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By: Arslan Afzal

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A Tall bed frame that is taller than conventional bed frames is referred to as a tall bed frame. They are made to have a higher bed profile, which can make it simpler to get into and out of the bed, especially for those who have trouble with low beds, and extra under-bed storage space. The materials used to make tall bed frames might range from wood to metal to fabric. They can be anything from straightforward, minimalistic styles to elaborate, decorative designs that act as the focal point of the bedroom. While some tall bed frames have built-in shelves or drawers for more storage, others feature a headboard and footboard for greater comfort and support. 

The height of the bed in relation to other pieces of furniture and room design, as well as the size of the bed and mattress you intend to use, should all be taken into account when choosing a tall bed frame. Additionally, it’s crucial to check that the bed frame is strong and well-built so that it can support the mattress and any other goods you may keep underneath it. As a result, a tall bed frame may be a useful and fashionable addition to any bedroom, providing a comfortable sleeping surface as well as extra storage space and facilitating getting in and out of bed. 

Any bed frame that is taller than the typical bed frame clearance of 12′′ is considered a tall bed frame. A tall bed frame enables underground storage and a higher seating mattress for taller people. If a headboard is attached to a bed frame, it can also be referred to as a “tall” frame. There are numerous uses and advantages for investing in a tall bed frame. Before making a purchase, it’s critical to consider how a taller bed frame can affect your sleeping space and bedroom.

Heavy Duty Tall bed frame No Box Spring Needed-Tall king bed frame Under Bed Storage, Noise Free Mattress

COMASACH 18-Inch King-Bed-Frame, Heavy Duty Tall Black Platform-Bed Frames No Box Spring Needed, Easy Assembly, Under Bed Storage, Noise Free Mattress-Foundation Support up to 4000Lbs

This tall king bed frame reinforced sturdy steel construction and nine thick legs give the entire platform a high weight capacity, stability, and resistance to shaking and squeaking. You can enjoy a lovely dream and fall asleep quickly if you purchase one of our bed frames. Tall bed frame does not require an additional box spring because they suit mattresses with dimensions of L80″ x W76″. The sleek black slats extend the life of your luxury mattress and safeguard it from harm. The tall king bed frame is made of a straightforward composition, and all necessary hardware and tools are included. Your assembly will be completed step by step thanks to the clear directions. The headboard is not included but is suitable.

The metal king size tall bed frame 18-inch height makes it possible to keep a variety of objects without having to worry about cluttering the room. Your bedroom will look even more beautiful with a simple and elegant design. Tall king bed frame with a package size of 41 x 9 x 6 inches and dimensions of 79.5 x 75.5 x 18 inches. Customers can store stuff beneath their beds and make the most of available space with a taller bed frame. This increases the storage area in your bedroom, which is typically unusable with a typical bed frame. Taller people may choose a tall bed frame to make it easier for them to sit on the edge of their bed or get in and out of bed.


use a couple of long strips of shelf liner- the rubbery woven looking kind like you line tool chest drawers with. Lay it perpendicular to the slats and it will keep the mattress from sliding around as much. Been using it for 3 years with 4 different foam type mattresses and been working well.

My bedframe is on carpet, so I’m not sure whether it would scratch the floor or not. I imagine you would be fine putting sliders on it. How I’m using it, it does not need to ever move. I bought the California King size, to use as a base for a wooden frame water bed mattress, in the specs it said it could hold 3500lbs. I put plywood on top of the frame, used my wooden waterbed frame on top of that and bought a new California king waterbed mattress kit. Everything fits perfectly, and it’s working out great. I would definitely recommend this frame

We ended up buying L sharp brackets and wood to attach our head & footboard to each other because it didn’t line up with the frame itself. Our sides broke when we moved which is why we bought this frame, but it had nowhere we could attach it otherwise. I would wait till you have it and see what it will need.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Effy S purchased this tall bed frame and reviewed that  “Finally a king size bed” Love this bed frame, probably the most sturdy bed frame I’ve ever owned while somehow also being the cheapest. You can tell it’s sturdy when you start to put the slates in. Most of my previous beds have had pretty

