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Metal Chairs with Wood Seat


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This metal chairs with wood seat with a wooden seat is both fashionable and practical, making it a great addition to any kitchen, dining area, bistro, cafe, restaurant, bar, patio, etc. Elm wood, with its distinctive grain and smooth texture, is corrosion- and moisture-proof, and makes for a comfortable seat thanks to its thickness of just 0.80 inches. The metal chairs with wood seat surface are covered with water- and corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly paint that is also simple to clean.

The cross-X steel underneath the metal chairs with wood seat and the quality thickened steel frame combine to make this metal chair sturdy and long-lasting. The metal chairs with wood seat can support up to 330 pounds of weight, making it ideal for the great majority of consumers. Metal chairs with wood seat can be stacked and won’t slide about, so they’re more convenient to store and move around. The extra rubber feet will prevent it from moving around and protect your floors. As for “Chair,” we have:

There are 4 of these metal chairs with wood seat available, and together they can support up to 330 pounds. Their seat dimensions are 14.1 by 14.1 inches (L x W), and their back dimensions metal chairs with wood seat are 16.5 by 17.3 inches (L x D.) The metal chairs with wood seat height are 17.8 inches. Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with your order, and we will do everything in our power to resolve it, including accepting returns and providing exchanges.

Black Ladder Back Chairs, Rapid Fire Furnishings 4-Packmetal Chairs with Wood Seat

Flash Furniture 4 Pk. HERCULES Series Black Ladder Back Metal Restaurant Chair - Cherry Wood Seat

Black ladder back chairs Seating made of sturdy metal (500 lb. Weight Limit). Style it appears to be a Ladder Seat fashioned out of wood and completed in a cherry finish. Brown plywood with a thickness of 625 inches, which gives off a warm light as seating. Determining the name of or the logo for a product Restrictions Placed on the Dimensions of black ladder back chairs Home Furnishings 17″D x 16.5″W x 32.25″H. Fabrication Materials and Equipment: Some Useful Applications of Wood and Alloy Steel in the Kitchen and Dining Room.

Diners can be left with a favorable impression of a restaurant if the food is delicious, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is trendy. In locations where the black ladder back chairs will be used frequently, such as cafés, restaurants, pool halls, lounges, and bars, a popular and trustworthy option for seating is metal chairs. These metal chairs with wood seat are also comfortable to sit in. Because it requires very little maintenance, this chair is an excellent option for use in public areas.

This black ladder back chair has been fortified to resist the rigors of the hospitality sector; yet, you can also use it to accent the decor in your own house. The welds that link the various components of the frame are what ensure that it is both robust and long-lasting. When you have floor glides, both your flooring and your furniture will be protected, and it will be much easier to move the furniture around. Because of its simple construction and low weight, this metal chairs with wood seat is well suited for usage in both domestic and commercial settings.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kenton Seydell purchased and reviewed  “Perfect” Easy to put together. Comfortable. Are heavy duty.

Black and Wood Dining Chairs, Elegant Black Four-Pack of Cafe Bar, Metal Chairs with Wood Seat

Yaheetech 18 Inch Classic Iron Metal Dining Chair with Wood Top/Seat Indoor-Outdoor Use Chic Dining Bistro Cafe Side Barstool Bar Chair Coffee Chair Set of 4 Black

The seat of the black and wood dining chair is made of wood, while its frame is made of iron. Offer a supportive backrest in addition to a comfortable sitting area. It has a sufficient level of sturdiness for everyday use. There is a weight limit of 150 kilograms, which is equivalent to 330 pounds. Stackable construction with pads that prevent scratching: You may save some floor space by piling these black and wood dining chairs without arms on top of one another when they are not in use. Rubber feet placed underneath the chair legs prevent slippage and scratching of the flooring. When the seats are moved, the rubber pads help to reduce the amount of noise that is made.

 An X-shaped bracing is installed underneath the seat of the black and wood dining chair to strengthen its stability and load bearing capability. The surface of the chair is made of hardwood and is screwed to the metal chairs with wood seat.

The metal chairs with wood seat come pre-packaged in pearl wool and bubble bag to protect its components from being knocked around or damaged while in shipment. Additionally, the chairs’ assembly is a simple and straightforward process. Instructions and all of the necessary hardware for assembly are provided here. The installation of Yaheetech metal chairs with wood seat is beneficial for a wide variety of establishments, including bistros, patios, cafes, shopping malls, restaurants, dining rooms, and kitchens.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mike purchased and reviewed “Perfect Match” I bought a little table a while back for my kitchen nook, but it had no matching chairs. The table was finished by a local farmhouse shop. I searched for a long time to find chairs matching the wood tones on the tabletop…..

Metal Farmhouse Chairs, Set of 4 Matte Black Feet, Metal Chairs with Wood Seat

Metal Dining Chairs Stacking Metal Farmhouse Chairs with Rubber Feet Wood Seat Kitchen Chairs Trattoria Chairs for Restaurant Bistro Cafe Industrial/Vintage/Rustic Matte Black Set of 4

Elm and steel were some of the materials used in the construction of the strong metal farmhouse chairs. For the purpose of providing additional support and stability, an X-brace has been attached to the underside of each seat. Because of the thicker steel plate that was used in their assembly, each of our metal farmhouse chairs is capable of withstanding up to 480 pounds of weight. You won’t have to worry about the chair moving around thanks to its high back and non-slip rubber feet, so you can relax and take some time off without interrupting your routine. The non-slip rubber structure of these feet ensures that they will never scratch your floors or make other noises that are obnoxious as they carry out their function of supporting furniture.

 It is simple to assemble and disassemble, with the sole component requiring assembly being the backrest. You have the option of removing the back if you do not want it. It was protected and made much easier to clean and maintain by using a high-quality polish that was given to the metal farmhouse chairs that had a rustic appearance.

