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Twin XL Headboard


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Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard


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Twin XL bed frame with headboard are available at Amazon in a number of styles, from conventional to modern, to perfectly complement any type of bedroom design. We provide a variety of single bed frames with built-in storage drawers to keep all your excess belongings organized if you’re trying to maximize your small area. Our collection of adaptable twin size beds is offered in a variety of distinctive designs and materials, from modern versions with upholstered frames to traditional wood grain patterns. 

Easily snooze on the bed of your dreams! There are twin beds at IKEA to suit every taste and requirement. You may discover anything from traditional to minimalist to more practical twin beds and bed frames with built-in storage that make even greater use of your space in our large variety of twin beds and twin xl bed frame with headboard. Finding a bed that suits your unique preferences is simple thanks to our wide selection. Select from a variety of colors, materials, and styles. 

Many of our twin beds may also be used as daybeds or guest beds, and by just shifting a few cushions, they can be quickly transformed into sofas. Wherever you need it most, keep your bedding. Directly below the twin xl bed frame with headboard! Many of our twin beds feature smart storage features like built-in drawers or the ability to put boxes underneath, among others. You may maximize the space in your bed in this way. Living in a college dorm makes it simple to amass stuff. Books scattered on the floor. 

Things don’t take long to start piling up. But with the right bed frame, you can easily and permanently get rid of your clutter. In case there is a need, certain of our twin beds can also fit a third person. With a twin XL bed frame with storage, you can easily stow away the things that could otherwise clutter your living area. With its straightforward design and concealed storage space, the Concord Twin XL Platform Bed with Drawers from Atlantic Furniture is a top pick for clutter control. 

Typically, a twin bed is 79 inches length and 44 inches wide. But the breadth can change slightly. Remember that the twin xl bed frame with headboard or bed foundation may be wider than the width of the mattress. Always double-check that your dream bed will fit by taking precise measurements of the area where it will be placed and carefully reading the product descriptions and sizes. Check out our extensive range of mattresses if you’re looking for a wider bed that’s more comfy for two people.

Twin Xl Headboard Bed-Frame with 18-Inch Heavy Duty Metal Platform And Twin Xl Bed Frame with Headboard

Woozuro Twin-XL Bed-Frame with Headboard, 18-Inch Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frames with Round-Corner Leg, No Box Spring Needed, Non Slip Mattress-Foundation, Noise Free, Easy Assembly, Black

The twin xl bed frame with headboard curved legs are meant to prevent scuffing against the wall and harm to your toes. The heavy duty frame is made of a sturdy, 1.18-inch-thick metal frame that can hold up to 2500 lbs in static weight. The bed frame from Woozier is more durable and robust. With no need for a box spring, mattresses can be placed straight on twin xl headboard without sliding, squeaking, or shaking. The measurements of the twin XL bed frame are 80x38x18 inches, and assembly only takes 25 minutes if you follow the instructions. 

The black twin xl headboard frame with storage eliminates the T-type structure, making it simpler to store and clean. It also prevents foot contact when raising and lowering the bed. You can choose between two types of storage when buying a twin xl bed frame with headboard: under the bed and in the headboard. Since a twin XL platform bed frame does not require a box spring, there is room for storage underneath the twin xl headboard. This implies that everything in your room will be entirely hidden, thus reducing clutter. 

The only drawback to this method of storage is that you must maintain order in the drawer to avoid having to rummage through it later to locate the materials you require. On the other side, a twin xl bed frame with headboard allows you storage for things like glasses, technology, books, and more that you need quick or regular access to. The drawback of this sort of storage is that arranging is still necessary to make your room look tidy even when the contents aren’t entirely hidden. You will have more room for storage the higher your twin xl headboard is off the ground. In the most extreme circumstances, you can purchase a bed frame that elevates the bed high enough for a desk to fit below.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

bikerboy0713 purchased twin xl bed frame with headboard and reviewed that “Solid, sturdy, simple” Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. I was happy to find a frame that is all metal and not made of cheap wood/particle board. I can’t tell you how many repairs I had to make to my last cheap wood bed frame and did not want to deal with that again. Read more….

