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By: Nazia Abid

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Queen Size Bed Frame With Headboard And Footboard


Queen Headboard And Footboard


Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring


Metal Bed Frame With Storage


Metal Bed Frame

One of the typical mattress sizes is the queen. A standard queen-size bed measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, though exact measurements can vary by brand. The queen is regarded as a mid-level mattress size. Due to the prevalence of these mattresses, the majority of bed frame manufacturers offer queen headboard and footboard model-compatible items. A mattress with measurements of 60 inches wide by 80 inches long will fit inside a queen-size bed frame. But the frame itself will occupy more space. Depending on the particular frame model, more room may be required. 

While a queen headboard and footboard may occasionally just be two to three inches larger or longer than the mattress, it is possible for it to be up to 75 inches broad and 90 inches long. Another factor is the height of the bed frame. A solitary platform bed normally stands 10 to 14 inches tall, including the legs. The height will probably expand to 40 inches or greater if a headboard and posts are added. Measure your bedroom before deciding on a bed frame. The bed queen headboard and footboard actively contribute to changing a bedroom’s appearance and atmosphere. With little effort, it produces an eye-catching focal point in a space. One of the main advantages of a queen headboard and footboard is that they turn a plain bed into a fashionable, eye-catching focal point. 

They are available in many different styles, such as traditional, mission, and contemporary. Headboards with fabric upholstery, wooden, and a variety of metal headboards made of brass or wrought iron are among the craft supplies available. The component of a bed that is installed or attached at the foot is called the footboard. The foot of the bed usually has a wooden panel attached to it. A footboard can be used to prevent sheets and blankets from rubbing against one’s feet and legs when it is placed properly. Additionally, it has appealing design aesthetics that enable one to highlight an attractive bed feature to improve the decor of the bedroom.

 Queen beds are intended to look lovely and inviting, which is why queen headboard and footboard are used. These items are merely ornamental. However, designers are finding it challenging to incorporate queen headboard and footboard into adjustable beds because of their growing popularity. There is no need to worry, though. There are still adjustable bed-specific footboards and decorative headboards available in excellent quality. It’s important not to undervalue these items’ attractiveness; every bed ought to have them. All beds may enjoy the beauty of these magnificent ornamental items thanks to adjustable queen headboard and footboard.

Queen Size Bed Frame With Headboard And Footboard, 14 Inch Metal Platform, Steel Slat, Storage

Uliesc 14 Inch Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard, No Box Spring Needed Heavy Duty Metal Platform, Premium Steel Slat Mattress Foundation with Storage, Noise Free Iron-Art Bed Frame

The 14-inch heavy-duty queen size bed frame with headboard and footboard is built of sturdy steel, and its sturdy construction and 3500 pounds of static pressure resistance provide superb support. Queen size bed frames have 12 inch high under bed storage, allowing you to maximize and organize your bedroom space. Includes all the tools you’ll need to assemble, and just requires a few easy steps. No box spring required. A queen size bed frame with headboard and footboard will accommodate a mattress measuring 80″ x 60″ in size. 

You can place a latex, spring, or memory foam mattress directly on top of the metal platform without the use of a box spring. Integrated structure makes the bed frame more stable and prevents structural twisting. Headboard and footboard prevent mattress slipping. The mattress foundation is kept quiet by thoughtful detailing, making it simple to fall asleep on. The light and airy design gives you more options. Simply lay several cushions behind your back to create a comfortable seat on the bed.

The 14-inch queen headboard and footboard heavy-duty bed frame’s steel design is strong, and its 3500 pounds of static pressure resistance give the mattress excellent support with no need for a box spring. This queen size bed frame with headboard and footboard stop the mattress from slipping. The mattress base is maintained silent by careful attention to detail, making it comfortable to sleep on. Dimensions of the product are 79.6 x 59.6 x 39.84 inches. Product weight is 65.9 lbs.


The description on Amazon says that it will support 3500 lbs. I have not put that to the test, but it seems very sturdy with no wobble or squeak.

