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Brown Dining Room Chairs


Chairs With 3 Piece Dining Set


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Mid Century Modern Dining Room Set


Mid Century Dining Room Chairs

One of our most comfy seats is the Coze industrial brown dining room chairs! Dining for hours on this industrial chair is not a problem at all, and you might even wish to stay seated thanks to the durable chair’s great seating comfort and beautiful design. Verify an each color. There is a padded seat in the brown dining room chairs seat is composed of PU artificial leather, a material that resembles leather in both feel and appearance. The material is made of a textile layer with a plastic top layer.

Then PU leather is exactly what you need in a piece! PU leather is ideal for an interior where people live and enjoy themselves to the fullest since it is simple to maintain, sturdy, preserves its shape, does not let moisture through, and is animal friendly. The frame substance of brown dining room chairs: This eating chair is supported by a metal frame that is black powder-coated. There are black plastic floor guards underneath the frame.

We advise attaching felts under the caps for tiles. Maintenance is also very much important for the dining chairs. Use our PU Leather Care Kit for the best upkeep of your beloved PU furniture. With this kit, you apply a single treatment for an additional, invisible protective layer, preserving the lovely leather appearance and extending the life of your dining room chair. Four screws under the seat make assembly simple, making this dining chair an excellent choice for anyone with two left hands.

ZANZIO Brown Dining Chairs with Metal Legs for Living Room

ZANZIO Dining Chairs Set of 4 - Lounge Kitchen Chairs with PU Upholstered Seat Back Washable Kitchen Room Side Chair with Metal Legs for Living Room, Suede Brown

  • 4-piece set of PU faux leather brown dining room chairs that are stain- and water-resistant: The dining chair’s seat and backrest are covered in high-quality camel brown PU leather, and thanks to its waterproof feature, it is simple to clean any dirt with a damp towel. Reduce the amount of a daily maintenance you do.
  • 4 Piece Set of Mid Century Modern brown dining room chairs: In order to satisfy the preferences of a wide range of consumers, Zanzio is dedicated to creating the newest furniture. We like the option of brown PU leather dining chairs. The chic minimalist shell design is the ideal accent to your kitchen and living area, bringing modern style to your house or apartment.
  • Upholstered brown dining room chairs, 4-Piece Set: Soft foam-padded seats with an extremely an ergonomic curved design and a mid-back to relieve back strain and offer the utmost comfort when seated.
  • One-step Assembly: After assembling the metal legs, all that is needed to finish the setup is to screw the dining chair legs into the seat. It takes less than 20 minutes to install all four chairs after unpacking. With a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs., this PU synthetic leather dining chair is strong enough for both adults and children.

The dining room is one place you pass by every day and has the potential to either offer you a cheerful outlook on life or aid in your relaxation after a stressful day at work. Almost everyone appreciates having a decent meal and engaging in friendly conversation at the dinner table. Create a welcoming eating space with a relaxing ambiance to entice visitors for meals and conversation. To surround your dining table, get comfortable brown dining room chairs. They are fantastic complements to an entryway or bedroom while not being used at the table.

These adaptable chairs are particularly useful if you need additional gaming or business chairs. Choose side chairs that go with your table or another room design feature. Then, whenever you want to alter appearance of the room for holiday or changing seasons, just swap out the cushions or add a slipcover by brown dining room chairs. The ideal dimensions are 16.9 inches (W) x 18.1 inches (D) x 33.28 inches (H), and the chair is lightweight and portable. But sleeping on the chair is not advised for pets like cats and dogs. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty. Please get in touch with us if there is an issue with the item you received.


It will be sent quickly, in a box with all the accessories, and with good packaging. Don’t worry when you will use the product you will did not face any issue. Thank you for concerning us and also for your patience.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

LisaDee purchased brown dining room chairs and reviewed that “Great inexpensive leather-like chairs.” I love these leather-like chairs. They look good! Let’s be honest, for the price they’re great, but they are inexpensive. They are pretty light, and the leather is more of a fabric that looks like leather/suede than actual leather. They are also on the smaller side which is great if you have a small space. My son is 6’2″ a bit over 200 and he finds them comfortable enough. I might worry if someone sat on his lap? Other than that they seem pretty sturdy.

