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A narrow white bookcase or bookshelf is a piece of home decor with its beautiful color and symmetrical display cases that is frequently used in cabinets to store books or other printed materials. Bookcase is utilized in a variety of settings, including private residences, public and academic library systems, workplaces, colleges and universities and retailers. From modest, table height versions to tall, ceiling-height variations and bookcase is available in a wide range of sizes. Bookshelves in this situation could be fixed in place or mobile and movable. A Bookcase might have glass doors that can be closed in order to shield the reading material from impurities like dampness and dust.

Bookcase can be used in dining rooms, living rooms and other small rooms because of how thin they are. Bookshelves come in wide different shapes, including cube, geometric, ladder and many others. Because of their understated presence, these bookcases are perfect for hallways and other small spaces. A small bookshelf can also be affixed to another piece of furniture, such as a desk or chest. While larger books are commonly arranged in diagonal stacks, very gigantic volumes typically rest flat on roomy shelves or coffee tables. Bookcase can be used as decorative elements and fulfill the need for flat surfaces in a home.

When space is really at a premium, they can also be used as bars, vanities or desks. Another choice is to set one up next to the sofa’s back and embellish it with lighting or other items. Numerous unique bookcases come in a variety of colors and sizes by brands like Tribesigns, Saadiya, XM&LZ and IOTXY provide their consumers an incredible array of goods at affordable costs. The narrow white bookcase has a very fantastic white finishing and it is a practical and dependable storage option for contemporary bedrooms, living rooms, workplaces, playrooms and dens for children and adults.

XM&LZ Tall Narrow Book Shelves with Drawers and Storage - Narrow White Bookcase for Small Places

XM&LZ White Narrow Bookcase,Tall Bookshelf with Doors and Drawers Bedroom Storage Cabinets Book Shelves for Small Spaces Display Rack Organizer-White 13×10×71inch

This tall bookcase’s sturdy design and carefully chosen MDF assure its overall stability. The bookshelf is made of premium produced wood for increased endurance and durability. Your ornaments and necessities can be safely stored or displayed on each layer. This bookcase is of excellent quality. You can put these narrow book shelves in a confined space and end your storage problems. With 4 shelves and 2 drawers cube offers enough storage space to keep your periodicals and books well-ordered and handy. It suggests there is ample room for storing in this item.

A popular tall book shelves that serves both beautiful and practical purposes is appropriate for every setting, from the office to the corridor and from the bedroom to the living room with 9 shelves. It is a bookcase with many uses. Product dimension are 13″D x 10″W x 71″H. To ensure that the book shelf is in good condition when it arrives, the packing is specially designed with thicker foam, solid edges and two-tier wrapping. Each component is numbered and each step is shown. It is pretty simple to put together. Large open bookshelf from XM&LZ multi-function bookshelf storage is ideal for a living room, bedroom, den, hallway or workplace.

A classy area for organizing and displaying decor, open storage shelves provide enough room to accommodate books, photos, collectibles, and more. This narrow white bookcase with white finishing will give a home or office more space and a happier attitude. Although bookcases can also look beautiful in other colors, but white has a certain snap to it that other colors lack. Rectangular narrow white bookcase can serve both functional and decorative purposes. A white color bookcase would be a welcome addition to most households. By wiping it down with a dry cloth, it is easily cleanable.

IOTXY Bookcase with Cabinets and 6 Lattices Shelves - Narrow White Bookcase with Storage for Bedroom

IOTXY Small Narrow Corner Bookcase - 59" Tall Free Standing Gap Storage Cabinet, 6 Lattices Open Shelves Tower Rack with Door, Cubes Bookshelf, White

This bookcase maximizes the use of living space, especially in small, tight settings. Several movable shelves built-in to accommodate displaying or storing things of various sizes in this bookcase with cabinets. IOTXY is a reputable name in the bookshelf market, providing its customers with a variety of white bookcases, end tables with storage, and metal coat racks. Six shelves are installed. These shelves featuring even numbers can be adjusted and detached in order to raise the cube’s height to ensure that tall objects are able to remain there. Its cube structure, which has a surface covered in natural wood veneer, making it incredibly solid and robust.

It weighs 42.9 pounds and is available in rectangular shape. This narrow white bookcase with a glossy finish is very attractive and practical for adding a touch of contemporary elegance to your room. It delivers a modern appearance that is both utilitarian and appealing. The six open shelves offer plenty of area to display books and other decorative items, and the glossy white finish gives any room a tidy, polished appearance. Fits your needs and space in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and balcony and it considers your budget. Product dimensions are 12.99″(W) x11.81″(D) x59.06″(H) and easy assembly instructions are included.

Ample space and attractive storage are hard to find these days. So this is a perfect way to decor your house. Bookcases in the corners are a great addition to any house. This narrow white bookcase in all-white has storage capacity and a strong style. This tall, modern style bookcase is more easily cleaned and very sturdy. It is a classy addition to any nook. Any living room, dining room, or other area that you want to make more elegant will benefit from having this compact corner bookcase. The compact-narrow-tall form of this free-standing modern bookcase with cabinets is ideal for modest spaces. It employs adjustable shelf structure, with the first fixed and the second movable to accommodate various items. The bookcase matches your demands and space and is appropriate for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, study and kid’s room.

