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An item of furniture called a Small dresser nightstand is frequently used in bedrooms for storage and as a surface for a light, an alarm clock, or other small goods. It is bigger than a conventional bedside table but smaller than a full-sized dresser. The drawers or shelves of a tiny nightstand are frequently used to store clothing, bed linens, and other personal goods.

The words “nightstand” and “bedside table” are frequently used interchangeably since they have similar functions. Since they take up little areas, petite nightstands are perfect for little bedrooms or flats where every square inch matters. Small nightstands are a cost-effective choice for customers on a tight budget because they are sometimes more inexpensive than bigger ones. Small dresser nightstand may be utilized in a variety of places due to their size and compactness, including a child’s room, a guest room, and even a home office.

Tiny nightstand are portable and lightweight, making it simple to relocate them to your bedroom or take them with you if you move. For extra storage for bedroom necessities like books, glasses, and phone chargers, many nightstands have drawers or shelves. . A nightstand is a small table that sits next to your bed and typically has shelves or drawers. Small dresser nightstand are made to be space-efficient and take up a little area in a bedroom. They are therefore perfect for usage in tiny bedrooms, flats, or other confined locations.

Small nightstands frequently provide enough storage for a range of objects, including books, lamps, phones, or other personal belongings, despite their modest size. Many tiny dresser nightstands have a dual-use design that makes them suitable for use as both a nightstand and a small dresser. This conserves space and makes organizing your area simpler. Tiny nightstand are frequently constructed from sturdy materials that will endure for many years, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase.

Small Dresser Nightstand, Beside Dresser And Night Stand For Bedroom, Steel Frame Wood Top

CubiCubi Dresser Nightstand, Beside Table for Bedroom, Small Kids Bedroom Fabric Tall Dresser 2 Drawer Storage Tower Organizer Unit for Hallway Entryway Closets, Steel Frame Wood Top, Dark Grey

Small dresser nightstand looks fantastic in any location, including living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, entryways, closets, and nurseries. Even though it just occupies a little amount of room, this dresser/nightstand offers a tone of storage. Fabric Solid MDF board with Waterproof design; Dresser and night stand Easy pull drawers with hardwood knobs for smooth opening and closing; Non-woven fabric drawer that can be cleaned with a damp cloth right away.

Anti-tipping technology can shield you from harm. High-quality, sturdy steel frame; plastic-covered, adjustable feet protect your floor. 2 drawers with a shelf on top. Dimensions as a whole of Small dresser nightstand 19.7″ (L) x 11.8″ (W) x 20 “(H). When you have any questions before or after a purchase, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. All screws, a clear handbook, and tools are included in the box.

By carefully following the instructions in the handbook, you can assemble the entire dresser with drawers in 15 to 30 minutes. Dresser and night stand are cost-effective solutions for those on a budget since they are frequently more inexpensive than bigger dressers. This Small dresser nightstand looks excellent because of its contemporary style.

High-quality, long-lasting materials improve the experience. Simple to put together or take apart by following directions. Fabric drawers that are detachable are supported steadily by a sturdy steel frame and moveable feet. Everywhere in your home, including closets, bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, entry passageways, etc., has smaller dimensions with a bigger capacity fit. Large capacity satisfies all of your storage requirements.

The majority of your demands for organizing various items may be met by this dresser. This Dresser and night stand has plenty of room for toys, books, shirts, jeans, and other items. Particleboard that is waterproof of the highest caliber is strong and resilient. High-quality non-woven foldable fabric drawers that meet child safety standards are more resistant to scratching and maintain goods in good shape.


I have the same question about the actual height. Just a thought, it says adjustable feet so when feet are extended up its 20″ and when not extended at all its 18″ and the person who answered 19″ had it extended a little not fully.

From what I can tell it is the fabric on the drawers. I bought the black grey and you can definitely see both the black and the grey in the fabric of the drawers (kind of almost reminds me of the pattern of denim but in black and grey). I am very happy with the black grey. I believe the dark grey has less contrast in the fabric pattern.

It’s a pretty sturdy table. For a fish tank just be sure the end table is on level flooring to avoid tipping.

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The customer purchased Small dresser nightstand and review “Sturdy, nice color & worth the money” when they first bought a larger version. I liked it so much that I decided to get this smaller one also. I have the dark gray/black color one, the color is really nice. It’s very sturdy. The drawers are thick with very nice material & a good size. 

