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A vertical coat rack, also called a hat stand, is a piece of furniture used to store coats, hats, and other items of apparel. The non-accessible standard height of a coat hook is usually based on the average adult human size. Vertical coat rack based on standard human dimensions of shoulder to eye height coat hooks should be placed at 60″ (1520 mm) to 66″ (1680 mm) you can hang your things on a vertical coat rack without having to make holes in the wall. 

Having a sturdy coat rack by the door or in the foyer is very helpful.  Screws will allow you to mount the rack without causing any damage. Always be aware of where to hang your hat! The most obvious location is in the corridor beside the entrance door or next to the back door. The location of the coat rack must be such that it is both practical to use and unobtrusive. Pine can be used if you plan to paint the vertical coat rack. It costs the least to choose this. Use a finer hardwood if you’re planning to sand, stain, and polyurethane the surface which is more expensive. 

Since we knew we would dye the wood our preferred colour, we picked poplar. In a family-sized home with six people, each owning three coats, 3 feet of closet space is needed because, on average, six jackets hang per square foot. The typical width of a coat closet is 3 to 6 feet. It’s best to make additional room for heavy winter jackets and coats. In addition to being useful in the winter, they also greatly aesthetic attractiveness of an area that is frequently ignored. Vertical coat rack Coat racks are surprisingly adaptable.

Farmhouse Coat Hooks Farmhouse Vertical Small Holder Vertical Coat Rack

RTZEN Vertical Farmhouse Small Key Holder for Wall - Handcrafted Swirl Decorative 5 Key Hooks for Home Entryway - Wrought Iron Black Wall Mount Key Rack Purse Coat and Leash Holder or Organizer

vertical coat rack vertical Key Holder for Wall – Super Premium Quality Farmhouse Key Rack For Cute Organization farmhouse coat hooks 3 year warranty For vintage or bohemian decor, a key hanger for each home style is available. Universal multipurpose organizer – key Hooks for Wall – Rustic Key Holder. Farmhouse coat hooks use as a wall-mounted dog leash holder or for jewellery, necklaces, hats, coats, purses, and handbags. For kitchen or bedroom utensils. Elegant Key Holder for Wall Cool Key Rack for Wall: A Space Saver and Interior Design Boost. Ideal housewarming present! Handmade Wrought Iron Metal Key Holder for Classroom or Office, Entryway Hooks in Dorms or Apartments

Strong, handcrafted, blacksmith-made key holder for the wall that is decorative and smart. Heavy duty & built to last. Strong, safe, and tough hook Excellent Mounted Wall Key Holder for Hanging Keys. Quick and easy to install Contemporary Key Holder for Wall includes mounting hardware and accessories. Farmhouse coat hooks Key Organizer with Low Maintenance Assembly and Installation and a Special Floating Solution lovely wall-mounted key hook. In 1997, we founded RTZEN out of a deep appreciation and respect for the craft of blacksmithing. Our family-run business embraces centuries-old customs and techniques and employs them to produce high-quality ironwork products farmhouse coat hooks.

Our Commitment to Premium Craftsmanship & Quality is Reflected in Our Products. We Infuse Traditional Exceptional Craftsmanship into Everything We Do by Using Classic Ironwork Techniques in the Creation Process of All of Our Products. Our Handcrafted Products Are Created by Devoted Artisanal Masters Who Have Acquired Their Skills Through Years of Industry Experience. Establishing Our Workshop Quickly Went from a Dream to Reality After Falling in Love with the Ancient Art of Blacksmithing. We Appreciate Everyday Having the Chance to Create Using Traditional Ironwork Methods.


Dear customer, Thank you for your interest in RTZEN decor products. This item is dark brown, tends to black. Kind regards, RTZEN Decor support team

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Bodhi Seed purchased and reviewed that Really Nice! Excellent quality and workmanship. Well made with a very nice finish. Looks great and was super easy to install with the included screws. Very pleased!

Vertical Coat Rack JAMEND Layers Vertical Hanging

JAMEND CLXP 4 Layers Metal Hats Hanger, 1 PCS Strong Vertical White Coat Hook, Over Door Rack for Hanging Bags Jams Scarf Keys and More.

