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A dresser is an important piece of furniture in any bedroom because it gives you space to store clothes and other things. Dressers come in two popular styles: those that stand on their own and those that are wide.  A standing dresser, which is also called a tall dresser or chest of drawers, is a tall, narrow piece of furniture that is usually about 4-5 feet tall. It has a stack of drawers, usually between 4 and 7, that give you a lot of room to store clothes, bedding, and other things you need.

People also like to use standing dresser to store things they don’t use often or to keep smaller items of clothing like socks and underwear in order.   On the other hand, a wide dresser, also called a long dresser, is a larger piece of furniture that is usually wider than it is tall. Wide dressers for bedroom can be anywhere from 4 to 6 feet wide and have 6 to 10 or even more drawers. Wide dressers for bedroom are great for bedrooms with a lot of floor space and for people who need more space to store clothes and other things.

Are great for storing folded clothes, blankets, and towels, and they often have extra storage spaces like cabinets or shelves.  Dressers that stand on their own and dressers that are wide come in a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes to match any bedroom. Wide dressers for bedroom are often made of wood, metal, or plastic, and their finishes can range from natural wood stains to different colours of paint. When choosing a dresser, you should think about the size and shape of your bedroom, how much storage you need, and your own style preferences. 

In the end, both a standing dresser and a wide dresser are great ways to store things in a bedroom. A standing dresser is great for small spaces or organizing smaller items, while a wide dresser is great for larger bedrooms and people who need more storage space. With so many styles, materials, and finishes to choose from, there is a dresser out there that is perfect for your bedroom. Standing dressers are great for small bedrooms because they don’t take up much space on the floor but still have a lot of storage space.

Wide Dressers for Bedroom WLIVE with Fabric Bins For Closet, Living Room, Hallway, Nursery, Rustic Brown Wood Grain Print

WLIVE Dresser for Bedroom with 5 Drawers, Wide Chest of Drawers, Fabric Dresser, Storage Organizer Unit with Fabric Bins for Closet, Living Room, Hallway, Nursery, Rustic Brown Wood Grain Print

The chest of drawers featured here is a multifunctional piece of furniture that may be used in a variety of settings, including the bedroom, closet, nursery, living room, corridor, dormitory, and workplace. Wide dressers for bedroom works beautifully in conjunction with the other WLIVE storage towers. A generous amount of storage space: The wide dressers for bedroom in the bedroom is the perfect piece of furniture for arranging your clothing and the things you need on a daily basis; You can put objects on the wood top that you want to display or keep within easy reach, such as a lamp, photos, etc.

The wide dressers for bedroom is the perfect piece of furniture for arranging your clothing and the things you need on a daily basis; The dresser in the bedroom is the perfect piece of furniture for Sturdy organizer unit: The strong steel frame ensures dependable stability and will provide service for a considerable amount of time; It is not difficult to sterilize containers that are composed of non-woven material. The dresser can also be used as a TV stand for televisions of a smaller size because it is multifunctional.

Drawer chest with 5 drawers: Has five drawers that can be removed and folded; Pull handles that are simple to operate allow for smooth opening and shutting of the drawers. The drawers stand on four feet that can be adjusted to prevent scratching your floor. Fast and easy assembly: the hardware that is given makes it possible to create this storage drawer unit in a way that is both quick and easy; The video instructions for the assembly have been uploaded to the internet so that you can watch them later. Overall dimensions: 39.4″ L x 11.8″ W x 21.7″ H.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Marisse purchased this product and reviewed that Nice product I bought these for the semi-walk-in sized closet. The only storage besides hangers was top shelves. I wanted something easier to reach and that could hold more clothes. These were easy to assemble and even came with extra screws and handles. I gave four stars because these smelled TERRIBLE when I took them out of the box. I aired them out for 24 hours outside and then put baking soda in the drawers to absorb the scent. After I vacuumed out the baking soda the smell was minimal. All in all I think they’re a good purchase for the price point and what I needed them for.

Wide Dressers for Bedroom Pemberly Row Modern Contemporary 6 Drawer Wide Double Bedroom Dresser in Truffle

Pemberly Row Modern Contemporary 6 Drawer Wide Double Bedroom Dresser in Truffle

Truffle Surface Material: Foil Extra-high drawer sides, in addition to generous extensions, to offer ample space and optimal usability. Handle-free drawers There are six drawers that offer additional space for storing items such as a little lamp, reading glasses, periodicals, or a tiny electronic device. Pemberly lane and row where we stand at pemberly row, we take great satisfaction in the fact that we can provide your house with both classic design and exceptional value.

