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By: Nadia Mumtaz

A dresser and a chest of drawers are very different in form and function. Chests of drawers are typically tall, slender, and simple furniture pieces. A chest of drawers has just one single row, stacked vertically, taking up significantly less floor space, making them perfect for tiny rooms that yet need storage. A chest typically has four to six drawers, which is less than its dresser counterpart in terms of storage capacity.

Black chest of drawers are typically only 24 to 38 inches broad and 44 to 60 inches tall. Moreover, they often have a shallower depth than dressers, which can be as short as 18 inches. Black chest of drawers is also best suited for rooms with high ceilings because of their height. As an alternative, many individuals furnish considerably bigger areas using  black chest of drawers.

A chest of drawers is a much better aesthetic choice than an additional dresser for spaces that need more storage, such as his and her bathrooms. Choose a black chest of drawers that blends in with the rest of your furniture for a stylish accent that also has utility.Black chest of drawers can be used for things other than just storing clothes in the bedroom.

Many people discover that they function well in home offices, providing a location to arrange important documents, files, and office supplies that you would prefer to keep out of sight. You can keep extra printer paper in them, books you periodically refer to, sticky notes and pen packs, and more. Decorate your home office with a useful and practical piece by using the top surface area of  black chest of drawers to showcase trophies and diplomas

Black Chest of Drawers Dresser for Bedroom, Modern Black and Gold Dresser with Metal Handle

JOZZBY Black Dresser, 6 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom, Modern Black and Gold Dresser with Metal Handle, Wood Dresser Chest of Drawers for Living Room, Hallway

This wooden cabinet black chest of drawers is waterproof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and easy to push and pull thanks to its high-quality produced wood construction and each drawer’s smooth metal runners. To avoid moisture, the wooden legs are placed between the wood and the ground. The dimensions of the black chest of drawers are 47.24″ (L) x 15.75″ (D) x 30.71″ (H).

RELIGIOUS DESIGN:The simple design of the six-drawer  black chest of drawers with metal legs, which complements the majority of room decors and furnishing motifs, gives your living area a sensation of modernity and elegance while bringing out the design of your furniture.

IT’S SIMPLE TO ORGANIZE: This black chest of drawers dresser has six big drawers that are deep and a large tabletop so you can keep all of your t-shirts, socks, and pants on it. Your sleeping quarters will look more organized and tidy right away if you have one or two of these black chest of drawers.

USAGE FOR MANY PURPOSE: This storage unit’s black chest of drawers is not only useful as a drawer dresser in the bedroom but it can also be used as a tall nightstand next to the bed or a side table in the living room to keep snacks and the TV remote close at hand.Furthermore, black chest of drawers is excellent for compact environments like apartments and dormitories.All the necessary tools and detailed step-by-step instructions are included with this contemporary bedroom black chest of drawers

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

benito gonzalez purchased and reviewed that  ”Great value for the price” It looks great and has alot of space for items. Very nice sleek look.

Black dresser with gold handles for hallway,Metal Handles of Black Chest of Drawers

LINSY HOME Dresser for Bedroom, 6 Drawer Dresser with Metal Handles, Black Chest of Drawers for Living Room, Entryway and Hallway

This contemporary black chest of drawers dresser has attractive details like framed drawer fronts, delicate wooden legs, and sumptuous pull handles that make it simple to match it to any décor scheme and give your room a more open appearance.

Storage space illustration: This double black dresser with gold handles has 6 roomy drawers, which can be used to store anything from diapers and toys to shirts and underwear. It can serve as a TV stand, so put black chest of drawers in the bedroom, nursery, or wherever you wish (Max. load capacity of the Tabletop: 66lbs).

STRUCTURE RESISTANT: This six-black chest of drawers dresser is more solid and robust than others and won’t flex over time thanks to the bottom cross support structure and wooden frame. Measurements of black dresser with gold handles are 15.7″D x 47.2″ W x 33.5″H overall. Putting safety first: To prevent tip-over events, a wall anchor kit is offered. To prevent drawers of black dresser with gold handles from pulling out, each cabinet has smooth metal runners with safety stops. 

REQUIRED ASSEMBLY: The use of two people and an electric screwdriver is advised. Instructions for the assembly and hardware of black dresser with gold handles are provided.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

LolaTree purchased and reviewed that  Good for small spaces! Simple to put together, just be careful because it doesn’t have to aby extra screws and scratches easily. One of the drawers kinda sticks. Buuuut is not bad. Looks cute, and great for a small room. Would recommend

Black chest of drawers having 5-Drawer with Matte Nickel Handles dresser.

South Shore Vito Collection 5-Drawer Dresser, Black with Matte Nickel Handles, Pure Black

SPLENDID STORAGE SUITABLE FOR ANY ROOM: Its upright black chest of drawers dresser’s five spacious drawers make it the ideal furnishing for a small room. When black chest of drawers comes to keeping clothes in bedrooms or art supplies in your craft room, this multipurpose dresser is fantastic.

STYLE OF THE PRESENT: This black chest of drawers dresser’s contemporary style ensures that it will go with any interior design trend. Black chest of drawers has a stylish kickboard and wooden knob knobs.

Instructions for simple assembly: An easy-to-follow assembly manual of black chest of drawers is included with every product to walk you through every step. . A friend should accompany you because this item will be transported in one crate.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Joyce purchased and reviewed that “Nice quality” Looks more expensive, good quality and price. Fits perfectly in my small bedroom! By putting my TV on top, it’s the perfect eye level for viewing from bed!

