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By: Muhammad Farooq

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2-Drawers Fireking File Cabinets


File Cabinets with Mount Floor

Protecting priceless papers and records from fire, water damage, and unauthorised access is the purpose of fireking file cabinets. Depending on the type, fireking file cabinets can often survive fires for up to one or two hours.

Fireking file cabinets offer some water resistance in addition to fire protection. When using fire suppression techniques like sprinkler systems or fire hoses, they are made to keep the contents dry. Several security mechanisms are included with fireking file cabinets to guard against unauthorized access. High-security locks, programmable electronic locks, and keyless entry systems are a few examples of these.

For an added degree of security, certain models also offer the option to incorporate biometric fingerprint scanners. Durability is a priority in the construction of fireking file cabinets. They frequently have reinforced doors, drawers, and frames and are made of heavy-duty steel.

The cabinets are made to endure harsh handling and regular use and frequently have a scratch-resistant coating. To accommodate various storage requirements, FireKing provides a selection of file cabinet choices. They manufacture card, cheque and note file cabinets in addition to vertical and lateral file cabinets.

Letter-size and legal-size documents can be stored in the cabinets, which come in a variety of sizes and arrangements. Additionally, certain models come equipped with media compartments, shelves, or drawers for additional storage.

To store and secure critical papers including contracts, financial records, personnel files, and customer information, offices frequently use fireking file cabinets. They give comfort in knowing that crucial documents are safeguarded in the case of a fire. A lot of sensitive and private documents are handled by law firms.

Legal paperwork, case files, client information, and other important records are frequently safely kept in fireking file cabinets. The integrity and confidentiality of legal information are helped to be ensured by the fireproof and security features of fireking file cabinets.

Customers’ records, loan agreements, financial statements, and transaction records are just a few of the crucial papers that banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions handle frequently. For the safe and secure storage of these important documents, turn to fireking file cabinets.

Historical artefacts, rare books, and other irreplaceable resources are kept in libraries and archival facilities. Fireking file cabinets offer fireproof protection, ensuring the longevity of valuable artefacts for future generations. This helps to preserve them.

Impact Resistant, Waterproof and Fireproof Vertical 2-Drawers Fireking File Cabinets

FireKing Legal Safe-in-A-File Fireproof Vertical File Cabinet (2 Drawers, Impact Resistant, Waterproof), Tan

Fireking file cabinets retain fire protection even after a heavy 30-foot fall. Additionally, all six sides of FireKing’s steel lattice reinforcement provide excellent impact protection. The file is tested by being heated to 1700 degrees for an hour, with a maximum interior temperature of 350 degrees.

Each drawer is designed to accommodate legal-sized hanging folders and documents. Heavy-duty steel, which is renowned for its durability, strength, and resistance to fire, is predominantly used to construct the cabinet.

The cabinet has a sturdy framework according to the steel construction, which ensures its durability. Specialized fire-resistant material is used to insulate the cabinet, offering excellent fire protection. To form a barrier that helps stop the transfer of heat and flames to the interior, this insulation is installed carefully within the cabinet walls, doors, and drawers. Even in the most extreme circumstances, such as a building collapsing or large objects falling on the cabinet during a fire, the Fireking file cabinets is built to withstand impact.

This is accomplished by utilizing reinforced steel components and a sturdy design that is resistant to outside influences. When exposed to heat, the cabinet’s unique gasket seal expands. This seal is essential for making the cabinet waterproof and preventing water damage to its contents from sprinkler systems or firefighting operations.

Your documents are protected from water, smoke, and debris by the enlarged gasket, which also keeps them dry and undamaged. A scratch-resistant coating has been applied to the cabinet’s outside. Even with frequent usage, this finish aids in maintaining the cabinet’s visual appeal and shields it from microscopic dings and scratches.

Insulated Turtle MegaDeal Fireking File Cabinets with Mount Floor for Home and Office

FIR2R1822CPA - FireKing Insulated Turtle File Cabinet

To accommodate diverse file needs, the cabinets can feature numerous drawer arrangements. Models with lateral file drawers, vertical file drawers, or a combination of both may be available. Each drawer is a distinct insulated container according to the insulation between each one. Fireking file cabinets may also come with optional hanging file rails, media protection drawers for storing digital media, and adjustable dividers, depending on the model.

To meet a range of storage requirements, Fireking file cabinets come in several sizes. They might be small, two-drawer cabinets, or bigger, with many drawers or lateral filing arrangements. A deep insulated turtle file is the best option for storing precious papers and information. Documents of both letter and legal sizes may be filed in a Turtle File.It has a one-hour fire and impact rating of UL 350.

It provides a four-pin standard keylock. For a home office, individual workspace, or small business, Turtle File is ideal.  It includes full-suspension file drawers, oven-dried, asbestos-free gypsum insulation, and a parchment powder-coat finish. Fireking file cabinets powerful gypsum insulation that is free of asbestos. There is no need for separate frames because high side drawer bodies are present for files hold. Its vertical shape is ideal for offices with limited space.

You can utilize all of the space in your office because it uses less floor space than horizontal file cabinets. The drawers in the cabinet glide effortlessly and smoothly, making it simple to reach your files. Additionally, it is simple to determine what is in each drawer according to the label holders on the drawers. The sleek, contemporary appearance of the Vertical File Cabinet for Letter will go well with any office setting. Whether you choose the traditional alternatives in black, white, or grey, you can be sure that the cabinet will give your workspace a sense of elegance.