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By: Yusra

A marble is a soft stone that is simple to scrape and damage. Because it is one of the most elegant stones if handled properly, this does not make it a disadvantage.marble dining table set for 4 It is accomplished in many kitchens as a result, giving them a posh and sophisticated appearance. It is now time for you to understand how much better it is to have marble on a table. Black bench for dining table Find out why having four marble dining tables is advantageous and where to purchase one.

  • Advantages of a marble dining table with four seats These are the top advantages of owning a four-seat dining table made of marble.
  • The marble dining table set for 4 best thing about marble is that it has some of the most exquisite and elegant designs. the kitchen. A marble dining table alone will serve as a complete décor for the room because it will draw attention.
  • It becomes a sturdy dining table when you exercise the greatest care and prudence. • marble dining table set for 4 It is eternal. Due to its elegant appearance, marble will never go out of style. Having elegance without being forceful is possible thanks to that. There are numerous styles available, some of which are riskier than others. For any preference, there is a marble type. black bench for dining table It is widely regarded as the favourite because of this of having a four-seat marble dining table:
  • It requires frequent upkeep and cleaning that cannot be harsh. It cannot be dirty over an extended period of time without staining the surface. Even if your marble dining table set for 4 is sealed, it is still susceptible to scratches and stains. 
  • Because it will be used on a table, it is suggested that you maintain a seal at least once per year. It will remain brand new if done this manner.
  • Cup holders must be used since even water, which leaves the least amount of liquid behind, will leave a stain.
  • Acids like those in coffee, alcohol, and certain cleaning chemicals are quite dangerous to it. Marble dining table set for 4 The regions where the liquid is will darken and become numerous as a result.
  • Avoid putting anything sticky or extremely hot or cold. If there is damage, the cost of repair is high. How should I care for a four-piece marble dining table? After purchasing one of these wonderful artworks.

Marble dining table set for 4, Lamerge Dining Table Set for 4,Faux Marble Table and 4 PU Leather Chairs, Breakfast Nook, White

Lamerge Dining Table Set for 4,Faux Marble Table and 4 PU Leather Chairs,5 Pieces Kitchen Table and Chairs for 4,Modern Dining Room Table Sets for Small Spaces,Living Room, Breakfast Nook,White

  • Size of Table: 47. 7″L x 29.9″W x 30.1″H 
  • Chair Dimensions: 15. 7″L x 15. 7″W x 35.8″H 
  • Artificial marble for desktops 
  • White Table with Black Chairs 
  • 250 lbs. maximum table weight 
  • 300 pounds per chair, each chair. 

1. When assembling, avoid using power tools and excessive force. 

2. The image may differ somewhat in color from the real thing due to monitor display and lighting issues marble dining table set for 4. 

3. Satisfactory service – If there are any installation issues, returns, or damages, kindly notify us right away. We will assist you in resolving the issue within 24 hours. We are devoted to giving clients a satisfying purchasing experience. BAR TABLE AND CHAIRS SET – Marble dining table set for 4 chairs in a single box, which includes all necessary assembly components and instructions for a simple installation! Dining sets are ideal for homes of any kind and allow you to host dinner parties for your loved ones. You can get in touch with us at any moment if you have any questions, and we’ll help you out. 

