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By: Fatima Tariq

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Signature Design Shagreen Dresser

A Shagreen dresser is a stunning and modern piece of furniture that can give any space a hint of exotic charm. Shark or ray skin is used to make the leather known as “shagreen,” which has a distinctively rough and grainy surface. High-end fashion and interior design frequently employ the leather, which is frequently dyed in various colors or patterns. Typically, the hardwood frame of a Shagreen dresser is wrapped in shagreen leather. The dresser may be equipped with storage drawers or cabinets and decorative hardware like knobs or handles. The shagreen leather adds a sense of richness and sophistication to any area and offers a striking contrast to the wood. Shagreen dressers come in a range of designs, from the conventional to the contemporary. Some dressers have a more traditional appearance, with elaborate hardware and delicate wood frame detailing.

Others feature a more modern, sleek style with straight lines and basic hardware. Some Shagreen dressers are also made to be modular, allowing for easy customization to accommodate various locations or storage requirements. The size, design, color, and texture of the shagreen leather should all be taken into account when selecting a dresser made of the material. While some dressers are more subtle and can mix in with other pieces of furniture, others are made to be the center of attention in a room. The quality of the shagreen leather and the dresser’s construction should both be taken into account. Overall, a Shagreen dresser is a distinctive and fashionable piece of furniture that can give any space a hint of exotic beauty. A Shagreen dresser can be a lovely and useful addition to your house, whether you are searching for a classic or contemporary style.

Signature Design Shagreen Dresser by Ashley with 6 Drawer in 16.75"D x 55.5"W x 37"H (Silver)

Signature Design by Ashley Olivet Glam 6 Drawer Dresser with Faux Shagreen Drawer Fronts, Silver

The Shagreen dresser by Signature Design by Ashley is a lovely piece of furniture that would look great in any modern bedroom. Anyone entering the room is sure to notice this freestanding dresser’s sleek and fashionable silver finish. The dresser has six roomy drawers and measures 16.75″prime D*55.5″ prime W* 37″ prime H, offering plenty of storage space for all of your clothing and accessories. High-quality wood was used in the construction of the Olivet dresser to ensure its sturdiness and longevity. The dresser is also simple to maintain because you can dry clean it to keep it looking great. You don’t need to bother about assembling the dresser because it comes fully put together, allowing you to use it right away.

The Shagreen dresser is a versatile piece of furniture that can be utilized in a range of various bedroom decor thanks to its modern form. This dresser will blend in whether you have a minimalist bedroom with simple lines and muted colors or a more eclectic environment with strong patterns and vivid colors.The Olivet dresser’s distinctive silver finish is one of its most distinctive qualities. The dresser has an impressively sleek and contemporary appearance thanks to its finish. You don’t have to be concerned about it scratching or chipping over time because the finish is also highly resilient. For all of your apparel and accessories, the Shagreen dresser’s six roomy drawers offer plenty of storage space. The drawers include high-quality hardware that makes them easy to open and close.

With faux shagreen drawer fronts and above-the-ground elegance, add luxury glitz to your space. What an opulent, attention-grabbing design that will delight. This engineered wood and wood dresser, which is composed of wood, is beautifully crafted. 6drawer Shagreen Dresser has smoothly moving drawers with dovetail construction are included in the design. The silver tone metallic finish instantly elevates your space with opulent style. The chrome-tone pulls with faux crystal embellishments further contribute to the dramatic appearance. Dressers are ideal for organizing clothing and extras. The dimensions of this tall unit are 55.5″ W x 16.75″ D x 37″ H. Available matching bedroom pieces and a mirror; offered individually. There are also simple instructions supplied for assembling the dresser, very easy to assemble.
This stunning piece of furniture with its glitzy appearance and posh attitude, this dresser steals the show as red carpet glamour rendered quite accessible. A silver tone metallic finish, chrome-tone pulls with faux crystals encrusted on them, and faux shagreen drawer fronts for a tactile twist are all distinguishing features. You’re likely to find the ideal fit whether you require storage space for clothing, linens, or toys. Your dream bedroom is closer than you may realize thanks to our large assortment of features and finishes that can accommodate any style of decor, from casual to contemporary. Overall, the Olivet dresser by Signature Design by Ashley is a useful piece of furniture that is ideal for any modern bedroom. This dresser is certain to become a favorite item in your house because to its stylish silver finish, sturdy construction, and plenty of storage capacity

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Maja Crnogorka purchased and reviewed that “BEST PIECE OF FURNITURE EVER”    This dresser came fully assembled, packed impeccably well with sturdy foam to prevent any damage to the edges. All I had to do is cut the box apart and walk the dresser out of it and into my bedroom.The drawer pull hardware is actually screwed from inside the drawer to prevent damage; all you do is re-screw it in its right place. I have furnished my whole house with furniture from Amazon, Wayfair and alike. This is the first time I was impressed with every aspect of the shipment and the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The eye-catching low profile dresser was created by Amanda Ip of Slate Design and is entirely covered in hand-applied fake embossed shagreen that resembles sharkskin.

Yes, the tongue and groove on the drawers It is as long as the provided description.

I looked up the dresser’s name in the search engine. Many vendors appeared. After some time, Amazon finally had it back in stock. I spent months following this dresser.

It was fairly simple because everything was already put together save for the handles

By opening the lock on the side of the drawer handles, the drawers can be taken out.