free Mattress Foundation No Box Spring Needed, Black

Fast assembly in 3 minutes with only 2 screws required thanks to patented technology, an integrity design from the head of the bed to the foot, and a special quick-lock design. You won’t ever hear any creaks when you get on or off the bed thanks to the patented locking system, which has a seamless locking system for slats with an EVA mute sticker on and uses mute iron for ribs. This system is an escort for your sweet sleep. Electrostatic paint crafts make the queen bed frame no box spring, environmentally friendly, resilient, and anti-corrosion; heavy-duty steel construction guarantees the queen bed frame maintains its appearance both now and in the future.

You can relax on the queen bed frame no box spring with your family and carry up to 1500 pounds with ease. The mattress may be securely embedded in the queen bed frame with storage without sliding; the bed’s curved feet prevent foot collision and prevent injuries to your family members. The queen size bed frame’s 14″ height frees up a tone of previously unused storage space under the bed. Your room will seem tidy and fashionable thanks to the neatly finished solid wood accents on the metal queen bed frame no box spring. With its integrated construction, the mattress can be safely secured inside the queen bed frame no box spring with storage without slipping; the bed’s curved feet prevent foot contact and shield your family from bumps.

You won’t ever hear any creaks when getting on or off the bed thanks to the seamless locking system for the slats that has an EVA mute sticker on and uses mute iron for the ribs. This can effectively reduce the friction of the steel frame and promote restful sleep. The queen bed frame no box spring can be put together in 3 minutes with only 2 screws thanks to patented technology, an integrity design from the head of the bed to the bottom, and the special quick-lock design. Dimensions of the product are 80.5 x 60.5 x 14 inches and weight of the item is 42.3 lbs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Customer purchased and reviewed “INSANELY EASY ASSEMBLY / STURDY & quiet!” Such an easy build! Took about 30-45 minutes start to finish. We added our own headboard and it rest perfectly on the back on the bed frame against the wall. It is really study and comfortable. I was skeptical about feeling the metal bars without a box spring but you can’t… See more

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring, 18 Inch, Metal Platform Black, Steel Slat Support

Elephance 18 Inch Queen Bed Frame with Storage Space No Box Spring Needed Metal Platform

Platform queen bed frame no box spring that are 18 inches high have substantial under bed storage space that is 16 inches deep and ideal for keeping knickknacks organized. The bed frame has 12 heavy-duty steel slats to keep the mattress from shifting or sinking, as well as 9 heavy-duty steel legs and a central bar for further stability and durability. No box spring is required, without a box spring, sturdy metal slats offer better support and prolong the life of your mattresses.

The metal bed frame’s quick-assemble structure is quiet and noiseless, allowing you to sleep peacefully through the night. Foot pads with anti-slip properties can lessen friction and safeguard floors. The package comes with detailed instructions, all the parts, and the necessary tools to guide you through the process of assembling the black queen bed frame no box spring. Dimensions of the item are 82.28 x 61.42 x 16 inches. Maximum recommended weight is 500 pounds, item weight is 37.9 pounds, black furniture finish with metal and steel queen material used. The queen bed frame no box spring is 18-inch high.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Karlie purchased and reviewed “Arrived on time & great sturdy bed!” This bed is so easy to assemble & VERY sturdy!!! All pieces there (and spare pieces too), came with its own Allen wrench. The height is great to give storage space underneath. My ONLY complaint which I don’t know if was due to them or more likely ups is that the box… See more

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring, 18 Inches High, 3500 Pounds Metal Slats Support, Black

BOSRII Queen Size Bed Frame with Headbaord and Footboard, 18 Inches High, 3500 Pounds Heavy Duty Metal Slats Support for Mattress, No Box Spring Needed, Noise-Free, Black

The headboard and footboard on the queen bed frame no box spring are made to satisfy your needs, keep the mattress in place, and give your precious home a warm and opulent sense. No box spring is required. Solid steel slats provide support. Sleep well without the trouble of a box spring. You only need to lay your mattress on top of this queen bed frame no box spring to be ready to go! With under the bed clever storage area that is big, adaptable, practical, and fashionable, you can keep clutter at bay.

To store clothing, shoes, toys, and other items, use the space under your bed. Simple assembly, There is no need to engage a specialist. You need to adhere to the directions in the manual to proceed. There are no missing parts to worry about because the product comes with everything it needs. Free of noise structure is reinforced to provide stability, and a cushioned gasket reduces noise. No need to be concerned about the frame squeaking or sinking in. This queen bed frame no box spring will keep your room quiet and free of interruptions so you can sleep peacefully and awaken feeling energized.

Purchases a classic queen bed frame no box spring that will give your space a hip industrial look. It will become the focal point of your decor thanks to the simple headboard and footboard. Bed frame can be put together in under 30 minutes. It is simple to assemble your platform bed in less than 30 minutes thanks to the thorough installation instructions and accompanying hardware and tools.

Squeak free bed frame, knowing that your queen bed frame no box spring is firm and supportive will allow you to sleep well, without even a single squeak. For further stability, even a leg is placed to the center of the bed. Product specifications include dimensions of the product, 80 x 60 x 18 Inches. Item weight is 54.9 Pounds.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kimberly purchased and reviewed “Great purchase” This is a great bed frame for the price. I assembled it on my own, so easy to put together. Very sturdy!

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring with Lined Shaped Headboard Metal Platform, Black

Alecono Queen Bed Frame with Lined Shaped Headboard Metal Platform Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Black

This queen bed frame no box spring with classical features an elegant and modern design that enhances your life and is ideal for your guest room or bedroom. It is made with a simple and practical design concept. This queen bed frame no box spring uses upgraded steel slats and a special design for the middle support legs since improvement requires 200% more material. You won’t have to worry about your bed collapsing as you sleep, so you’ll get a comfortable and fashionable night’s rest. About 83.5″ x 60.6 “(long, wide) headboard 34.5” (high). This queen bed frame no box spring has a 10.8-inch storage space under it, which is sufficient for storing your boxes, toys, or comforters, especially in compact.

You should never spend money on a bad shopping experience. Therefore, if you experience any issues with the product, please give the company a chance. They’ll do their best to provide you with a high-quality solution. Dimensions of the queen bed frame no box spring are 83.3 x 61.02 x 34.84 inches, item weight is 47 pounds, recommended maximum weight is 400 pounds, black furniture finish, materials used are iron, metal, and steel, available in queen size.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ashley P purchased and reviewed “Great bedframe” This was bought for my guest room. No squeaks, going on 8 months now. Just check each piece for any dents in the metal, those can cause assembly to be a bit difficult. Had a couple dents in mine on some of the legs and proved to be a little tricky to attach the slates to… See more