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By: Fatima Zahra

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These can be installed in the kitchens to get the tea towels, cups, pans, & pots to arrange and free up room in the cupboards. You can buy coat hook height for clothes from companies including Buram, Boplo, Finner, Rogue, Hojo, and many others, and they come in a variety of sizes and hues to match the design of your space. Use a coat hook height item to hang towels and robes in your bathroom. Use it to hang up jewelry, bags, jackets, scarves, as well as other items. 

Get the item that goes with the theme of your bedroom. If your belt keeps getting misplaced in a messy closet, coat hook heights are a need for your home.One of best products for garment and accessory storage is this one. Get coat hook heights that are both durable and stylish, and select from a range of finishes, styles, and designs to complement or blend with your décor.

Coat Hook Height - 10pcs Hardware Wall Heavy Duty Hooks for Hanging Coats

MsBong Coat Hooks, 10pcs Hardware Wall Hooks Heavy Duty Hooks for Hanging Coats Double No Rust Hooks Wall Mounted for Key, Towel, Bags, Cup, Hat (Silvery)

These high-quality, tough, and long-lasting zinc die-cast coat hook height in black are able to support up to 35 pounds of weight. Its traditional double coat hook height design is capable of holding several items, including a coat, scarf, parasol, bag, towels, key, hat, and cup. The clothing coat hook height is 72 x 45 mm in size, with screws that are 19 mm long and have a 3 mm screw head diameter. You may utilize the screws to fix the coat hook height straight to closets and doors, or you can mount them into solid wood and wood studs. 10 coat hangers and 20 screws are included.It’s a useful method of space storage. 

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

GerryF: purchased this rack and reviewed that Very nicely made!Exactly what I wanted. Quality product with nice finish.

Coat Hook Height Wall Mounted Single Prong Robe Hook for Hanging Towel

IBosins 20PCS Coat Hooks Wall Mounted Single Prong Robe Hook for Hanging Towel Hooks with 40 Screws for Bags, Hat, Cap, Scarf, Cup

The coat hook heights are composed of high-quality zinc die-cast material, and they can support up to 15 pounds of weight with ease. Iron screws are used as fasteners. A coat hook height, purse, towel, hat, scarf, umbrellas, key, or cup can all be supported by something hard and durable. The clothes coat hook height is 45 x 34 mm, or 1.7 × 1.3 inch, and is simple to install using screws that are 18 mm long & 3 mm in diameter.  These coat hook height are ideal for hanging towels, coats, hats, purses, jackets, robes, and backpacks in the bathroom, bed, closet, foyer, and entryway. Make them simple to find with a homemade pellet coat rack. These are practical storage solutions. The 20 coat hangers and 40 screws in this set are included. These coat hook height can be fastened to walls made of solid wood and studs with the included screws for hanging coats, towels, keys, and bags. Your hands or other objects won’t get scratched by the design’s smooth contours and sleek edges.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Susu: purchased this rack and reviewed that Item as described Used for helmet hangers in dugouts.

Coat Hook Height Wall Mounted with 24 Screws Retro Double Utility Black Hooks

IBosins 12 Pack Black Coat Hooks Wall Mounted with 24 Screws Retro Double Hooks Utility Black Hooks for Coat, Scarf, Bag, Towel, Key, Cap, Cup, Hat

These sturdy twin prong coat hook heights can support up to 35 lb of weight with ease and are made of high-quality iron screws and zinc die-cast material. Sturdy and strong, it can withstand a lot, including a coat, scarf, umbrella, purse, towel, key, hat, cup, Christmas socks, and a wreath.  These vintage coat hook heights include double hooks and are ideal for hanging towels, coats, hats, purses, jackets, robes, and backpacks in the bathroom, bed, closet, foyer, and entryway.

Make them simple to find with a homemade pellet coat rack. A good method to organize your area is to use these double coat hook heights. The coat hook height is 86 x 45 mm, or 3.3 by 1.8 inches, and is simple to install using screws that are 18 mm long & 3 mm in diameter. 24 screws and 12 double prong hooks are included with this bundle.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

goodlip: purchased this rack and reviewed that Nice sizeI bought these hooks to make a coat hanger, they are the perfect size to hang sweaters and coats that are not oversized but medium to large (not heavy bulky huge coats) the hooks are sturdy enough to handle weight such as a 20 pound backpack but the hooks are only about an inch away from base, so anything too large or bulky may not fit inside the hook. They do look nice up against a black background. I took a strip of 1×3 and painted it black and inserted the hooks approximately 5 inches apart then attached the wood on the wall and it looks very modern and stylish. It’s cheaper than buying a coat rack and more space efficient and also more desirable because you get to customize the coat rack to your needs.

