Dining Table Set For 8 To Buy - Reviews

By: Sadaf Akhlaq

Only the very best materials are used in the construction of your kitchen and dining room sets by our company. This dining table set for 8 ensures that it will serve you well for many years to come. This lovely contemporary dining table set for 8 from the mid-century era comes complete with a table that is just as spectacular as the six dining chairs that are also included in the set. The Butterfly Leaf Modern dining room sets for 8 and Mid-Century Dining Chairs that we provide are the very definition of elegance and class, respectively.

This modern dining room sets for 8 with a dining table that has the capability of expanding to accommodate as many as eight people, and it can be collapsed to fit into spaces that are less spacious. Dining table set for 8 complete measurements is 70.8 inches by 31.4 inches x 30.3 inches. Perfect for homes with an open floor plan that includes a number of living areas, such as a kitchen, dining room, and living room. At the dining table set for 8, there are eight available seats.

The high-quality construction of these dining chairs is attributable, in no small part, to the use of leather seats, foam padding, and metal legs. The spacious seat and backrest, when combined, create an atmosphere that is conducive to a peaceful sitting experience. When you place an order for this dining room sets for 8 with the knowledge that it will arrive in numerous packages and will need to be assembled, you won’t have to worry about anything. If you have any inquiries, our helpful customer service representatives are standing by to assist you.

Dining table set for 8, Nine-Piece Dining Set includes Oval Table and Eight Bar Stools

9 Pc Dining room set for 8- Dining Table and 8 Kitchen Chairs

A beautiful rectangular dining table set for 8 and eight well-equipped chairs in the manner of the mid-century modern era make up our 9-piece dining set. This dinette set will do wonders for the aesthetic value of your dining room thanks to its stylish design and alluring embellishments.

Our dining table set for 8 has a cherry base and a buttermilk top. The dining chair seats are finished in cherry, while the legs are finished in buttermilk. Both our dining chairs and pedestal table have a classic design that will complement a variety of settings.

Our dining table set for 8 was made from the finest rubber wood available. A frame constructed from Asian wood, known for its superior quality, strength, and durability. This dining table set for 8 traditional designs is sure to be a welcome addition to any home. These chairs’ wooden seats provide a classy touch that complements the rest of the kitchen’s design. The seats are also quite roomy, which is a plus because it makes riding more relaxing.

The sleek yet simple silhouette of our wooden dining table set for 8 makes them a versatile addition to any home, whether you’re going for a classic or contemporary look. The dazzling four-legged dining table set for 8 measurements are 78/60 inches in length, 42 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. The great bar stools in your kitchen are 22 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 37 inches in height.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Hughes purchased and reviewed “Love it!” We are very pleased with this set. It was delivered well-packed in 5 boxes on a pallet and was entirely damage free. It went together easily but there was some paint in some of the screw holes that I cleaned out with a tap before running the screws down.

Square dining table for 8, Dining Room Set by EAST WEST FURNITURE, One Leaves, and Dining table set for 8

EAST WEST FURNITURE 9 Pc Dining room set for 8-Square Table with Leaf and 8 Dining Chairs

With this eight-chair and square dining table for 8nine-piece dining set, you will be able to dine in elegance. The modern design of these chairs guarantees that they will be an eye-catching component of the decoration in your dining room. Our contemporary square dining table for 8, which includes the table and chairs, is an enduring classic that is the perfect addition to any kind of interior design scheme.

The Saddle Brown finish on our wooden table is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. These dining table set for 8, which have a Saddle Brown finish applied to the wooden legs and a comfortable hardwood seat, will lend a dash of modern flair to the table in which they have placed thanks to their association with the current design aesthetic.

This dining table set for 8 is constructed out of rubber wood, a type of wood native to Asia. Your dining table set will continue to look beautiful even after years have passed thanks to its solid wooden construction. The sturdy dining table won’t rock and will maintain an absolutely steady position. These dining table set for 8 with their hardwood seats are the icing on the cake for an otherwise stunning cake that is the kitchen.

The chairs are a wonderful addition to any house because of the ample width that they offer. No matter if your kitchen is more modern or more traditional; our wooden chairs will look and feel well at home in either setting. Specifications of a square dining table for 8: the length is 54/36 inches, the width is 54 inches, and the height is 30 inches. A typical square dining table for 8chair has dimensions of 22 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 36 inches in height.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Laurie Casey purchased and reviewed “Pleasantly surprised” I was hesitant to buy furniture online but was very pleased when it came in. The only issue I had was with the delivery. It was supposed to be brought into my entryway in the house. It was left on the porch without even ringing the doorbell

Dining table set for 8, Table and eight chairs make up the nine-piece dining set.

9 PC Dining set-Dining Table with 8 Chairs for Dining room

Eight dining chairs and a dining table set for 8 are included in our dining set that has nine pieces in total. Any dining space that incorporates Mid Century Dining Chairs will look more elegant as a result of the chairs’ cutting-edge design. Due to the timeless design of both the dining chairs and the beautiful dining table, they will look great in virtually any setting.

This dining table set for 8 features a tabletop and finish in a saddle brown color. The finish on the kitchen chair seats is saddle brown, and the legs of the wooden chairs are saddle brown as well. Because this dining table set for 8 traditional styles, the dining chairs and kitchen table made of wood in our collection will look great in any setting.

