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Our zinus full bed frame Raymond Wood Platform Bed Frame is designed to look and feel completely at home as the centerpiece of your suite or guest room. With its deep brown wood tone, gold tapered legs, and, of course, a gorgeous, adjustable headboard that can be precisely adjusted during installation to match the height of your current mattress, this foundation puts a contemporary spin on traditional mid-century design.

Without a box spring, Raymond is equipped to support you and your mattress with a sturdy frame made of solid wood and steel. Any spring, latex, or memory zinus full bed frame foam mattress can be supported and given more life thanks to its 12-inch platforms evenly distributed wood slats. This zinus full bed frame unrivalled foundation is made to be simple in every manner. Is expertly packaged in a single box and delivered to your home with all the equipment and step-by-step instructions required to assemble it without breaking a sweat.

To alleviate any tension associated with this purchase, a 5-year warranty is also included. We like to refer to it as magnificent mid-century design in a box. But you’ll probably refer to it as your own private haven. Check! Since so many satisfied customers have switched from their zinus full bed frame and sets to our reinforced steel base, we can’t really be surprised. For a longer mattress life, you can place your memory foam, latex,

Or spring mattress right on top of the metal base that is built into the bed. Additionally, it has many support legs for maximum stability and noiseless operation. Additionally, those legs feature plastic coverings on the ends to prevent unneeded scratches on your floors. With a 5-year worry-free warranty included and incredibly easy, one-touch setup that only requires your own two hands.

Zinus full bed Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame, Zinus full bed frame Mattress Foundation with Wood Slat Support

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Dark Grey, Full

The zinus full bed frame Made of Woven Fabric and a Steel Frame the Saline is an incredibly stylish addition to your bedroom thanks to its simple installation, robust design, and gorgeous diamond pattern stitching. 350 pounds is the recommended maximum weight.

The zinus full bed frame Steel interior framing and thick foam padding give comfort and sturdiness; The maximum weight support for the twin size is 350 pounds, while the maximum weight support for all other sizes is 700 pounds.

The zinus full bed frame Strong wood slats support and prolong the life of your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress; Slats are placed 2.7 inches apart for twin and full sizes and 3.2 inches apart for additional sizes.

Your passport to a completely transformed bedroom is the zinus full bed frame Saline Platform Bed. This foundation provides a striking centerpiece that can really tie a space together because to its elegant stitching, button tufting, and fabric in a neutral colour. The saline is furnished with a sturdy steel frame that can endure years of beautiful dreams and a wood slat platform that can accommodate any mattress without a box spring.

 Additionally, you receive the assurance you need from the thousands of positive customer ratings and a worry-free 5-year warranty. Additionally, everything you need for assembly is supplied to your home inside the headboard, saving you time, bother, and most of all, frustration.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Brian Mac is purchased that zinus full bed frame and reviewed that “Love this bed!” After more than 20 years, my wife and I decided it was time for a new mattress and bed frame. We opted to choose this bed frame because it is more contemporary looking and we believed it would suit with the Zinus Green Tea mattress we also ordered. Our old oak bedroom set bed frame was outdated and creaked and rattled no matter how firmly I tightened it (which we love also by the way).

Zinus full frame Florence Panel Metal Platform Bed, Mattress Foundation Full size bed No Box Spring Needed and Easy to Assemble

ZINUS Florence Full Panel Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, White, Full

The Full size bed frame no box spring needed Strong Steel for Long-Lasting Mattress Support – Beautifully Designed – With its spindle headboard and curved form, this vintage painted metal frame may enhance a range of home interiors, regardless of your preference for industrial, conventional, or farmhouse design.

The zinus full bed frame without a box spring, a slatted metal base supports memory foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses excellently. The twin size can support 350 lbs., while the additional sizes can support up to 700 lbs.

A Full size bed frame no box spring needed sturdy steel frame and slats prevent sagging and extend the life of the mattress.10 inches of clearance space under the bed provide enough place for storing knick-knacks. Free five-year guarantee included; mattress not included The Florence Metal Platform Bed is unquestionably trees stylish for your French country aesthetic but yet distinctive and bold enough for a modern industrial design loft.

This zinus full bed frame which doesn’t require a box spring and has a lovely curved headboard and foot board embodies both design and functionality. Additionally, the ten inches of under-bed clearance are perfect for storing extra miscellaneous items. It comes with everything you need to put it together in a small box, comes in three timeless hues, and has a 5-year worry-free warranty. This exquisite frame, which has a more than affordable price tag, can deceive your house guests into thinking you spent a lot of money.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Anonymous is purchased that size bed frame no box spring needed and reviewed that “Very sturdy “this bed is durable, attractive, and a terrific purchase at the price. I appreciate that it has a headboard and that it is solid most of all. It looks great in my room. Other than that, a good bed, my only request is for the headboard to be fuller.