  • A marble dining table set for 4gorgeous shining rectangular imitation marble table and four faux leather seats are included in this five piece dining table set. Table measurements are 47.2″L*27.5″W*30.7″H, and chair measurements are 15.7″L*15.7″W*35.8″H. Artificial marble is used to cover the MDF and top, giving them a highly opulent appearance. To assure years of strong use, a tall kitchen table. KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM CHAIRS – 
  • The marble dining table set for 4 table and chairs both have aluminium frames, There is no need to worry about collision and damage to the chair because the redesigned curved table legs securely secure the chair to the ground.  
  • There is a 300lb weight limit. The washable chairs have good high backs, are cushioned, lightweight, and pleasant.
  • The marble dining table set for 4  chairs set includes a space-saving table.and chairs 4, you don’t have to worry about taking up a lot of space in your dining room or kitchen room because the 4 dining chairs can be stored away under the dining table entirely.
  • Because of its small design and ability to save lots of space, it is ideal for your kitchen, marble dining table set for 4 room, or other small space. 
  • For 4 people to enjoy dinner, coffee and afternoon tea, a book, etc., the roomy rectangular eating area is ideal. DINING TABLE FOR 4 AT A SMALL SIZE – Enjoy superior construction with a sturdy design for an increased lifetime, The dining table set is more scratch-resistant as a result of the meal’s thickness and the connecting frame’s improvement. 

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

The customer is purchasing this marble dining table set for 4 is reviewed that Beautiful sturdy table for a great price. It’s small if needed in small spaces like I do. Great customer service fast delivery and easy assembly. I like quality things and this is a quality thing. 

Marble dining table set for 4,Recaceik Dining Table set for 4, ,Upholstered PU Leather Chairs,Dining Table (Brown & Black)

Recaceik Dining Table Set for 4, Kitchen Table and Chairs for 4, Faux Marble Kitchen Table Set with 4 Upholstered PU Leather Chairs, Dining Room Table Set for Kitchen Dining Room (Brown & Black)

Marble dining room table set for 4-chair kitchen table and reciter  Elegant faux marbles are utilized to cover the surface of the dining room table, which is constructed from high-quality MDF. The material is smooth and delicate to provide you with an exceptional dining experience without requiring a lot of upkeep. 

Marble Dining room table set for 4 design: the upholstery is composed of premium PU leather fabric. The ergonomic design’s high backrest and slightly bent back legs are intended to provide stability and general comfort.  Set of 4 PU Leather-Upholstered Chairs with a Faux Marble Kitchen Table  Kitchen Table 

Marble dining room table set for 4 chairs for dining 

  • Leather made of PU Dining table with leather chairs 
  • MDF tabletop and thickened metal legs 
  • faux marbling is brown, and the legs are black. 
  • Size: 47.64(L) by 29.92(W) by 30.12(H) inches 
  • 130 pounds of maximum weight. 

Marble dining room table set for 4. 

  • High-density sponge and synthetic leather 
  • Leather and aluminum legs are both black in color. 
  • Dimensions: 15.94 (L) by 15.75 (W) by 37.8 (H) inches 
  • 220 lbs. maximum weight 
  • Strong marble Dining Table Sets for 4 The exquisite faux marble used for the dining room table is stunning. Longer service life is achieved by the extraordinarily smooth surface’s resistance to wear and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Four people can easily have a formal meal at a table set for four.
  • The marble dining table set for 4is titled “Comfortable Dining Enjoyment.” 
  • The dining chair cushion is made of high-density sponge, which is comfortable and easy to rebound, and the surface of the dining chair is made of high-quality PU leather for an enjoyable mealtime. The imitation marble dining table’s surface is silky to the touch, providing you the utmost delight.
  • Marble Dining table Set for 4 with Sturdy Construction
  • The dining table set has a solid, high-quality, heavy-duty steel frame that was custom constructed.
  • that the marble dining table set for 4 will be stable and durable so that it can be used for many years. Every decorating style works well with dining table sets.
  • Marble Dining Room Table Set for 4 – Small Space Kitchen Table
  • Four dining chairs and a dinner table measuring 47.64L x 29.92W x 30.12H are included in the kitchen table set (15.75L x 15.75W x 35.83H”). With its modest size and space-saving design, the dining chair is great for your kitchen, dining room, or other small rooms. It can be conveniently stored underneath the dinner table.
  • Dining Set Table and 4 Chairs that Are Simple to Assemble Because the table and stools are shipped individually, you don’t have to worry about breakage, and installation just requires a short amount of time.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

JanaYama purchased this marble dining table set for 4 and reviewed This is a nice set for a small space, quality is adequate. The table is slightly too high for the height of the chairs, but with an added seat cushion it will be ok. I had one chair that had bad stitching and a hole in the back. The customer service was EXCELLENT! They sent me out another chair. Thank you! 

