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A piece of furniture known as a tiny wooden dresser is often used for storage in a bedroom or other living area. A rectangular base, one or more drawers, and a flat top surface for exhibiting ornaments are its typical components. The Small wooden dresser dimensions may vary, but a little wooden dresser is normally shorter than a regular full-sized dresser and has a width of less than 36 inches.

The Small wooden dresser may be constructed from a variety of woods, including pine, oak, or cherry, and its finish options include natural or stained. Some tiny wooden dressers may include ornamental features that enhance the overall design and attractiveness of the piece, such as carved legs or ornate hardware. A compact Small wooden dresser drawers could be lined with cedar or felt to preserve delicate objects, and they might feature full extension glides for convenience. In order to offer more storage possibilities, some dressers may additionally contain additional storage space on the top surface, such as a built-in hutch or shelf.

A Small wooden dresser may be used for storage and organizing of goods like clothing, linens, and office materials in addition to serving as a storage component in a bedroom. It can also be utilized in other living areas, like a living room or home office. Small wooden dresser are made to fit into places with less space, including flats, dorm rooms, or bedrooms. Typically, they are built of solid wood like pine, oak, or maple, which offers strength and longevity. They frequently contain a few drawers—usually three to six—that offer plenty of room for storing clothing, bedding, or other goods. Small wooden dresser are available in a range of designs, such as classic, contemporary, and rustic. Some could have carved features, twisted legs, or other ornamental features.

Cubicubi Small Wooden Dresser For Bedroom, Kids Bedroom Fabric Small Dresser Nightstand 3 Drawer Storage

CubiCubi Dresser Nightstand for Bedroom, Small Kids Bedroom Fabric Tall Dresser 3 Drawer Storage Tower Organizer Unit for Hallway Entryway Closets, Steel Frame Wood Top, Black Grey

Small wooden dresser looks fantastic in any location, including living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, entryways, closets, and nurseries. Even though it just occupies a little amount of room, this dresser/nightstand offers a tone of storage. Fabric Solid MDF board with Waterproof design; Easy pull Small dresser nightstand drawers with hardwood knobs for smooth opening and closing; Non-woven fabric drawer that can be cleaned with a damp cloth right away. Anti-tipping technology can shield you from harm. High-quality, sturdy steel frame; plastic-covered, adjustable feet protect your floor. Three drawers and a top shelf. Overall measurements are 19.7″ (L) by 11.8″ (W) by 28.4 ” (H). 

 All screws, a clear instructions, and tools are provided in the box. By carefully following the instructions in the handbook, you can assemble the entire dresser with drawers in 15 to 30 minutes. Depending on the style, the dresser may have straightforward knobs or ornate handles. Small wooden dresser are adaptable and may be used in many different locations, such as bedrooms, living rooms, or even as a TV stand. Keeping little wooden drawers clean is simple; all you need is a soft, moist cloth. 

To keep the dresser looking good over time, it might need to be polished or refinished. The Small dresser nightstand may have a variety of exteriors, including unfinished wood, stained wood, painted wood, or distressed wood. Depending on the style, the dressers may have straightforward knobs or ornate handles. This Small wooden dresser looks excellent because of its contemporary style. High-quality, long-lasting materials improve the experience


Any size bedroom may employ a dresser in place of a bedside table, but smaller areas that might not have room for both pieces benefit the most from this arrangement.

In no way. But if you want some cohesiveness, you can try to match the wood legs or drawer handles on each item.

Modern nightstands are often compact bedside tables with one or occasionally two or more drawers, shelves, and less frequently, a tiny door. They are frequently used to hold things that might be helpful at night, including a table light, books, a phone, glasses, tissues, a drink, or medication.

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CAM Purchased Small dresser nightstand and review that “this might be “THE” best cheap shelving solution you can buy” as a vine voice, I try to ensure that my reviews are honest, fair, and reflect whether a fellow consumer should spend their cash on an item. I rarely give a 5-star or 1-star review saving those ratings for some of the best and worst (respectively) items that I’m given the chance to try out.

HIUU Modern 4 Drawer Small Wooden Dresser, Small Wooden Drawers For Bedroom

HIUU Modern 4 Drawer Dresser,Wooden Chest of Drawers for Bedroom,White Dresser for Living Room,Small Dresser

Small wooden dresser may be used in the bedroom, living room, hallways, entryways, closets, nurseries, etc. Modern log hue wood grain with white. The Small wooden drawers’ chest’s top plate is composed of 25MM thick oak board, and it can support up to 220 pounds. The handle and feet are constructed of solid wood, making them more elegant and stable. The drawer slides are dependable and slick. Having a tip-resistant characteristic. Large drawer: 30.66×13.78×5.81 inches, for accommodating different storage goods. Dimensions: 31.5×15.75×37.8 inches overall, an item is delivered in two parcels.

