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8 Seat Dining Table Set


Dining Room Chairs Set Of 8


Dining Table Set For 8


Kitchen Table with Leaf


Dining Room Sets For 8


Wood Table Black Chairs

The correct furniture is necessary dining room sets for 8 just as dining in the dining room creates a place where we can nourish ourselves, spend time with others, enjoy scrumptious meals, and engage in stimulating conversations. To make a comfortable atmosphere for family and friends, choosing the ideal pair of dining chairs is crucial. Sit down on a dining chair before making a purchase to see how comfortable and wide the seat is, how the back of the chair feels when you lean against it, and whether the seat is too high or too low.

If the seat is upholstered, check the cushioning to make sure there is enough to keep the frame from being felt. A bigger, 54″ round pedestal table that seats 8 people can be extended to 72″ by adding a single leaf to the dining room sets for 8.The proper fur can transform your outdoor space into a tranquil haven. This hand woven wicker table and chair set with a glass tabletop and woven bronze fibers will upgrade your outdoor eating experience. Made from performance-grade HDPE resin, the smooth wicker is weather-resistant and simple to maintain.

Two armchairs and four side chairs are included in dining room sets for 8 with the 86-inch rectangular table, which has a concealed rust-resistant aluminum structure. These dining room sets for 8 cushions are constructed of solution-dyed acrylic and feature a cozy foam core that is covered in delicate polyester. There are five different color possibilities for them.

8 Seats Dining Table Set-Dining Room Sets For 8 With Table.

East West Furniture PLAV9-SBR-W 9 Piece Dining Room Furniture Set Includes an Oval Kitchen Table with Butterfly Leaf and 8 Dining Chairs, 42x78 Inch, Saddle Brown

Mid Century 8 seat dining table set and Chairs’ contemporary style will enhance the elegance of any dining space. Due to their traditional design, our wonderful 8 seat dining table set and chairs will go with any room’s decor. Saddle Brown Table Top and Finish are shown on this dining table. Saddle Brown is the finish on dining room sets for 8 both the wooden chair legs and the seats of the kitchen chairs. Due to their traditional design, our wood dining chairs and kitchen table will go with any room’s décor.

The 8 seat dining table set has a butterfly leaf oval top and two pedestal legs, while contemporary chairs have a Wooden Seat and Slatted Back. It makes your dining room more charming. With the assistance of very skilled carpenters, we created these dining room sets for 8 and dinner table, and they created a sleek, luxurious finish for this dinette set. is perfect for you and any dining area. This is a very high quality dining room. This kitchen table set is suitable for small, private events or informal house parties.


A 60″ round table can seat between 6-8 people comfortably. A 72″ round table can seat between 8 people comfortably. An 84-96″ round table can seat between 10 people comfortably. A 108″ round table can seat between 12 people comfortably.

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Barbara A. Morton: purchased this product and reviewed that “Beautiful addition” This dining table is amazing. But cannot find a captain’s chair to match the color

Dining Room Set-Dining Room Sets For 8, Table

9 Pc Dining room set-Dining Table and 8 Dining Chairs

This 60″ square dining table and dining room chairs set of 8 people and features an eye-catching modern pedestal in either a golden or silver finish. It is a one-of-a-kind; show-stopping combo.8-person marble table in a square design Due to its 36″ counter-style form, this 53.75″ 8-seater square dining table is a little higher than usual models. A majestic marble surface that adds a natural pattern to dining room sets for 8 is placed on top of the strong wood frame, which has a dark brown finish. A dining room chairs set of 8 that can seat eight people typically measures 12′ × 16′ (192 square feet) or 14′ x 18′. (252 square feet).This spacious dining area could fit eight people, lengthy dining tables, and enormous-sized chairs.


The standard size dining room in the U.S. is 14 by 16 feet or just over 200 square feet. Dining rooms on the bigger end can be 14 by 18 feet to accommodate a formal-size table and china cabinet or buffet.

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Matt: purchased this product and reviewed that “Chips in the finish everywhere!” Nice sturdy table and chairs, and the fold away leaf is great. Problem is, after two years there are chips in the finish all over. The chips are near the edges where the chair meets the table when pushed in. I reached out to the vendor to see if I could get something to touch up the chips, and got no reply. Expected a better quality finish for the price.

Dining Table Set Of 8-Dining Room Sets For 8 In Black And Cherry

9 PcTable set with a Dining Table and 8 Dining Chairs in Black and Cherry

One of the most important and valuable rooms in every home is the dining room. It serves a crucial function in strengthening family ties and extending a warm welcome to guests. Many people take pleasure in gathering with their loved ones to have a wonderful meal in their dining room sets for 8. Even yet, if your dining room is disorganized or, worse, if it isn’t the right size, your enjoyment may be diminished. Because of this, it’s vital to make sure your dining room is the right size to handle the right number of guests for the available space. A 8-10-person table requires a dining area that is at least 15′ × 16′ (240 square feet) in size. Because of this, it’s vital to make sure your dining room sets for 8 is the right size to handle the right number of guests for the available space.