Twin Xl Bed Frame with Headboard & Footboard, 14 Inch High, Premium Steel Heavy Duty High Bed Frame with Headboard No Box Spring Needed

FSCHOS Twin-XL-Bed-Frames-with-Headboard & Footboard, 14 Inch High, Metal Platform XL-Twin-Bed-Frame, Premium Steel Heavy Duty Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed, Easy Assembly, Black

Our twin xl bed frame with headboard feature sturdy 6-legs and reinforced steel slats to provide stable support for the mattress (no box spring necessary), a sturdy structural design, and non-slip cushioned foot pads to reduce noise and give you a good night’s sleep. They are made of premium and long-lasting heavy-duty steel. Integrated structure design, quick and simple assembly, complete set of high bed frame with headboard parts, instructions, and tools are all included in the box (No additional tools required).

The twin xl bed frame with headboard and footboard’s thick tubular frame and curved line design not only protect your mattress from sliding (for mattresses measuring L80″ x W38″), but they are also simple to match with classic, farmhouse, rustic, and other home decor, giving your room a warm and romantic atmosphere. You can keep clutter under the bed with a 12-inch clearance from the floor to keep the space more organized. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the high bed frame with headboard. With its solid foundation made of pine and spruce wood and support-giving slats.

The Nectar Mattress Foundation eliminates the need for a box spring. Gray cloth is used for the bed’s upholstery. Although high bed frame with headboard is 15 inches tall, the height can be changed by adding or removing legs. The frame can be put up without tools thanks to its clip and lock design, making it a good choice for folks who move around a lot. The Nectar Mattress Foundation costs a bit less than the typical upholstered hardwood bed frame. The price of the foundation might be further reduced through discounts and package deals. 

Having 3500 lbs of weight capability, this twin XL bed frame has wide and strong steel tubes. This twin xl bed frame with headboard integrated construction system and sleek design offer optimal stability without making a sound. On the product page, there is an assembly video. The platform of high bed frame with headboard is simple to assemble. Each necessary component and tool are neatly wrapped in the inbox. For your purposes, the height clearance of 12 inches is more than adequate. Your room is neater thanks to the metal bed frames.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Carolyn Robinson purchased twin xl bed frame with headboard and reviewed that “Fluffy Friendly” So let me start out by saying… BUT THIS BED FRAME!! My husband and I are not small people by any means. Read more

Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard And Footboard, Premium Steel Slat Mattress Foundation with Storage, Bed Frame And Box Spring, Noise Free Iron-Art Bed Frame

Uliesc 14 Inch Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard, No Box Spring Needed Heavy Duty Metal Platform, Premium Steel Slat Mattress Foundation with Storage, Noise Free Iron-Art Bed Frame

A twin xl bed frame with headboard structure and long-lasting steel construction provide this 14-inch Twin XL bed frame excellent support for 2500 pounds of static pressure. In order to maximize the amount of space in your bedroom and keep everything organized, a bed frame and box spring with 12 inch high under bed storage is available. Includes all the tools you’ll need to assemble, and just requires a few easy steps. No box spring is necessary when using a latex, spring, or memory foam mattress with a bed frame and box spring because they all accommodate mattresses with dimensions of L80″ x W39″.preventing mattress slipping 

The bed frame’s integrated structure increases stability and minimizes structural twisting. The mattress foundation is kept quiet by thoughtful detailing, making it simple to fall asleep on. You have additional options thanks to the open, light design. Simply lay several cushions behind your back to create a comfortable seat on the twin xl bed frame with headboard. The Emma Upholstered Platform Bed may be completely put together in just a few minutes if you’re looking for a bed frame that’s simple to install. Your package includes every tool you’ll need. 

In around 6 minutes, our team set up the frame effectively. Another noteworthy feature of the Upholstered Platform Bed is its dual-slat construction. A twin xl bed frame with headboard has very solid foundation for you and your mattress is made up of thinner slats at the base and thicker slats on top. Wooden slats provide the slats more strength and longevity. Without assembly, just inbox the frame and fold the sides down to use the retractable design. For a slight additional fee, headboard and footboard brackets are an option. 