Installation and post-sale services: The installation guidelines are clear and straightforward. For any issue, such as missing, damaged, etc. Simple to put together or take apart by following directions. Fabric Small wooden dresser drawers that are detachable are supported steadily by a sturdy steel frame and moveable feet. Everywhere in your home, including closets, bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, entry passageways, etc., smaller dimensions with a bigger capacity fit. Large capacity satisfies all of your storage requirements. The majority of your demands for organizing various items may be met by this dresser. This Small wooden drawers has plenty of room for toys, books, shirts, jeans, and other items. The dresser features four drawers that may be used to store small objects, clothing, or linens. Since the dresser is usually compact, it is perfect for use in a bedroom or small living area.

The Small wooden dresser may be simple and practical, with a smooth wooden surface and uncomplicated hardware, or it may have a more ornamental design with carved features or hardware in an antique style. The separators or sections in the drawers may make it simpler to arrange and retrieve the contents. The Small wooden drawers is normally made to last, with a strong design and top-notch components that make sure it can resist frequent usage.


Compared to the color of the baby letto washed natural, the natural wood color of our product is darker.Our natural wood color is a little light yellow and a little brown (sorry I may not describe it properly, please see the detailed picture), and it also has a light black wood texture, and the overall front view is white. We recommend you and the overall style of the room to choose.

A bachelor’s chest, which has three to four drawers and is typically designed for a single individual with minimal garment storage needs, is a compact, narrow chest. Because of its narrowness and little amount of storage space, this piece of furniture is referred to as a chest rather than a dresser.

Materials and workmanship are two things. The entire value and price of a dresser are significantly influenced by the wood and hardware quality. You’ll know the names of our woods walnut, cherry, maple, and ash from the trees in your yard.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Crystal Mason purchased Small wooden dresser and review that “this is a very nice piece of furniture. Don’t worry about the negative reviews.” After reading the reviews I was very worried. My boxes arrived and I quickly unpacked them to check for problems. You will need a drill, a Phillips head screwdriver, a partner and a lot of patience, but this assembles fairly easy. I am overall pleased with this purchase. You should note that the instructions are easier to follow if you have experience putting furniture together.

Cubicubi Small Wooden Dresser For Bedroom, 10 Dark Wood Dresser Storage Organizer Tall Wide Dresser For Bedroom

CubiCubi Dresser for Bedroom, 10 Drawer Storage Organizer Tall Wide Dresser for Bedroom Hallway, Sturdy Steel Frame Wood Top, Dark Grey

Small wooden dresser looks fantastic in any area, including living rooms, bedrooms, halls, foyers, closets, and nurseries. This dresser can keep your room tidy and organized, and it blends in beautifully with the other Cubicubi dressers for daily usage. Dark wood dresser has ten drawers, which is more than enough capacity to handle all of your everyday storage needs. Your clothing, blankets, socks, plush toys, gadgets, and other items fit perfectly in the drawer. The solid hardwood table top may be utilized as a tiny TV stand in your bedroom in addition to holding lights, books, decorations, etc. 

Anti-tipping technology can shield you from harm. High-quality, strong steel frames may offer steady support; plastic-covered, adjustable feet can shield your floor and work well on uneven terrain. A non-woven fabric drawer that is breathable and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth; a solid MDF board that is waterproof; A plastic handle that is simple to pull may easily open and close the drawer. Small wooden dresser simple assembly the dresser is 34.3″ long, 11.8″ wide, and 44.1″ high. All screws, a clear handbook, and tools are included in the box. By carefully following the instructions in the handbook and the assembly video that has been posted, you can assemble the entire Dark wood dresser with drawers in 15 to 30 minutes.


A piece of furniture called a dresser has multiple drawers for storing clothing or other items. There may be a drawer full of sweaters in your bedroom. In the US, a tall, upright piece of furniture with sliding drawers is nearly typically referred to as a dresser.

Simply wipe the CubiCubi Dresser down with a moist cloth and mild soap to clean it. It is advised to keep it away from excessive moisture and sunshine for routine maintenance.

