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By: Ayesha Mehtab

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Glass Table with Wood Base


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Glass Dining Table with Wood Base

The Glass top dining tables with wood base serves as a focal point for the house as well as a place for friends and family to congregate. If you wish to buy something that you’ll have always, you should generally only make one purchase. What must you then search for? A dining room table is well, sturdy, and large enough to fit in most areas. It should also seat a lot of people. Because purchasing a table and chairs can be an expensive investment, you should take your time and make sure it meets each of the essential areas for your home.

The ideal dining room table for your is one that combines design, size, spending capacity, sturdy construction, and personality. And if you want Glass top dining tables with wood base, we have options for you. Glass tabletops can lack the depth and classic charm of an all-wood table, yet they are nonetheless stylish, sophisticated, and add a light, airy touch to your room. A Glass top dining tables with wood base has the benefit of complementing a variety of design styles.

 It is also a great option for an area that might require looking somewhat brighter and livelier because of its shiny surface. Glass dining tables can be sturdy too though. The glass used in modern models is tempered glass panels that resists heat and scratches and won’t shatter when knocked. A used wood table with such a farm or factory background has already stood the test of time. Any nicks and scrapes in the tabletop’s surface have evolved to attractive design elements. It won’t matter if you unintentionally add a couple more to it.

Glass Table With Wood Base PADMA HOUSE 48" Inch Round Glass Top Dining Table With Solid Wood Thick Tempered Glass, 30.5 Height

PADMA HOUSE 48" Inch Round Glass Top Dining Table with Solid Wood Base,1/2 Thick Tempered Glass,30.5 Height

Glass table with wood base finishing and elegant and sophisticated lines. Decent size, plenty of legroom, and comfortable for 4 chairs. The top is made of durable, scratch- and tear tempered glass. For strength and load bearing capacity, the glass top is bolted to the table. Rubber wood that is solid is quite robust. With the included hardware and directions, one person can simply accomplish the installation.

Our factory directly manufactures the goods. Because there is no middleman at PADMA HOUSE, the quality of our products is better assured, and the cost of Glass table with wood base is lower. We offer a one-year warranty, and you can return the goods at any time if you’re not happy with that as well. Materials: tempered glass and solid aspen wood Dining table; black; purpose. Size of Product: 48″ x 30″ (121.9 x 78.6H cm) 250 lbs. maximum weight.

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James dean purchased and reviews that “top quality and value” this table is top quality and look much better than the photos on amazon. There are not many parts to put together but still requires some patience in assembly. All in all, i am exceedingly happy with my purchase.

Dining Table Base for Glass Top Steve Silver Verano 45" Round Glass Top Dining Table in Espresso Finish Base

Steve Silver Verano 45" Round Glass Top Dining Table in Espresso Finish Base

Last touch: espresso Tempered glass, solid poplar wood, and chrome Espresso-colored Dining table base for glass top base with chrome and polished stainless steel accents. Your dining area will be improved greatly by the stylish and contemporary Verano Dining Collection. Spherical glass with a frosted glass band all around edge tops the dining table. Chrome and brushed stainless pieces are employed to decorate the solid wood table base.

One dining room is included in your order (top and base). Features: Finish: Coffee Espresso-finished solid wood base with chrome and brushed stainless steel accents. Material: Solid Poplar Wood, Silver, Tempered Glass. Specifications: The item’s measurements are 30″ H x 45″ W x 45″ D. 87 lbs. of product weight.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

DeeDee purchased this and reviewed that “Perfect Addition to our Kitchen” This table did not disappoint! It was the perfect addition to our kitchen. It met my expectations at every level, quality, color, height, size

Wood and Glass Dining Table, Powell White Wood Glass Top Parnell X Base Dining Table

Powell White Wood Glass Top Parnell X Base Dining Table

A range Wood and glass dining table lined and interior design motifs will complement a white finish. The glass top’s beveled 10mm top was tempered for further toughness and longevity. In this contemporary take on midcentury architecture, function and form are masterfully merged. Wooden base with cross patterns gives exceptional stability and supports up to 100 pounds; seats 4 people comfortably. With the accompanying simple to follow instructions, assembly is simple. Dimensions of the completed size are 48″W × 48″D x 30″H.

