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White Dresser 4 Drawers


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A sort of furniture item that often has a white finish and includes four compartments for keeping clothing or other personal goods is known as a White dresser 4 drawers. To make opening and shutting the drawers simple, they are often constructed with pull handles and glide-on runners. Dressers may be found in a variety of sizes and designs to suit different interior design themes and personal preferences. . An alternative material of White dresser 4 drawers such as MDF or particle board, may be used to make the drawers instead of the dresser itself. 

They may be utilized in other rooms of the house, such as a living room or home office, although they are most frequently used in bedrooms as a solution for clothes storage. A White dresser 4 drawers can be any size, but its common dimensions are 28 to 36 inches in height and up to 60 inches in width. Solid wood, engineered wood, and metal are just a few of the materials that are frequently used to make white dressers There are many different hues of white dressers, from blinding white to cream or off-white. Four equal-sized drawers will normally be piled on top of one another in a White dresser 4 drawers. The drawers can feature handles or knobs for simple opening and shutting, and they might be fixed on metal slides or tracks for quiet operation. 

White dressers come in a variety of shapes, from the conventional to the contemporary, and may include ornamental features like carved detailing, curving legs, or painted patterns. A White dresser 4 drawers could also feature extra storage areas like shelves, compartments, or a cabinet in addition to the four drawers. Clothing, linens, toys, and other household things may all be stored in a white dresser with four drawers. Cleaning your white dresser on a regular basis using a soft cloth, light soap, and water can help it appear its best. Abrasive cleansers and aggressive chemicals should be avoided since they can harm the dresser’s surface.

White Dresser 4 Drawers For Bedroom, White Dresser – Bedroom Dresser And Chest Set

4 Drawer Dressers For Bedroom , White Dresser - Bedroom Dressers With Drawers , Wooden Drawer Chest , Storage Cabinet Dresser Organizer Unit with Metal Legs for Living Room, Closet, Hallway (White)

Use environmentally friendly MDF board for the Dresser and chest set‘ structure since it offers long-term service and is sturdy and durable. Due to the smooth metal guides, White dresser 4 drawers may be discreetly and simply drawn out and closed. The storage set’s four drawers may accommodate all of your storage requirements. Items, clothing, CDs, and other things can all be arranged nicely within. Dresser and chest set each drawer is 11.2″L x 20.7″W x 3.9″H, and the entire dresser measures 23.6″L x 13.4″W x 35.8″H. A wood top gives you more space to put things like lamps, books, and decorations.

 The diagonal pattern actively demonstrates the elegance of balance and has an infinite sense of design. The timeless yet straightforward style of the contemporary dresser may provide a touch of elegance to closets, bedrooms, and living spaces. The White dresser 4 drawers can have a raised base thanks to the delicate yet sturdy metal legs, preventing moisture damage. To keep the drawer spotless, simply wipe with a moist cloth. You’ll adore this 4 drawer dresser, we’re certain. It needs straightforward assembly and comes with numbered pieces, tools, and clear, comprehensive instructions. Timber Top The drawer measures 23.6″D x 13.4″W and 22.4″ L x 11.4″ W x 7.1″ H in size. The metal feet are 5.9 inches tall. Each White dresser 4 drawers can support 22 lbs. in weight and is made of MDF and metal.


A 4 drawer dresser’s weight capacity will vary depending on the particular model and design, but most of them have a high weight capacity of up to 100 pounds or more per drawer.

Depending on the material it is built of, your 4-drawer dresser will require different upkeep and cleaning procedures. In general, you should clean it frequently with a soft cloth and stay away from abrasive or harsh cleaning agents.

A number of materials, including wood, metal, particleboard, MDF, and engineered wood, can be used to create 4 drawer dressers.

AWQM White Dresser 4 Drawers For Bedroom, 4 Drawer Wood File Cabinet

AWQM 4 White Drawer Dressers for Bedroom, Wooden Chest of 4 Drawers, Modern Wide Storage File Cabinet Unit Nightstand for Bedroom, Office, Living Room (White)

This White dresser 4 drawers features four detachable that offer enough room for storing your clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and other personal belongings. The ideal approach for tiny space storage is to keep everything neat and orderly by putting it all in one cabinet. The 4 drawer wood file cabinet is built of particle board and has 4 wooden legs, giving it a solid and strong structure that enables it to be used for a long time. Our drawers can hold 11 pounds apiece after testing, and the countertops can hold 110 pounds. Our White dresser 4 drawers are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and simple to clean thanks to the use of high-quality melamine finish. Additionally, to protect your family’s health and the health of your loved ones, our drawers are P2 formaldehyde certified, non-toxic, and safe.

