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By: Nazia Abid

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A queen mattress that is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long will easily fit a queen metal platform bed frame. Queen mattresses are the most popular mattress size, therefore there are a tone of frame alternatives available to meet every taste and price range for shoppers looking for a new queen metal platform bed frame. A queen mattress always has the same size, however the size of the frame can change based on its features and design. Before going shopping, it’s a good idea to measure the space where the frame will be placed to make sure it will fit as planned. Queen metal platform bed frames have ongoing appeal for contemporary sleepers because they are effortlessly fashionable, endlessly adaptable, and well built. Discover their fascinations to choose a gorgeous metal bed for your home. Due to the dearth of metal, they were first used as a sign of wealth and luxury in Ancient Egypt. Metal beds didn’t become popular in Britain, nevertheless, until the first decade of the 19th century.

 For anything from statement master suites to warm guest rooms, metal beds are a popular choice. Their various versions come in a variety of finishes and features, and they include pull-out beds and adaptable daybeds. They may have become a standard in contemporary homes for that reason. Their appeal may also be explained by their portability from one room or house to another, as well as their strength and longevity. Whether you’re designing an ultra-modern industrial space or a charmingly characterful period home, choosing a queen metal platform bed frame gives you limitless design alternatives. A platform bed has many different styles and combines simplicity and durability. They are a flexible choice that works with any kind of mattress. You’ll need a strong frame to support the best mattress after you’ve discovered it. Mattresses are susceptible to sagging and wear without enough support. 

A queen metal platform bed frame is a straightforward, low-raised bed frame with a surface made of slatted wood, solid wood, or metal, doing away with the requirement for a foundation or box spring. A platform bed allows you to maintain your mattress in place without the need for an additional support system. Your bed will be shorter if a foundation or box spring are not included. Platform beds are typically between 6 and 18 inches height, making them lower profile than other bed frames. There are some examples of queen metal platform bed frames shown here to help you choose a comfortable product for your room.

16 inch bed frame, steel slat, queen- queen metal platform bed frames

AROMUSTIME 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / 3,500 lbs Heavy Duty Steel Slat Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation / Noise Free / Box Spring Replacement, Queen

This 16 inch bed frame is super sturdy. Your bed is safe and solid, can withstand 3000+ pounds of static pressure, is silent, noise-free, and non-shaken thanks to the multi-point structural bed-legs and complete frame load-bearing construction. A half-inch smaller frame size ensures that your shins won’t directly contact the metal edges and perfectly complements your mattress and bed shirt.

The 16 inch bed frame comes with easy assembly. Headboard compatible, integrated compact design that sets up in minutes, all necessary gear and tools provided.There is no need for a box spring thanks to the bed’s 16-inch height and 14-inch under-bed storage space. Guarantee includes a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty, faster and smarter delivery, little packaging.

Your shins won’t come into direct contact with the metal edges of this 16 inch bed frame because of the frame’s half-inch smaller size, which also precisely matches your mattress and bed shirt. The bed’s 16-inch height and 14-inch under-bed storage eliminate the need for a box spring. 5 year limited manufacturer warranty, quicker and more intelligent delivery, minimal packing are all guarantees by the company. The queen metal platform bed frames weight is 47.3 pound. Dimensions of the product are 79.5 x 59.5 x 16 inches. 47 pounds is the recommended maximum weight. To care this 16 inch bed frame, use a dry cloth to clean.


The bed framr can withstand a static pressure of 3,500 pounds, or a total of 800 pounds of body move on bed (mattress weight included)

  1. The weight of the mattress
  2. The surface of the material is matte that prevents the mattress from sliding
  3. 3. The depression between the slats also prevents the mattress from sliding

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Amberlance purchased and reviewed “Easy Assembly, Sturdy Bed!”Pro tip- once the frame is assembled tape the bag of extra screws and tiny tools to one of the legs so when you need to move the frame everything you need is right there! We have two of these bed frames in our house one a queen and one a full. I assembled both of… See more

high platform bed frame, 16 inch, steel slat support- queen metal platform bed frames

ZINUS Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / Steel Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Queen

This high platform bed frame has strong and long-lasting steel with

practical and reliable design. This metal foundation is an understated option built for more than just great sleep, with an ultra-durable metal construction and more than a foot of under bed clearance area for storing miscellaneous items. 350 pounds is the recommended maximum weight.