With this dining table made of wood and crystal in a modern style, you can make a strong impact. This Wood and glass dining table fits in nicely when placed in a small kitchen or cafe since it combines the timeless elegance of fifties contemporary décor with an industrial edge. A ideal space that easily seats 4 people is created by brilliant tempered glass resting on an acacia base that is polished in white. The distinctive good looks and clean linear profile of this gorgeous design are guaranteed to become the center of attention in your house, whether you reside in a rural farm or an urban apartment.

Glass Table With Wood Base PADMA HOUSE 48" Inch Round Glass Top Dining Table With Solid Wood Thick Tempered Glass, 30.5 Height

BAXMUY 42" Glass Top Round Counter Height Table with Solid Wood Base, 1/2" Thick Tempered Glass, 35.5" High Dining Table

MODERN DESIGN: The round counter height dining table breadth is moderately large, the legroom is roomy, and it can comfortably accommodate four chairs. Modern and elegant forms with crystal finishes were simple and generous. A DURABLE GLASS: Strong strengthening, strong pressure resistance, shatter resistant, pro, glass coffee table top without bolts fastening, safe, and long-lasting toughened glass dining table CAPABILITY TO BEAR LOAD Strong load-bearing capacity, heavy-duty solid wood supports, triangle stability concept, and a glass top dining table foundation all are features of the base.

EASY TO CLEAN The smooth surface of the durable glass table makes cleaning it a pleasure. Your round counter height dining table  will continue to look brand new even after years of use because stains on the table top are easily removed. 35.5″ HIGH: This circular dining table lined a warm solid oak look frame and a contemporary glass worktop. Ideal for social gatherings or regular dining, perfect for apartments or tight rooms.

Crystal circular dining tables are elegant and high-end, and they go great with kitchen dining rooms. The countertop of the kitchen table is composed of stylish and lengthy robust tempered glass. The bottom component is made of durable, strong, solid oak wood. The dining table’s glass top not only appears smooth, but also shows off the exquisitely contemporary cross base and open oak legs beneath.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Valeria Suarez purchased this and review that “Great Dinning Table Beautiful,” excellent quality of materials and easy for assembly. I would recommend this table. I loved it.

Glass Dining Table with Wood Base Rectangle Dining Room Table For, White High-Gloss Finish Wood Base, Home Office Kitchen Dining Room Table

Yoluckea Contemporary Glass Dining Table Rectangle Dining Room Table for 6 with Tempered Glass Top, Wihte High-Gloss Finish Wood Base, Home Office Kitchen Dining Room Table Furniture

Super Luxury Dining Table: This glass dining table with wood base is a beautiful blend of a dual O-shaped wooden pole with an elevated finish and a transparent tempered glass top. Its exquisite and opulent design makes it appropriate for a living room, dining room, or meeting room in an office. Durably Built for Durability: For just a balanced, contemporary profile.

The double pedestal rests on a glossy rectangular base, and the rectangular tabletop is composed of 0.39 cm deep tempered glass. All four corners include rubber corner guards to assist keep kids safe. Versatile Glass Table: This glass dining table with wood base is for six people is the ideal addition to your dining room. It is the ideal size for a reception table in the living room or dining hall. The glass tabletop can also serve as a tiny conference table for an office reception.

This glass table is simple to assemble because the drawings and instructions are clear. Each bolt and pin has a unique code, making it simple to follow the assembly process. (Two packages will be used to ship this glass dining table.) Dimensions of the Glass top dining tables with wood base: 63″W x 35.4″D x 29.5″H, with a load capacity of 133 lbs. (If you receive damaged or defective goods, please send us images of the harmed goods. We’ll give you a replacement or a refund.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Lestia purchased and reviewed that “They redeemed theirs elves by sending a new base that was undamaged!” The first shipment was damaged but they sent a new base and it was perfect!