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5 Drawer Rolling Cart


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5 drawer rolling cart, Storage for a wide array of objects in a number of settings, including a home office, a closet, under a desk, a child’s bedroom, a craft area, a nursery, or a dorm room.. Domestically made goods are constructed from only the finest raw materials. 5 drawer rolling cart long life and smooth-gliding drawers are both benefits of the high-quality plastic used to construct them.

Our 5 drawer rolling carts are certified as “green-circle” since we only utilize recyclable materials. In order to keep your drawers from tumbling out of their cabinets, you need install drawer stops on all sides. The black 5 drawer dresser is a convenient mobile cart that can be used to store items in any room of the house. Keep your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, craft room, nursery, or dorm room neat and tidy by putting away and stowing away the things you use most. In the workplace, you may use black 5 drawer dresser to keep your files, papers, and stationery organized. Having drawers made of transparent material makes it easy to see what’s within while also keeping everything in its place.

To avoid any mishaps, drawers should be equipped with safety stops. Incorporate the casters for a mobile storage solution that can be moved from one location to another at your leisure. The black 5 drawer dresser serves as a convenient storage solution in any part of the house. It’s perfect for maintaining order in the home and reducing chaos. Small parts can be stored in a neat and orderly fashion in the cart’s top cover. The possibilities for storage in black 5 drawer dresser are practically endless, from pencils and paperclips to loose sheets of paper.

5 Drawer Rolling Cart, TENGZHENSHOP Orchard Cart, Clear view Craft Orchard Container Bins, Black Frame

TENGZHENSHOP 5-Drawer Rolling orage Cart on Wheels, Clearview Craft orage ntainers Bins, Black Frame & Clear orage Drawers

5 drawer rolling cart, storage containers with drawers measure 5.5 inches by 14.4 inches by 11.5 inches, while the Tall Plastic Drawers are 32.7 inches by 15.8 inches by 13.4 inches. The roomy drawers may accommodate a wide variety of objects, including but not limited to clothing, office supplies, shoes, crafts, children’s toys, art supply, filing, makeup, medicine, nail files, hair organizer, bath materials, intimates, and the like.  Rolling around the space is a breeze thanks to the castor wheels. The storage organizing 5 drawer rolling cart cabinet may be rolled to the side of the toilet, and the rolling pantry can be relocated to stand next to the fridge whenever it is most convenient for you. You may put a lot of stuff on the freestanding rolling organizers because they are sturdy enough to hold anything.

 Easily identifiable and eco-friendly, the material used to construct clear view storage bins with drawers is also transparent. The 5 drawer rolling cart containers are made of a formaldehyde-free PP plastic. It’s easy to see what’s inside because to the translucent material. You may stop looking now; there is no such thing as a greater 5 drawer rolling cart than this enormous rolling storage cart. Almost everything you need can probably fit within. The plastic organizer for wide drawers allows for efficient storage. We encourage you to get in contact with us if you have any issues or queries about the mobile drawer cabinets. You may rest guaranteed that it will be of superior quality.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Hugo Lawson purchased and reviewed “Great for Organizing!” Lots of storage with deep drawers. The drawers are deep and sturdy. Keeps everything decluttered. I really love them.

Rolling Storage Bins, Shozafia, Black Frame with Clear Drawers for Toys, Crafts, Drawer Rolling Cart

Shozafia 5-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart on Wheels, Craft Storage Containers Bins, Black Frame & Clear Storage Drawers

5 drawer rolling cart measure 9.1 by 18.1 by 13.4 inches, while the Tall Plastic Drawers are 41.3 by 18.1 by 13.4 inches. The  rolling storage bin large drawers provide ample space for a wide variety of products, including but not limited to clothing, office supplies, shoes, crafts, children’s toys, art supply, filing, makeup, medicine, nail files, hair organiser, bath materials, intimates, and a child’s dresser. A breeze to move about because to 5 drawers rolling carts four castor wheels, which provide full rotation.

The rolling storage bin storage organizing cabinet can be rolled to the wall opposite the toilet, and the rolling pantry may be relocated to the side of the fridge whenever it is more convenient. The heavy loads can be safely carried by the freestanding rolling organizers. The material is Clear view storage bins with drawers, which is both eco-friendly and see-through. The 5 drawer rolling cart containers are made of a formaldehyde-free PP plastic. Since it is made of a see-through substance, its contents are easily discernible.

There is no such thing as a greater storage chest than this enormous rolling storage bin. Everything you need should fit within. The deep plastic drawer organiser allows for efficient storage.  If you have any issues or queries about the mobile drawer cabinets, please contact us right away. It will be of the highest quality possible, guaranteed

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Major T purchased and reviewed “WORTH THE PRICE” This storage item is more expensive than some others. I was happy when I got my first set of storage drawers with rollers; in fact I got another set even though I have other choices from my years of needing storage……

Rolling Storage Container, For Art Materials, Drawer Top Organizer for Small Parts, White by IRIS USA, 5 Drawer Rolling Cart

IRIS USA Craft Plastic Organizers and Storage, Rolling Storage Cart for Classroom Supplies, Storage Organizer for Art Supplies, Drawer Top Organizer for Small Parts, 5 Drawers, White

This rolling storage container is perfect for storing a wide range of household items, including those that are frequently used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, pantry, garage, attic, basement, playroom, bedroom, and office. Easily move the rolling storage container chest anywhere you need it to go thanks to the wheels in the base, or remove them for a more permanent installation. Rolling storage container perfect for setting up any room, from the laundry to the bathroom to the closet to the bedroom of a young child.