The twin size has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs., while all subsequent sizes can handle up to 700 lbs.; sturdy steel slats support and prolong the life of your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress without the need for a box spring. Installation of this high platform bed frame is easy. All the components, tools, and instructions are included for simple, two-person assembly in about an hour, and everything you need is efficiently packed into one box and sent right to your home. Five years of worry-free limited guarantee included, mattress available separately.

Your mattress won’t require a box spring because of the sturdy steel slats’ evenly spaced spacing (7.60″ for queen and king sizes and 6.61″ for lower sizes). There is enough storage under the high platform bed frame, with maximum capacity

You’ll be able to fit almost anything below with 14″ of clearance. The high platform bed frame is the ideal bed frame for your room. The high platform bed frame‘s rounded corners will soften your appearance. Details of bed frame include a square frame if you prefer straight lines. Your memory foam, latex, or spring mattress is supported well by the 16-inch queen metal platform bed frame, With a 16-inch height, this platform bed has space beneath the frame for useful under-bed storage. The brand’s high platform bed frame offers dependable and robust support for mattresses. Separate mattress for sale.


Per the product description of the same bed, on a different website, it is 700 lbs. Always check with the manufacturer before buying any bed online.

Using a air mattress would work on it . If the mattress is to slippery the frame comes with double sided tape connected to assist with the sliding.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

SISSYPUSS purchased and reviewed “ZINUS Van, 15″ high, rounded corner, Twin bed frame.”This went up fast. I bought the frame in Sep, 2021 the cost was $48, also purchased the assembly because it has so many parts, I didn’t know much about buildings beds then, my involvement with beds was to sleep on them and to make them up nicely. I’m 3o so what. :)… See more

queen bed frame no box spring, 18 inch, steel slat mattress foundation- queen metal platform bed frame

Best Price Mattress 18 Inch Metal Platform Beds w/Heavy Duty Steel Slat Mattress Foundation (No Box Spring Needed), Queen, Black

To replace the conventional frame and box spring, a platform queen bed frame no box spring with a smart base mattress support system is available. Heavy strength steel legs with a concave center leg design for durability and noise reduction. 17” vertical room for practical under-the-bed storage is available. Foldable and quick to assemble for improved storage and transit. Size of the item is 60 inches long by 80 inches wide, and 18 inches high. 

A staggering 17 “storage space under the bed is available for more than just random objects! Enjoy the abundant storage and finish off your bedroom’s tidy appearance. The clever bi-fold construction of this queen bed frame no box spring makes setup and takedown a breeze! Simple unfolding for setup and folding for storage exactly like that. For your safety, the center legs are recessed so that you won’t trip while circling the frame.

The queen bed frame no box spring is available at best cost. The traditional box spring and bed frame are no longer necessary thanks to the mattress dual-use steel bed frame/foundation, which is a comprehensive support system. To ensure optimal support and durability for long-term use, queen metal platform bed is entirely made of steel. You’ll see that the mattress has 12 points of contact with the floor, which adds strength, stability, and level support. The dual-purpose steel bed frame/foundation may also be folded for mobility thanks to special creative design. The 17 inches of under-bed storage is another feature of queen bed frame no box spring that keeps those necessary items neatly tucked away.


Yes, you can attach a headboard to this frame using the Smartbase headboard and footboard brackets.

