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By: Nadia  Mumtaz

Assembled dressers serve as the workhorses of the bedroom, offering storage for anything from jewellery to pants. The ideal assembled dresser will have lots of space for storing your possessions and a stylish accent for your decor. The most important requirement for a dresser is that it be a durable piece of furniture. A basic design makes the assembled dresser stand out and give it a touch of refinement. It has a modest upward slope in the top drawers. There are a total of six compartments where you can keep your delicates or accessories. Its 50-inch length and 32.4-inch height are also equal to 18 inches of depth. 

Given that assembled dresser weighs somewhat more than 123 pounds, it is also one of the larger tiny constructed dressers. This is probably because it was built with both steel and hardwood.  The weight of the assembled dresser may increase as a result of this combination, but the furniture’s durability is increased. Stacking large objects like a mirror on top of it shouldn’t be an issue. There is no friction between the wood because the drawers also exit on metal tracks. Metal assembled dresser come in a range of styles, while being much less prevalent than wood ones. The metal  can be used for inventive purposes and offer a less weight frame, from totally metal models to hybrid dressers using metal together with wood.

Assembled dressers Double Chest of Drawers for Living Room Bedroom(Rustic Gray Oak).

Knocbel Farmhouse 6-Drawer Dresser, Double Chest of Drawers for Living Room Bedroom, Fully Assembled, 57" L x 16" W x 34" H (Rustic Gray Oak)

The assembled dresser is 57″ x 16″ x 34″H and has 6 drawers with a single pull-handle. It is made of wood (solid pine), veneer (melamine/paper), and MDF. English Veneer Lined Safety Stop With Manual-Close. Assembled dresser with contemporary design has an appearance that is “of the today,” with unmistakably modern styling and accents that could not have originated from any other time. There are a variety of different touches that can achieve this style; there are no set stylistic tics for contemporary assembled dressers. In addition to serving as storage furniture in living areas, assembled dressers are usually found in bedrooms. 

Books, DVDs, children’s toys, games, electronics, and other items that you frequently use should be placed in the drawers. When room is limited, a assembled dresser can even double as a TV stand, keeping all of your entertainment needs within easy reach. Board games, remote controls, and magazines are just a few objects that can be hidden in drawers packed beneath the top of assembled dresser  because of these furnishings. These assembled  dressers function well in living spaces with more space. Before purchasing storage furniture, take your family’s needs into account. Make sure the drawer dimensions will accommodate the stuff you need to keep.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

James S. purchased and reviewed that  ”Nice.” Comes assembled. Looks great. Just what I needed.

Home Accent Furnishings 57" Classic Solid Wood 6-Drawer Dresser - White

Home Accent Furnishings 57" Classic Solid Wood 6-Drawer Dresser - White

With this horizontal six double chest of drawers, you can do more than simply add storage to your home. You can start creating the interior design of your dreams right away. This double  chest of drawers dresser is constructed of solid pine wood and features six completed inside drawers with metal hardware that has a pull-out handle that lays flat when not in use. This renovated double chest of drawers, which is reminiscent of a mid-century filing cabinet, adds a vintage chic flair and is a wonderful complement to any space, whether the style is modern, eclectic, or Parisian. 

Just behind the bed is a common place to put a assembled dresser. If you don’t have a nightstand, you can also put two assembled dressers with double chest of drawers  on either side of the bed, which is a decent alternative. Your room decor will seem stylish and trendy and you’ll have plenty storage space as a result. This is another opportunity for you to decorate this dresser with double chest of drawers , which will improve the appearance of your entire bedroom. You might do this by adding decorations or even lamp shades. Although displaying stuff is a wonderful idea, it’s preferable to avoid cluttering the assembled dresser by putting too many things on it.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Leah B purchased and reviewed that “great customer service!!” Very good value and very good customer service. One piece came in damaged and manufacturer made sure to keep customer happy and replaced without question.

White and Wood Dresser Storage Tower,Wide Chest of Drawers of assembled dresser for Closet Boys & Girls Bedroom.

WAYTRIM Dresser Storage Tower, 4 Fabric Organizer Drawers, Wide Chest of Drawers for Closet Boys & Girls Bedroom, Bedside Furniture, Steel Frame, Wood Top, Fabric Bins, Easy installation (Charcoal)

Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, foyers, closets, nurseries, etc. all look beautiful with modern design of assembled dresser. While yet offering a lot of storage capacity, this dresser/nightstand only takes up a minimal amount of room. The maple assembled dresser is composed of solid hardwood, which is often more stronger than particle board, making it less likely to warp or break from regular usage.

 To make sure that the drawer fronts are firmly fastened to the drawers, specifically search for drawers built with dovetail joinery. Add some aesthetically pleasing leather pulls in place of the basic white knobs on white and wood dresser. It’s not only practical, but it may also give your white dresser the modern aesthetic you’ve always wanted for your home! Your dresser may become your functional new cosmetic vanity by simply placing a stunning statement mirror on top of white and wood dresser! Its usefulness is excellent, and it also has excellent visual appeal. Everyone needs this improvement.