Decorative Coat Hooks (5 Pack) Wall Mounted Farmhouse Wall Hooks

Rustic Cast Iron Coat Hooks (5 Pack) Wall Mounted Farmhouse Decorative Wall Hooks, Vintage Hooks for Hanging Coats, Bags, Hats, Towels (Rustic Dark Brown and Black Patina, Includes Hardware)

Our Heavy Duty, Sturdy, Cast Iron Floating Shelves really aren’t flimsy, cheap metal that can bend or break whenever your family puts on their heavy coats, backpacks, or any other gear. This makes them superior to other corbel supports hooks or cheaply produced hooks that you may find on Amazon. manufactured to withstand the elements and be utilized indoors or outdoors.Antique Black Patina. Genuine Reproduction. For your charming, farm, barnhouse, or school shabby chic decor, my fancy cottage decorative coat hooks are ideal. Expect some built-in flaws because this item was made to look old, which contributes to its rustic beauty. gives any type of home the ideal touch of kitschy design.

These antique coat hangers provide a functional and attractive purpose. Ideal accent for your mudroom, bathroom, closet, or doorway to carry heavy clothing, dog leashes, backpacks, jackets, hats, jackets, or any other stuff you may have. Install these to a rustic wood structure or create a floating shelf system above some cubbies in the mudroom. High hook extends (2 3/4″), bottom hook extends (1 1/4″), height (4 1/2″), and (2″). 10 mounting screws are included. Customer happiness is important to My Fancy Farmhouse, therefore we put your satisfaction first. We provide a hassle-free, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not completely happy with your Ductile Iron Hooks after getting them. from the US ships!

Your charming, farmhouse, barnhouse, or schoolhouse shabby chic decor will look great with my Fancy Farmstead brand Dark Brown & Antique White Patina decorative coat hooks, which are Authentically Replica. Expect some built-in flaws since these decorative coat hooks were made to appear antique; these defects add to their rustic character. gives any home the ideal touch of shabby chic charm. It is ideal for use indoors or outdoors, in your crowded entryway or laundry area to hold coats, backpacks, hats, scarves, wet wipes, brooms, dog collars, keys chain stores, horse safety harness, boots, tools, etc., or in your charming kitchen with a farmhouse theme to hold hand towels, smocks, pot holders, utensils, and more.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Julie Burden: purchased this rack and reviewed that Great Purchase!Very nice hangers and sturdy.

Coat Hook Height Rack Wall Mounted - 5 Tri Hooks

Dseap Coat Rack Wall Mounted - 5 Tri Hooks, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel, Metal Coat Hook Rail for Coat Hat Towel Purse Robes Mudroom Bathroom Entryway (Black, 2 Packs)

Heavy-duty, strong, and simple yet attractive in appearance. Black color; made of stainless steel with coat hook height made of aluminum alloy; dimensions: 16-1/4 x 5-three x 8 cm (L x W x H). The wall-mounted coat hanger effectively protects your hangings of tearing or sliding off thanks to its long-projected arm & ball tips. The wall-mounted coat hook height has five tri-hooks and can store a lot, including coats, hats, towels, purses, scarves, and robes; it’s perfect for hallways, mudrooms, bedrooms, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, and other places.

Guarantee of lifetime quality. With mounting hardware and two packs of coat hook height rails, it is simple to install (improved to fit). This Dseap hanging offers useful, room-saving home storage whether utilized as a towels holder, coat & hat rack, card storage, coat hanger, or handbag organizer. Its fashionable, beautiful design will improve the appearance of any area, especially bathrooms, rooms, lounge, closets, restaurants, entryways, and much more, in addition to its functionality.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Iridiana Esquivel: purchased this rack and reviewed that PERFECT PRODUCTI love this product. I bought it for my daughter’s coats and jackets. She has learned to hang her jackets, I hung it low enough for her to reach and she is 2 years old. Highly recommend for kids.