Marble dining table set for 4,Melpomene Premium 5- Piece Counter Height Dining Table Set, Furniture (Blue)

Melpomene Premium 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Table Set with One 42”W Square Faux Marble Dining Table and Four Upholstered-Seat Chairs for 4, for Kitchen and Living Room Furniture (Blue)

Marble dining table set for 4 A gorgeous addition to your dining room or kitchen is this dining table set, which includes a faux marble dining table and 4 upholstered-seat chairs. The set has a classy, clean-silhouette appearance that highlights the elegance and opulence design of the item, making it the perfect centerpiece that fits in with any decor. Family dinners and game nights with friends are made possible by the dining table’s generous seating and spacing, which also allows for more private gatherings and nights around this lovely faux marble dining table set for 4. 

Marble dining table set for 4 With consideration of postures, comfort level, and support, ergonomic chairs have been created to best adapt to and complement the human body. The marble dining table set for 4 chairs’ velvet-covered cushions promotes maximum relaxation and a restful experience for the users. In addition to offering the ideal amount of velvety comfort, soft and opulent velvet fabric also has a distinctively soft and lovely glossy appearance that is gracefully and fashionably fashionable. 

  • marble dining table set for 4 Comfy Counter Chair:” Counter Chair with Silver Nailhead Trim and Soft Black Velvet 100% Polyester Fabric Upholstery. 4 chairs are part of the dining set.
  • Beautiful craftsmanship 4 Person Dining Beautifully designed White and Gray Marbled Counter Table Top is heat and water resistant Small kitchens and dining rooms benefit greatly from a 42″ square marble dining table set for 4.
  • Easy Assembly
  • The bundle comes with every accessory needed. You will find the assembly process to be quite convenient and simple marble dining table set for 4.
  • Area-saving Design:
  • The dining room furniture serves a variety of purposes. It can serve as your dining room table, work desk, or reading desk. There is a tonne of storage space available underneath the table. To save room, you may tuck the chairs under the table when not in use.
  • Naturally, marble dining table set for 4 blue is a fantastic choice as well. The set has a classy, clean-silhouette appearance that highlights the elegance and opulence design of the item, making it the perfect centerpiece that fits in with any decor.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

John Bonillan purchased this marble dining table set for 4 and reviewed that the “Table and chairs are both very sturdy”. Visually attractive and fits our decor perfectly. 

Marble dining table set for 4,SOFTSEA, Faux Marble Counter Height Kitchen Table and 4 Velvet Chairs

SOFTSEA Marble Dining Table Set for 4, Faux Marble Counter Height Kitchen Table and 4 Velvet Chairs for Dining Room

This marble dining table set for 4 is not your typical one because of the stylish, sophisticated details it features. It has a tabletop inspired by marble with an organic faux marbled pattern that blends seamlessly with the set of four blue fabric-upholstered chairs with traditional silver nail head accent trim to help refine and tie together any dining or kitchen environment. 