The precise materials employed in the CubiCubi Dresser’s construction may vary, although they are often a mix of solid wood, engineered wood, and composite materials.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Matria Haynes purchased Dark wood dresser and review that “100% HIGHLY recommend this product!! Sturdy, deep drawers & very easy to put together.” This dresser is incredibly easy to put together. The instructions are very well written. After putting the dresser up, it fits PERFECT in my boy’s room. The drawers are much deeper than I intended. I have been able to fit A LOT of clothes in them. The best feature that I appreciate is that you can screw the entire dresser to the wall to prevent it falling over on small children, if they are pulling on it!

Enhomee 16 Small Wooden Dresser, Tall Wooden Dresser For Bedroom With Wooden Top And Sturdy Metal Frame

EnHomee 16 Drawer Dresser, Tall Dresser for Bedroom with Wooden Top and Sturdy Metal Frame, Large Bedroom Dressers & Chest of Drawers for Bedroom Closet Living Room Entry,57.1"Hx 37.4"W x 11.8"D,Grey

This chest of Tall wooden dresser is 57.1″ X 37.4″ W X 11.8″ D. In addition to taking up less room, the 16 fabric drawer dresser has ample storage space for clothing, scarves, socks, T-shirts, jeans, sunglasses, and toys. Keep your room organized and spotless at all times. For categorized storage, we provide 3 different types of drawers. Small wooden dresser have Eight big drawers may be used to store shirts, sweaters, etc., while four medium drawers can be used to store scarves, diapers, long sleeve shirts, and four small drawers can be used to store underwear, underwear, socks, etc. 

Each Tall wooden dresser can hold at least 15–18 hats, a medium drawer can hold at least 9–11 long sleeves, and a large drawer can hold at least 16–20 shirts. Tall dressers for bedrooms are constructed from high-tech metal and wood boards, and a “double X” support bar is designed on the back to provide strong stability and bearing capacity. The bedroom chest of drawers may be used as a Small wooden dresser, TV stand, console, console table, and couch table. It may be placed in a variety of locations, including the kitchen, bedroom, living room, entryway, closet, office, etc.; it gives you additional area for storage. Clear instructions are included with each set of parts and installation equipment. Following the directions, you may complete the Small wooden dresser & chest of drawers assembly in 30 minutes. The anti-roll kit can shield you and your family from injury, and adjustable feet may be used to level off uneven surfaces while protecting the floor.


I would try a cup or so of white vinegar in the room overnight. Put a bowl with some vinegar in whichever room(s) the odor is in. I’d also wipe down the dresser with vinegar. I got the same dresser, and had no issue thankfully.

Wipe it down with vinegar (just plain, white vinegar) – try a test patch first on the back, but vinegar shouldn’t hurt it. Then leave a cup or so of vinegar in an open bowl in the room overnight. See if that helps.

The exact weight capacity of the draws is a mystery. In their description they give you an example of how many items will fit in each draw. They are fabric drawers. Good quality “Bins” with support. I was very happy with this purchase. It was quite sturdy with a wooden top and stores so much.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Lizette Sandoval Purchased Tall wooden dresser and review that “the capacity is incredible” I transferred all the contents of two dressers into this one and I have 2 empty large dresser drawers left because there is so much room. The build was straightforward and took me about 2 hours. If you want to cut the time in half have someone assemble the drawers and handles while you put together the rack…

WASAGUN 10 Fabric Small Wooden Dresser, Grey Wooden Dresser For Bedroom, Closets, Dark Grey

WASAGUN 10 Fabric Drawers Dresser, Dresser for Bedroom with Wooden Top, Aluminum Alloy Handle and Steel Frame, Chest of Drawers for Bedroom, Closets, Dark Grey

Ten separate, foldable fabric drawers on this Grey wooden dresser allow for plenty of storage space as well as assistance in maintaining orderly storage of stuff like clothing, towels, books, toys, and other items. To keep your house clean and organized, this chest of drawers is ideal for placement in the bedroom, living room, closet, office, hallway, and more.

It adds interest and a feeling of style when the rectangular handle on the main Small wooden dresser drawer and the circular handle on the tiny drawer are paired to resemble a smiling face. All handles are composed of a smooth aluminum alloy, which is more durable and simple to push and pull than most plastics. The placement of the bedroom Grey wooden dresser is also made more practical and user-friendly by the design of the armrests on both sides. 4 plastic feet are included, which help the Small wooden dresser organizer stay stable even on uneven terrain and prevent floor scratches. The cabinet may be fastened to the wall using anti-tipping mechanisms.

