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You can store and display books, family photos and other priceless heirlooms on arch bookcase and shelves. Even though they all have the same purpose, these furnishings each have distinctive features of their own. You must choose which one best meets your demands, layout and sense of style when deciding. A bookcase can be a better choice for your design, depending on the room you’re creating and how you intend to arrange the furniture. Take into account some of the following recommendations when choosing bookcases and shelves for your rooms. A consistent arrangement encourages a focused, effective atmosphere in dedicated work and study spaces.

Large arch bookcase is frequently used to furnish dens, libraries and home offices. If you have a sizable book, record, or blu-ray collection, you may also utilize them to keep your living room tidy. Tall library bookshelves usually look their best against large, empty walls because of their weight and bulk. However, certain low-profile units can fit behind a sofa with a high back or beneath a TV that is mounted to the wall. Following given bookcases are from top brands who not only check the design and quality of material but also cares about customers demand and comfort. Top leading furniture brands are Ikea, Herman miller, Ideal house, Steelcase, Jahiatek, Tribesigns, Semoic and Efavormart

Ideal House Bookcase with White and Gold Shelves - 5 Tier Arch Bookcase for Bedroom, Home and Office

IDEALHOUSE Bookshelf 5 Tier Bookcase Arched Display Racks Tall Standing Bookshelves Metal Frame Modern Storage Rack Shelf Large Wood Book Shelf for Bedroom, Living Room, Home Office, White/Gold

Ideal hose is the furniture making brand was founded in 2015 by Patrick. Its aim is to let everyone build its own ideal house. Ideal house offers this bookcase with white and gold shelves made up of wood and metal. The frame is made up of metal and shelves are of wood. It has a modern style with rectangular shape. Its weight is 28.66 pounds having ground mount installation type. High-density MDF board and a sturdy metal frame design give this arch bookcase the stability and durability needed to withstand years of use. This product has an anti-toppling fitting to give your family additional protection and prevent unintentional injuries from bookshelves tilting or falling.

It has luxurious design and the narrow bookshelf blends arc top and golden metal frames with a marbling finish. The two-tone gold with white marbling treatment gives your area a beautiful appearance while delivering a naturally modern feeling and a smart and opulent attitude. Almost any other piece of furniture may be wonderfully paired with this gold bookcase as it has white and gold shelves. This tall bookshelf has five tiers of roomy shelving that provide plenty of room for storing and displaying items. The large bookcase has height of 70.87″ with 23.62″width and 11.02″ diameter with 12.99″ space between each tier, maximizing vertical space for all of your daily needs and fitting easily into narrow and corner spaces.

This gold arch bookcase looks great in every room of the house and may be used as a bookshelf in the study. It also fits wonderfully in the bedroom, home office, bathroom, balcony and other areas. In addition, the surface is smoothing scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and waterproof, so all that is needed to clean it is a damp cloth. It has simple installation. It includes an easy-to-follow instruction booklet, labeled parts and essential accessories to make the installation process simple for you. The hardware and parts are marked with numbers or letters on each piece for your needs. This tall multifunctional bookcase has five layers of roomy storage shelving that provide plenty of room for both displaying and storing items. Utilize the entire vertical space provided by this tall bookshelf to meet all of your storage and display needs.

It has long-lasting materials which enhances its shelf life. It is brown color with modern style. High-density MDF board, a strong steel frame and anti-tipping straps are used to provide safety and stability as well as a longer lifespan. It has X-shaped reinforced design so; this bookcase’s security and stability are improved by the strong X-shaped support and anti-tipping straps, which can sustain up to 30 pounds per shelf. On uneven floors, the unit’s adjustable feet help maintain it level and shield the floor from damage. It has robust support which is a solid frame with a well-designed construction and 20MM metal tubes increases security and stability.

Reviews & Purchasing Experience

Zena troullier purchased and reviewed that “Great Looking”. I loved that it was extremely easy to put together. I out it together by myself in less than one hour. Beautiful. Great value for them money.

Jehiatek White Metal Bookshelf with Free Standing Display - Arch Bookcase with Metal Frame

Jehiatek Gold Bookshelf, Arched Bookcase with Doors Storage, 71" Tall Industrial Book Shelf with Sturdy Metal Frame, E1 Quality Boards, Freestanding Display Shelving Unit, White and Gold

This product is of Jehiatek that was founded in 2020 with the intention of producing goods of the highest caliber and aesthetic appeal. This arch bookcase has flexible base legs. Its adjustable base legs allow for smooth grounding on uneven surfaces and it is non-slip and well-suited to safeguard your floor. It has both door and floor mount. It is rectangular shaped arch bookcase with tiered shelf type. It has 11-inch diameter with 71-inch height and 31.5-inch width. Its weight is 48 pounds and is available in three colors i.e., gold, rustic brown and white. This product has free standing installation type.