Vertical coat rack no need for glue, screws, or nails. Just hang a clothes hook on the required door. The vertical coat rack well-regarded cap hook is appropriate for doors that are less than 1.77″ (4.5 cm) thick. P.S. Before ordering, be sure to measure the thickness of your door and seam. Made of sturdy, heavy-duty metal that is strong. Vertical coat rack durability and rust resistance are guaranteed for the door hook with a dual-layer eco-friendly coating. 

Comes in all-white to match any design, including modern, fashionable, vintage, etc. Perfect for decorating your kitchen, living room, baths, etc. Holds your robes, tie, belts, decorations, and more while having a very artistic, stylish, opulent, and modern appearance. Four-hook vertical coat rack design, integrated, one-piece moulding, quick storage, and space-saving. It’s a really practical technique to make the most of unused closet or door space for storage. for hat, bag, and cap organization.

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Tollaman purchased and reviews that Perfect Just what I was looking for something simple to hang my purses from. They’re not too big across the door but can hold a lot.

Vertical Wall Mounted Coat Rack My Gift Foot Branch Mounted Vertical Coat Rack

MyGift 2.5-Foot Gold Metal Tree Branch Style Wall Mounted Vertical Hat/Coat Hanging Rack

Vertical coat rack wall mounted metal hat and coat rack in the shape of a tree branch with a gold finish. Vertical wall mounted coat rack includes 6 hooks to hang various hat and coat sizes and designs vertical wall mounted coat rack. Excellent for usage in your office, bedroom, closet, or doorway. Vertical wall mounted coat rack can be utilised for additional fashion items like bows, jewellery, scarves, and more. Dimensions: 6.0 W x 4.0 D x 32.0 H approx. (in inches). 

The vertical wall mounted coat rack branch-style metal hanging rack offers unusual accent and practical storage to a variety of settings. It has 6 hooks for holding hats and coats of various sizes. With the right hardware, mounting it to wall surfaces is simple.2.5-Foot Gold Metal Tree Branch Style Vertical Hat/Coat Rack Wall Mounted.


It’s very sturdy. If you anchor it well to a stud it will easily hold several winter coats. If in drywall, use good anchors and I’d recommend longer screws than the ones that come with it. Either way I used longer screws because there isn’t much screw left for wall if using the ones provided.

Yes. My girlfriend and I have two of these and drilled both into the wall. Should come with all the hardware you need (minus a screwdriver).

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Emma purchased and reviewed that All great. Perfect, screws that came with it are the right length which was surprising due to the reviews. Looks great!

Entryway Coat Rack Vertical Mounted RRG Jackets Vertical Coat Rack

RRG Vertical Coat Rack Wall Mounted 16 Inch, Metal Vertical Hat Rack for Wall, Modern Wall Coat Tree for Hats, Jackets, Bags, Entryway Bedroom (Height 16")

Sturdy, Needs No Assembly W5.7″(14.5cm) x D2.6″ x H16″(41cm) (6.5cm) mounted on a wall. Each of the six metal hooks on this welded wall-mounted coat rack can support more than 100 pounds. It does not need to be assembled and is 15 times stronger and more durable than comparable entryway coat rack coat racks that do. Space Saving: By utilising all available wall area, it can save more interior living space than the conventional standing coat rack. caps, jackets, shirts, skirts, suits, coats, bags, backpacks, and other items can be hung entryway coat rack

This contemporary entryway coat rack is shaped like a branch to provide decoration to your space. Decorative Coat Rack Improve your home’s sense of design vertical coat rack. The installation process is simple. The RRG wall entryway coat rack only requires a few wall anchors and The RRG wall coat tree can be used in a variety of locations, including the foyer, corridor, living room, corner, bedroom, office, etc. (Please note the wall coat rack’s size.)


I put in the drywall anchors and the screws are relatively long. I don’t know the weight recommended for it. But it is on our wall and feels sturdy. I think it would hold any reasonable pocketbooks and winter coats but I would not want a child to try to climb it!

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Blueyes523 Purchased and reviewed that Perfect for Small Areas We needed a small coat rack to take the place of a large floor one. This did the trick, takes up little space and is perfect for a quick place to put a hat, dog leashes or jacket.