 A White dresser 4 drawers in a contemporary and straightforward style that works well in the workplace, bedroom, living room, and other settings. It may be used as a dresser, storage cabinet, office filing cabinet, bedside cabinet, etc. in addition to being a garment organizer. All necessary hardware is provided, and there are simple assembly instructions. 23.63 * 13 * 28.94 inches in size. Incorporated into a remarkable masterpiece. The 4 drawer wood file cabinet cabinets’ four smoothly moving drawers and hardwood legs blend aesthetics with functionality. It features roomy storage, and any area would look great in its sleek, understated design. The greatest option for storing things in the living room, bedroom, workplace, and other areas! Particle board with a melamine finish is the material. Drawer bearing capacity is 11 lbs. per each, whereas the tabletop bearing capacity is 110 lbs.


It is advised to dust your wooden chest with four drawers on a regular basis using a soft, dry cloth to maintain its condition. Abrasive chemicals and too much moisture should be avoided since they can harm the wood. In order to remove spills and stains, you can use a moist cloth if required. However, make sure to completely dry the area afterward.

Yes, a four-drawer wooden chest may serve as a bedside table. It is a useful and fashionable bedroom accessory that offers enough of storage for bedside necessities.

A wooden chest with four drawers can range in size depending on the brand and type. Sizes like 30 inches broad by 16 inches deep by 32 inches high are typical. The easiest way to figure out a product’s size is to look at its specs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Iris Lee purchased 4 drawer wood file cabinet and review that “Decent and cute” There are many pieces of this drawer so at the beginning I thought it was a challenge for me to put them together. But actually the instruction is clear and everything is in details. It is easy and does not take long time. This drawer looks great and cute. It is decent and nice to decor the home. Also it functions well, providing large spaces inside. We love it!

HOSTACK Modern White Dresser 4 Drawers, White And Wood Dresser With Storage

HOSTACK Modern 4 Drawer Dresser, Chest of Drawers with Storage, Wood Clothing Organizer with Cut-Out Handles, Accent Storage Cabinet for Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, White

This bedroom White dresser 4 drawers provides you a lot of storage space to arrange clothing and accessories while giving a glamorous touch to your home. It has a roomy countertop and four deep easy-glide drawers. The outstanding sturdiness and long-lasting durability of this contemporary White and wood dresser are a result of its construction from premium MDF wood and high-quality hardware. Up to 25 lbs. can fit in each drawer. Dimensions in total: 15.4″ D x 27.2 W x 32.3 H. This chest of White dresser 4 drawers was made with simple lines and a flat front that complement any decorating style. 

The distinctive cut-out handles and sleek beveled base give your bedroom a modern, clutter-free appearance. This cabinet may be used as both a garment organizer and an accent storage piece for your living room. White and wood dresser can also be mixed and matched with other cabinets from the HOSTACKS series. EASY SETUP & OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE: All required parts and comprehensive instructions are included with this storage cabinet. The drawer is made of MDF wood and is white, dark brown, and rustic brown in color. Overall Dimensions of White and wood dresser are 15.4″ D x 27.2″ W x 32.3″ H and each drawer can support 25 lbs.


Dear customer, for questions about the replacement parts, you can write to us directly. After confirming the situation, we can arrange for you to replace the corresponding accessories.

Although the HOSTACK Modern 4 Drawer Dresser’s construction composition is unknown, dressers are often built of wood, particleboard, MDF, or a mix of these materials.

Dear Customer, you could write to us with your order number in this situation and we will send the Manual in PDF to you.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Miriam Donaldson Purchased White dresser 4 drawers and review that “Pretty dang good.” Great dresser. More solid than an ikea dresser. Like, I can sit on it. Be prepared for a LOT of parts to put together. My husband is a builder and it took him about 2 hours to knock the thing together, but no big deal. Drawers are indeed a bit shallow, but it’s perfect for the nursery.

URKNO White Dresser 4 Drawers, Modern Wide Chest Of Drawers, Solid Wood White Dresser

URKNO White Dresser with 4 Drawers, Modern Wide Chest of Drawers, Solid Wood Frame, Tall Storage Chest, Nightstand for Bedroom, Closet, Entryway, White

This wood White dresser 4 drawers and lots of space for storing and organizing your clothing and socks. While you may use it to store your glasses within arms reach or set a lamp on the substantial top surface. This Solid wood white dresser tall nightstand may be placed in the bedroom, living room, closet, nursery, entryway, church, and workplace for extra flare. It is also both attractive and useful. Additionally, due to its tiny form, it is perfect for small settings like flats and dorm rooms. Polished white finish with bronze-tone drawer knobs for a hint of class and refinement. This storage cabinet with White dresser 4 drawers is the ideal choice whether your design is contemporary, coastal-chic, or laid-back vintage. The superior MDF used to make the clothing drawer organizer is durable and easy to maintain.