Zinus full bed frame Madden Platform with USB Ports, Zinus full bed Mattress Foundation and No Box Spring Needed

ZINUS Maddon Upholstered Platform Bed Frame with USB Ports / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Grey, Full

The Zinus full bed frame made of woven fabric with steel frames and foam padding Chic, small, and connected at all times. This Zinus full bed frame stylish, 35-inch channel-stitched platform bed has USB connections integrated right into the headboard so you never need to search for an outlet, making it perfect for lower mattresses and showing wall art or big windows.

 The Zinus full bed frame twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs., while all other sizes may handle up to 700 lbs. Interior steel framework and deep foam padding enhance comfort and sturdiness. A mattress height of 10 inches or less is advised. DURABLE WOOD SLATS SUPPORT AND EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR LATEX, MEMORY FOAM, OR SPRING MATTRESS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A BOX SPRING. Looking for a foundation that will seamlessly blend into your bedroom and allow you to stay connected with its Zinus full bed frame charming good aesthetics, small size, and USB device compatibility, our Madden Platform Bed with USB Ports meets the criteria. Each side of the headboard has a USB port, ensuring that you always have a spot to plug in when you’re unwinding in bed.

 The Zinus full bed frame is the perfect size to allow large windows, uneven ceilings, or statement wall art above the bed because it has a low, 35-inch foam-padded headboard. Additionally, it perfectly matches the height of your low profile mattress. This elegant bed with channel stitching is offered in two neutral hues that give it widespread appeal and make it suitable for a master bedroom, guest room, or comfortable den.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jenny is purchased that Zinus full bed frame and reviewed that  “Rusted parts but good bed” I adore Zinus beds, you see. It’s my third, although it’s not nearly as excellent as the others. It’s simple to put together, but the headboard tricked me, too. It’s a little strange, but I did observe that all the parts had already started….

ZINUS full bed frame Paul Metal Platform, Wood Slat Support and Easy Assembly

ZINUS Paul Metal Platform Bed Frame / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Full

The Zinus full bed frame Accents with a Durable Steel and Wood Finish- The modern, clean-lined metal frame of this casual-chic platform bed is complemented by a natural finished headboard with a wood look that gives it a bit of rustic character.

The Built with Zinus full bed frame durability and longevity in mind, the sturdy steel frame and plywood mattress platform accommodate a maximum weight of 350 lbs. for the twin size and 700 lbs. for all other sizes. The Zinus full bed frame Designed without a box spring to support and preserve the life of any foam, latex, or spring mattress

Effortlessly packaged into one box and sent to your home, everything you need is included, including all parts, tools, and instructions. Enjoy this Zinus full bed frame strong and attractive Paul Platform Bed Frame, which features a gorgeous headboard with a wood-like appearance and a substantial steel frame. This strong foundation also supports your mattress and has a distinctive style that will quickly enhance your home.

You may completely dispense with the Zinus full bed frame box spring because it is constructed with wooden slats that offer steadfast support and lifespan for any mattress. Additionally, because to its 14-inch platform, you have more than a foot of under-bed clearance area to keep your extra miscellaneous items. The entire bed is elegantly packaged in a single box together with all the tools and assembly instructions you’ll need, as well as extras like our worry-free 5-year warranty.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Colleen is purchased that Zinus full bed frame and reviewed that  “Sturdy bed with clean look” I purchased this bedframe to replace a prior, incredibly cheap Ikea stead. It was quite simple for me to set up (with help from a friend, but I think I probably could have assembled it by myself if I absolutely needed to). I believe it improves the appearance of the space for a reasonable cost.

Zinus full bed frame Lorelei 14 Inch Metal Platform, Zinus full bed Mattress Foundation with Steel Slat Support and No Box Spring Needed

ZINUS Lorelai 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation with Steel Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Full

The Zinus full bed frame Strong and Long-Lasting Steel- Less is more, especially with this contemporary and structurally robust foundation that gives your bedroom strength and understated sophistication, two characteristics that are always in fashion.700 pounds is the recommended maximum weight.

A Zinus full bed frame 14-inch platform has 13-inches of underbid clearance, which is ideal for storing additional trinkets. Without a box spring, dependable metal slats are made to support and prolong the life of your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress. All Zinus full bed frame components, tools, and instructions are supplied directly to your door in a box that has been properly packaged. With a friend’s assistance, assembly is straightforward and takes less than an hour.

Added worry-free 5-year limited warranty; mattress sold The Zinus full bed frame Lorelei Metal Platform Bed, a sturdy and sleek frame that perfectly merges with the design of just about any room, takes the work out of maintaining a nice appearance. The Lorelei is built with a contemporary, streamlined shape without sacrificing solidity. Any latex, spring, or memory foam mattress is securely supported by a sturdy steel frame with a metal platform without the additional cost of a box spring.