Dresser For Small Room 2 Drawer, Small Dresser Nightstand

WLIVE Nightstand, 2 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom, Small Dresser with 2 Drawers, Bedside Furniture, Night Stand, End Table with Fabric Bins for Bedroom, Living Room, College Dorm, Dark Grey

Ideal for bedrooms, college dorms, living rooms, offices, and more, this Small dresser nightstand is lightweight. It may serve as a bedside table for the bedroom, a practical end table near the sofa, or a toy organizer in the kid’s room. The compact dresser’s two fabric drawers provide plenty of room for storing evening essentials.

The wood top is the perfect location to put your alarm clock, phone, charger, and eyeglasses while keeping them close at hand. The Dresser for small room boasts four adjustable plastic feet to protect the floor from scratches, a robust steel frame, a water-resistant hardwood top, and easy-pull handles to ensure long service life. The bedside tables’ clean, contemporary appearance blends well with any interior design aesthetic.

By purchasing a number of fabric dressers from the same line, you may save money. Using the accompanying tools and instructions, the bedside table can be put together in 15 minutes. The 2-drawer Small dresser nightstand is 17.7″ L x 11.8″ W x 20.9″ H in total. Of course, a 2 drawer dresser’s drawers are its most prominent feature. These drawers can be constructed from a range of materials, such as metal, wood, or a mix of the two.

They frequently have effortless opening and shutting mechanisms. A two-drawer Dresser for small room is made to offer plenty of room for storing your items. Typically, each drawer is big enough to hold folded clothes like shirts, slacks, and dresses. Dressers are available in a range of designs, from conventional to contemporary, to go with your bedroom’s aesthetic. While some 2-drawer Small dresser nightstand have sleek, contemporary lines, others could have more elaborate or classic elements, such as carved knobs or legs.


We are sorry that we don’t have the charcoal black wood grain print nightstand in large size. The large size has these colors are available: Dark Grey/Charcoal Black/Rustic Brown Wood Grain Print/White. You can choose from these colors.

You may want to write a review about the product. They contacted me after I made a review and mentioned that I had issues. It may take a few days but they were pretty quick and they kept in touch throughout the process.

They haven’t stuck for me when I open mine. The drawers are made of fabric and covered cardboard. But the nightstand frame is metal so I don’t see how they can stick. It’s not fabric on fabric, it’s fabric sliding on the metal frame, and I’ve had no sticking at all!

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17035 purchased Dresser for small room and review that “WLIVE is my new go-to”  Perfect starter furniture for kids. Easy to assemble, the cost is reasonable, wish I found this sooner. Ease of cleaning, quick to assemble. The only thing I’ve done that keeps me coming back is have a set of tools made just for this brand of room furniture. Takes me no longer than 45 minutes to assemble by myself.

Dresser And Night Stand Set Of 2, 2 Drawer For Bedroom, Small Dresser Nightstand

WLIVE Nightstand Set of 2, 2 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom, Small Dresser with 2 Drawers, Bedside Furniture, Night Stand, End Table with Fabric Bins for Bedroom, Living Room, College Dorm, Charcoal Black

This compact Small dresser nightstand is perfect for use in a bedroom, college dorm, living room, workplace, and other spaces. It may serve as a nightstand in a bedroom, a practical end table next to a sofa, or a toy organizer in a child’s room. The compact Dresser and night stand set with two fabric drawers provide plenty of storage space for bedtime items.

The wood top is the perfect spot to store your eyeglasses, phone, charger, and alarm clock within easy reach. The Small dresser nightstand features a sturdy steel frame and a water-resistant hardwood top to ensure long service life. It also includes four adjustable plastic feet to prevent scuffs on the floor and easy-pull handles to make opening and shutting simple. The bedside furniture’s straightforward and contemporary design blends seamlessly with any interior design theme.

By purchasing a number of fabric Dresser and night stand set from the same line, you may save money. With the included tools and instructions, assembling the bedside table takes about 15 minutes. The 2-drawer dresser is 17.7″ L x 11.8″ W x 20.9″ H in total. This dresser is long-lasting and robust since it is constructed of engineered wood and has a solid structure. The Small dresser nightstand is a small piece of furniture that fits in even the tiniest bedrooms, as its name implies.