We have a range of fitted furniture wide dressers for bedroom that is yet informal and comfortable, and the majority of it is sold in ready-to-assemble form. The pieces of the wide dressers for bedroom, which range from trendy décor to entryway furniture, are easily identifiable by their modest textures and hues, clean profiles with gentle curves, and uncomplicated detailing. We are dedicated to providing you with furnishings and decorations that will bring you pleasure not only right now but also for many years to come. 

Pemberly Row Contemporary 6 Drawer Wide Double Dresser in Truffle The Pemberly Row 6 Drawer Double Dresser is an easy way to keep your possessions organised thanks to the extensive storage space it provides. Wide dressers for bedroom can store a variety of things, from little, delicate objects to large, bulky ones, and it has a contemporary, sleek style that blends in perfectly with any kind of decoration. The chest is a component that features a straightforward style and is equipped with metal drawer glides and clean drawer inside to ensure smooth movement.

Because the finish is stain-, water-, and scratch-resistant as well as easy to clean, it is an excellent option for living spaces in homes with children or in dormitories.  Style and design typical of Scandinavia Extra-high drawer sides, in addition to generous extensions, to offer ample space and optimal usability. Handle-free drawers Metal drawer slides Finish with truffles Surface made of foil Product dimensions: 28 inches high by 60.75 inches wide by 19.7 inches deep It is necessary to assemble. Tvilum dresser Tvilum Dresser Tvilum Dresser Tvilum Dresser Chest.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Miriam purchased this product and reviewed that “GREAT DRESSER Great dresser, especially for the price point. The dresser came with a few flaws but I contacted the company & they sent replacement parts asap to help me fix the problem. In fixing the problem, other problems started to arise from me having to take apart & put new pieces together but overall this is a great dresser & customer service is great. 10/10 recommend!!!

White Wide Dresser, Wide Dressers for Bedroom, Hasuit, Large Storage Cabinet For Bedroom, Living Room

Hasuit 3 Drawer Dresser, Wood Dresser Chest with Wide Storage Space, Storage Tower Clothes Organizer, Large Storage Cabinet for Bedroom, Living Room (Modern White)

Dimensions are 27.5″ (W) x 15.8″ (D) x 30.0″ (H). This storage chest features of the white wide dresser three compartments for you to organize all of your various garments. Each drawer has a capacity of up to 30 pounds. Keep order and orderliness in your life by stowing away all of your apparel and accessories in a single, easily accessible location. This vertical chest of white wide dresser is perfect for usage in a variety of settings, including but not limited to closets, bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, entryways, churches, and offices.

In addition, this wide dressers for bedroom is perfect for tight quarters, such as those found in dorm dorms and apartments. You can wear it by itself or combine it with other pieces from the Hasuit Collection that are a matching fit. A lovely and functional dresser, this would be an excellent present for a member of the family or a close friend. The fact that the frame of the bedroom dresser is made of wood and that it has strong wood legs makes it more stable and long-lasting, making wide dressers for bedroom appropriate for long-term usage.

Included with a reliable system to prevent it from tipping over and guiding rails made of smooth metal. The surface has a smooth finish that is scratch-resistant and odourless and is made of paint that is based on water. The water-based paint white surface, the lines are softer and have a sense of design, which can easily be matched with any interior style. Wide dressers for bedroom is what we mean by the phrase “unique style design.”

Bring more light and order to the space, and display your personal style in the process. The drawer chest is simple to assemble, as stated by [Customer Help]. Your purchase of a Hasuit comes with free lifetime customer service provided by a team of trained professionals who are available to answer any questions you have before, during, or after your purchase at any time!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Bobby Danger purchased this product and reviewed that “Nice piece, you’ll need a drill thoughThe instructions say all you need is a screw driver and the provided allen wrench, but the drawer slides don’t have any pilot holes; you’ll have to drill those yourself. It’s easy though, as the drawer slides line up against proud edges of the drawer and into a corner, so you can hold the slide in place and pop in three pilot holes in the right place easily.

