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The visual value of your dining room can be significantly improved by installing exposed steel supports for round marble dining table sets for 4 and chair sets. You and other companions will be able to enjoy fine dining at a round counter height dining set that has a thickness of 1.5 inches for many years to come. The table and chairs are made of MDF, and they have PVC coatings and steel bases for durability. Standing and working at this height is easy and comfortable, which enables you to use the surface without the need for any seating accommodations. 

One more reason why these round counter height dining sets are so great for entertaining guests is that they come with everything you need. People do not need to take a seat in order to use the tabletop; they can do so while carrying food or beverages around the table.  This PVC-coated round counter height dining set may be quickly wiped down with a dry cloth once you have finished your meal. The round marble dining table set for 4 structure allows it to support up to 175 pounds, while each chair has the capacity to accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight. 

The table has a weight capacity of 175 pounds, while the chairs have a weight capability of 300 pounds each. The measurements of the round counter height dining set are 39 inches in diameter and 37.5 inches in height. The chair dimensions are 19.5 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 40.5″ in height. Round marble dining table sets for 4 travels in two separate containers and then arrives in one of them. Box each box, as the estimated shipping times are subject to change.

30 Inch Round Table, Round Edan Dining Table with Black And Cherry Finish, Round Counter Height Dining Set

East West Furniture EMT-BCH-TP Edan Dining Table Made of Rubber Wood, 30 Inch Round, Black and Cherry Finish

Your refined dining room will benefit from the addition of this gorgeous mid-century table. This pedestal round counter height dining set sleek style would look great in any kitchen or dining space. This 30 inch round table has a Cherry wood top and Durable Black Asian solid wood pedestal curved legs for the finest classic colour combination available. This pedestal mid-century round counter height dining set is built to last because to the rubber wood, an Asian hardwood, that was utilized in its construction. 

You shouldn’t feel compelled to go out and buy brand new furniture every year. A Modern Perspective This midcentury 30 inch round table features a sleek black finish on the pedestal base, top, and legs to compliment the table’s robust wood structure and create a modern appearance that will last for years in your dining area. The huge table can seat eight people comfortably and has dimensions of 30 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 35.3 inches in height. 

The round counter height dining set startling compact dimensions enable its individual wooden parts easy to transport, refinish, and reuse in other contexts. It’s possible that your order will arrive in more than one shipment because this 30 inch round table is packaged and shipped individually. Keeps this round counter height dining set looking good with little work on your part. It will offer your dining room a stylish, modern look with minimal effort on your part and will exude an aura of effortless elegance.

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Melissa Purchased and reviewed “Wow!” Wow this was the easiest project I have ever had to do!! The table is perfect for my mom’s senior apartment and is nicer than all of the other tables I have been looking at in the furniture stores for considerably more money!!

30 Inch Round Dining Table, Furniture for Bar, Kitchen, Dining Room, Restaurant End Table, Giantex 30" Wooden Round Pub Pedestal , Round Counter Height Dining Set

Giantex Table 30" Wooden Round Pub Pedestal Side Table, Adjustable Foot Pads, Spacious Table Top, Multi-Purpose Furniture for Bar, Kitchen, Dining Room, Restaurant End Table (30 Inch)

The 30 inch round dining table is designed in a classical manner, giving it an attractive and lovely appearance. The neutral tone of natural walnut also makes it easy to coordinate with existing pieces in your dining room. The tabletop is made of high-quality MDF board, so it is flat and smooth, making it ideal for displaying dinnerware. The tabletop’s veneer skin makes it not only more resilient but also gives it the appearance of real wood grain. 

The pedestal of our 30 inch round dining table is made of rubber wood, making it extremely solid and capable of supporting a massive weight of 220 lbs. In addition, the solid wood skin of rubber wood has a characteristic wood grain and a pleasant to the touch texture. Delicate craftsmanship and humanized design: a. our 30 inch round dining table can be used on uneven terrain thanks to the adjustable pads on the feet. With its smooth, rounded edges, b. 

won’t scratch your skin. The region beneath the table top is less of a hassle to tidy up because to the pedestal base’s height. A table’s beauty is enhanced by its fine lines.  This 30 inch round dining table has a 32-inch diameter and is 32 inches tall and 30 inches wide (Height). The roomy tables are perfect for family dinners. In addition, it weighs about 28.5 kg. The traditional Round counter height dining set is the epitome of refined simplicity, with its softly rounded edges and clean lines.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Deborah Schultz Purchased and reviewed  “Very high quality” I was so surprised how expensive this little table looked. Easy to assemble. Was going to use it just to put a little Christmas tree on but like it so much it’s in the formal living room now. Love it.

30 Inch Round Dining Table, Pedestal Table with A Round Top,, Round Counter Height Dining Set

International Concepts 30-Inch Round Pedestal Dining Table, Espresso

Products made of wood that have not been finished or treated. 30 inch round dining table designed to survive the wear and tear that comes with the passage of time for an exceedingly extended period of time and for a significant percentage of it. A piece of wood that is appropriate for carving on the primitive level. The standard height for a 30 inch round dining table seat, as determined by the furniture sector, is approximately 38 inches.

 Both the top and bottom borders of the apron are separated from one another by a distance of two and a half inches from one another. The length of the sturdy round counter height dining set pedestal’s base is measured in feet, beginning at one end and ending at the other. Having a quality that is unfit for use in either public or private commercial enterprises, making the round counter height dining set appropriate solely for use in private homes as opposed to public or private businesses.