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Wonderful! : purchased and reviewed that “Expect everything good “. This product was so very nice to all the tools to the consideration of gloves and handling. I would buy again please don’t pass it if you are doubting to get it GET IT!

Tribesigns Modern White Bookshelf with Storage - 6 Shelves Narrow White Bookcase for Home and Office

Tribesigns 70.9 Inch Tall Narrow Bookcase, Modern White Corner Bookcase with Storage, 6 Tier Cube Display Shelves for Home Office

As a well-known home brand worldwide, Tribesigns offers comfortable and effective home and business solutions. To help thousands of consumers throughout the world create comfortable living spaces, they have collaborated with some of the top designers and manufacturers in the world. This tall, narrow bookshelf’s compact design gives you access to additional display and storage space. Dimensions are 70.9″H*11.8″W*11.8″D overall. It’s merely a design that saves space. These bookcases can also withstand damage from exposure to the environment because they are weather resistant as well as water resistant.

The material used in this bookshelf is engineered wood. In order to create items that are stronger and longer-lasting, adhesives are used to bind bits of actual wood. This narrow white bookcase has a very amazing white finishing and has six tiers of open shelves that provide you plenty of room. The storage space on this bookcase is enormous. The maximum weight capacity of each shelf is 30 lbs. It is made of high-quality MDF, which increases its stability and superior load-bearing. In order to secure the bookshelf, it provides two anti-tip kits. It is reliable and secure. A modern white bookshelf that is both functional and beautiful.

These rectangular shaped bookshelves can always be placed in a room. To prevent the units from being pulled forward, this floor mounted bookshelves having rectangular shapes are fixed on the floor and brackets are used to attach them to the wall. This freestanding bookcase weighs 42 pounds and can support 200 pounds. These are great for busy families with children and pets because they are scratch-resistant and carefully made to endure wear and tear. This ensures that your bookshelf will retain its lovely appearance for years to come. The unit is fairly easy to assemble on your own because it comes with numbered parts, tools, and clear instructions.

A beautiful addition to your living area or bedroom is this lovely, soft-spoken bookcase. This narrow white bookcase is quite charming once you discover the modest ornate sides. This bookcase was built with durability in mind. This chic and durable storage option is ideal for both bigger and smaller settings because it gives you extra room while providing a lovely display of your favorite books. This modern white bookshelf offers plenty of storage space, exquisite hand-crafting, and a wonderful balance of design adaptability and color. These closed back bookcases are excellent options for toy storage.

Reviews & Purchasing Experience

Lisa Giannuzzi: purchased and reviewed that “Well made and sturdy”. Bought this for my mom to clean up clutter off of her piano which was holding a lot of books. My husband put this together in less than an hourand it is very well made. My mom loves it.

Saadiya 6 Tier Narrow Wood Bookcase with Storage - Revolving Narrow White Bookcase for Small Space

Rotating Bookshelf,6 Tier 360 Floor Standing Revolving Bookcase Storage Rack,Wood Narrow Bookshelf for Small Space,Corner Book Shelf Organizer for Bedroom, Living Room (White)

Customers have given this brand, Saadiya, mainly favorable feedback. It is said to be simple to put together. They are dedicated to bringing fresh ideas to furniture design in order to meet the constantly evolving demands of their clients, including those related to living, working, dining, relaxing, and other activities. High-quality P2 MDF board, used to make this freestanding bookcase, offers excellent stability and longevity. It’s ideal for accessorizing, organizing, and storing your belongings while keeping your home office neat and organized. This narrow wood bookcase is made of safe wood that enhances its grace, style and sophistication. It also offers remarkable stability and durability.

 It has a strong design and this narrow wood bookcase is manufactured of secure wood. To ensure that you have gorgeous furniture, each material has been meticulously chosen for its unsurpassed beauty and longevity .Bookcase has a 360° stereo rotation, is portable, takes up little room, has a great capacity, is rotational, and is ideal for tiny spaces. The rustic book storage shelves are a time-honored style that is ideal for exhibiting your decorations. This narrow white bookcase has a charming vintage appearance. The bookcase weighs 33 lbs and measures 13.4″H*13.4″W*74.8″D and has 6 open shelves, each measuring 13.4″L*13.4″W*11.8″H and able to support up to 22 lbs.

It is ideal for storing books, plants, and other items. All of your treasures can be placed on it. Bookcase comes with numbered pieces, an L-shaped Allen wrench and clear, comprehensive instructions. A moist rag makes quick work of cleaning the shelves. Due to the rotational nature of these bookcases, it is important to remember that the diameter after rotation will be greater than the length of the side. Because it can rotate, it can carry a lot of items while taking up little room. Even small spaces, like a room corner, can be easily accommodated by its placement.

The color of this narrow white bookcase conveys orderliness and it has a room for around 252 comic books. This bookcase has room for around 336 CDs. Four orientations can be applied to each layer. Despite having a big capacity, the structure is quite simple to remove books from. You may have a safe, healthy, and spacious storage area in your bedroom thanks to furniture made of raw materials.

Reviews & Purchasing Experience

Greg Yoder: purchased and reviewed that “Great space saver”. This went together pretty easy, however, pay attention. It’s easy to get the pattern confused. I should probably be on a flat surface. I got this for my office for a small corner. It’s perfect for that. It holds a lot more books than I thought.

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