Eavesince Queen Size Tall bed frame Steel Slats Support Heavy Duty Sturdy Metal-Tall platform bed frame No Box Spring Needed Easy Assembly

Eavesince Queen Size Bed Frame 18 Inch Tall High Max 1000 Pound Steel Slats Support Heavy Duty Sturdy Metal Queen Size Platform No Box Spring Needed Easy Assembly Noise Free Black

The queen-size metal bed frame is composed of tough, long-lasting heavy-duty steel, with powerful 9-legs and strengthened steel slats to support Queen Size Tall bed frame mattresses weighing up to 1000 pounds. It is also strong, silent, and free of squeaks. This queen bed frame doesn’t require a box spring and assembles quickly in just 20 minutes. It comes with all the necessary tools, hardware, and instructions. There is enough under-the-bed storage space, and Queen Size Tall bed frame numerous under-the-bed storage bins can fit inside the 18-inch queen bed platform frame with 16 inches of room underneath. The queen-sized bed frame was renovated.

You have more under-bed storage thanks to the 16-inch-high profile. Additionally, a box spring is not required for this item. The frame completely encloses the mattress in this innovative design to prevent slipping. This frame is a perfect accent to any bedroom décor because of its straightforward appearance. Forget the frame made of weak dura steel.


It looks to depending on the height of your trundle and mattress.
I’m looking into specs as I would like to have a twin trundle under my king bed, a twin is less length than a king. So, in theory it should work.

It’s pretty strong. I have had no problems, however, how/what are you planning on using to raise it? Seems like you would have to secure the foot of the frame to make it stable. Not sure if it would compromise the frame by doing this. How about several pillows on the bed to raise it? Just a thought. Personally, I wouldn’t do it.

It’s pretty strong. I have had no problems, however, how/what are you planning on using to raise it? Seems like you would have to secure the foot of the frame to make it stable. Not sure if it would compromise the frame by doing this. How about several pillows on the bed to raise it? Just a thought. Personally, I wouldn’t do it.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jason J purchased this tall bed frame and reviewed that “good quality and good looking “So far, so good! The box was heavy and bulky, so I took everything out and took it upstairs in pieces to assemble. It was fairly easy to assemble, I did it myself. Looks very sturdy and stylish. I installed a separately purchased headboard on top and that was easy too

yookare 18-Inch-Tall bed frame Assembly Mattress Foundation-Heavy duty box spring with Steel Slat Support

yookare 18 Inch Tall and Strong Platform Metal Bed Frame/ Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation/ 4000lbs Heavy Duty Frame with Steel Slat Support/ No Noise/ No Box Spring Needed, Queen

These tall bed frame has a weight capacity of 4,000 lbs. Its reinforced structure with steel slat support prevents your mattress and bed from rocking, and the mattress completely covers the frame. 18-inch basic metal Heavy duty box spring that is seamlessly welded and constructed, with a 15.6-inch under-bed storage space for your own creativity and imagination. Steel slat ends and leg feet have cushion pads attached to them to eliminate noise and ensure a stable mattress platform.

You can successfully complete the installation in 30 minutes if you have the necessary hardware kit and manual instructions; headboard or footboard leg holes are reserved. 5 Years of Amazon Logistics Customer Support Without Anxiety. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact these product warranty. This Heavy duty box spring has a simpler-than-it-looks design that is nevertheless functional. Whether you want to sleep high or low, there are a range of profile heights available, so you may select one that matches your preferences and mattress. Additionally, with all that open space under the tall bed frame that is well supported, you have a place to keep additional boxes, pillows, clothes, and shoes. This foundation is designed to support your memory foam, latex, or spring mattress like no other, without the use of a box spring. It has a sturdy steel Heavy duty box spring and a platform made of wood slats. delivered with all necessary equipment, simple installation instructions.


Dear customer, thank you for kind attention. For size Queen, the space between slat and Head/ Foot is separately: 6 inch and 4 inch. And the other middle slats spacing is 6.7inch. Any more question please feel free to contact us by Product Warranty. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks again for kind trust.

