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By: Nazia Abid

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Round Dining Table for 8


Black Round Kitchen Table

To reduce crowding when trying to sit down, a round dining table makes better use of space in a constrained location. 8 Seater round dining tables are well suited to accommodating more people around the table for additional seats because they have a smaller overall footprint than rectangular tables of the same size. Many dining tables include extensions that allow you to change their size. If you have a small space yet occasionally require more sitting, the flexibility of your table is useful.

It’s good to have a round dining table for 8 that can seat a lot of people for holidays and other occasions, but occasionally a smaller table can make your space appear larger and offer you more flexibility to move around the house. Even though extensions are a common feature of tables, they can take many different forms. A round dining table for 8 is a practical alternative to have in your house if you need a little extra room in the dining room or if you’re hosting the holiday meal this year and need more dining area.

This round dining table for 8, in contrast to traditional tables, is modular and may be expanded or contracted as needed. Round tables have historically been made of wood in traditional banquet-style designs, but the market today offers a variety of shapes and materials to suit tastes from formal to casual. Now, along with extension these round dining table for 8 come with more unique features, styles, colors and material. There are some ideas for you to pick your style according to your available space.

Round Dining Table For 8, Multifunctional Telescopic Dining Table with Induction Cooker, Black

NJHVNG Dining Room Table, Modern Luxury Round Classic Wooden Extendable Dining Tables and Chairs Set,Multifunctional Telescopic Round Dining Table with Induction Cooker,Black

The multi-functional telescopic round dining table for 8 comes with an induction cooker design, which does not occupy space after folding, allowing for more space, when fully extended, it can seat 8 to 12 people. The design is freely retractable, and the round dining table for 8 can be changed in a matter of seconds, saving space. Smart induction cooker design is integrated with the dining table, built-in smart touch induction cooker, to fulfil daily cooking needs, convenient and long-lasting, and deliver you a comfortable life. The compact design of round dining table for 8 not only supports the entire table’s column, but also enables the neat placement of restaurant supplies on the cabinet door’s gilded handles, which enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Choose a 6 mm full-body rock slab that is “1200 degrees Celsius high temperature + 38000 tones of strong pressing”, has a high hardness, is scratch-resistant, is impervious to fire and high temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius, is impervious to water, is simple to clean, and uses natural environmental protection guards. Accidental bumps and manual polishing are efficiently avoided by the carefully polished, smooth, and non-rejected corners. Home safety is increased by round dining table for 8’s sensitive lubrication and lack of hand-cutting edges. 8 Seater round dining table’s assembly becomes the easiest task. Stretching is made easier and room is saved by the dining table’s freely retractable design. The round dining table for 8 is 1.35 m in diameter when it is closed, and after stretching, it is 1.35*0.86 m.

The needs for 6–12 people’s dining space can be satisfied with 24% more work space per month. Simple but not uncomplicated, this way of living is a way to showcase one’s intelligence and taste. Simple design principles and delicate and fine craftsmanship combine to create a work of art that is both a product and a trendy addition to daily life. Allow people experience the leisurely dreamlike lifestyle in the stylish home, and let home life feel like water. Everything you need can be found right here, so you don’t need beautiful decor! Round dining table for 8 dimensions are width(cm):135, depth(cm):86, height(cm):76, material used is glass, the package contains, 1 multifunctional telescopic dining table and 8 chairs.

Black Round Kitchen Table, Marble, Round Dining Table with Turntable, Black

LIUPP Dining Table Modern Dining Table Furniture Set Dining Table, Marble Dining Table and Chair Set Round Dining Table with Turntable Kitchen Furniture (Color : Black, Size : 150cm Table 8 Chairs)

The material used in black round kitchen table is marble. Smooth surface is constructed of marble, with hand-polished dining table and countertop corners, as well as high temperature resistance, simple cleaning, anti-corrosion, and anti-scratch are the properties of black round kitchen table. The entire is secure and rounded by nature. Black round kitchen table is suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. If you have any questions or comments after receiving the goods, please don’t hesitate to contact to the company.

They have a strong customer service team, and their service tenet is customer satisfaction. Black round kitchen table has the marble countertop which is rock-solid, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and abrasion-resistant, does not leave a mark when damaged, and is also scratch- and abrasion-resistant. Black round kitchen table is resilient to fire and high temperatures at 1200 °C, natural organic ingredients, consistent function has ability to tolerate wide temperature variations. The countertop is constructed of premium marble that has been meticulously polished, is radiation-free, non-fading, and high gloss.

High-density sponge is stuffed into the seat bag, smooth and soft high-quality fiber is used for a sensitive hand-feel. Black round kitchen table has scientifically designed structures, sturdy construction, consistent forces, high toughness, and improved comfort. Package details include one dinner table and eight or six seats. Black round kitchen table has following specifications like, weight is ‎99.2 pounds, it is a modern design. Package dimensions are ‎52.36 x 52.36 x 30.71 inches. This product is available in color black. The size is 150cm of table. Total item weight is 45000 grams.