Almost everything, including classroom, home office, or home school office materials, can be stashed away (stationery, paper, paperwork, files). Supplies for the DIY artist or startup business include art materials and ancillary items like paints and brushes. Items for your hallway, bedroom, or closet such as blankets, handbags, and apparel. Cleaning supplies, linens, towels, and cosmetics for the bathroom. This invention has countless potential applications beyond simple storage. The perfect cubby 5 drawer rolling cart for filing and keeping documents, papers, stationery, and other office necessities in the home or workplace. Stack your paperwork in these drawers for easy access to anything you need.

The5 drawer rolling cart we manufacture here in the United States use only the highest quality materials. The sturdy plastic construction ensures that these will last, and the drawer slides allow for effortless access to the stored goods. For this reason, the Green Circle has certified our products as eco-friendly. 5 drawer rolling cart stops are attached to the underside and the back of each drawer to keep its contents from spilling out. The drawer is 9.5″L x 12.5″W x 2.9″H (Shallow) / 6.75″H. (Deep) A length of 14.25 inches, width of 12.5 inches, and height of 25.94 inches.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Pamela Gordon purchased and reviewed “Amazing” Bought these for my classroom as cubbies for my students. We’re half way the school year and they are holding perfectly. They came already assembled and shipping was fast.

5 Drawer Rolling Cart, Rustic Brown Tribesigns Chest, Wooden Mobile Dresser Cabinet on Wheels for Home or Office

Tribesigns 5 Drawer Chest, Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels, Industrial Storage Drawer Organizer Cart for Office Bedroom Entryway, Rustic Brown

“Industrial and Flexible” This 5 drawer rolling cart creates an industrial charm with its attractive retro wood veneer and matte black metal frame. In addition to its primary use as a mobile filing cabinet, this multi-purpose 5 drawer rolling cart has many other potential applications, including those of a makeup drawer unit, a storage organiser chest, and so on. The five drawers of this 5 drawer rolling cart are perfect for keeping your arts and crafts, sewing, cosmetics, clothing, and office materials neat and tidy. The large surface area of the desk provides ample room for accessories like a printer or scanner, allowing you to grow your current workspace.

Five drawers may be pulled out effortlessly and quietly thanks to the use of high-quality slide rails and a distinctive cut-out handle. With its four lockable, swiveling casters, this rolling drawer cabinet can be used either stationary or on the go without damaging the floor. This rolling 5 drawers rolling cart has a long life due to its high grade engineered wood and heavy duty metal frame construction. The 45-pound weight capacity of the 5 drawer rolling cart top and the 20-pound weight capacity of each drawer are both the result of the sturdy construction. “Quick & Simple Assembly” “What You Get”

The assembly time is less than 30 minutes. You’ll find all the necessary instruments, components, and directions inside. You may have a comfortable home and a well-organized office with a sturdy but lightweight chest of drawers. Our support staff is available around the clock to assist you with any issues you may be having.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Andrew Rivera purchased and reviewed  “Perfect” Needed something like this for my office set up for a while now, finally settled on this one, love how sleek it is and easily fits in with other decor?

5 Drawer Rolling Cart, For Convenient Home Storage and Organization, Novel Inks Plastic Storage Drawer Cart Container (, White)

novelinks Plastic Storage Drawer Cart Container - Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer Cart with 5 Plastic Drawers for Home Organization and Storage (5 Drawer, White)

This 5 drawer rolling cart has plenty of room for anything from office supplies to makeup. Ideal for storing items you reach for frequently. By storing your belongings in a central cabinet, you can keep your home neat and easy to move around in. 5 drawer rolling cart width totals 17.7 inches “W x 13.8″D x 37.4″H. Drawer interior dimensions are 15.7″ w x 11.6″ d x 6.1” h “H.


 5 drawer rolling cart made of tough transparent plastic are both transparent and easy to open. The sturdy plastic construction ensures these will endure for a long time, and the smooth-running drawers make it simple to access the contents whenever you need them. The5 drawer rolling cart has wheels that can be attached to the bottom for portability, but these wheels may be removed for secure placement.


Each and every one of our customers is important to us, therefore we work hard to ensure that they receive only the best products and services from us, as well as a satisfaction guarantee that includes the delivery of any and all required hardware along with clear and concise instructions.

With 5 storage compartments 5 drawer rolling cart ideal for clearing off your desk of the stacks of books, A4 documents, files, and assorted stationery that have accumulated there. The drawer cabinet can be used for storing purposes. It’s perfect for the office, the living room, or the recording studio.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jocelyn Dalimot purchased and reviewed “I love it !!!” I love the colorful drawers ! The size is just perfect , it’s brand new & sturdy enough for my BTS collection ( pretty heavy) I would recommend this item a 100%.