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Angelic C. Purchased and reviewed “Details are amazing” I bought this for our grandson. He was sleeping on a king size bed before but needed something a little more practical for his room as he is on the higher end of being a toddler now and needs more space for activities. Bed is extremely well made. I got more then I… See more

Queen Headboard And Footboard, Metal Bed Frame, Sturdy Mattress Foundation, Black

Diolong Metal Bed Frame Vintage Sturdy Queen Size with Headboard and Footboard Mattress Foundation No Box Spring Needed (Queen, Black)

This queen headboard and footboard is made with strong metal construction. To provide the best support for your mattress, this queen bed frame is built of heavy-duty metal slats, with a maximum support of 350–500 lbs. Size (L x W x H) of a queen headboard and footboard are 83.54″ x 60.2″ x 43.5″. leaving out the mattress. Simple assembly, everything is included in the package, everything is properly labelled, and no additional tools are required. 

The robust, historic bed frame is 13 inches off the ground, providing enough room to store boxes, clothes, toys, comforters, etc. Following-purchase support by the company, 24-hour email response is offered. If you need any assistance, please feel free to email the manufacturer. Steel provides the queen headboard and footboard with strength and stability. Powder coating on metal tubes will keep them from rusting for a very long time. It rises 13 inches above the ground. 

You may organize your clothing, toys, and bedding by placing a storage box under the bed. Everything is included in the package, assembly is simple, and no special equipment are required. The material used is metal, this queen headboard and footboard is available in black color. Dimensions of the product are 83.54 L, 60.2 W, 43.5 H. Package contains headboard, footboard, cross bars for steel bed bases, instructions for assembling steel bed support legs and Allen screws and keys.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Erin purchased and reviewed “All Around Great Bed” I’ve been sleeping on this bed for about a month now, and on the whole, it really is a great bed. It was super easy to assemble (mind you I’m a stubborn woman, full of queer spite, and pretty good at Ikea builds), on my own it only took about 30 minutes. It looks great -… See more

Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring, Solid Sturdy Metal Slat, Black- Queen Headboard And Footboard

AUFANK Queen Metal Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard Vintage Victorian Style Mattress Foundation Solid Sturdy Metal Slat No Box Spring Required Black

Shells are used to make characters on the headboard and footboard. The bed structure is firmly supported by thick iron tubes. The steel frame is made with robust, low-maintenance powder coating. This metal queen bed frame no box spring’s highlights include its straightforward style and traditional lines. It is made to fit your bedroom and offer both older children and younger children a delightful place to sleep. The sturdy slats of the queen bed frame no box spring prevent the mattress from shifting or sinking, extending the life of the mattress. 

This queen headboard and footboard don’t need an additional foundation or box spring. Item dimensions are  60.63 x 42.52 x 83.07 inches. Weight of item is 47 pounds. With dimensions of 83.07″ x 60.63″ (long x wide), a headboard that is 42.52″ high, and 12.6″ of storage space beneath the frame, this metal queen bed frame no box spring gives you additional room with 700 lbs. maximum capacity. This bed is made with solid metal construction. The queen bed frame’s no box spring robust slats keep the mattress from shifting or sinking and help it last longer. The product comes with easy and quick assembly. 

There are instructions, hardware, parts, and all necessary tools. Easy installation in a few minutes, no tools necessary. No additional foundation required. No additional foundation or box spring is needed. Air can freely circulate beneath your bed thanks to the metal slat base, keeping your mattress fresher for longer. If there is a quality issue with the product while being used normally, the company offers a one-year warranty and free replacement components. Please contact customer support if you have any questions; they will respond to you within 24 hours.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jay purchased and reviewed “Great kids bed” Perfect for kids. I brought 2 bed they look great and they are sturdy. Great buy for the price😊

Queen Headboard And Footboard, Steel Slat Supports Mattress Foundation, Metal Bed Frame With Storage

Queen Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard, Industrial Platform Bed Queen with Heavy Duty Steel Slat Supports Mattress Foundation, Bed Frame Queen Metal Bed Frame with Storage, No Box Spring Needed

You feel encircled and at ease as you lean against the headboard. The strong iron and wood construction of the geometric bed ensures long-term use. This queen headboard and footboard bed frame’s stylish appearance complements any colour scheme. It has a headboard and footboard. The industrial platform bed offers additional storage. The queen bed frame is the best option for saving space because it doesn’t require a box spring below. This product is available in color black. Product dimensions are 82.6″L x 61.5″W x 37.4″H. Materials used are MDF and metal.