Cherry wood has been a traditional favorite for formal dining room furniture. The beautiful grain and the wood’s ability to darken and warm over time offers a beautiful and rich look for your dining set. This would offer the perfect backdrop for Sunday dinners and family celebrations.

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Jvalenti: purchased this product and reviewed that 3 years later and we still love our 9 piece table and chairs” We have a lot of people into our home of all ages. This has been a great table from play dough and crafts to dinner with friends. It is sturdy and stylish. We get a lot of compliments on it and are quite happy with our purchase. A great quality for a great price!!

Dining Room Sets For 8, Kitchen Table With Leaf And 8 Dinette Chairs.

9 Pc formal Dining room set-Kitchen Table with Leaf and 8 Dinette Chairs.

Counter height dining room sets for 8 pedestal tables are typically between 40″ and 42″ high. Their height and width make them perfect for tiny rooms, and they foster a relaxed mood. Standard height chairs come in a wide range of styles and range in height from 18 to 23 inches. Counter height chairs are 24″ to 26″ tall and less formal than normal chairs. They appear to occupy less space because of their increased height. Your dining room’s size will primarily be determined by the size of your entire home. It will also depend on how many people live in your home, including your family, and how big you want your dining room to be. Consider a modest house with only eight occupants and regular-sized dining furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) to help you visualize the situation. Your situation calls for a dining room sets for 8 that is around 11′ x 11′ (121 square feet) or 11′ x 14′ (154 square feet) in size.


Try mixing a weak solution of water and dishwashing soap. Dip a soft cloth in the solution, wring it out and wipe the entire piece. You want a damp cloth, not a wet one. Don’t saturate the wood, and rinse your cloth often.

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  1. Berry: purchased this product and reviewed that ”It looks Good and Worth the Cost” The wood is excellent and no doubt that it is solid. I had Amazon put it together so I just needed to enjoy it!

Dining Room Sets For 8 Set With Table In Black

9 Pc Dining set with a Dining Table and 8 Wood Kitchen Chairs in Black

A typical square dinner table for eight people and dining room sets for 8 measures 6′ by 6′ (72″ by 72″). Additionally, this size table and should accommodate up to 10 people at once. If you want something even bigger, you might like to consider a model with an 8′ (96″) width. Around this large table, 12 or 13 people can eat. Although units with dimensions of 5’x 5′ (60″x60″) are intended for six people, eight people could perhaps fit at these tables and dining room sets for 8 with some difficulty. Ideally, there should be around 30″ between each visitor to provide for comfort and elbow room. A round dining room sets for 8 is a better option for folks who wish to maximize their available space. Due to its curved shape and lack of corners, this round table and dining room sets for 8 can easily accommodate more people while having a smaller overall footprint.


Because there are no corners, a round dining table generally has a smaller footprint than a square or rectangle making it suitable for smaller spaces. They also tend to fit more people around when you have additional guests.

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Scott G: purchased this product and reviewed that “Nice table, heavy and stable.” This table and 8 chairs were put together by two people in about 2 hour’s total. All parts are heavy and sturdy. It feels substantial. Nice table, it did have a chip in the top due to shipping damage but not a big deal. Overall very nice.

Wood Table Black Chairs-Dining Room Sets For 8 Table With Leaf.

9 Pc Dining room set-Kitchen Table with Leaf and 8 Dinette Chairs.

The dining room sets for 8 chair’s overall width is increased by arms by roughly 6″. If there isn’t much room, think about employing dining chairs without arms or putting armchairs only at the head and foot of the table. At the head and foot of the wood table black chairs, arm chairs are frequently used. With a space to rest the arms, they add to the comfort. There is some disagreement about whether an eight-person table should be square or round. The ideal option for hosting an even number of guests, however, is a square wood table black chair with eight seats.

Because of its geometric shape, a square dining room table works best for creating even place settings for your visitors. A square table is simple to measure for and fit if you are utilizing a table runner and place settings, ensuring a planned and symmetrical table’s cape. A square dining table also makes it easier for people to converse and see one another. A square wood table black chair encourages direct eye contact during the course of the dinner, which encourages greater involvement, as opposed to a round table, which produces uncomfortable sightlines for your guests. If you favor neat, straight lines and balanced place settings, a square Seater works well.


A black dining table can be used in combination with chairs of a different color. This will establish an eye-catching relationship between them, allowing these elements to complement each other. Use a black table in combination with green, red or yellow chairs for a striking contrast.

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Paul filla: purchased this product and reviewed that “Good value. Pleased with fit, finish and quality.
Works well for our family.