Dresser for Tv, Wide Dressers For Bedroom, Fabric Storage Dresser For Bedroom, Rustic Brown Wood Grain Print

WLIVE Wide Dresser with 6 Drawers, TV Stand for 50" TV, Entertainment Center with Metal Frame, Wooden Top, Fabric Storage Dresser for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Rustic Brown Wood Grain Print

This fabric dresser for tv has a plethora of potential applications, including but not limited to bedrooms, closets, living rooms, playrooms, and entryways. In addition to that, it fits perfectly with the other WLIVE storage towers like a glove and works together with them like a hand in glove. This wide dresser for bedroom has a total of six drawers, and its overall dimensions are 42.3; it also has the potential to be used as a TV stand “ dresser for tv is an appropriate size for a changing pad table to be used in a nursery, with dimensions of 15.6 inches in length, 29.8 inches in breadth, and 29.8 inches in height.

Dresser for tv chest of drawers may also be used as a television stand, and it is able to hold televisions with a screen size of up to 50 inches “. Great option for organizing your clothes, blankets, socks, and other tv components and items. The WLIVE storage wide dressers for bedroom offers a sufficient quantity of storage space due to the inclusion of six folding fabric drawers in its construction. Features a sturdy wide dresser for bedroom in addition to six removable drawers crafted from high quality non-woven fabric, which brings you a soft and warm touch.

In addition to the water-resistant wood top and the durable steel frame that provide strong support, your floor will be protected from scuffs and scratches by the five adjustable feet. In addition to this, wide dressers for bedroom is designed with a technology that prevents it from tipping over, which helps to ensure that your energetic newborn will be safe even when using it. Simple Assembly: Not only is the television stand dresser easy to assemble with the hardware that is supplied, but it is also lightweight, which enables you to effortlessly transport it to any section of your home you believe requires more organization.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Courtney purchased this product and reviewed that Perfect!” This is exactly what I wanted and needed. It was super easy to put together and very sturdy. I needed a dresser that would hold my 50in tv and this was perfect!! I assembled it by myself and it took less than an hour. The most time consuming part was putting the handles on the drawers. The drawers are nice and roomy. The screws didn’t go in exactly at a straight angle so I had to use a little more effort tightening them. The color is exactly as advertised (sorry for the dark lighting in my room). Will probably order another one for my other bed room.

White 7 Drawer Dresser, Wide Dressers For Bedroom, CARPETNAL With Wide Drawer And Metal Handles

CARPETNAL White Dresser, Modern Dresser for Bedroom, 7 Drawer Dresser with Wide Drawer and Metal Handles

The modern design features a sleek white finish with a classic black knob handle, which provides a one-of-a-kind finish and is guaranteed to offer a glamorous touch to your area while also providing an easy storage solution for your room. Your furniture dcor gets an updated vintage look with the addition of a white 7 drawer dresser. You deserve it. The white dresser has a very simple design, but it has a lot of storage space in it. This white 7 drawer dresser combines a modern aesthetic with practicality.

In addition to offering storage space for bed linens, undergarments, toys, and other miscellaneous items, white 7 drawer dresser will also lend an air of refined sophistication to your bedroom, living area, and corridor. Total Dimension: 47.2″(L) x 16″(W)x 31″ (H). Stable and Robust Construction: This wide dresser for bedroom is made of solid engineered wood and has a high-quality, water-resistant finish. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, which ensures that it will have a long life. The stability and feeling of the drawer dresser is ensured by the presence of five wooden legs.

Because it has a mechanism that prevents it from tipping over, it is an ideal nursery dresser for use in children’s bedrooms. The higher the elevation from the floor, the more easily wide dressers for bedroom can be cleaned. Widely Used: Dresser for bedroom has a chic appearance and can be placed anywhere in the home, including the bedroom, where it can store clothing or blankets, the living room, where it can store books and miscellaneous items, or the office, where it can store office documents and serve as a dresser TV stand.

This gorgeous and functional wide dresser for bedroom would be an excellent present for any member of the family or any close friend. The procedures to assembling the 7 drawer dresser are very obvious, and each component comes individually packaged and labelled. Also, the customer service is second to none. The inclination can be completed in a time span of sixty minutes by one to two people. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you at all times, day or night.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Marco Biffi purchased this product and reviewed that The items looks very nice and great for small rooms!This dresser is great for smaller rooms, it looks nice!
Also customer service is amazing, they respond quickly with any concerns.

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