Dear customer, our delivery is fulfilled by Amazon logistics. Normally it is fine to ship to Hawaii, if it is in stock and you place the order. Thank you!
Best regards, yookare

I am not the seller but was happy to measure it for you. It’s 37.5 inches from each side to the middle support beams. We are super happy with it, great height for storage and very sturdy.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

L purchased this tall bed frame and reviewed that  “Sturdy and quiet.” So far no noises, the product is of great quality. it is a solid bed frame that looks good and modern. You won’t need a creaky box spring. It is rather elevated which makes it easy for vacuuming under the bed. If you are short, I would advise a lower height than 18 inches. If you have assembled furniture’s in the past, it should be fairly easy.

OmiNight Full Size MetalTall bed frame-tall full size bed frame Heavy Duty Steel Slat Support Sturdy Platform

OmiNight Full Size Metal Bed Frame,18 inch Tall 3500lbs Heavy Duty Steel Slat Support Sturdy Platform Metal Bed Frame ,No Box Spring Needed Non Slip-Black

Steel alloy is used to make the Tall full size bed frame. It won’t tremble or squeak when you lie down on it. The Tall full size bed frame has a maximum load bearing capacity of 3500 lbs. You can set your foam mattress directly on the iron bars (steel slats) with the bed frame, eliminating the need for a separate box spring. 

With a reinforced construction that won’t wobble and a cushioned gasket that muffles sounds, you can always add a headboard. Selecting one of these platforms Tall full size bed frame will guarantee you peaceful sleep. You can finish the assembly on your own in 20 minutes with the help of the instructions and installation videos. Conveniently, the bedstead comes packaged with all necessary assembly tools. The dimensions of a full-size bed are L 74.5″ * W 53.5″ * H 18″ and L 75″ * W 54″ for the mattress.

This solid Tall full size bed frame foundation is made by the reputable Bedtek company. The base includes metal slats and does not need a box spring, so your mattress may be placed right on top of it. It not only supports over 1,000 pounds, but it also has 15 inches of storage space underneath and headboard brackets to attach any typical headboard. It merely takes a minute or two to put up and requires no equipment for assembly


I bought this metal bed frame for my new home. It is very easy to assemble, it only took 20 minutes for my brother and I to assemble, it is easy to assemble according to the video and manual. When I decided to change it to another bedroom for use, I completed the disassembly alone.

Heavy duty support: 9 support legs and 20 crossbars are made of sturdy and durable steel and can support up to 3,500 pounds, it is very suitable for the brawny or those with a heavy mattress. Your bed will not shake anymore. Right in the description.

The side center supports on my queen size bed frame are each
one and a half inch by one half inch and the 2 corner supports at foot of frame are 2 inches by one half inch. The frame is very sturdy and I have gel mattress on it which is very heavy. There is plenty of room under bed frame for boxes and bagged up comforters, etc. I am very pleased with the bed frames, as I bought one, then bought another after I saw how sturdy the first one was. Very easy to assemble too.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

RDH purchased this tall bed frame and reviewed that “Solid Frame” Purchased two of these. One had a little problem with the holes lining up (had to drill them out a small amount) the other went together very easily. Construction is very solid and like that there are 9 legs incorporated in the frame (not 4 or 6 like other frames I looked at), giving plenty of support….

LOBEEDD 18 Inch Full Size Tall bed frame Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frames with 3500 lbs Steel Slat Support-18-inch bed frame Easy Assembly

LOBEEDD 18 Inch Full Size Bed Frame Tall Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frames with 3500 lbs Steel Slat Support/ No Box Spring Needed/ Easy Assembly/ Noise Free (Black)

Made with a sturdy steel slat structure and a strong 18 inch bed frame, it is stable, long-lasting, and noise-free for peaceful sleep. With a steel slat construction and a noiseless design, the tall bed frame can hold a maximum weight of 3500 lbs. and moves over practically softly. Never mind if the mattress sags. Without a box spring, dependable metal slats offer the best support for your spring, memory foam, or latex mattress. Platform beds that are 18 inches high and have enough area under them to keep clutter make the room look cleaner and more organized. The bed frame is made of a straightforward composition, and all necessary hardware and tools are included. Your assembly will be completed step by step thanks to the clear directions. To attach the headboard and footboard, holes are set aside on the 18 inch bed frame legs.