The platform bed queen headboard and footboard includes 9 support legs to protect the metal frame’s comfort and durability while ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Stop those noisy frames now! The queen headboard and footboard bed frame is safer and more lasting than a conventional metal platform bed frame since it is supported by non-slip legs and high-quality fasteners.  A comfortable night’s sleep is guaranteed by this noiseless queen bed frame, a queen bed frame with a headboard and footboard. 

Queen-size bed frame with nine sturdy steel slats and plastic leg covers. A quality and pleasant sleeping environment is provided by a metal bed frame with steel slat support. This queen headboard and footboard is an industrial style platform bed. A black metal bed frame with a headboard and footboard made of rustic-style wood might give your bedroom a more industrial atmosphere. A queen bed frame with frosted headboard and footboard will offer refinement to your life while enhancing your industrial area.  This queen headboard and footboard has under bed storage space, due to the height of the bed, under-the-bed storage is simple. 

This headboard-equipped bed frame has a classy appearance that goes with any colour palette. Extra storage is provided by the industrial platform bed. The queen bed frame doesn’t need a box spring underneath, which makes it the ideal alternative for saving room.  All the pieces and tools are clearly marked, so putting it all together is a fairly straightforward process. Please feel free to contact the company if you have any issues assembling or using the bed. They will offer you professional customer service around-the-clock.

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tgm purchased and reviewed “Great Bed, Excellent Customer Service!” Let me first say that I had a question before purchasing and a problem when assembling and the seller was very responsive and went above and beyond to resolve issues. It is definitely a strong, good looking bed at a great price. There are many Sellers on Amazon with this… See more

Queen Headboard And Footboard, Metal Bed Frame, Steel Slat Support, Ample Under-Bed Storage, Black

Yaheetech Queen Size Metal Bed Frame with Vintage Headboard and Footboard, Farmhouse Metal Platform Bed, Heavy Duty Steel Slat Support, Ample Under-Bed Storage, No Noise, No Box Spring Needed, Black

A lightweight yet robust metal queen headboard and footboard bed frame can help you meet your sleeping needs and won’t let you down, whether you’re moving into a new apartment, looking for a housewarming gift for your son or daughter, or remodeling a small spare bedroom for overnight guests or short-visiting family members. This metal platform queen headboard and footboard bed is distinguished by its embellished silhouette, beautiful downward arches, and sturdy tube framework, which give it a classic farmhouse feel. With the addition of some plush pillows.

An extra-high headboard not only makes a striking statement in your bedroom but also makes a comfortable resting spot for you to lie back and unwind. Item dimensions are 41.14 by 76.97 by 41.73 inches. The item’s weight is 36.4 pound. With exceptionally robust steel construction, this queen headboard and footboard size bed frame has a maximum weight capacity of 800 lb. and is made entirely of a powder-coated steel framework with robust slats and numerous sturdy legs for dependable stability. 

This bed frame exudes “classic farmhouse sensibility” with its embellished form, elegant downward arches, and sturdy tube construction. The gorgeous headboard and footboard have a pattern that is evocative of traditional swag valances, which counteracts the metal’s coolness and adds a romantic touch. This queen headboard and footboard bed proves a fashionable bedroom addition. This platform bed frame will be the focal point of any bedroom thanks to its curving contours, arching scrollwork, and sleek metallic finish. 

To create a comfortable and peaceful sleeping environment, add a luxurious down comforter, plush pillows, and a pleated bed skirt. Cover up a bedroom’s mess as it is concerned about your closet being crowded with large luggage. While not taking up much area on the floor, this all-steel bed frame has 13 inches of clearance space underneath the bed, allowing you to easily accommodate shoes, bags, luggage, and many other objects. This queen headboard and footboard is designed for a good night’s sleep. Heavy-duty steel side and center rails, 12 built-in metal slats, and 10 support legs are all included in the strong platform bed to prevent squeaking while you sleep.


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The ultra-sturdy metal bed frame queen features heavy-duty steel side & center rails, 12 built-in metal slats and 10 support legs, providing a maximum w… see more

Feel happy to know you are interested in our twin size metal bed frame. Applicable mattress size of the bed frame is 75″ × 39″(LxW) . Hope this could help you well.

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Nan R purchased and reviewed “Beautiful Bed!!” I was looking for a farmhouse old fashioned type bed and found it here! It’s pretty heavy duty and absolutely what I was looking for. I had to try on my spring and summer and fall winter bad things just to see how it would look in both seasons! My husband said it was not… See more