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By: Muhammad Shahzad

You Black and wood dresser are now browsing our selection of “Black” and “Wood” Dressers & Chests that are available for purchase online at Way fair. You can further limit your filters to acquire the choices you want if you’re looking for Black and wood dresser & Chests options besides “Black” and “Wood.” Instead, you can remove filters from the breadcrumbs at the top of the page if you wish to purchase Dressers & Chests of a different kind. We have a ton of options, with free shipping on almost everything, whether you’re looking for specific Dressers & Chests like the Ashley Black and wood dresser 6 – or something more broadly like Dressers & Chests by 17 Stories.

The ideal location to purchase Dressers & Chests is! This Black and wood dresser, a sleek and simple piece that is sure to catch eyes in the bedroom, allows you to stylishly tuck away necessary articles of clothing. On top of long, lean legs. This dresser, a sleek and simple piece that is sure to catch eyes in the bedroom, allows you to stylishly tuck away necessary articles of clothing. On top of long, lean legs. Using roller glides, each of the six full drawers opens to reveal a generous amount of room for storing clothing.

Black and wood dresser LINSY HOME 6 Drawer, Black Dresser for Bedroom and Kids Bedroom

LINSY HOME 6 Drawer Dresser, Black Dresser for Bedroom, Modern Double Dresser Organizer, Black Wood Dresser Chest of Drawers for Baby,Kids Bedroom

The Black and wood dresser LINSY HOME dresser uses complete trees rather than just their trunks and is made of environmentally friendly P2 grade plywood. By doing this, we better conserve resources and strive to have a positive impact on the environment. We think you agree with us. The Black and wood dresser Includes a metal handle with a total of six full-size drawers for storage, while the contoured top, side moldings, curved kick plate, sleek black finish, and cutting-edge design blend in with the surroundings.

 The correct assembly of this item was nearly impossible. Some of the screws were really tight and difficult to loosen. The Black and wood dresser screw ended up slipping out as we were installing the top because we were unable to get one of the bolts to latch onto it. As a result, a portion of the base became out of alignment. It was a very arduous process that was also very expensive. Yet, the dresser is absolutely space-efficient and the wood has a lovely polish. It’s difficult to enjoy it though because you keep thinking if the two trouble spots will become a problem in the future. In accordance with the directions for assembly, kindly fasten the restraints to the wall.

Large Drawer the LINSY HOME dresser’s six roomy drawers, each measuring 20.7″ L x 13″ W x 4.7″ H, can contain up to 30 T-shirts or 15 pairs of folded jeans. Black and wood dresser Smooth-running drawers with a pull-out stop that are simple to open even when your hands are full Baby are in the hands. Safety & Compliance your home should, of course, is a secure environment for the complete family. The LINSY HOME dresser comes with hardware so you may mount the chest of drawers to the wall.

Black And Wood Dresser For Bedroom, Black Metal Dresser With Metal Hand, Black

MAISONPEX 6 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom, Chest of Drawers, Mid-Century Dresser with Metal Handle, Sturdy Frame Wood Dresser for Living Room, Hallyway, Modern Walnut Dresser

This Black metal dresser wooden dresser is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant thanks to the use of high-quality MDF board wood (meets E-0 environmental protection standard) and the addition of smooth metal runners on each drawer. It is also simple to push and pull. In order to keep the wood dry, the legs are made of black metal. The Black metal dresser Dimensions: 15.75″ (D) x 30.71″ (L) x 47.24″ (L) (H). With a strong frame, the bedroom dresser could handle up to 150 pounds on the top and 35 pounds for each drawer.

The Black and wood dresser Black metal dresser modern 6 drawer black dresser with metal legs brings a modern and trendy atmosphere to your living space, complementing the style of your furniture, and provides a straightforward storage solution for your room. It can be used with different room types and decorations. Organization is made simple. The containing 6This six-drawer bedroom dresser is spacious enough to hold all of your clothes, toys, and books. It also has deep drawers and a large table top.

Having 1 or 2 of these in your bedroom will make it instantly appear organized. This Black and wood dresser black dresser can be used as a drawer dresser in your bedroom, a tall nightstand next to your bed, or a side table in your living room to keep snacks and the TV remote close at hand. This wood dresser would be a good fit in many different parts of the house, including the living room, bedroom, hallway, foyer, closet, and nursery. Also, it is perfect for compact locations like apartments and dorm rooms.