East West Furniture And Brown Dining Room Chairs With 3 Piece Dining Set

East West Furniture DLNA3-SBR-C - 3 Piece Dining Set - A Brilliant Dining Chairs Linen Fabric Seat and Saddle Brown Dinner Table

  • Giving a lovely dining room set would increase the elegance of the space. This dinette table set comprises a wonderful wood kitchen table and two wooden dining chairs, which will improve the appeal of the kitchen with the trendy pattern.
  • The kitchen table set with Linen Fabric Seat and Pedestal Table, these kitchen chairs, and the magnificent round table are all made of wood, which results in the best quality and color combination, giving your kitchen a stunning appearance.
  • The dinette set displays the innate beauty of Asian wood that has been treated in Saddle brown dining room chairs. The entire dining table is constructed of Asian wood. The modern dining table set is composed entirely of superior Asian wood.
  • You and your visitors will like the amount of refinement the wood top table brings to your space. To add dynamic style to any living space, these dinette chairs and kitchen table have a high-quality style with a hint of luxury.
  • The amazing pedestal dining table’s measurements are 42 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 29.5 inches high. The beautiful kitchen chairs’ dimensions are as follows: Height 38; Width 21; Depth 18
  • It will only take you a short amount of time to assemble the popular dining chairs and mid-century inexpensive dining room table if you follow the assembly instructions.

A truly nice wood dining room table can add a stunning sense of dining beauty to both traditional and modern décor. Your dining space will receive a magnificent dose of elegance from this dinette set. The gorgeous 5-piece Classic kitchen dinner table set highlights its features and curves, adding a bit modern flair to an otherwise conventional set. The superior quality Asian wood (Rubber Wood) used in the construction of these distinctive kitchen brown dining room chairs and wooden dining table gives them an astonishing level of sturdiness and stability.

Innovative solid hardwood construction, comfortable linen fabric seating, a slatted back, and a durable wood kitchen table provide innovative eyes for your kitchen, excellent stability for the standout dinette set, and comforting support for your back. The brown dining room chairs and table set is easy to travel, clean, assemble, and adjust the location due to the incredibly accurate specifications. The timeless designs of this unique mid-century wood dinette table set blend in beautifully with any interior design, and the kitchen chairs’ smooth linen fabric seats and slatted backs will keep clients happy.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dp purchased brown dining room chairs and reviewed that Excellent buy. Very solid, sturdy set. Exceptional purchase. Easy to assemble.

Mahogany Finish Brown Dining Room Chairs With 4 Legs

East West Furniture 7-Pieces Wooden Dining Table Set - Brown PU Leather Kitchen Parson Chairs - Mahogany Finish 4 legs Solid Wood Rectangular Wood Table and Frame

  • 7-piece brown dining room chairs set with a faux leather table top in an exquisite design. A fantastic 4 leg dinette table and a 6 gorgeous parson’s chairs will add to the elegance of your dining room with their beautiful styles. On a stylish dining room table set, you can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your friends or family.
  • FINISH OF DINING TABLE SET: The Mahogany dining table and body of the wood dinette set, along with the gorgeous Brown PU Leather upholstered dining chairs with high backs, add refinement to your eating space and heighten the elegance of your magnificent dining room.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY MATERIAL: Because Asian wood, sometimes referred to as Rubber wood, was used in the creation of our wooden dining table set, it offers incredible sturdiness. With the assistance of highly skilled carpenters, we have constructed these upholstered dining chairs and a contemporary dining table.
  • MATERIAMID CENTURY DINING CHAIR SEAT: The back and seat of our parson’s chairs are made of high-quality PU Leather, which offers complete comfort and a wonderful sitting experience, making the kitchen dining table set soothing and comfortable. This dining room table set is incredibly durable and dependable because it is made of Asian wood.

Amazing wooden dining table and brown dining room chairs set for you’re a lovely dining area. This wood dinette set comes with a wonderful four-legged dining table and six stylish dining chairs. High-quality PU leather, used to make our kitchen dining chairs, provides a perfect comfort and a wonderful sitting experience. The dinette set includes a compact, solid-wood Mahogany table with a lovely, padded Brown PU Leather parson chair with a high back that adds charm to your dining room and enhances the attractiveness of your fantastic dining room.

These Parsons dining room chairs and rectangular dining table were constructed by us with the assistance of highly skilled carpenters, who give this rectangle dinette set a smooth and high-end finish. If you assemble this wooden brown dining room chairs set in accordance with the provided directions, the beautiful dining room chairs and dining table are simple to put together. Our contemporary dining set is simple to clean. This contemporary dining set is easy to clean with any furniture cleaner. You’ll only have to invest a little time. The rectangular dinette set always looks clean and is very easy to maintain.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Missylou purchased brown dining room chairs and reviewed “Just Got It Yesterday and Love It!.” This came in yesterday and my husband put it together this morning. He said it took him 2 hours. I came home for lunch and it was all put together and looking lovely. I am also very happy with him. lol. All I have done so far is sit in one of the chairs which was very comfy. I will update my review if I have any issues. The delivery date quoted was for Nov. 6-7 but I received it 11/02. Luckily the driver gave me a call when he left the warehouse so we were prepared.