Due to its modest size, it is perfect for confined areas like flats, dormitories, or guest rooms. A variety of treatments, including raw wood, painted finishes, and high-gloss lacquers, are offered for the dresser. This enables you to select a finish that complements your bedroom’s design. When seeking for a practical and fashionable piece of bedroom furniture, consumers on a tight budget might choose the Dresser and night stand set since it is a cheap alternative.


Our products are absolutely non-toxic and harmless, and we hate sellers who produce bad products. All of our products are imported from other countries. According to the law, all imported goods containing wood should have a label stating that it may expose you to danger. Do not worry, we paste this label to pass the US customs inspection. It does NOT mean that our products are harmful. You can always trust WLIVE!

If you purchase this 2 drawer nightstand, I’m afraid that you cannot put a flat screen TV on it. Because the desktop dimensions 17.7″ W*11.8″ D. I recommend you to purchase our 5 drawers dresser, you could search ASIN: B07FQLN6QW or B07FQNP2HW.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sonia Purchased Small dresser nightstand and review that “Perfect for any room” the product was used to enhance a bedroom with no furniture, due to living in a second-story apartment, easy to carry, assemble and not worry about trying to haul a heavy dresser and or night stands.

Small Dresser Nightstand With 2 Drawers, Bedside Table Small Wood Dresser With Removable Fabric Bins For Bedroom

Somdot Nightstand with 2 Drawers, Bedside Table Small Dresser with Removable Fabric Bins for Bedroom Nursery Closet Living Room - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Pull Handle - Charcoal Grey/Dark Walnut

The Somdot Small dresser nightstand with two drawers is perfect for beds that range in height from 16 to 24 inches. It is versatile and may be utilized in a variety of rooms throughout your house, including as an end table in the living room, toy storage in the nursery, or extra storage within the closet. To ensure durability against wear and tear over time, a strong steel frame, robust wood board, adjustable plastic feet, and superior cloth drawers all contribute to the sturdy design of the piece.

Small dresser nightstand easy assembly, hardware is included. You can put it together in a few simple steps if you follow the instructions. Dimensions of the Small wood dresser are 14.29 inches (L) by 10.63 inches (D) by 8.19 inches (H); the total dimensions of the nightstand are 16.54 inches (L) by 11.80 inches (W) by 20.00 inches (H). Its sleek, contemporary design fits well with any décor. Two retractable drawers of a Small dresser nightstand and a lightweight design make it practical for daily usage.

It complements Somdot storage dressers or chests of drawers for a distinctive home design and fits in nicely in tiny spaces while offering lots of storage space. The Small wood dresser with 2 Drawers is a little and fashionable piece of bedroom furniture. Its traditional and exquisite design, which is built of solid wood, may go well with a variety of home design aesthetics.

The nightstand has two drawers, which gives you plenty of room to store your possessions including clothing, linens, and other personal goods. Accessing your stuff is simple because to the drawers’ smooth design that allows them to open and close. The Somdot Small wood dresser is a terrific option for consumers on a tight budget because of its tiny size, which makes it perfect for small bedrooms or for use as a bedside table.


Put your most often used items, such as your tablet charger, TV remote, lotion, lip balm, tissues, nasal spray, and other items, on the top drawer. Keep your bedtime clothing, such as pajamas, head scarves, and sleep masks, in the bottom drawers for storage or to keep them.

A little table next to a bed is referred to as a bedside table. What distinguishes the two sorts of furniture from one another? Some people think the only significant distinction is that bedside tables are not required to contain drawers, although nightstands are.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

K Purchased and Small dresser nightstand review that “Easy to put together” Easy to put together and works well for what we needed it for. It was missing the drawer handles but that was a simple fix and the seller was really quick to get them replaced. Thank you for that! We appreciate the prompt response!

Small Dresser Nightstand With 2 Fabric Drawers - Small Black Dresser Storage Tower Organizer Unit For Child Room

Yesker Nightstand with 2 Fabric Drawers - Sturdy Steel Frame, Small Dresser Storage Tower Organizer Unit for Child Room Bedroom Hallway Entryway Closets, Wide Wood Top, Easy Pull Handle Black Grey

The MDF board, cloth drawer, and steel frame that make up this Small dresser nightstand. A big load may be supported by the metal frame. The broad desktop is made of MDF board with delicate edges. A high-quality non-woven fabric drawer that is simple to clean and lasts a long time is available.