Black and wood dresser HOME for Bedroom, 6 Drawer Dresser with Metal Handles, Black Entryway

LINSY HOME Dresser for Bedroom, 6 Drawer Dresser with Metal Handles, Black Chest of Drawers for Living Room, Entryway and Hallway

The Black and wood dresser we do care about your health, which is why is made of TSCA and CARB P2 certified eco-friendly produced wood. The Black and wood dresser has a smooth texture and a waterproof surface thanks to an exquisite sealing technique, making it durable. This Black and wood dresser is easy to adapt to any decorative style and gives the impression that the room is larger thanks to its delicate wooden legs, framed drawer fronts, and opulent pull handles.

With 6 roomy drawers, this double dresser can store everything from diapers and toys to shirts and underwear. You may use it as a TV stand anyplace you choose, including the bedroom and nursery (Max. load capacity of the Tabletop: 66lbs). The wooden frame and bottom cross support structure make this unlike other dressers, a six-drawer dresser is more robust and long-lasting and won’t deform with time. Dimensions in total: 15.7″D x 47.2″W x 33.5″H.

A wall anchor kit is available to stop tip-over events. Each drawer has smooth metal runners with safety stops to stop it from pulling out. Assembly is necessary. Two people and an electric screwdriver are advised. Hardware and assembly guidelines are provided. Throughout the assembling process, if you run into any difficulties, we are here to assist. A 3-year warranty and lifetime customer service are included with the Black and wood dresser our customer care is here to assist you within 24 hours if you have any questions prior to or following a transaction.

Although it appears to be “genuine wood,” it is actually constructed of extremely heavy particle board, which is formed of glue and wood shavings that have been ground into a powder. These days, a lot of items, including houses, are made of this. Yet, the facial is quite thin and resembles a paper decal. The Black and wood dresser edges and corners won’t likely hold up for very long. Because of this, I only rated the sturdiness 2 stars. We employed a power driver, which cut the assembly time in half for two persons to achieve a four-hour completion time. It would take a lot longer if you utilized the hand screwdriver that was provided.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Angela Godwin purchased that Black and wood dresser and reviewed that “nice for the money” Put it together this weekend and using the top drawer to store jewelry, and the other drawers to store scarves. It fits nicely at the end of the hall to provide additional storage. I wouldn’t recommend storing anything heavy in the drawers but great for our purpose. Make sure you put the screws in straight and all the way when assembling the drawer glides. They will hang up if you don’t.

Black and wood dresser with Wide Drawer, Black dresser with gold handles Closet and Chest of Drawers for Living Room

REHOOPEX White Dresser for Bedroom, 6 Drawers Modern Storage Dresser, Chest of Drawers with Gold Legs for Closet, Entryway, Hallway, Living Room (1, White)

The Black dresser with gold handles strong premium particle board hardwood frame of the dresser and chest of drawers is professionally finished to assure high stability and good toughness. Up to 150 pounds on the top and 35 pounds for each drawer might be supported by the strong frame. 6 drawers in the dresser offer a lot of storage capacity. Black dresser with gold handles can be used to store toys, duvet covers, accessories, and clothing. Your room will always be more organized and clean thanks to this wood dresser.

The Black and wood dresser robust solidity allows for plenty of load-bearing capacity and roomy storage space For usage in living rooms, hallways, closets, entryways, or home offices, as well as an accent storage cabinet. Black dresser with 6 drawers with gold knobs and legs to accent your space. Anti-dumping mechanisms make sure that both kids and pets are safe. Your favorite decorations could be placed on a tabletop that is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Comes with all the components, installation tools, and instructions Details and step-by-step information on how to construct this contemporary dresser will be accessible.

Contact us at any time if you have any questions. Black Dresser with 6 Roomy Drawers for the Bedroom Your home has more storage space thanks to the REHOOPEX 6-Drawer Chest. The Black and wood dresser provide an ideal alternative for keeping accessories like shirts, hats, and other goods because of its six roomy and effective compartments. A wall anchor kit is supplied in the package with this black dresser to avoid product tip-over, and sturdy metal legs provide stable support. It’s the ideal present for a nursery, friends, and your loved one.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sam purchased that Black dresser with gold handles and reviewed that Cute but hard to assemble and medium quality It’s very cute!” It’s smaller than what we’re used to but it’ll work. As others mentioned, the instructions don’t have words so it makes it difficult. We had to redo a couple things so be extremely careful. The instructions mislabeled the L bag also. Overall quality is ok. It’s what you would expect from Amazon, it’s very cute though!!!