Dimension and material: Four drawers and a top shelf of white and wood dresser with the total size of   is 22.83 (L) x 11.81 (W) x 37 (H) inches. 20.87(L) x 11.02(W) x 8.27(H) inches are the size of the drawers. Fabric Drawers made of non-woven fabric that can be cleaned with a wet cloth can be found in solid MDF boards with waterproof designs and easy-pull drawers with wooden knobs on white and wood dresser for effortless opening and shutting. Durable Sturdy and simple installation: You can avoid any harm thanks to the anti-tipping system. Strong, high-quality steel frame; plastic-covered, adjustable feet of white and wood dresser protect your floor. The kit comes with a detailed instruction, all the screws, and tools. Simple installation. The drawer handle of white and wood dresser only needs to be installed. The remainder of the installation has already been completed for you.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mika T  purchased and reviewed that “Good drawers” Easy to assemble. Sturdy enough for what it is. Good size. What I wanted. The only thing I didn’t like was that the shelf at the top isn’t secured to the drawers in anyway. It just sits on top, so I recommend putting something on top of it to help weigh it down and keep it in place.

Assembled Dressers with Silver Round Handles, Storage Tower Clothes Organizer.

Modern Dresser Chest of Drawer, 5 Drawer Double Dresser with Silver Round Handles, Fully Assembled Storage Tower Clothes Organizer, Wood Dressers for Bedroom/Living Room/Hallway, Gray Wood Closet

With chic brass knobs for a touch of contemporary flair, the White 5-Drawer assembled dresser is a multipurpose storage option for the nursery and bedroom. This robust double assembled dresser is made of pine wood and has 5 roomy drawers, sturdy steel hardware, and metal-glide drawers with safety stops. Look no further; you’ve found the ideal dresser for the room housing your treasure if “simplicity” and “elegance” are the terms you live by. In use durability Safety and stability: This assembled dresser gives organization to your bedroom while ensuring long-lasting durability. It is made of solid pine and MDF boards with stylish, hooded handles in brushed nickel. In order to ensure long-term use, the assembled dresser is painted throughout. surface treatment for easy daily maintenance that is water resistant.

Legs made of solid, tapering wood add a sense of class. To prevent tip-over, stability has been put through safety testing. Decorating Your House with Large Storage Space: This assembled dresser has five deep drawers and a broad countertop, so there is plenty of room inside for all of your t-shirts, socks, and pants. Your sleeping quarters will quickly appear organized and clean if you have one or two of these. On the verge of completion: Nearly everything is put together when you receive this 5-drawer storage cabinet of assembled dresser. Just put the handles together. It saves you time and energy because you don’t have to find out how to put it together.

Assembled Dresser 55x35x16 inches in black -Six Drawer Modern Design

Edenbrook Bedroom-Six Drawer-Modern Design-Easy Assembly, Black Dresser, 55x35x16 inches

All of your bedroom supplies can be properly stored in six deep drawers of assembled  dresser that can hold up to 60 pounds. Do you wish to fully change a piece of ordinary white furniture into a spectacular piece? This is the simplest method! Simply put some of your preferred décor transfers to the white assembled dresser. By introducing a few colorful accents to your house, it might work wonders! With Black, White, and Gray color options, surfaces made of laminate are strong and simple to maintain.  

This dresser is finished with elegant steel handles that give it a contemporary flair and make it easy to match your decor. A kitchen assembled dresser or hutch is the one item that every kitchen must have. There are undoubtedly several dishes, cups, and pieces of cutlery you need to put somewhere. Certainly, you could store them in drawers, but that would simply occupy the entire room. For smaller, easier-to-find things, drawers should be employed. Consider getting a kitchen assembled dresser or hutch rather than stuffing your drawers with things you use every day.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Michael J. Neil purchased and reviewed that  ”Shipping  Delivery Really Affects Product” 6 Drawer Version, very pricey and have to agree with another reviewer that if it wasn’t so much of a hassle to dissemble and return I most likely would have[Read more].

Assembled Dressers Six Drawer-Modern Design for bedroom

Edenbrook Bedroom-Six Drawer-Modern Design-Easy Assembly, Black Dresser, 55x35x16 inches

Use the Six Drawer assembled dresser to make the most of your bedroom’s space. This assembled dresser will effortlessly store all of your bedroom requirements and look fantastic while doing it. It is built with deep drawers that can support up to 60 pounds and anti-tip anchoring gear to keep it securely in place. The combination of laminate structure, steel handles, and neutral color selections creates a Drawer design that simply finishes your bedroom without drawing attention to itself. Black, White, and Gray are the available colour options for the laminate assembled dresser with steel knobs, making it simple to match most colour schemes. This assembled dresser also comes with removable hardware and simple assembly instructions, so you can assemble it quickly and enjoy the process. To easily keep a classy look and feel for your bedroom, routinely dust the dresser or clean it with soap and water.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

QT Payne purchased and reviewed that “Easiest thing I’ve ever put together and sturdy” I’ve been redoing my bedroom so I bought 2 nightstands, a book case and 3 dressers all different brands from different places and had to assemble all but one within about a 1 month timeframe[Read more].

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