Anyone who has ever desired a canopy bed understands the limitless possibilities offered by the PCH Series Canopy Bed. Sleeping under a canopy has a certain allure, giving you the impression that your bed is a haven from the elements of the outside world that can’t get to you. This queen or king size platform tall bed frame sturdy teak structure will feed your passion of life no matter how you utilize it.


6 1/2″. They are good and solid. I have a futon mattress on this so I put a sheet of plywood on top to help support the mattress. If you have a mattress with a good base on it you should be fine. I really, really, really like this frame and have no problem recommending it. It is solid and well made.

Buy some else unless you have the ability to lengthen/ shorten the legs. mine came w/ one leg too long and another too short.

I don’t know what the warranty is but by putting it. together it is a well-made frame and sturdy and noiseless when someone moves around on it.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Erica purchased this tall bed frame and reviewed that  “I love it so much!” Easy to assemble. I don’t know why some people said it was hard to assemble it was easy! Very sturdy doesn’t squeak at all. My boyfriend and I are not the lightest and it holds us both. I hope it stays like that. The bed is really high up but I love it so I don’t mind. It’s also very comfy and you don’t feel the bars at all! I’m so happy I found this at such a great price! Fingers cross it doesn’t randomly snap down the road 😂

HAAGEEP Full Size Tall bed frame Platform Bedframe-Full size bed frames with storage No Box Spring Needed High with Storage Metal

HAAGEEP Full Size Bed Frame 18 Inch Tall Platform Bedframe No Box Spring Needed High with Storage Metal

Strong Full size bed frames with storage with solid steel slat construction, quiet sleep, no squeaks. No box spring is required; mattresses must match conventional sizes of twin, full, queen, and king. Platform tall bed frame 18 inches high with generous under-bed storage of 16 inches. To prevent slippage, the mattress is enclosed in a frame with a hole for the headboard. No tools are needed, and assembly is quick and simple. There is no need for a box spring with this 18-inch-high, solid, secure, and durable metal platform bed frame with steel slats. Easy assembly and a non-slip mattress design make for restful sleep.

It is likely that you will need to dispose of your old bed frame if you decide to get a new one. When your new Full size bed frames with storage set is delivered, the majority of internet retailers will now remove your old goods. Fortunately, we offer mattress removal and disposal services. To date, A Bedder World has recycled more than 500K mattresses. All you have to do is schedule a pick-up online, leave your goods outside by 8 am, and POOF we’ll come by and take them away. Overall, there are several tall bed frames on the market right now. You should consider the pricing range and the expected lifespan of the bed. You always get what you pay for, as with anything.


No, it’s not adjustable. Once assembled, the top of the base is 18″ from the floor. The outer rail height – @ the bottom – is 16″ from the floor. You basically have 16″ for storage underneath, (but 15.5″ beneath the center support rail). Alot of room, a great frame, super portable, & easy setup.

No the middle leg is a major part of the frame and would be hard to remove and then you would weaken the frame.
Get rid of the huge drawer and split your stuff into two roll type under bed storage units.

I have been using this frame for about a year with a purple mattress. No extra support and no issues at all. I was concerned and actually didn’t even set it up at first thinking I needed a hunkiest board but there was no need.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Andrew purchased this tall bed frame and reviewed that  “Great Storage Bed Frame” This bed frame is sturdy, noiseless, and has great storage space! Since I got the 18in, it is a bit high, but the space I have to store stuff is worth it. When I climb onto the bed, it makes no noise. The edges are hard so I bought black pipe insulation from Home Depot and zip tied it around the legs to avoid late night toe trauma.