Dimensions and Weight 

  • Dimensions of the whole product 
  • Marble Dining table set for 4 dimensions are 45 by 29 by 36 inches (LXWXH), with a 1.2-inch thick tabletop. 
  • Chair: 14.8×23.2×39.8 inches (LXWXH); seat depth: 13.8 inches. 
  • Detail Dimensions of the Good kindly cite the Size picture. 
  • Amount of packages: 
  • Weight Table Overall Net Weight: 62 lbs. 
  • Weight of a single chair, net: 16.6 pounds 
  • Weight Limit Table: 200 lbs. 
  • 250 pound chair 
  • Specifications: 
  • Wood marble dining table set for 4 Table top: MDF veneer + plywood Product Name 
  • Leg of the table: rubber wood 
  • Chair: cushioned plywood, velvet, and foam 
  • Pieces Include: 1 table and 4 seats. 
  • Color: white top with black legs and blue faux marble dining table set for 4 Assembly necessary: yes 
  • All Tools Included: Additional Tools Needed 
  • Vietnam is the nation of origin. 
  • Marble Dining table set for 4 with five pieces Four velvet chairs and a counter-height dining table are included in the set.
  • The kitchen table set for a compact space has an ergonomic design. Chair: 14.8, 23.2, and 39.8 inches in length, width, and height (LXWXH); table: 45 by 29 by 36 inches marble dining table set for 4.
  • Height of Faux Marble MDF table with a top covered in marble. Height of Table: 36″, The rubber wood leg is sturdy enough to support up to 200 lbs. People are more comfortable thanks to the counter height design marble dining table set for 4.
  • To elegantly enhance and unify any dining or kitchen room, four blue fabric-upholstered chairs with traditional silver nail head accent trim are offered.
  • Marble dining table set for 4 Guaranteed complete refunds or free exchange for any quality issues within 30 days of purchase. within six months of purchase, free replacements for broken or missing components. 2 Packages Included (Delivery Possible) in different eras).

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mari Costa is purchasing this marble dining table set for 4 and reviewed that “Great table!” I’m so glad I ordered it instead of buying something cheaper looking for the same price at Amazon. I highly recommend this table to anyone interested. 

Marble dining table set for 4,KAFUFUHOME Table & Chair Piece, , Bench,Modern Style Marbled Veneers Tabletop and V-Shaped Legs

KAFUFUHOME Table & Chair Piece Dining 4 Upholstered Chairs & 1 Bench, Modern Style Marbled Veneers Tabletop and V-Shaped Legs, Wood Kitchen Table Set for 6 Persons (White)

Marble dining table set for 4 Size & Weight: Product Weight & Dimensions: 60″ x 36″ x 30″ table, weighing 85.36 lbs. SChair is 16.8″L x 23.2″W x 38.2″H. HChairs+ Bench: 38″L x 15″W x 18.9″ Bench: 66.88 pounds Size & Weight of the Package: Bench+chair: 39″L x 25″W x 19″H, 72.75 LBS; Table: 64″L x 40″W x 6″H; 16″L x 14.4″W for the seat. Weight Limitation: 250 lb. chairs, 220 lb.

tables Specifications: Materials: MDF Tabletop and Frame LLV Legs Plywood Fabric Foam Chair Top leg and frame of a chair LVLT Height: Marble dining Table set for 4 top: 34 mm 60 mm cushion + 50 mm frame for the seat yes Upholstered Chair 30 seconds for assembly Extra Equipment Needed: Includes all equipment Contains 1 table and 4 chairs. the second package Maintenance & Care 1. Hot things should never be placed directly on the marble dining table set for 4.

When serving heated dishes, use a surface pad or trivet. 2. Use a moist cloth right away to blot any liquids. Avoid using surface cleansers that can damage the finish. 3. Over time, the hardware could become loose; make sure all relationships are strong. 4. Spot-clean spills right away with a fresh, colorfast cloth.

Clean any stains with a moist cloth or sponge, carefully blotting away any extra water, and then let them air dry. Cleaning by a professional is suggested for stains that cannot be eliminated in this manner. marble dining table set for 4 Periodically fluffing pillows and vacuuming crevices are advised. Fabric should not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid fading. 

High-end Elegant Style: marble dining table set for 4 With a surface made of marbled veneers and upholstered dining chairs, this elegant dining table set exemplifies a high-end and refined ambiance. The elegant natural marble surface texture and the low saturation color of the chairs are appropriate for marble dining table set for 4with a minimalist or contemporary design. The sensation of force is also enhanced by the black stand, which balances the soft characteristics of the tabletop and chair body. 