 As a result of their design, these metal chairs with wood seat without arms can be stacked in a space-saving manner when they are not in use. The dimensions of the metal chairs with wood seat are 17.3 by 17.3 by 32.5″ inches.

The Finest Seating Currently Available, Ideal for Any Commercial or Residential Setting, Including Restaurants, Farmhouse Kitchens, Bars, Bistros, Cafes, Patios, Trattorias, Public Houses, and Other Similar Establishments.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Missy Butts purchased and reviewed “Just what I was looking for.” Ok so when I first bought 4 of these i was disappointed. Until thinking it above decided to send them down and stain them a darker color…..

Metal and wood chairs, Set of 4 Stackable Industrial Style, Metal chairs with wood seat

Furniwell Metal Dining Chairs with Wood Seat, Distressing Tolix Style Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Industrial Chair with Back Set of 4 for Kitchen, Dining Room, Bistro and Cafe (White)

These metal and wood chairs designed in the classic style of the tolix are ideal for use either inside or outside the home and are available in a variety of colours. Metal and wood chairs Can be put to use in any kind of kitchen, whether you do you’re cooking at home or at a restaurant or some other kind of commercial enterprise.

Components of High-Quality and Ease in Their Assembly Parts: metal and wood chairs are possible that the assembly will take less than ten minutes to finish. The scratch-proof steel construction ensures that the product will survive for a very long time and is exceptionally resistant to harm. Rubber feet are a welcome addition to homes that have expensive flooring, as metal chairs with wood seat do not cause damage to the floor and do not provide slipping hazards.

 Because the metal chairs with wood seat high backrest has a luxurious cushioning, you may recline completely and take your time eating without having to worry about being uncomfortable. The feet have a one-of-a-kind structure that enables them to be folded up and put away very easily. This makes them very convenient. When metal chairs with wood seat are not being used, just stacking them will ensure that they take up the least amount of room possible in the storage area. Within this sector, no other company can compare to our level of confidence. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions or concerns after purchasing this item, and we will try our best to find an answer that satisfies your requirements and preferences.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Lisa Marie Palmiter purchased and reviewed “Beautiful Dining Chairs” These chairs were that exact look I was going for to go with my rustic farmhouse table they match beautifully. Easy to assemble it took longer to unpack then put together I did them by myself start to finish 30 mins their

Metal chairs with wood seat, Restaurant Chair with Black Metal Frame and Cherry by Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Black Vertical Back Metal Restaurant Chair - Cherry Wood Seat

This metal chair with wood seat will be the “small black dress” of your furnishings, since great taste is always in vogue. Care and upkeep are all that’s needed to keep this metal chair with wood seat. The 18-gauge steel construction can support up to 500 pounds. Stool with a vertical back and a cherry wood finish Modern metal chairs with wood seat intended for restaurants also look great in private homes.

PRODUCT we’re going to take some measurements Size of the metal chairs with wood seat: 17 “W x 20.25″D x 34.25″H | Seat Dimensions (inches): 16.25″ x 16.5″ x 17.25” “H | Dimensions of Back: 16.5″W x 16.75″HC Make your restaurant stand out from the competition by providing excellent food, friendly service, and a pleasant atmosphere. The cherry wood seat on this metal chairs with wood seat makes it a popular option for busy restaurants, cafes, pool halls, lounges, and bars. The ease with which this chair can be cleaned is a major plus for any commercial setting.

This metal chairs with wood seat can resist the heavy use in the hospitality business, and it will also provide a stylish touch to your home. Welded joints provide a strong foundation for the sturdy frame. These floor protectors will keep your flooring in pristine condition while you glide around with ease. This metal chairs with wood seat is great for both home and business use due to its minimalist design and light weight.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jennifer Perkins purchased and reviewed “Cute and sturdy!” Great quality! Cute and sturdy! Its basically already assembled, you just have to attach the seat to the chair. It was delivered early, in a huge box. Be careful unwrapping, not to toss out the screws with the box.

Metal Chairs With Wood Seat, White Metal Stacking Chairs By EMMA + OLIVER, With A Natural Wood Seat.

EMMA + OLIVER White Metal Stackable Chair with Wood Seat

When going for a revitalizing modern look in interior design, metal furniture should not be overlooked for its modern vintage feel. There is a wide range of colours available for these metal chairs with wood seat, and they can be mixed and matched with other materials to create a unique aesthetic. Stacking up to eight of these metal chairs with wood seat is easy thanks to their lightweight construction and plastic caps that shield the frames from damage.

The sturdy galvanized steel frame and rustic walnut elm wood seat with attached brackets allow this chair to hold up to 500 pounds. Completed metal chairs with wood seat Dimensions: 18″W x 20″D x 33″H; The seat and back are both 17 inches in height and 18 inches wide and deep. In these vibrant and comfy metal chairs with wood seat, you and your loved ones may enjoy valuable time together in the kitchen or dining area. The mix of metal legs and a wooden seat is both sturdy and warm. Whether you’re going for a modern or industrial aesthetic in your new digs, these accent chairs are a smart choice. The traditional style of this bistro metal chair with wood seat will make a significant aesthetic difference in your eating area.

Any time the establishment is open to the public, as long as the static weight capacity is greater than 500 pounds, all customers can be securely accommodated. The heavy-duty galvanized steel construction will wow you for years, whether you’re purchasing furniture for your house or a commercial establishment. In a jiffy, you can have this metal chairs with wood seat ready to go by attaching the brackets that come with it to the seat.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Norman Milliard purchased and reviewed “Great Product” A very strong chair, our primary goal. Well packaged for shipment, all metal surfaces covered with foam. Each chair in their own strong cardboard box. Padded cushions came with four self-tapping screws, no need to….

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