Did we also mention the 13 inches of under-bed storage space, which is ideal for hiding extra storage boxes and bins This Zinus full bed frame exceptional foundation just takes a little over an hour to set together after being delivered right to your door along with a 5-year warranty and everything you need to install it.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Charlie is purchased that Zinus full bed frame and reviewed that “Quality Product” The bed was simple to put together. Without much effort, parts could be recognized, and the directions were genuinely readable and comprehensible. Nice, large images with lots of information. Additionally, they provided a little ratchet wrench, which I’ve never seen in a kit like this before and which greatly accelerated the assembly process.

Zinus full bed frame 37 Inch Bamboo, Metal Platform Bed Frame Solid Steel Construction with black colour

ZINUS Suzanne 37 Inch Bamboo and Metal Platform Bed Frame / Solid Steel Construction / No Box Spring Needed / Wood Slat Support / Easy Assembly, Chestnut Brown, Full

The Zinus full bed frame Durable steel and sustainable bamboo made with evenly spaced wooden slats, real bamboo with a gorgeous finish, and bold, durable steel, the Suzanne Platform Bed is in a class by itself. BUILT TO LAST – Sustainable bamboo headboard and footboard are naturally durable, and a strong steel frame features extra support legs to ensure ultimate stability.

Zinus full bed frame size has 12 to 13 sturdy slats that measure 2.8 inches wide and are spaced 2.95 inches apart for superior, noise-free mattress support. Closely spaced wooden slats are firmly secured to the frame for squeak-free use without a box spring.

The easiest assembly ever includes all the parts. With the exquisite craftsmanship of our premium Suzanne Bamboo and Metal Platform Bed, transform your bedroom into a work of art. This welcoming foundation is comprised of high-quality components including lovely, sustainable bamboo and a sturdy, tubular steel base. It is well-built and oh-so-attractive.

The Zinus full bed frame Real bamboo is used to create a pattern that is organic and nicely balanced with a distinctive metal structure that has been coated black. Additionally, bamboo is incredibly resilient and simple to maintain, making it appealing from every viewpoint. Additionally, this foundation has the exceptional mattress support provided by wide, closely spaced hardwood slats, which helps to prolong the life of your mattress and eliminates the need for a box spring. Additionally, we’ve placed non-slip tape to the platform, which helps hold your mattress in place and stops squeaking. We mean it when we declare that we are strong.

The Zinus full bed frame kids and the dog may easily join you in bed because full, queen, and king sizes are designed to hold up to 700 pounds. Because it is intended to be as easy to assemble as it is fashionable, we include all the necessary equipment and step-by-step instructions in the package. Also comprised? a five-year warranty covering any errors in materials or workmanship. So whether you’re sleeping or simply taking in the scenery, the expertly made Suzanne is made to do the job.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Niamh is purchased that Zinus full bed frame and reviewed that “Smart engineering and great quality!” First of all, whether it was reduced or not, I used a coupon code to buy this, and it was SO worth it! We are overjoyed with the King size that we bought! This frame is made of steel with bamboo as the wood. I truly……

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A two-year limited warranty is included with your new Zinus product against manufacturing flaws. If your product is discovered to be flawed due to poor craftsmanship or structural flaws other than the particular restrictions set forth herein, we will, at our option, replace it or give you a prorated refund.

Register with us using your proof of purchase to get the most recent information about warranties and products. Grab your receipt and start your warranty claim so we can give you a refund or replace your item.

The 3″ of gel memory foam on the Zinus 12″ model’s top comfort layer relieves pressure and provides body contouring. The memory foam sleeps cooler thanks to the gel infusion. There is a 2″ transition layer that is a little firmer behind the gel memory foam. 05-Oct-2022

Furniture for homes is distributed and wholesaled by Zinus Inc. The business sells bed frames, sofas, platform beds, mattresses, and other related goods in wholesale. Zinus sells its goods all around the world.

The Zinus Memory Foam is a bed-in-a-box mattress, thus it must be unboxed at home after it has been delivered compressed. You will need to wait at least 24 hours for this bed to completely decompress, as with all bed-in-a-box mattresses.

 Heavier sleepers should avoid the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. Those who prefer a mattress with some bounce People with nighttime hyperthermia.

 Except for the mattress, our full, queen, and king size bed frames have a weight limit of 700 lbs., while our twin size bed frames have a weight limit of 350 lbs.

The Zinus Memory Foam is a bed-in-a-box mattress, thus it must be unboxed at home after it has been delivered compressed. You will need to wait at least 24 hours for this bed to completely decompress, as with all bed-in-a-box mattresses.

It’s not always required to use a box spring precisely. It’s crucial to remember that box springs do need support from a separate bed frame (in most cases). You may need a box spring to complete the set if you have or prefer a basic metal bed frame with just one or two center support bars.

 A platform bed is a low-profile bed frame that supports the mattress from the bottom up with a strong base (either solid, metal, or slatted). A platform bed is special since it does not need a box spring. As a result, there is no need to acquire any other items once you have purchased it.