 For ultimate security, a “X” knot on the back of the vanity offers further stability. High-quality MDF boards, breathable textiles, and a genuine wood appearance (not wood drawers) are combined in this tall dresser to prevent smells and scratches. The surface of the dresser is covered with waterproof coating, making it sturdy and simple to wipe down and clean. The Grey wooden dresser is built entirely of thicker wood with a metal frame. We give you a whole package that includes all the necessary parts, tools, and instructions, so you can effortlessly assemble the entire dresser in 30 minutes. 

Dimensions: 31.6″ L x 11.4″ W x 32.6″ H overall. With its four plastic adjustable feet, this chest of drawers can be kept stable on uneven surfaces and shielded from scratches. Round and rectangular handles are cleverly combined to create a smiling face shape. In addition to being sturdy and long-lasting, the smooth aluminum alloy material also makes it easy to push and pull the drawers of Small wooden dresser. Waterproof, sturdy, and simple to wash and clean material covers the surface of the chest of drawers.


The medium drawer could load 10lb stuff and the large drawer could load 18lb stuff, so if the stuff’s weight within the load, the fabric drawer can stay flush with the frame when pulling the handle.

Of course, you could put table lamp and alarm clock on this bedroom dresser, organize your clothes and other stuff in order, it’s very suitable for placing in bedroom, hope you enjoy it.

This dresser’s load is 55lb and the length is 31.6inches, so you can put TV on it, please notice that the length and weight of the TV is within the length and load of dresser.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Yxh Purchased Small wooden dresser and review that “it’s a convenient and nice product” when I first received the package, the packaging was a little broken, but the parts inside were not lost. The whole package is very light because the material inside its drawer is fabric. It is also very simple to assemble….

Enhomee Small Wooden Dresser, Small Wood Dresser For Bedroom 7 Drawer Dresser & Chest Of Drawers

EnHomee Dresser, Small Dressers for Bedroom 7 Drawer Dresser & Chest of Drawers for Closet Fabric Storage Dresser for Nursery Wooden Top Steel Frame Rustic Brown

Round drawer knobs, a matte black steel frame, and warm rustic brown wood grain pattern all combine for a stunning appearance that can be incorporated to designs from modern to traditional. This little bedroom Small wood dresser is always the ideal piece of furniture, regardless of how you wish to arrange your space. The compact bedroom dresser contains seven drawers, a top shelf, and open storage. Your clothing, scarves, blankets, socks, jewelry, and toys may all be stored and sorted in the 4 big and 3 little drawers. And Small wooden dresser drawers are mounted on silent glides that are simple to pull by the knob. Everything has a home in this cloth dresser thanks to the roomy shelf and open storage area, including a lamp, framed photographs, books, potted plants, and decorations.

  Small wood dresser designed with cationic fabric drawers, thicker steel, and high-quality engineered wood for a robust frame and high weight capacity to carry all of your necessities and decorations. Safe for children and dogs, the supplied wall anchor strap set prevents the compact Small wooden dresser from toppling over. In addition to ensuring the dresser is always stable, the 4 adjustable levelling feet may help prevent scratches on your floor.32 “W x 12″D x 38″H. 28.3 pounds are the weight. Each shelf can support 66 pounds, the large drawer 17 pounds, and the little drawer 11 pounds. The chest of Small wooden dresser drawers is lightweight and portable from the bedroom to the living area since all of the drawers are made of cloth. Dimensions are 31.5″W x 12″D x 37.5.” “H may serve as a TV stand or even closet storage. You can quickly and simply assemble this dresser thanks to the clear directions, numbered pieces, and provided equipment.


You may use a tiny dresser as a baby’s changing table, but you need make sure it is safe and sturdy. To reduce the likelihood of harm coming to the infant, a dresser with rounded edges and corners and a low profile works best as a changing table. To give the infant a nice and secure surface, a changing pad need to be positioned on top of the dresser.

Use dividers or organizers for little items, such socks and underwear, and fold clothing to make the most of space when organizing a small drawer. Additionally, it’s a good idea to frequently go through the drawer and get rid of anything unnecessary.

Small dressers constructed of engineered wood or plastic would be the most cost-effective choice. These materials often cost less than solid wood while still offering a workable     solution.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Stephanie purchased Small wood dresser and review that “is exactly as depicted” Took a chance and bought two. They shipped quickly and I received them before the expected date. Both went together easily and suit their purpose perfectly. The directions are easy to follow and the parts are clearly marked. I’m very impressed with how sturdy these units are and how nice they look. I would definitely recommend this product and plan on looking for more pieces to organize other areas of my house.