For people with tiny or crowded bedrooms with little storage, the frame’s 14.5-inch underbid clearance provides enough of floor space. The Super Duty High Rise Platform from Brooklyn Bedding should satisfy all of your needs if you’re looking for a strong, long-lasting twin XL bed frame with a simple design and a cheap sticker price. The bed frame and box spring which is made of tubular steel and has a weight capacity of up to 1,500 pounds, is incredibly sturdy. Due to the lack of a box spring, this guarantees that the majority of individuals can utilize the frame regardless of how hefty their mattress is.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Angelic C .purchased twin xl bed frame with headboard and reviewed that “Details are amazing” I bought this for our grandson. He was sleeping on a king size bed before but needed something a little more practical for his room as he is on the higher end of being a toddler now and needs more space for activities. Read more…

Artimorany 14 Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard And Footboard, Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed

Artimorany 14 Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard, Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed, Anti-Slip Metal Mattress Foundation, Black

The double twin xl bed frame with headboard has an optimum structure constructed of heavy-duty steel, which offers solid support to avoid sinking and deformation. The mattress is prevented from slipping by a 23-inch footboard; there is no need for a box spring because the 40-inch headboard provides better head protection and a pleasant resting area. The platform bed frames’ strengthened construction guarantees stability and sturdiness as well as anti-slip, non-twist, and quiet operation; Every leg has a cushioning gasket to prevent scuffs on the floor.12 inches of under-bed storage that is accessible for bins and baggage. 

Dimensions of a twin xl bed frame with headboard are 80″L x 38″W x 14″H, and it may accommodate several mattress types. Straightforward installation instructions make it simple to assemble the twin xl bed frame with headboard; two people can assemble it in under an hour thanks to a sturdy box that contains all the required hardware, parts, and tools. Since the frame is made entirely of hardwood, it is very strong. With a weight limit of 500 pounds for a twin xl bed frame with headboard size, most people can use any mattress they like, including latex hybrids, prominent pillow-tops, and other models known for being heavier than usual. 

The varnish-like scent that frequently accompanies new hardwood products is eliminated from the white frame thanks to a water-based treatment that is VOC-freeman excellent long-term investment is a wooden bed frame, particularly if twin xl bed frame with headboard is made of hardwood. Three different kinds of hardwood are combined to form a strong, long-lasting support system in the Helix White Wood Frame. Southern yellow pine makes up the slats, Appalachian maple makes up the legs, and poplar and maple come together to make the rails. The Forest Stewardship Council-approved sources were used to procure all of the timber for the frame.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

B Rip purchased twin xl bed frame with headboard and reviewed that “Sturdy” Feels well built- time will tell with my “bull in China shop” son. If it’s frail he’ll break it. So far so good (few weeks in.) It looks good and feels fine but if you look closely, it has tons of tiny scratches. That’s how it came but from a few feet away it looks fine. We’re happy with it.

Twin Xl Bed Frame with Headboard Easy Assembly Metal Platform Bed, Mattress-14inch Height Under Bed Frame with Storage And Headboard

TwinXL-Bed-Frame with-upholstered headboard-Footboard - Easy Assembly Metal Platform Bed,Mattress-Foundation,14inch Height Under Bed Storage,Noise Free,no Box Spring Needed(Black)

This twin xl bed frame with headboard is simple to put together (the box comes with all the necessary equipment and parts), and each piece is numbered and comes with a detailed instruction manual that is simple to understand. Our team offers skilled after-sales support, and company respond in less than 24 hours. The double bed frame with storage and headboard is composed of a durable steel framework and can support up to 2000 lbs. For floor protection, there are additional anti-slip foot pads available.

You now have more storage room for your large-sized bags thanks to the 13-inch under-bed storage area. Compared to comparable bed frames, which typically offer 10 inches of bottom room, twin xl bed frame with headboard has a somewhat greater storage area. There is no need for a box spring because the sturdy foundation is made to accommodate memory foam or spring mattresses. Headboard and Footboard: The high-density foam filling in the upholstered headboard will give your bed a pleasant feel while also providing you with a spot to relax your back.

While lying or sitting in bed frame with storage and headboard, the smooth, well-coated surface guards against scratches. The incredibly durable design is guaranteed by the powder-coated steel frame and hardwood slats. The weight limit for a twin xl bed frame with headboard is 800 pounds, excluding your mattress. As a result, the structure is compatible with heavy mattresses like all-latex and pillow-top hybrids. The 3-inch slat spacing complies with the majority of mattress guarantee standards. You can upgrade your design by including a matching headboard. This component is also simple to install. 

The frame comes in black and white color patterns. The structure is over a foot high when fully completed and provides plenty of under-bed storage space. Twin XL sizes don’t come with a centre support bar, which allows for even more space underneath the bed. The twin xl bed frame with headboard is easy to assemble. The parts fit together using Japanese-inspired joinery techniques that reduce squeaks and creaks that might occur with older timber frames rather than using metal screws and brackets. With a companion, complete assembly shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. 