Excellent design bookshelf has a classic and beautiful feel thanks to its arched shape in white and gold. It is ideal for a straightforward and modern home decoration style; select it and it will stand out as furniture in your house. Display and storage of white metal bookshelf has 4+1 shelves. This arch bookcase gives you more freedom to store or show your items because it has 4 open shelves and 1 concealed storage cabinet. This is organizer with multiple uses. This freestanding shelving can be used as a kitchen supply cabinet, a display cabinet for decorative items in the living room or near the TV, a shelf for ornaments in the bedroom or cloakroom or as a file cabinet in the office.

This white metal bookshelf is constructed of E1 melamine boards and a gold-finished steel frame for strength, durability and scratch resistance. This gold bookcase has dependable metal frame. You can keep a great deal of stuff on gold bookshelf thanks to the helpful helper’s strong metal frame, which increases stability and has a greater capacity for supporting weight. This bookcase also has unique hidden storage cabinet. Arch bookcase has a more adaptable storage choice thanks to the storage cabinet base. Items that won’t collect dust can be displayed or hidden. It comes with numbered components and the step-by-step instructions make it simple to assemble all of the parts. If you have trouble following textual instructions, there are also video instructions accessible.

Reviews & Purchasing Experience

Kaitlain purchased and reviewed that “Perfect book shelf”. I have been searching for a while for a cute book shelf that wasn’t boring! I love this and it holds a lot! I have around 90 books on this…. read more…

Triple Wide 4-tier Arch Bookcase - Open Modern Black and White Bookshelf with Cabinet

White and Gold Corner Bookshelf, 5-Tier L-Shaped Gold Bookcase Wood Book Shelf with Metal Frame Tall Modern Open Display Freestanding Bookshelves for Living Room, Bedroom, Home Office, White&Gold

Semoic offers this triple wide bookcase which is perfect addition to any room. This white bookshelf with cabinet is made up of engineered wood and metal. It has such a unique design with crown shape top and black color metal frame. The white color shelves and cabinets create a great contrast with black frame. It has a large amount of storage to organize your things. It has 4 tier open shelves and 3 cabinets with doors. This bookcase provides ample storage and space for your all items. It has a diameter of 11.02 inches with 70.87-inch length and 86.61-inch height. It has etagere type shelf with square shape and X-Large size.

This arch bookcase has wide range of functions. This is good for house as well as for working area. It organizes all your stuff and control mismanagement. Furthermore, it has a strong and durable material.i.e., E1-PB.  The frame is made up of metal and shelves are of particleboard. This is a strong material and increases the shelf life of this white bookshelf with cabinet. Its weight is 101 pounds while each shelf is of 44 pounds and it is not de-shaped even after using a long time. Furthermore, it is water, dust, rust and moisture resistant. It is safe and secure to use for children and pets. It has 8 adjustable feet that prevents shaking on unleveled floors. The shelf is also protected from damping and anti-slip mats protect floor from scratches.

The unique design adds elegance and aesthetic touch to your interior. Arch bookcase requires assembly for installation having floor mounting type. It is backless with étagère shelf. Its special features are these that it is water proof, rust proof and heavy duty with doors. Frame pieces, board pieces and screw accessories are included. This corner shelf is used as a unit display shelf, bookcase for the living room, bedroom, library, toy, bookcase room, organize and all necessities in the home and office. White bookshelf with cabinet can be also be used as decorative items, liquor, kitchen utensils, plants and books. Company also offers defective or broken piece replacement.

Reviews & Purchasing Experience

Cathleen T purchased and reviewed that “Beautiful” Omg, it’s beautiful. Took me 45 minutes to put together.( by myself) I thought it would be big and bulky, not at all. Very slim sturdy shelves. So much space including the 3 cabnet underneath. I’ve had many compliments on it. Thinking of getting another one

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Don’t worry the after-sales team is there for your help. If you don’t receive your parcel in time then you can easily contact the company. It will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

You can usually expect to receive this arch bookcase within 3-5 working days. Company has warehouses in east and west and will then use FedEx or UPS to send your package.

Yes, all the three colors i.e., gold, white and rustic brown are available in same size and shape to give the arch bookcase uniformity and same sensation.

This book case has a weight of 48 pounds which approximately equals to 21.7 kg. This is ideal weight neither more nor less. This will be helpful in shifting it from one place to other.

Yes, arch bookcase should be kept with a slight care. Furthermore, dusting cleaning or dusting white and gold shelves should be wiping with dry cloth. Don’t use wet or damp one.

The components are included in parcel are one bookshelf, one tool and one user’s manual containing the instructions for installation of bookcase.