Black chest of Drawers Dresser with Shelves, Chest of Drawers with Wood Top.

WARM&LOVE 8 Drawer Dresser with Shelves, Chest of Drawers for Bedroom with Wood Top, Black Dresser Storage Organizer Unit with Fabric Bins for Closet/Living Room/Hallway/Nursery

Are Cluttered Rooms Making You Sick? Black chests of drawers and dressers can help you organize your home. Your child’s interest in storage will be fostered as a result of the storage black chest of drawers dresser’s ability to let you communicate with them and store their toys. There is no requirement to rearrange the clothing whenever the season changes; the drawer’s location can be changed at will. The inconvenience of having to lean over or have the youngster remove it can be easily resolved by simply changing the drawer.

Big Capacity & Silence: Additional storage for cosmetics, towels, clothing, ornaments, and other small goods is provided by 8 big capacity independent black chest of drawers and 2 shelves. Each drawer has an iron black handle. The bottom mute and easy-to-pull track design make black chest of drawers simple and smooth to pull the drawer, preventing the harsh sound that disturbs the rest of the family.

Sturdy and high-quality material: Each MDF board-bottomed weave black chest of drawers is abrasion-resistant and capable of supporting 7 lbs. Waterproof wooden top construction; the surface is simple to wipe and maintain. The frosted iron frame has been reinforced to increase the safety of the entire black chest of drawers and to support a total weight of 80 lbs. Clothing, underwear, pants, toys, books, and accessories can all be stored safely and without fuss.

Gadget to Prevent Tilt and Adjustable Foot: Your wooden floor is protected from scuffs and problems brought on by uneven terrain by the design of the four adjustable feet. To stop kids from climbing and falling, the side of black chest of drawers is designed with an anti-tilt feature. To boost the child’s interest in storage, store toys with them and place it in the child’s room in a safe and secure location.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Schenelle Dandy purchased and reviewed that “FABULOUS BEAUTIFUL DRESSER” I was so excited & surprised 2 get my dresser, very very easy 2 put together, I thought it was going 2 b difficult because of the pieces but it wasn’t, the directions were very simple & all the pieces coordinated with numbers, didn’t take long at all, If ur thinking about it, Don’t, please get it, you’ll never regret it, I love

Black Chest of drawers Dresser of Wooden Dresser, Modern Storage Chest Black 8 drawer dresser for Entryway.

Yokstore Black Dresser for Bedroom, 7 Drawer Dresser, Wooden Dresser, Modern Storage Chest of Drawers for Living Room, Hallway, Entryway, Bedroom Furniture, 15.75x 47.24 x 31.5 Inches

This black  8 drawer dresser will undoubtedly be the ideal solution to that mess and clutter if you need a way to deal with the dispersed pajamas, blankets, and other bits and pieces that have nowhere to go.

Strong Storing Ability: Little items like socks and underwear fit well in the three higher black chest of drawer. Four deep drawers are intended for storing bulky goods like blankets and garments. The broad top surface of the black chest of drawers might be used to showcase decorations and photos as well. Stylish Appearance: This black chest of drawers dresser’s charming pure white tone, smooth surface, minimalist design, and delicate texture metal knobs all work together to give your home a contemporary and sophisticated feel.

Extended working life: The black chest of drawer dresser is stable once it is erected and has a long service life thanks to its water-resistant painted top with a smooth line and thicker legs. Closets, living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, and nurseries can all accommodate them with ease. 47″ L x 16″ W x 32″ H is the size of the black 8 drawer dresser

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

A Juarez purchased and reviewed that  ”Beautiful” The only issue we had was some of the cam locks broke while installing. The center wood piece was slightly long. Had to shave off a bit so it doesn’t wobble.

Black chest of drawers for Bedroom, 16" D x 31.5" W x 45.25" H dimension of Black and wood dresser.

Prepac Sonoma 5-Drawer Chest for Bedroom, 16" D x 31.5" W x 45.25" H, Black

This contemporary and modern bedroom black chest of drawers has a contoured flat top, slim side moldings, a curved kick plate, a sleek black finish that complements existing decor, and a new-age design. A VARIETY OF STORAGE: Five full-size storage drawers black and wood dresser for clothing are included in this tall chest.

The drawers have brushed nickel metal knobs and run on smooth roller slides with built-in safety stops. In addition to serving as a storage cabinet in your walk-in closet, nursery, closet, living room, or entryway, this small multi-black chest of drawers organizer also saves space by acting as a clothes organizer for bedrooms. The roomy top can be used as a TV cabinet or to store lamps, electronics, photos, and other items.

A STURDY CONSTRUCTION: This adaptable standing black chest of drawers can be used as a TV stand or a shelf for displaying tiny lamps, gadgets, photo frames, and other items. This high-quality chest ships flat and can be put together in little more than two hours. Black chest of drawers is made of non-toxic laminated composite wood and features a sturdy back panel for reliable storage, solid brushed nickel knobs, and drawers that operate on smooth roller glides with built-in safety stops.

IDEAL FOR TIGHT SPACE: With each deep black chest of drawers measuring 12.5″ D x 24.75″ W x 5″ H, this vertical standing chest is a must-have piece of bedroom furniture. The assembled black and wood dresser is 16″ D x 31.5″ W x 45.25″ H to fit into compact places to store a variety of stuff. Combine this multipurpose chest with additional products from the

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Amber H purchased and reviewed that  Exactly as expected! I bought this for my 9-year-olds room. Easy to assemble and nothing in the box came damaged when delivered. It was the only dresser with this depth I could find to fit a smaller space in a small room[Read more].

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