I and my hubby combined weigh 600lbs, and our pets, who sleep on our bed, add another 80lbs and we are going into year 3 of this frame with absolutely no issues.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Coaks purchased and reviewed “So easy to install”It is solid and it made my thin, soft mattress feel a little firmer. And it was so easy to assemble. The hardware consisted of 2 bolts and 2 nuts. Everything else just unfolded into place.

zinus queen bed frame, wood slat support, 10 inches high, black- queen metal platform bed

Amazon Basics Metal Platform Bed Frame with Wood Slat Support, 10 Inches High, Queen, Black

There is no need for a box spring with this zinus queen bed frame‘s hardwood slat mattress foundation. Dimensions of the item are 59.5″L x 79.5″W x 12″H. It consists of a Queen-sized platform bed frame manufactured of tough steel with a black finish. Quiet design on a steel frame with noise-free foam. Non-slip adhesive on the wooden slats helps keep the mattress in place and heavy-duty wooden slats provide support. Storage room is provided under the bed, and assembly of this zinus queen bed frame  is quick and simple thanks to the accompanying screw kit and instructions.

With the included screw kit and instructions, a metal zinus queen bed frame can be put together quickly and easily. It only requires a mattress; no additional foundation or box spring is required (mattress not included). Details include, made with robust steel with a smooth black finish, used strong wooden slats, considered a modern fashion, under-the-bed storage makes it more valuable, this zinus queen bed frame can be  easily put together. The sturdy steel platform zinus queen bed frame provides dependable strength, and its heavy-duty wooden slats guarantee stability and enduring support. Non-slip tape on the wooden slats and noise-free foam on the core steel frame support stable placement and silent comfort. The space-saving storage option offered by the queen metal platform bed frame is useful for concealing items like additional bedding, clothing for different seasons, or sporting equipment.


The bed frame itself is 10” high. The arches at the head and foot will be 3” higher. The head and foot arches are merely a decorative support system.

If you look at product dimensions in the long description, it will tell you for whatever size you’re looking for.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Purchased and reviewed “perfect for toddler floor beds”This is perfect for toddler floor beds! We were looking for a solution that wasn’t too high off the ground so our toddler won’t get hurt if he rolls off the bed, but also was high enough to prevent mold from growing on the undersides of mattresses. This is the only product… See more

metal bed frame queen heavy duty, 18 inch, high platform, black- queen metal platform bed frame

HAAGEEP 18 Inch Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed High Platform Bedframes with Storage Size Black Metal

The metal bed frame queen heavy duty requires no box spring. Matches standard size twin full queen king size mattresses, so, no box spring required. Heavy duty strong frame with sturdy steel slat structure; no squeak noise free, good sleep, metal bed frame queen heavy duty that are 18 inches high with abundant under-bed storage and non-slip frames that wrap the mattress for a contemporary design come with storage. Easily assemble as no tools required, quick and easy to assemble, 5 year warranty guarantee is also offered by the company. Twin metal bed frame queen heavy duty no squeak, twin bed frame non slip, provide a good sleep.

There is no need for a box spring with this 18-inch-high, solid, secure, and durable metal bed frame queen heavy duty with steel slats. Easy assembly and a non-slip mattress design make for restful sleep. Specifications L x W x H, set-up dimensions of the product, Twin: 76 “Fit mattress inner dimension: 74.5″ x 38.5″ (overall), 40″ x 18”

Full size: 76″ x 55″ x 18 “74.5” x 53.5″ (generally), fit mattress inner dimension, Queen: 81 “fit mattress inner dimensions 79.5″ x 59.5″ x 61″ x 18”. King: 18″ x 81″ x 77”, Dimensions of the fit mattress (generally): 79.5″ x 75.5″, available in the color black, loading 1,600 lbs. maximum weight.


Zip ties. Be sure they are tight. It works but you will still need two twin mattresses side by side unless you have the Twin XL frames. Twin is 75″ long and King is 80″ long. Two twins is going to give you the hard seam in the middle….

Yes, I attached both headboard and footboard, one can be creative. I used black ties which are very strong and secured the bed together very well.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

ECG purchased and reviewed “Great Queen Bed Frame”My daughter bought this bed frame in a queen size. We unboxed the bed frame and all the parts were included & labeled correctly. One person could probably manage to put the bed frame together but it is better to have 2 people so one person can hold the frame in place while… See more