 It is finished in an eco-friendly white paint. Four drawers get careful care to prevent snags for simple usage and smooth glide. Dimensions: 29″L x 15.7″W x 37″H overall. To shield you and your family from potential risks, Solid wood white dresser for the bedroom come equipped with an anti-tipping feature. The kit contains all essential hardware, tools, and detailed instructions. By following the instructions, it is simple to complete the assembly. This broad dresser will add flair and more storage to your bedroom.

 Four spacious drawers on this bedroom dresser can hold your t-shirts, pants, and even a diaper! Every drawer has a smooth metal runner to open and close. The White dresser 4 drawers is a stylish addition that will never go out of style in your master bedroom, guest room, or child’s room. The chest features a sturdy load-bearing capacity and a robust wood frame. High-quality material with an easier-to-clean and maintain waterproof surface. The wall anti-toppling mechanism is a part of the box and serves to stop tip-over occurrences, protecting the safety of your family. The dresser’s 15″ broad form suits in areas with limited space.


Hello, I am sorry that you did not receive the product manual. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us an email via Amazon. We will send you an electronic version of the product manual.

In my case detailed instructions were included. Check all the boxes maybe. There were not easy to find!

Hello, the weight of the dressing table with packaging is 54.56 lbs. The net weight of the dressing table is 49.7lbs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Stephglamnailz Purchased Solid wood white dresser and review that “Sturdy” I was a bit skeptical about buying it because of the other reviews saying that it’s crooked but after building it all by myself (I’m a 24 female) I realized that the others probably didn’t build it right.

ANBUY White Dresser 4 Drawers, Tall Storage Dresser Cabinet Organizer Unit With Metal Legs For Bedroom

ANBUY 4 Drawer Dresser, Drawer Chest, Tall Storage Dresser Cabinet Organizer Unit with Metal Legs for Bedroom, Living Room, Closet (White/4 Drawer)

The White dresser 4 drawers’ straightforward form makes it ideal for a variety of settings, including the kitchen, bedroom, and workplace. In addition to serving as a lingerie and apparel dresser, it also functions well as an accent storage cabinet in a living area. Internal drawer dimensions are 20.7″W x 11.4″D x 5.1″H, feet height is 5.9″, and each drawer can hold up to 22 lbs. This chest of four drawers This White dresser 4 drawers is made of long-lasting, environmentally friendly MDF that is scratch- and water-resistant. It is also simple to maintain.

 Our upright dresser is the ideal answer for small spaces since its 4 chest of drawers offers plenty of storage space for your clothing, accessories, and cosmetics on smooth, high-quality slides. A piece of furniture known as an ANBUY White dresser 4 drawers normally has four white drawers. It’s possible that ANBUY is the dresser’s manufacturer, and the term “White dresser 4 drawers” is just a way of describing the dresser’s color and number of drawers. Bedroom dressers are frequently used as storage units for clothing, bed linens, and other personal goods. The ANBUY white dresser probably includes a number of qualities, but I don’t know anything about a particular item by that name. For simple opening and shutting, the drawers may include metal or plastic handles or knobs. The White dresser 4 drawers may have a glossy, smooth surface that gives it a sleek, contemporary appearance. The dresser may have basic lines and a straightforward design, which contributes to its minimalist appearance.


We are so sorry for the inconvenience, Please refer to the method in the video to put the drawer in the cabinet. If you still can’t solve the problem, please contact us via Amazon message and we will reship a new 4 drawer dresser to you.

Sure, please contact us via amazon message so that we can confirm the order information; once we confirm we will ship the new slide of the blue dresser for bedroom to you.

I wouldn’t recommend that unless you have a way to secure them to the wall. I wouldn’t want to slide off and harm anyone. It has a glossy finish on the top.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Freddie Purchased White dresser 4 drawers and review that “Cute, Small, Lightweight, does the job” I ordered the 4-drawer lighter blue dresser. It arrived a few shades darker than I expected. I’m happy about it because it’s beautiful – but it’s worth mentioning. If you don’t own a power tool to drill a million little screws in before you order this, I recommend adding a cheap one to your cart as well….