Black And Wood Dresser For Living Room, Wooden Storage Dresser Cabinet Bedroom Furniture (4 Drawer, Black)

Panana 2/3/4/5/6 Drawer Dresser, Chest of Drawers Wooden Storage Dresser Cabinet Bedroom Furniture (2 Drawer, White)

These Black and wood dresser  have a CURRENT & PRACTICAL DESIGN, LOOK GREAT, AND WOULD FIT PERFECTLY IN ANY CONTEMPORARY STYLE INTERIOR. This chest of drawers has a fashionable inlaid handle design that can be used everywhere you need to store clothes, toys, and other everyday items in your home or office, not only in the bedroom. High-quality MDF wood honeycomb construction gives the Panama cabinet a long useful life. Eco-friendly materials give you and your family a safe and healthy environment. To provide a sophisticated touch to any space, all exposed surfaces are completely treated.

Free Standing Cabinet Built in a Sturdy Construction With High Load Capacity; Satisfy Your Basic Storage Requirement. Stylish And Simple Design Make EXCELLENT ORGANIZER: 2/3/ 4/ 5/ 6 Drawers For You To Arrange Various Things Like Cosmetics, Toiletries, Towels, Toilet Paper, Etc., Provides Flexible Storage Options, Hidden Your Messy Stuffs And Fetch Anything Easy. Black and wood dresser Consistently Provide Top-Notch Pre-Sales and After-Sales Client Services Our knowledgeable service team is always available to help within 24 hours if you have any questions.

The honeycomb board we use in our product is lightweight, very durable, wear-resistant, simple to clean, and waterproof. The Black and wood dresser Performance and physical prowess are all First Class. Stronger products can be made with fewer materials. We think that in order to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, responsible material value chains are essential, and they will be crucial in creating this sustainable future. You Can Use the Black and wood dresser as a Show Table by Placing Some Decor on the numerous everyday items can be stored in the side table’s drawers. Perfect for the waiting room, lobby, hallway, dining room, and kitchen.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

ET purchased that Black and wood dresser and reviewed that  “Nice cabinet for the money I like the size.” I was looking for a cabinet that would fit under my sewing table and this is perfect. It’s sturdy enough for my scissors, and assorted sewing needs and it looks great. Assembly wasn’t complicated but was a bit time consuming Took a couple hours as there are many steps and a LOT of screws. There were no missing pieces and everything was snugly packed to prevent damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not that I’m aware of. I hope nova’s I have coped!! By John wait man

I’m not home right now, currently out of state. But if I remember correctly I think it is about 4ft.Because I’m 5ft n it definitely isn’t that n I know it isn’t small like 3ft. So my guess is 4ft n I can measure it when I get home n correct it if this information is wrong Very great peace for the price.

What goes into a good quality dresser? Two things: materials and craftsmanship. The quality of the wood and hardware play a big part in the overall quality—and cost—of a dresser. Our woods have names you’ll recognize from the trees in your yard: walnut, cherry, maple and ash.

Instruction manual is included in the package. The latest PDF version instruction manual can be found under the product description section of this page (Installation Manual (PDF)), and we recommend that you follow this version of manual.

Assembly is straightforward, but there are quite a few pieces which make it seem more daunting. We recommend that you prepare a electric screwdriver and a hammer. It takes about 2 hours for someone with installation experience to assemble it. Some steps may require two people to complete.

Don’t worry, we will send you the replacement immediately if any parts are damaged either during delivery or the installation process. Just feel free to tell us, our staff will reply to you within 24 hours.

Don’t be concerned, plus feel free to let us know and we will respond within 18 hrs. and address it ASAP.

Not hard to assemble, follow the steps in the instructions, about 1-3 hrs.

If you scroll through the photos it has the measurements.

I don’t know where it was manufactured, but it arrived damaged.

It is roughly 3ft wide by 4 ft. tall.

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