 Because there are a great number of individual boxes, the cargo might be broken up into a few smaller shipments so that it can be more easily handled. The following is a list of the dimensions of 30 inches round dining table with their corresponding inches: The height is twenty-eight and a half inches, the width is thirty inches, and the depth is also thirty inches. Designed by the company International Concepts, this round 30 inch round dining table features an espresso H-color finish and an International Concepts brand.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kindle Customer Sunflower Purchased and reviewed  “Gorgeous table” I needed a round table for a breakfast nook in my kitchen. The 30” table was perfectly suitable for the space. The finish and the color is rich, very good quality. The table is sturdy and easy to clean with a simple furniture polish.

30 Inch Round Dining Table, Round Patio Table with Umbrella Hole In Cast Aluminum By Nuu Garden 30"Round Counter Height Dining Set

Nuu Garden 30 Inch Patio Dining Table, Cast Aluminum Round Outdoor Table with Umbrella Hole for Patio, Backyard, Deck-Black

Durable Aluminum Structure because it is made of solid cast aluminum and has a coated surface; the frame is resistant to the effects of the elements and will not rust or corrode. The breathtaking vintage design of this outdoor 30 inch round dining table which has flowers and cross weave is sure to have your visitors talking about something interesting. It is simple to understand why the circular patio round counter height dining set is so popular; it has an attractive appearance in any outside setting. 

Use one of the patio umbrellas, which are offered separately, in the built-in umbrella hole of the table, which is 2 inches in diameter. 30 inch round dining table will provide shelter from the sun as well as some additional air conditioning. Although it is most popular in the summer, it is open all year. It is possible to use it on a range of surfaces as a consequence of its feet, which are both flexible and height-adjustable. Because round counter height dining set are made of stainless steel, the screws that hold the connecting piece together won’t rust, not even after being subjected to the elements. 

Because our 30 inch round dining table has been subjected to quality control at every stage of production, all that is required of you is to read the directions and put it together. In the event that you discover that a component was damaged or missing while being shipped, please do not be reluctant to get in touch with us.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

MBurns Purchased and reviewed  “Great table for my balcony” This table is perfect for my small balcony. It looks really elegant. One leg needed adjusting but it was just a simple unscrewing of the leg knob. I couldn’t have put it together myself; there are a lot of pieces! Luckily my son brought his tools above and was able to assemble it with no problem.

Black Round Kitchen Table, Solid Wood Kitchen" Round Dining Table Mid Century Modern, Round Counter Height Dining Set

DAIVA CASA Orion 30 inch Round Wooden Dining Table Birch Circle Dinner Table Solid Wood Kitchen & Dining Room Tables/Scandinavian Furniture Mid Century Modern Table Black Small Dining Room Table

In the style of a 20th-century Scandia black round kitchen table fashioned from Baltic Birch, this oak veneer top dining table has natural wood legs. Any home benefits from a simple wooden dining or kitchen table. The Orion 30’s modest size won’t limit kitchen and dining area. Orion 30″ Round Tables 30″x30″ “wide, 30″ deep, 30” high. Each DAIVA casa black round kitchen table is unique because to the tree’s intrinsic traits. Each tree has its own density (hardness), hygroscopicity (absorbency), natural tone (which varies with growing conditions and nutritional base), and texture (depends on the individual growth of tree fibres and annual rings).

 These variables shape the round counter height dining setDAIVA CASA’s new Orion Table is sleek and modern. ORION30 “black round kitchen table is our most versatile option. The circular dining table is compact and attractive for small homes, restaurants, and cafés. DAIVA casa engineered wood tables have realistic oak veneer. This table’s Baltic Birch wood is sturdy and durable. Have a romantic dinner for two with the ORION 30-inch hardwood table and any DAIVA Casa chair. Solid birch makes great furniture due to its many benefits. Birch furniture is best value. Safety.

 Birch woodland is pristine. Round counter height dining set freshens the air without odours. Asthmatics love the hypoallergenic, air-purifying natural material. Classy colour and design. Birch wood’s clean grain adds beauty to furnishings. The near-golden colour and comfort make these furnishings lovely and welcome. Immovable. Birch furniture is as durable as beech and oak. This wood will last for a long time.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kaori Purchased and reviewed  “Great product beautiful”, perfect for small spaces. Sturdy and easy to assemble.

30 Inch Round Dining Table, Shop for Furniture And Home Decor , White Round Pedestal Table with 30" Round Counter Height Dining Set

Coaster Home Furnishings Arkell 30-inch Round Pedestal White Dining Table

Round counter height dining set, white is the colour of completeness. Fabricated with MDF, aluminum, and paper that looks like marble. A 30 inch round dining table has dimensions of 29.75 inches across, 29.75 inches deep, and 29.75 inches high “H x 30″W x 30″L Reassembly Following the Fact That It Was Taken Apart Ne The answer to this question is affirmative; nevertheless, the set does not include more than one table. 

30 inch round dining table Inches are used to measure depth, width, and height equally.” The following can be found as embellishment on the round counter height dining set tabletop: White in colour with a round shape and a coaster home furnishings design as the manufacturer. Both home offices and dining areas can benefit from the inclusion of round counter height dining set with pedestal bases because these two types of tables are considered to be part of the more contemporary “Pedestal design.” 

The Kind of Material Attempts to Imitate Marble and MDF Structure Pedestal stands in for the Kind, whereas one represents the Amount the Arkell 30-Inch Round Pedestal .30 inch round dining table has a White finish and is constructed out of Metal and Engineered Wood. It also features a pedestal base. There is a Requirement for Congregation. The sum of all of the weights adds up to 28.4 pounds. Included in this purchase are the Table Top and the Base, as well as all Necessary Hardware.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Andrea aedo Purchased and reviewed  “Pretty and sturdy” Easy to follow instructions. The box was so secure that it took longer to open the box than to assemble the table.