Six-person Configuration: This sophisticated dining table set comes with a table coated in marble decals, four high-back upholstered seats, and a soft-covered bench. If so, this marble dining table set for 4 can accommodate six people, making it suitable for large families. It is basic and attractive. All members of the family can sit at this dining table set. gather and take in the delicious food, libations, and welcoming, peaceful atmosphere of the family.

Stable and Sound Structure: Marble dining table set for 4 has marble veneers covering it, and the V-shaped table legs provide it solidity when used frequently. Marble dining table set for 4 Many of the details displays the craftsmanship, which is exquisite. Beautiful rivet edges can be found on the seat and back of the four upholstered chairs, as well as the softly covered bench. To ensure pleasant utilization experiences, the cushions on the chairs and bench are 2.4 inches thick. Four upholstered high-back chairs with curved chair back top style for improved back support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Marble is a classy, attractive material that is a perfect fit for the bathroom. It is cool to the touch, smooth to the touch, and moisture-resistant. Use marble for the flooring, the wall coverings, and even the sanitary ware (such sinks and bathtubs). For the domestic bathroom, marble is effectively completely waterproof. 

Typically, granite and marble table tops come in two thicknesses: 2 cm (or 3/4″) and 3 cm (or 1 1/8″). Thick stone weights about 20 lbs per square foot, whereas the thinner variety weighs about 13 lbs per square foot (although this can vary between different types of stone). 

The Taj Mahal, which has been standing for centuries, and Michelangelo’s David monument, which has been standing for 500 years, both exhibit the incredible durability of marble. 

The ideal room’s width, height, and length should be kept in mind. When choosing casual end tables, consider how high the armrests on your chair or sofa are. Small marble tables work well as coffee tables. A larger coffee table can serve as a bookshelf as well. 

Use natural soap and water to clean the marble surface. The stone’s pores are sealed by the fat. 

Rinse with soapy water to remove soap. 

Utilize a clean, dry cloth or towel to completely dry. 

Marble is a porous stone, so while it normally resists cold temperatures well, moisture is a problem. For instance, if snow accumulates on a marble slab for an extended period of time, the moisture may eventually seep into the stone and cause it to fracture. 

All types of natural stone, including marble, can withstand heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. On your marble counters, you can place a hot pan or dish without using a trivet. 

Use cutting boards, placemats, and coasters with caution. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, and any other items with a high acidity level should be placed in a bowl or on a plate before being placed on the counter. Avoid dripping oil, wine, or vinegar onto the marble whenever you can. 

Hard to Keep Clean: Marble is made up of carbonate minerals, which gives it a basic nature. However, because of this high basic pH property, marble products react violently when they come into contact with acidic substances, such as spills of liquids like coffee, wine, orange juice, and even edible substances like ketchup. 

The stone marble is quite resilient and long-lasting. It can last you a very long time if you take care of it properly. However, you should be aware that not every pebble will be appropriate for outside. 

The easiest way to maintain the appearance of your marble tabletop is by proactive prevention. Place coasters under glasses and cups, especially when they are filled with wine, coffee, fruit juice, or soft beverages, to prevent ring marks, scratches, or heat damage. Ensure that serving utensils and plates are covered with mats

Once or twice per week, use a soft cloth to dust the surface. Periodically wipe down the marble with a towel that has been wet with warm water and, if necessary, a little mild dishwashing liquid. Use a second damp cloth to wipe away the soap. On your marble, never use abrasive cleansers or dusting sprays. 

Marble is a stunning natural stone with a classic appeal that is always in vogue. The top of the dining table, center table, and coffee tables can be made of this material in addition to being utilized as flooring or wall cladding. 

Natural stone marble is a stunning material that is always in trend and has a timeless charm. This material is also utilised as the top of dining tables, centre tables, and coffee tables in addition to being used as flooring and wall cladding. 

Although marble is a stunning and sturdy material, it is susceptible to breaking and cracking like all other types of stone