Green Forest Mid Century Modern Dining Room Set With Metal Legs For Home Kitchen

GreenForest Dining Chairs Set of 4, Washable PU Fuax Leather Dining Side Chair Mid Century Modern Dining Room Chairs Comfortable Upolstered Cushion Seat with Metal Legs for Home Kitchen, Camel Brown

  • Washable PU Faux Leather Dining Chair: The seat and back of this chair are covered in high-quality camel brown PU leather, making it simple to wipe clean. Additionally, it is anti-dirty, which can significantly lessen your need for routine maintenance.
  • Mid century modern dining room set furniture:
  • The midcentury modern dining room set have a sophisticated design. The curved shape of the back adds a touch of elegance to your house or apartment, making it the ideal decor for your living area, dining room, and kitchen.
  • Dining Chairs Set of 4 with Comfortable Detail: Both the back and seat of the brown dining room chairs are cushioned with thick, soft premium sponge. Additionally, it has an ergonomic curved design to provide you the most comfortable sitting experience possible. The leg foundation is constructed of top-notch metal that can support 300 lbs.
  • Since the metal leg base is already assembled.

Mid century modern dining room set contemporary classic waterproof PU dining chairs with clean, modern lines, trendy materials, and attractive simplicity. Can be utilized as a decoration for a family dining room, hotel, wedding banquet, dinner, conference, celebration, or ceremony. Adopting high-quality brown dining room chairs and back, the dining chairs’ waterproof design and exquisite appearance make them easy to clean and durable for long-term usage.

The dining chairs are so simple to put together that you only need to complete one step: screw the metal leg that has already been completed to the cushion base. The leg of each chair can be fixed with just 4 screws. The four seats can be assembled by one teenager in 15 minutes. The legs of mid century modern dining room set are ideal for spraying. You can use satin spray paint to paint the legs in color that complements your home’s decor.


Yes, these are suitable for that. These have been with us for approximately two years, and we adore them. They’re not ideal for my office, but they’re great for the kitchen and a few hours of sitting.

These chairs are really stable and not at all shaky. Our family includes a number of obese people, and they are wonderful. However, no chair is designed to be tipped back in, so if an extremely hefty person attempted that in one of these, it’s possible that it may cause damage or cause the person to slip.

The dimensions of the dining chairs’ package are 20 x 25 x 26.5 inches. 45.1507 pound weight Email us at if you have any additional queries. Thanks \sGreenForest

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Carolina Gonzalez purchased mid century modern dining room set and reviewed that Great chairs!. Comfortable, classy and great price. Would 10/10 recommend!

EALSON Mid Century Dining Room Chairs with Wood Legs, Set of 2

EALSON Modern Dining Chairs Set of 2 Mid Century Leather Dining Room Chairs with Wood Legs Tufted Upholstered Kitchen Side Chairs with Nail Head Trim for Dining Room/Living Room, Black

  • Stylish detail: Sophistication is introduced through the delicate nail-head trim and a tufted accents. Ideal for an illuminating your dining room.
  • Comfortable Seating: The thick upholstery and curved backrest make for a comfortable sitting experience. It completely enables you to take pleasure in your free time.
  • The mid century dining room chairs are supported by high-quality rubber wood legs, which provide good sturdiness and durability. It is capable of supporting 300 lbs. without tipping. Additionally, foot protectors stop the floor from being scratched. The non-woven cloth beneath the seat contains the chair’s legs.
  • Adopting imitation leather for the seat and back of the brown dining room chairs and making it waterproof makes it simple to clean soiled kitchen chairs with a wet towel. Reduce the amount of routine maintenance you do.
  • We have several warehouses in NJ, TX, and CA. We will select the closest warehouse based on your address.

This brown dining room chairs is renowned and adored for its gracefully curved fluid frame and antique vibe, and it continues to represent comfort and elegance in contemporary settings. These dining room chairs have leather upholstery and button-tufted accents on the seatbacks, which give them a highly fashionable look and excellent comfort. This mid-century dining room chairs stands out from the competition thanks to the button-tufted pattern on the back.

PU leather, which is water-resistant and simple to clean, is used to cover the seats of the dining chairs. You won’t get tired even after sitting for extended periods of time thanks to the 5.2″ padded seat in our dining room chairs. This mid-century dining room chairs is opulent and a fashionable thanks to the decorative nail heads. Four non-slip foot pads are attached to the bottom of the chair’s legs to guard against damage to your floor.


It feels amazing, and I believe it to be either bonded leather or vegan leather. received numerous compliments. Thank you for concerning us and also for your patience. Enjoy the item and its features.

In about a month, the beige chair will be available. When you will use the product you will see its features which are latest and also its comfort. So don’t worry and buy and use it freely and easily. 

This beige dining chair is presently only available in one box, and the subsequent shipment won’t be here until November. We are here for giving you the right solution or suggestion. Enjoy the product and its features.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

jean purchased mid century dining room chairs and reviewed that Thanks I was very satisfied with my new furnitures. I was so impressed with the help with the consumer service . Thanks