Coat Hook Height 10 Pack Ambipolar Heavy Duty Metal Decorative Dual

10 Pack Ambipolar Heavy Duty Metal Decorative Dual Coat Hook / Hat Hook - Wall Mounted (Two Types of Screws Included), Wall Hook , Double Coat Hanger, 3-1/2", 10 Pack (Oil Rubbed Bronze).

Presenting a special, fashionable, and aesthetically pleasing double coat hanger that adds elegance and simplicity to your home or wardrobe. This decorative coat & hat coat hook height will help you manage your coats and hats so they are simple to find. The elegant design and highly reflecting surface give your home a luxurious touch. When fastened to real hardwood and studs, the Ambipolar Heavy Duty Ornamental Coat Hat coat hook height is built with additional strength to support up to 35 lbs.

Those wall coat hook heights are essential to have around your house while hosting a party since they are sturdy enough to hold two or more items. It’s really simple to install this traditional double coat hook height on your wall. Four mounting screws—two each of 18mm (0.7″) and 30mm (1.2″) lengths—and a marking pencil are included with each hook. To mount Ambipolar double coat hook height to a wall directly, use our 1.2″ screws; for thick surfaces, like doors or closets, use our 0.7″ screws; any extra screws are yours to keep.

Our wall-mounted dual hook is made of metal zinc alloy, which is strong enough to support several heavy clothing at once and long-lasting enough to provide you with many years of superb usefulness. A fantastic piece of hardware to organize and arrange your junk so it looks good to the eye.An excellent way to save space in your home is with the Ambipolar strong-duty ornamental dual coat & hat coat hook height. Perfect for usage in your closet, bedroom, bathroom, foyer, and other areas.

It is made of zinc & die-cast components and, when secured to real hardwood or studs, can support up to 35 lbs. It is a necessity wherever there is a need to conserve space because this incredibly strong and resilient hardware is designed strong enough to conveniently retain numerous and heavy garments.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ole Miss: purchased this rack and reviewed that Great Value” These hooks came in promptly and in good shape. They were easy to install and had two sets of screws, one longer and one shorter, to attach the hook to the wall. They look great.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Make two marks where the fittings are on the coat hook height while holding it up against the wall. At each location, drill a passageway into the wall and then insert drywall screws into the holes. Using the mounting screw, secure the coat hook height to the drywall fastener.

Definitely not. Yet, because of the tiny size of the screws and the low weight capacity of these coat hook heights, anchors are not required. I liked the hooks since they were perfect for holding up light-weight horse equipment.

If you’re drilling into a solid, then yes (ex.wood)

These appear to operate without issue. You will just receive different supplies than what they offer.

A good query! The screws were a bit long, which caused me to run into an issue last year (though not with these specific hooks). After the screws were put in, I had to use my Dremel machine to chop off the point on the rear. It was fixed in 5 minutes.

A good query! The screws were a bit long, which caused me to run into an issue last year (though not with these specific hooks). After the screws were put in, I had to use my Dremel machine to chop off the point on the rear. It was fixed in 5 minutes.

To stop them from rusting, you must paint them. Rustoleum quasi black spray paint is what I used to paint my. The hooks held their charm and looked fantastic after I applied numerous thin coatings. Refresher coats applied on a regular basis should permanently prevent rust.

The included anchors for the coat hook height are terrible. Very shoddy, cheaply made design. As soon as I cracked open the box, I threw them away. I chose an abrasive plastic self piercing screw on the anchor since I knew it would be more than sufficient for the job and was needed because of the sort of device I was mounting on the wall. This anchor needed to be strong enough to handle 10 to 15 pounds of bearing weight.

Absolutely, assuming the door has a solid core. A hollow doorway would be unable to support much weight. Flexing it would break the door. The coat hook height is sturdy enough to support almost anything.

The anchoring plate is a roughly 3/4″ wide by 1.5″ height ellipse. Each screw hole is 5/32″ horizontally offset from the vertical center line and is 0.5″ on center vertically.

No, they shouldn’t; the coat hook height I purchased had a protective finish on them. Now, everything will rust over time if you reside near a saltwater body of water.