Vertical Coat Rack Yamazaki Home Over Door Hooks

Yamazaki Home Over The Door Hooks - Vertical Hanging Coat Rack, White

Originality: Vertical coat rack Our in-house design team in Nara, Japan, created all of our products. We advise buying from these merchants to be sure our products are genuine: Yamazaki Home, Red Cat, Sportique, or Sunrise Image. On, there aren’t any additional authorized merchants. Over-the-door hook rack: This vertical coat rack straightforward over-the-door hook features five hooks strung along a vertical frame to create a basic look. Perfect when you need storage but don’t want to make a big deal out of it. 

For the purpose of supporting larger objects, the topmost hook is slightly longer. Adornment for doors up to 1.375 INCHES: A door can be as thick as 1.375″ (1-3/8″) with an over-the-door hook. Door must have a clearance of roughly 0.625″ (1/16″) for the door to close. This will help you make the most of the space in your home. Suspend coats, shirts, dresses, purses, and bags from hooks vertical coat rack Materials & care guidelines: Steel that has been powder coated makes up the hook vertical coat rack. Three applications of the finish result in a smooth surface and water resistance. 

Simple to clean with a moist towel and a mild soap or detergent. The item’s dimensions are 3.5 x 0.6 x 21.3 inches (L x W x H) and its weight is 0.44 pounds. The items in our Smart line are all functional organizational tools with witty twists. Every product has a unique design element that enhances its usefulness, functionality, or convenience. Every Smart product was created with maximum functionality in mind. 

Whether it meant adding an extra pocket, using a magnetic solution, or including a customizability feature. Simple, uncluttered designs that well with any modern home. Yamazaki’s straightforward over-the-door hook is a practical addition to any area and provides easy space for hanging outerwear. It can hold hats, bags, coats, and more thanks to its numerous hooks. Brand: Yamazaki produces really distinctive, cutting-edge goods that are thoughtfully developed to incrementally improve quality of life and “small-space living” in Japan. Yamazaki. Simplified home.


It could work for one child, but the hooks may not be strong enough if backpack is too heavy. I will recommend to get one for each child. I use it for my children’s towel and rope. Easy for them to reach out.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Microchick Purchased vertical coat rack and reviewed that Good value. Good value. Easy to install

Vertical Coat Rack Detachable Vertical Horizontal Section Bathroom

Jakyitvi Detachable Coat Rack Wall Mounted with 9 Hooks, Vertical or Horizontal Coat Hooks, DIY 1/2/3-Section Hat Rack, Metal and Wooden Hooks for Hanging, for Bathroom Entryway Bedroom

Detachable Coat Hook”: The vertical coat rack can be divided into multiple parts depending on the available space, such as creating wall-mounted coat hooks that are divided into 1/2/3 sections. Installation options include the living room, porch, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Use Horizontally or Vertically: Depending on the use needs, a cowboy hat rack can be mounted horizontally or vertically, offering enough room for hanging and organizing objects. 

The multipurpose hook can accommodate the hanging needs of everyday objects. Wooden Round Hook Design”: The vertical coat rack hook has a smooth surface so it won’t harm or deform any clothing that is hanging from it. The non-slip design of the hook will stop the clothing from falling. It can be used to hang things like towels, dog leashes, dog coats, hats, jackets, and umbrellas. Installation with Screws: 

This coat rack has mounting holes that make it simple to install. You can use screws to fasten it to the wall so that you may hang things from it. It has excellent bearing capacity, is stable, and won’t wobble easily. You can also get ready to apply the non-marking sticker on your own smooth surface if you don’t want to screw anything into the wall. Materials, Style, and Size: This wall-mounted coat hanger is constructed of metal and wood. The hanging rod’s surface is coated, making it resistant to rust. The vertical coat racks

 hook is made of metal, which gives it great strength, durability, and resistance to bending. The ornamental vertical coat rack coat hook in an industrial style is ideal for modern home decor and can enhance the room’s aesthetic. size of the entire coat rack: 9.7 inches (L) x 2.4 inches (W) x 35.8 inches (H). With mounting holes on the hook, this wall-mounted hook is simple to assemble. The coat hook is screwed into place, allowing for stable fixing. Its bearing capability is greater. If you don’t want to use screws, you may simply make a non-marking sticker for installation on a smooth surface.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

JMV Purchased that reviewed that sturdy and looks great! Just what I needed in my daughter’s room for extra hanging space. Holds all her coats and hats with room left over. If there is a blank space; it doesn’t look look ugly, it looks like part of the décor. Will definitely buy more if I find I’m needing more space. Was super simple to put together and attach to wall.