Rubber wood is another name for the type of Asian wood that was used in the construction of our dining room table set. Take pleasure in the contemporary dining table set for 8that is made with wood for increased sturdiness and lifespan. The solid and steady dining table set for 8 sets will not tremble and will keep its overall steadiness throughout its use. The seats the chairs in the dining room are made of wood, which contributes to the overall elegance of the kitchen.

In addition, the seats are wide, which is wonderful since it makes the chairs more comfortable. The backs of our dining table set for 8 chairs are upholstered for comfort and feature a design that complements a wide range of aesthetic preferences, from traditional to contemporary.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Barbara A. Morton purchased and reviewed the “Beautiful addition” This dining table is amazing. But cannot find a captain’s chair to match the color.

Dining table set for 8, a nine-piece dining set, including an oak table and eight matching chairs.

9 PC Dining room set-Dining Table with 8 Wood Dining Chairs

Our nine-piece dining table set for 8 features a gorgeous butterfly-leaf table and eight matching dining chairs. Our modern dining set’s sleek silhouettes and polished presentation are sure to be the focal point of any dinner party. The dark pedestal legs of the dining table set for 8 complement the cherry finish of the oval surface. Black paint was used to cover the wooden framework of our dining chairs. The dining area you decide to put our kitchen table set in will exude an aura of refined refinement thanks to its elegant color choice.

Our Rubber wood dining table set for 8 and chairs are made from sustainable plantations in Southeast Asia. Each leg has a protective pad at the bottom to keep it from scratching the floor if it should slip. We choose each and every plank of wood with meticulous precision. Our traditional dining table set for 8 features a faux leather seat and a supportive back, and they’ll look great in your home. The addition of these details gives the chair a more modern appearance.

These dining chairs are versatile enough to be used in other contexts, too, lending an air of refined sophistication wherever they are placed. The dimensions of the Adaptable Mid-Century Dining table set for 8 are as follows: Dimensions are twenty inches in length, seventeen inches in width, and thirty-nine and a half inches in height. The Fabulous Dinner Table is 78/60 inches long, 42 inches wide and 30 inches tall.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kelley Elder purchased and reviewed “Very nice looking and good quality” I was replacing a 35-year-old dining set. After comparing a number of online options, this is the one I went with. I could not be more pleased. It arrived in 5 boxes. Included were all the hardware and fairly easy-to-follow instructions.

Dining table set for 8. Wooden table and eight matching chairs make up this 9-piece dining set.

9 PC Dining set-Dining Table with 8 Wood Dining Chairs

The nine-piece dining tables set for 8 that we provide include a dining table in addition to eight dining chairs. The elegance of any dining space will be enhanced by the use of dining chairs with a contemporary design. The timeless style of both our dining chairs and our outstanding dining table set for 8 ensures that they will look great in any setting .

Our dining table set for 8 features a Cherry table top with a Black Finish Base, both of which have a finish that cannot be removed. In addition, the legs of these dining room chairs are finished in black, and the seats are upholstered in linen fabric, both of which will lend an air of modern elegance to any dining area.

 This dining tables set for 8 is made from Asian wood, which is known for its exceptional steadiness and sturdiness, making it suitable for long-term usage. Because the seat and back are both made of high-density foam, you won’t even start to feel fatigued after sitting for an extended period of time on it. The seat of each of our dining tables set for 8 chairs is upholstered in linen fabric, which makes for a really comfortable sitting experience.

The high backrest works in harmony with the natural curve of the spine, which enables you to sit in a pleasant position every time. In addition, wide seats are ideal for providing an even higher level of convenience and ease.

The dimensions of the dining tables set for 8 are as follows: length 78/60, width 40, and height 30. The length of the dining chair is 20 inches, its width is 18 inches, and its height is 38.5 inches.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Thomas Parsils purchased and reviewed the “Size of the set fits comfortably in the medium-sized room” Nice size table & comes with 8 chairs!

Table with a leaf, Gray 9-Piece Dining Set by EAST WEST FURNITURE, Dining table set for 8.

EAST WEST FURNITURE 9 Pc Kitchen Set For 8 Dining Table With Leaf And Eight Parson Chair With Linen White Finish Leg And Linen Fabric- Gray Color

Table with a leaf is approximately 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Our nine-piece kitchen table set features a table and eight matching seats. Upgrade the aesthetic of your kitchen to a more refined level with this stylish dinette set. The table with a leaf can be used in a wide variety of settings because of the many colour options it provides. It comes with a linen white tabletop and matching legs. Our upholstered dining tables set for 8 chairs’ seats are upholstered in grey linen fabric, and their legs are finished in a linen white fabric. Our dining room set is of the greatest quality because of the careful selection of colors utilized in its creation.

The Asian hardwood known as rubber wood was used to make this set for the dining tables set for 8. These legs include non-marring feet to protect your flooring. We choose each piece of solid wood with meticulous precision and a focus on quality. The wood table with a leaf, and chairs’ upholstered linen fabric seats not only add to their high level of comfort but also contribute to the room’s overall sense of refined sophistication. Our dining chairs’ backs are upholstered for your comfort, and they come in a variety of styles to suit your needs and decor.

Below are the Specifications for the dining tables set for 8: Dimensions are 76.3 cm in length, 40 cm in breadth, and 30 cm in height. The dimensions of the seat are 24.2 inches in length, 19.2 inches in breadth, and 39 inches in height.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

KBM purchased and reviewed “Gorgeous and Sturdy” LOVE this table. I was able to purchase it over a 5-month payment plan Amazon was offering. Excellent price for a wonderful Product. Is exactly as pictured. Very sturdy table and chairs.