There are many uses for its big capacity; you can fit plenty of clothing, jeans, toys, tools, and books within. Nicely harmonies with other Yesker furnishings, this chest of Small black dresser is perfect for a child’s room, hallway, foyer, closet, and nursery. Dimensions of the removable and collapsible drawer are 17.7″x11.8″x20″, making it lightweight and portable. Additionally, these folding, simple-to-pull-out drawers are made of soft cloth; Adjustable height feet minimize swaying and damage to floors.

Please follow the assembly instructions in the user manual that is included with this dresser. Small dresser nightstand is simple to install. Please follow the assembly instructions in the user manual that are included with this dresser. It is simple to install. Yesker Small black dresser with Two Fabric Drawers, Sturdy Steel Frame, and Small Dresser Storage Tower Organizer Unit for Children’s Bedrooms, Hallways, and Entryway Closets, Wide Wood Top, and Easy Pull Handle.

Wood Top is waterproof, anti-wear, and anti-scratch, Easy to clean, and delicate edging. The metal frame can bear a heavy load, Insert the screw to make it more durable and sturdiness. A big weight can be supported by a metal frame; adding screws increases its longevity and sturdiness. It works in most rooms of your home.

It may be utilized in the living area as a little table or a side table. Small dresser nightstand may also be fitted as a bedside table in your bedroom. A fantastic location for it is a child’s room. It includes storage. Toys and clothing for kids can be stored in the area.


All the required components and detailed assembly instructions are included with the Yesker Nightstand. It is easy and simple to assemble, according to many users.

The Yesker Nightstand’s drawers can hold a variety of weights depending on the particular model you have, but they are typically made to hold light objects like clothing, linens, and other personal items.

The Yesker Nightstand’s precise measurements will depend on the model you have, but it is usually small and made to fit in confined spaces.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Felicia Purchased Small black dresser and review that “Use it as a night stand”. I bought him for my boy’s room. They use it for their night and daytime lamp. The sturdiness is pretty good and it’s easy to assemble. The quality is pretty good, it’s worth it for the price.

White Nightstand With 3 Drawer Night Stand, Modern Small Dresser Nightstand, Bedside Furniture

White Nightstand with 3 Drawers, Modern Small Dresser, Bedside Furniture, Night Stand, Wood Cabinet, End Table with Storage for Bedroom, Living Room, College Dorm (White)

This three-Small dresser nightstand, which was inspired by modern design, provides a dash of stylish aesthetics while offering a practical storage option for your bedroom, hallway, living room, and other areas. 3 drawer night stand the space-saving end table, with its crisp lines and rectangular white body, will seamlessly fit into your current decors. Our Bedside Table This elegant table body is made of strong Pine wood for long-lasting use.

The entire framework is supported solidly by four sturdy wood legs. 3 drawer night stand Weight capacity: 300 lbs., and each drawer can support 88 lbs. The metal sliding rail offers a smooth slide so you can quickly and easily access all of your bedroom needs. This item has three Small dresser nightstand with nickel-colored handles for storage of things like books, vitamins, and eyeglass cases. A lamp, clock, potted plant, or picture frame can be placed on the tables to add warmth and individualized décor.

For further stability and dependable support, four strong wood legs are arranged in a splayed design. 3 drawer night stand inside dimensions are 6″ H x 21″ W x 15″ D, with the overall product dimensions being 28.1″ H x 27.9″ W x 16.9″ D. This sleek nightstand, which seamlessly blends traditional and modern components, allows you to stow away your nighttime necessities in stylishly.

This piece, which is made of solid and manufactured wood, has three Small dresser nightstand with nickel-colored handles that serve as storage for items like books and vitamins. This design is outfitted with a neutral finish, making it adaptable enough to go with any color scheme you can think of. The best part is that this nightstand comes already put together.


Without precise product details, this information is not accessible. To learn if the nightstand is appropriate for use in moist or humid areas, please refer to the product description or specifications.

The manufacturer and model will determine this. While some nightstands are pre-assembled, some need some assembly. For details on assembly, please see the product description or instructions.

Without precise product details, this information is not accessible. If there is a locking mechanism for the drawers, information about it may be found in the product description or specs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

M Tins Purchased Small dresser nightstand and review that it “looks great, well made!” Bought two of these for my bedroom and I Love them!! They came in perfect shape, with no damage from shipping, which is what I was most worried about! Great quality and great price!!!