Considering the White Wood Frame’s estimated lifetime, the cost is reasonable. Additionally, all 50 states receive free ground shipping from Helix. Each purchase comes with a 100-night trial period, giving you plenty of opportunity to evaluate the frame. Those who decide to keep the bed frame with storage and headboard also get a 5-year warranty against structural flaws. Foam padding on the polyester used to cover the frame cushions the edges and shields the wood from dings and scratches. If stains do emerge, you can clean the fabric with water and mild soap. Emma advises rubbing with a cloth in a circular motion. Regular dusting is also advised.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Cmage purchased twin xl bed frame with headboard and reviewed that “Feels sturdy, easy to assemble” So far it seems very sturdy, initially it made no noise when gdtting in bed or moving around but now after about a week it makes noise which I am sure will get worse. It was put together in less than 45min with 2 people using the tools provided. Read more…

Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard, 3000LBS 14 Inch Height Metal Bed Frame Twin Xl Box Spring

ZIYOO Twin XL Bed Frame with Headboard, 3000LBS Heavy Duty Bed Frame Platform Mattress Foundation/Box Spring Replacement - 14 Inch Height Metal Bed Frame (Twin XL)

For twin xl bed frame with headboard Superior support is provided by reinforced metal bed legs. Mattress slippage is prevented by a special steel slat and frame structure. The bed frame twin xl box spring is more sturdy, silent, shake-free, and pleasant thanks to the integrated structure, which also avoids structural twisting. twin xl box spring provides enough room for your storage and is 12 inches off the ground with this slatted bed frame. 

All the tools required for assembly are delivered in a box with the bed frame. Assembly could take 30 minutes.  ZIYOO provides post-purchase support for our beds. (If you need any help, don’t hesitate to email the company.) Generally speaking, bed frames made of strong, resilient materials survive longer before needing to be replaced. Contrarily, frames made of inferior materials could be unable to offer the required support. These frames are more prone to damage, and they can eventually begin to sag or groan. 

The majority of twin xl bed frame with headboard are built of metal or wood because these materials last the longest. Most bed frames need to be put together at home; however, some are trickier to put together than others. Look for a bed frame twin xl box spring with straightforward setup instructions and no equipment necessary if convenience of construction is crucial to you. Remember that heavier bed frames can need two people to assemble. 

Some manufacturers offer in-home setup services for a fee if you’d prefer not to set up the frame yourself. Your sleep may be impacted badly by a noisy twin xl bed frame with headboard. High-quality bed frames are less prone to squeak or creak than frames made of inferior materials. When supporting weight, solid wood frames are often quieter than metal ones, though the design and construction of the frame can also have an impact. Squeaks and creaks can be avoided over time by leveling the frame and adhering to the weight restrictions.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Tracey M purchased twin xl bed frame with headboard and reviewed that “sturdy” Needed a small bed for my mother in her ALF. This is very heavy duty and was easy to assemble. I needed something delivered to me that I could then take to her ALF and assemble. Looks nice in her room and very sturdy so will serve her well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I would base that decision on the measurements provided on stock image. Our nectar mattress is 13″ and it fits perfect on base but snug at the footboard end and sits about 1″ up the the padded headboard end no box spring or base under the mattress. So consider the full height of your adjustable base and mattress total … see more

All the pieces come in a single box

Some people were stating it is noisy and squeaky and mattress would slip, but our mattress, no box spring is 12-14″ thick and fits very snuggly against the frame and is very quiet. The padded rubber post bottoms help with movement but still slides easily with force if you need to move it. I do like the clearance under

I haven’t looked into getting one. If they make them for middle poles that would work best. A straight line would not work. I hope that helps you. It is a comfy sleep.

Yes, maybe 5-5.5″ or so. We have king frames, but I can’t imagine they are much different.

This headboard is very sturdy.

The description on Amazon says that it will support 3500 lbs. I have not put that to the test, but it seems very sturdy with no wobble or squeak.

The Queen size will be available in a week.
Thanks for your questions and attention, ZIYOO strives to make you have a satisfactory shopping experience.

The footboard is lower than the mattress if that helps. Technically, your feet could dangle over the edge of the mattress and you wouldn’t feel it. It works good at keeping mattress in place too.

About 7 inches, I had to buy a bunkie board/box spring because the slats were too far apart.

We bought a new XL Mattress when we purchased the frame. It’s a perfect fit by itself and doesn’t slide